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  1. En Passant

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    I assume me, because whatever the late penalty is, it'll be more than the zero everyone else gets. Whether that means a new team for everyone else I don't know
  2. En Passant

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Authenticity take a step too far.
  3. En Passant

    I Miss Badegg

    I did notice it, but also have no idea what for or exactly when.
  4. En Passant

    Conspiracy Theories

    Occam's razor. The man was, as you point out, a hubristic narcissist who was facing undeniable ruin to his 'reputation' and possible financial ruin also (though one suspects that may not be quite the same as for us mere mortals, merely down to his last few million). He topped himself. Then again, I'm no fan of conspiracy theories in the first place. Of course that doesn't mean some of them aren't possible but there are for more theories on any number of notable events than any evidence has ever been found for. If such evidence shows up in this case, so be it, I won't be holding my breath though.
  5. I know deathers. Toasty knows I know too.
  6. Under Avatar. Gender: Not Telling. So Toasty, either you let the cat out of the bag or you can speak 'as a woman' without actually admitting to being one
  7. En Passant

    Animal Antics

    Never seen Alien then. Probably better if she doesn't now.
  8. En Passant

    Time Added

  9. En Passant

    Nature In Your Backyard

    When a daddy frog loves a mummy frog ever so much.... Groan.
  10. En Passant

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Ah Damn. Updating 10 names once a month (or less if nobody goes) is just too much effort to remember And thus if nobody goes this month I'm out on late delivery, ah well I'm an amateur and surprised I lasted this long. QE2 Frates Alagiah OnJ Phil Harper Jaffee Cardin Carter Josex2 First 4 are Junes carried over as the 5 allowed from 2 months ago. Nearly put Doris Day.....shows how clued up I am.
  11. En Passant

    By-Election Bingo 2017-22

    "Having been found guilty of the charges she will now argue against being struck off and having to pay £22,762 in costs for 40 hours work by Solicitors' Regulatory Authority." I wouldn't argue for too long if I were you Fi, not at £569.05 an hour.
  12. En Passant

    Fort William Football Club

    https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/aug/02/sports-quiz-week-football-cricket-ashes-transfers Well, I got question 5 right.
  13. En Passant

    Last of the Summer Wine

    'in her words, to say "ta-ta and it's been fun".' Yes, seems it does.
  14. En Passant

    Fort William Football Club

    More background on the manager and the upcoming show. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-49082796 "For the first three weeks Russell was undefeated but that was only because the terrible weather meant all the Fort's games were cancelled. When he finally saw action it was away against Lossiemouth, the second worst team in the league. They had only won one game all season and that was against Fort William. Could this finally be The Fort's first win in almost two years? Well, no. They lost 5-0."
  15. Made me smile anyway.

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