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  1. En Passant

    Union People

    Good find Toast. I have a hugely increased respect for Mick now. Always detested Kay Burley, so far up herself you couldn't get her head out of her arse with a chainsaw, that was gold. Richard Madeley just looks a tit as well. Icing on the cake to watch somebody use the word liar directly and repeatedly when politicians spend so much time finding ludicrous euphemisms for it. Quality.
  2. En Passant

    Famous celebrity births , pregnancies and babies

    I'm having a deathers style honesty moment. I'll get over it. Mind you, the 8 beers was a lie, twas 4 maybe 5 at a push. Lightweight I am these days.
  3. En Passant

    Famous celebrity births , pregnancies and babies

    Who? who? and fuck off who cares? (just so you know there still isn't an ignore thread function) ello gooseberry. /me waves. Actually, I just bought some new hi-fi kit and was listening to some stuff by Prince and Bowie and it was sublime and made me feel old and I thought what a fucking awful thing it is that these (and other people) are no longer in the world. It all sucks. This though, did not make me feel any better. I may have been out with the pool team at the annual prize giving and won a £3.50 trophy which is of no consequence, but the 8 beers accompanying it, well....
  4. En Passant

    Thoughts On The 2022 List

    Bollocks. There should be an insta-weeks-ban for even uttering the phrase 'biggest miss'. Oh and for posting a thread about births on a site about death. (oh and before anyone gets all uppity, it's at least partly just on my part, but seriously, it's basically a team set by "the committee" you can't say they 'missed' something because somebody other than those on the team died and happens to be remotely famous it's fucking bound to happen ffs.)
  5. En Passant

    Death Anniversary Thread

    I liked him better in the carry on films.
  6. En Passant

    Prince Andrew

    Charles blocks Andy return....apparently with the distraction of Tasha's secret spy plan.... Could work.
  7. En Passant

    MMMDP 2022

    Hahahaha, foiled.
  8. En Passant

    Andy Fordham Memorial Darts Thread

    I dunno, I found it very hard to get the balls to stick in the board.
  9. En Passant

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    For some reason I read that as "between the loins". Can't imagine why.
  10. En Passant

    African Despots

    Thanks for that.
  11. En Passant

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Overreaction much? It was clearly a joke.
  12. En Passant

    The English Language

    More Americanisms... Bring. In the UK we take something there and bring it here. 'Bring this to your father in the garage" and the like is just weird. What's that all about?
  13. En Passant

    UK Singles Chart

    Any of these people had babies recently?
  14. En Passant

    Famous celebrity births , pregnancies and babies

    @Gooseberry Crumble Congratulations on 1k posts in this thread 900 by you and 100 by people moaning about the 900. I'm probably 20 of the 100 XD

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