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  1. En Passant

    Tom Hanks

    Cogito ergo sum. Even if quantum wave/particles are ultimately the fundamental constituent. Quod Erat Demonstrandum.
  2. En Passant

    Derby Dead Pool 2018

    Deathers, your new tagline is starting to look a bit shaky right now. Don't go on another sabbatical if possible, I'd miss your contributions (well most of them anyway).
  3. En Passant

    2. Leah Bracknell

    Not radical enough. Legalise the lot for adults. Just under 50% of the entire US prison population is directly drug related (source). And that's not counting offences committed to pay for drugs or violence surrounding the supply because everyone involved is by definition operating illegally. The total budget for US prisons in 2016 was just over 7 billion dollars (source). On a pro-rata basis that's about 3.5 billion dollars annually for drug related crime, again not counting crimes committed peripheral to drug use. Spend some of the money on education about the dangers of drug use (as is done with alcohol). Spend the rest on healthcare or housing or parks or space programmes.....not on locking up non-violent offenders who now won't be offenders anyway. US sources used as easier to find in the 20 seconds I spent looking.
  4. En Passant

    Holiday Thread

    Banned after 3 posts. Love this place.
  5. En Passant

    Lookie Likey

    Tagged here as being at an event February 2016. ETA: Oh and here, earlier this year.
  6. En Passant

    Lookie Likey

    I remember him, and was minded to look too. Didn't discover any more than you did mate, except in one thread the second speculator's assertion that he, Nick and Marilyn Ma(n)son, were triplets
  7. En Passant

    25. George Bush Senior

    He's fine, she's just dropped one though and he's finding gallantry a bit of an effort.
  8. En Passant

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Predictions

    This hall ain't big enough for the both of us. NB. I have always detested this 'featuring' bullshit, now their HoF'ing it? Bollocks.
  9. En Passant

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Oh boy, am I going to catch it for this with so many who'ers on here...... nvm, fortune favours the brave... Or even a dedicated Dr Who thread that I can then put on ignore. Ducks.
  10. En Passant

    Barbara Windsor

    "Add an egg, whisk until mixed thoroughly..." *No, it's not in good taste I suspect.
  11. En Passant

    Danniella Westbrook

    Who though? Ok, I couldn't resist, sue me.
  12. En Passant

    Danniella Westbrook

    Whilst I applaud the idea of ensuring no spurious threads are created by diligent searching beforehand, I struggle to understand why somebody's name should be repeated in every post in their own thread. *and why pick on this post now? ETA crossposted with Clorox. Admins feel free to remove since it says the same thing.
  13. En Passant

    American Football Players

    Arrgggghhh! See words we hate thread. *I know you are in Canada and therefore it's perfectly acceptable North American English for you. It's just that for most this side of the pond there's something about that word..it grates like few others.
  14. En Passant

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I'm going to have to confess that you were right and I was wrong. I'm up to ep 5 now, and that''s because I'm struggling to find the interest. I'm still fighting to put exactly why into a coherent explanation, all the bits are there, but they just don't hang together like Grosse Point Blank or other black comedy that I found compelling. Clearly I'm not cut out to be a film critic. Although, despite my lack of interest, it still has the advantage of not actively pissing me off in the way Bodyguard did, more disappointment that it could have been more than it is.
  15. En Passant

    People Who Are Dead According To Wikipedia...

    One wonders if he was insured.

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