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  1. Deadornot

    Steve Irwin

    Ah, well thats life.
  2. Deadornot

    Fidel Castro

    I have found a little something that might bring some laughter http://www.worth1000.com/cache/contest/con...splay=photoshop
  3. Deadornot

    Most Obsessive Deathlisters

    It was one year today that I looked at this forum, although it was a further 20 days until my membership. Since then the forum has grown at an amazing rate as i watched Windsor and Tempus Fugit make their first posts here. This makes me feel old But happy [Posts moved to the Obsessive Deathlister thread - ff]
  4. Deadornot

    Caption Competitions

    What do you mean i am too angry!!! -------- Her last words were "Yes, i would like fries with that"
  5. Deadornot

    Oliver Postgate

    I would say that we could maybe wonder about him if he has some sort of major health issue or in about 3-5 years.
  6. Note to Mr BHB: Do not SMOKE and DL Whoops. It's a fair cop, Bou, defin...definet...definit...DEFFO! It's my bogey word that one, always has been, smoke or no smoke. I am now going to stay in all day until I know how to spell it properly. Whilst smoking. Smoking what exactly...
  7. Deadornot

    Caption Competitions

    It was only 5 days, no more.
  8. I reckon that iain can leave if he likes, he just seems to be posting this constantly of recent times.
  9. Deadornot

    Are You A Post Whore?

    Whats with all of the F*****g swearing here?
  10. Deadornot

    Funereal Music

    Highway to Hell For the link i guess that you mean this
  11. Deadornot

    Caption Competitions

    I am bad at these but here goes... 'BREAKING NEWS: Weekend at Bernies 3 is set to be released this winter'
  12. I AM REINCARNATED AS A WOLF! ---------- Almost 34% of people will be reincarnated as a higher form of life than you. You're not perfect, but you've lead a better life than most. With a few changes now, your next life could be even better. ----------
  13. Deadornot

    Are You A Post Whore?

    I would say that no, im not a post whore but i might have been when i first joined.
  14. Happy Birthday!! I just realised that i am older than the Grim Reaper.
  15. Deadornot

    September 11th

    Nobody deserves to die like 9/11 or Madrid,it happens,George W is more guilty than Osama,you wont get the truth here. See Winsdor for further details. Jokes aside - they bring the war to us ,we reciprocate. Again, why was my name slipped in there? What's all that about? I reckon that its some sort of conspiracy.

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