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  1. Death in Vegas

    African Leaders - Despots and Democratic

    Not technically an African despot as he's never been in power, but Zimbabwe's chief opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai is 'fighting for his life' after a friendly chat with some of Mugabe's heavies.
  2. Death in Vegas

    Clive Dunn

    It occurred to me earlier tonight, that should the unthinkable happen and the seemingly immortal Clive Dunn does get posted to the Home Guard in the sky, what would the repercussions be for the Deathlist? Surely his death would be akin to the Big Bang, sending seismic shockwaves throughout this site, leaving carnage and devastation in its wake before collapsing in on itself and leaving a giant vacuum. Could anyone ever come close to matching the cult status held by Clive? I certainly can't think of any obvious contenders. These are important questions that need to be addressed. Ordinarily I would say that no individual is bigger than the list, but with Dunny... Frightening isn't it?
  3. Death in Vegas

    Ian Paisley

    Article taken from the BBC. Whatever you think of his views to have to have respect for someone who's been going as long as he has.
  4. Death in Vegas

    The Dead - 2007

    Tennis commentator Bill Threlfall has died aged 81. Bit of a shock.
  5. Death in Vegas

    Dead Drummers

    Ermmm you might want to look at the post above the one you just put Christ that's embarassing. I've just come home from work and clearly switched off my brain too soon. Mods please remove my post.
  6. Death in Vegas

    Dead Drummers

    Another drummer bites the dust thanks to cancer. This time it's Ian Wallace, who performed with Bob Dylan and Don Henley amongst others.
  7. Death in Vegas

    Henry Cecil

    Horse racing trainer Henry Cecil is being treated for stomach cancer. He's had it for nine months apparently, but you never can tell with cancer.
  8. Death in Vegas

    The Dead - 2007

    German author Lothar-Guenther Buchheim, best known for his autobiographical novel 'Das Boot' has died aged 89 from heart failure. Wonder if he felt that sinking feeling.
  9. Death in Vegas

    The Dead - 2007

    Chadian Prime Minister Pascal Yoadimnadji has died after suffering a brain hemorrhage in Paris. He was 56.
  10. Death in Vegas

    The Dead - 2007

    The founder of the Morelli's ice cream and cafe empire, Angelo Morelli, has died aged 99 after a visit from our old friend "a short illness".
  11. Death in Vegas

    Room 101

    I debated whether or not to put this is in the football thread but given how irksome I find it I'm going to put it here, namely footballers over celebrating rubbish/deflected goals. The way they run away milking the applause as if they've just scored goal of the season when in reality their shot was heading for the corner flag until it ricocheted off several defenders, etc.
  12. Death in Vegas

    Andy Fordham Memorial Darts Thread

    He's surely got to get the message now that he's heading for an early grave unless he changes his lifestyle. 25 bottles of beer before every match is ridiculous. Heaven forbid he ever runs a happy hour at his pub. I know he did that celebrity fat/fit club but that doesn't seem to have made any difference and if he carries on the way he is I'd be surprised if he made it to 50.
  13. Death in Vegas

    The Dead - 2007

    Broadway performer Ellen Hanley has died aged 80 after a stoke.
  14. Death in Vegas

    Anna Nicole Smith!

    Could this situation get any more f****d up?
  15. Death in Vegas


    Sailing photographer Keith Beken has died aged 92. He sounds a bit obscure to me but he must have achieved some degree of fame for his death to be reported on the BBC's website.

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