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  1. En Passant

    Zeitgeist 2020

    Shit. That didn't take 3 minutes so with the spare 2 mins and 59 seconds I could do a song and dance routine if you like? PS your English is fine Lafaucheuse. C'est en fait beaucoup mieux que mon français
  2. En Passant

    Advent Avalanche 2020

    On the face of it pm is a common method, but the difference here is the 12 hour application window and limited pool of likely candidates. Everyone pm'ing Joey means he'd have to sit there monitoring pm for 12 hours straight or walk back to a possible shitstorm of posts and nobody knowing whether their pick was valid or not until he replied. Possibly multiple times due to the likely picks for the period being from a particularly small pool of candidates. Then, are they there when he replies so they know they are in or have to resubmit? and is he there when they reply to that? And what happens if somebody else posts the same name during that exchange?.... and so on. Everyone in this place might be considered something of a keyboard warrior, but this has a chance of quickly becoming ridiculous. Scan the previous posts, make your pick. Done. And nobody is in the dark or having to monitor pm for 12 hours. The need for a reserve is massively reduced anyway since there is at most a few hours between opening for submissions and the start line (although Spade still managed to give that a stern test, heh). TL:DR - A few crossed posts in a 12 hour period would be much less bother. The rules are clear enough that even I got it..
  3. En Passant

    Advent Avalanche 2020

    Assuming space and assuming not picked, (think I got in under the wire) Phil the Greek.
  4. En Passant

    Misuse of power

    2 post, 2 pointless threads. Now that has to be a record. Ban Hammer coming sir.
  5. En Passant

    Evil in Power

    10 minutes a member 1 post, 1 pointless thread creation. Probably not even a record, but a valiant attempt sir.
  6. En Passant

    Ironic Deaths

    Oopsy, well, sorry, I did do a bloody search though dammit. Maybe I misspelled it or something oh well. Meh. Forgive me folks for I am a clot.
  7. En Passant

    Ironic Deaths

    Not recent, but no search brings her name up. So... Charlotte Conant Fox (10 May 1957 – 24 May 2018) was an American mountaineer and the first American woman to reach the summit of three 8,000 meter peaks. She survived the 1996 Mount Everest disaster as a member of Scott Fischer's Mountain Madness expedition. She died of head injuries on May 24, 2018, after falling over a stairway railing at her house. Yes, that is the entire wiki entry for her, and no, it doesn't seem to have attracted any comments about irony (intended or otherwise) in the talk section. Further, yes, I was watching the supremely originally titled film 'Everest' from 2015 tonight and did a little digging as one does.
  8. En Passant

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    I see Uli's point, but - in the event that she does go - isn't obviating the need to wade through the inevitable 135,000 posts on 450 new topics and 240 existing ones all tediously spouting one variation or another of "A terrible miss by the committee' worth one measly place on the list? *PS Yes LFN i also know the committee pays no regard to chatter on here, even if only because I learned so many moons ago from yourself and the other fixtures in the halls of this hallowed place. If only all the those posting those fucking 'miss' posts also did, I could have saved this post.....
  9. En Passant

    Who Should Make The Deathlist In 2021?

    Far sooner an actually world famous Frenchman than yet another famous to Americans and thus deemed world famous by Americans* pick. *ok, not all, but plenty enough.
  10. En Passant

    Deathrace 2021

    You won't come last, I've entered this year.
  11. En Passant

    Deathrace 2021

    Shome mishtake shurely?
  12. En Passant

    22. Tony Bennett

    EFA. (on my own damn post, meh) I may know fuck all, in fact I pride myself on it. But, as the advert goes, I know a man who does know. Jeez Uli, the work you put in man, kudos.
  13. En Passant

    22. Tony Bennett

    If @Ulitzer95 doesn't comment, you're golden.
  14. En Passant

    David Dinkins

    The amusement comes from the thread lasting (at most) a couple of days and not really who posted either the thread or the death. So sure Adrian gets a few likes as something of a by-product. And in any case, if you feel so strongly about it why have you posted this whilst not even backing up your own assertion by recommending either of the OP's posts?
  15. En Passant

    Ask A Deathlister

    Concerned? Not really, I'd imagine everyone is the same given that more and more of these bastard sites want an email just to view the front page it seems. It's not that hard to clean up, just a bit tedious. I cleaned mine up and for the same reason really. Since I was doing it I also finally got around to a using password vault so that each site has a different (strong) password all locked away behind one immensely strong (and best unforgettable...) master password. I used Bitwarden because it doesn't charge for sync across devices But there are several others that are free to use with some limitations, LastPass is a popular one and reportedly easier to use than bitwarden which is a bit geeky apparently.

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