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  1. By-Election Bingo 2017-22

    This is a game for the very patient. If you want non-stop action try Scavenger Hunt Bingo .......... oh wait.
  2. William Gladstone Stewart

    Highlight of her career was The Big One.
  3. Room 101

    I am down to just watching Doctor Who and election results.
  4. Uber vs black cab throwdown thread

    Wonder if a lot of the people signing the petition to keep Uber are the same people who voted to get out of the EU because of too many migrant workers?
  5. Uber vs black cab throwdown thread

    I hate taking cabs anywhere in the world.
  6. 20 /20

    1920 Fanny Waterman/Michael Anderson 1921 Elizabeth Kelly/ Al Jaffee 1922 Jean Barker/Rex Richards 1923 Judith Kerr/ Freeman Dyson 1924 Rosamunde Pilcher/Clive King 1925 Ysanne Churchman/Richard Baker 1926 Cicely Berry/Leonard Fenton 1927 Babs Chinnery/Frank Windsor 1928 Kate Wilhelm/Peter Firmin 1929 Patricia Routledge/David Fisher
  7. Lilianne Bettencourt

    Eighth hit on my shadow list.
  8. French speaking deathlist

    Big one
  9. Georgian Deadpool

    William G Stewart is another mark against my team here. This started off so well.
  10. William Gladstone Stewart

    A rather loose reference
  11. William Gladstone Stewart

    Wiki has him dead but no reference.
  12. William Gladstone Stewart

    I appeared on 15 to 1 once. Very sad.
  13. 9. Stan Lee

    Well he has publicly ststed he can no longer read comic books because of his sight.
  14. Most Significant Death Of Each Month

    Sir Peter Hall methinks.
  15. The 12th death of 2017

    Think Tony Booth.