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  1. Spy corner

    Glushkov Olivier
  2. Words We Like

    Den Schlippenschlappenschittenschiffter - Windscreen Wipers. Ok, that's made up. But it could have been. More seriously, I only recently discovered the word epicaricacy which apparently is the English for schadenfreude (and obviously instantly forgot it again and had to look it up to post it here). Quite why we have adopted the German version over the native I'm unsure (as is the spell checker since it accepts the German but throws a wobbly over the English). There's a halfway decent theory on quora which includes this:- "If you use the word Schadenfreude, everyone knows what you mean. If you use the word epicaricacy, no one knows what you mean and everyone thinks you're a pretentious tool." Which seems reasonable enough.
  3. Interesting Ways To Die...

    Trapped underwater in Titanic or The Poseidon Adventure? Trapped in a cave in The Descent? Trapped in space in Gravity? Trapped on Mars in... well you get the picture. Here's your seat. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/mar/20/man-dies-after-getting-trapped-in-cinema-seat-birmingham
  4. Charles Manson

    Worst cremation ever then. He's not even mildly singed. This is more what I'd have expected. Still, Daily Heil eh?
  5. Peter Kay

    There's certainly a practical hurdle to overcome in applying for one.
  6. Words We Dislike

    Nucular. Not strictly a word, more this common mispronunciation. I don't even understand why.
  7. Words We Dislike

    Espresso, espresso, its not a fuckng train. Yep, hate that.
  8. Words We Dislike

    Far more dillys than anyone could ever want.
  9. Words We Like

    That feels as if the end is missing.... The floozy in the jacuzzi is preferable to the hoor against the door. Or summat.
  10. Donald J Trump

    Looks more like it would have taken a tyre iron to get them apart.
  11. Words We Dislike

    I've always been suspicious of John Lewis Partners.... Also, off-topic but whilst I'm on about them "Never knowingly undersold"? Really? They must spend all the time not at work with a bag on their heads. They might have good customer service and a better than average attitude towards capitalism and treatment of staff (sorry, partners). But cheapest? Er no. Oh, and back on topic and in the same vein. 'Significant other'. ugh.
  12. Baseball

    Stands up to be counted as stilted ass (arse) #1
  13. Words We Dislike

    Medalling. Yech.
  14. Words We Dislike

    That said. Gotten. Yes, yes, I know if you look it up its roots are old English not new American, but it's fallen into disuse here and it grates like a bastard this side of the pond. I'm not loving it.