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  1. Dead Wait

    The Dead of 2021

    has dead is died
  2. Dead Wait

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Based on 20 pages filled for one visitor during a hospital stint he’d only need another 4 visitors to get to 200 pages!
  3. Dead Wait

    The 5th death of 2021

    Philip the Prince
  4. Dead Wait

    The 4th death of 2021

  5. Dead Wait

    The 3rd death of 2021

    Murray Walker
  6. Dead Wait

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/13970539/katie-price-son-harvey-hospital-reaction-covid-vaccine/#comments Harvey Price in hospital following vaccine reaction
  7. Dead Wait

    The 2nd Death of 2021

    Shannon Doherty
  8. Dead Wait

    A Joke

    What’s the opposite of isolate? yousoearly
  9. Dead Wait

    Donald J Trump

    How? Johnson dead and new PM in his place still equals 6....
  10. Dead Wait

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    Good idea. We really should keep an eye on everyone in their 70’s that we don’t have any info on!!
  11. Dead Wait

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Was it bushy?
  12. Dead Wait

    The 1st Death of 2021?

    June Brown
  13. Dead Wait

    The 21st Death of 2020?

    Tony Bennett
  14. Dead Wait

    The 20th Death of 2020

    Willie Nelson
  15. Dead Wait

    Ideas for position no. 1 on 2021 DL

    Ideas for position No.1? How about right at the very top.....

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