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  1. En Passant


    My memory is so shoddy that despite watching this only about 3 days ago I cannot recall if there was any reference to PEAP's in the actual programme however it did prompt me to re-appraise some of the information out there as one does, and there is some evidence that either or both of Ellison Onizuka and Judith Resnick were conscious long enough to activate their PEAP devices and that of pilot Michael J Smith (his switch was beyond his own reach on his back).
  2. En Passant

    Leah Bracknell

    Can't abide soaps, never watch them, I accept however that any reasonably recurrent character in one does hit the spot as a UK celebrity for the purposes of deathlisty interest, unlike, say....the dad of some American who invented a computer operating system.
  3. En Passant

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Boy, do I know that feeling.
  4. Sadly there's no way to put both a haha AND a facepalm reaction. Opted for the former, as the facepalm also has unavoidable negative connotations even if in this instance they wouldn't have been the real intention, but it was close.
  5. En Passant


    Trouble is, I actually like playing pool. Partly because there's something to do when my dire conversational skills dry up. So the former of those two places is the kind of place I'll always end up in. The latter, not so much. Though don't knock it til you tried it I suppose. Pretty much, and the basis for my original comment that it's unavoidable. But you guys have at least convinced me it's possible even if I have to change some of the things I do like in order to do so.
  6. En Passant


    Sure but suppose you actually like your friends aside from their predilection for tedious ball games? And anyway, I've moved several times, found local friends and it's always been the same. Of course if one found friends from the local Operatic or Poetry society or something rather than the pub....
  7. En Passant


    That doesn't work. Or you've been in some very different pubs and clubs than I have. One place I've been its on 15 screens around the place and they've laid out reserved tables for the big projector screens and provide chips....You probably even know it, or at least where it is ' Basildon Q-ball'. (don't go anymore as it happens the competition changed venue) Ofc I dont watch it on tv, you actually have to pay to get it and I don't watch much anyway and nothing 'broadcast live'. Interesting you say will divert my friends conversation eh? If only I were interesting :).... and they didn't behave like neanderthals when 22 guys chasing a pigskin is on. Yes yes, get better friends I know.
  8. En Passant

    Donald J Trump

    He got in once somehow, so did Boris. A second term for either and I'm left utterly mystified at people. Populism I sort of understand, up to a point but this is turkeys voting for xmas territory.
  9. There's this crap in the Guardian (of all places). where the chief football bod is saying the whole football world is going to be in financial meltdown if they can't fill the stadia. Words fail me. Oh puhlease. hundreds of thousands a week per player? More money than 99% of people will see in a lifetime? You can't manage that? Fuck right off.
  10. En Passant


    Assume the expletive was an edit? Why in gods name are you betting on this stuff? Semi seriously.... IDGAF either, but you cannot avoid the bloody game in this country. I derive what pleasure I can from putting on a semi pretence of supporting Arsenal just to annoy most of my friends who are Spurs mad. The odd thing has been I actually end up wanting Arsenal to win...even though I really don't care, still can't figure that one out. Don't ask me to watch a whole match though, that's a step too far.
  11. En Passant

    48. William H Gates

    For somewhat variable degrees of 'nice'. You generally know what you are likely to get however, that's less variable, more of a Narfalk Broad constant. Not boring though and that's the biggest sin.
  12. En Passant

    The 14th death of 2020

    It's the frothing at the mouth over immigration, too hard to get the tubes through it, particularly for said immigrant doctors.
  13. En Passant


    @The Quim Reaper Your carriage has arrived sir.
  14. En Passant

    Famous celebrity births , pregnancies and babies

    You? Playing with words? I thought that was reserved for flirting with LFN. I'm flattered. FWIW. All babies matter was exactly the point. ETA: In the cold light of a new day I see it now. Duh. . No idea how I didn't make the connection, sorry lardy.

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