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  1. Bibliogryphon

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    I think I changed it in the masterlist but that was after I had copied the text Will edit to amend
  2. Bibliogryphon

    20/20 + 2

    After 20 hits the leaderboard looks like: MariNisa - 5 Yvonne - 3 Bibliogryphon - 3 Hell - 2 Arghton - 2 Death Impends - 1 Lady Fiona - 1 Doorslammer - 1 Chilean Way -1 Grimgrass - 1
  3. Bibliogryphon

    20/20 + 2

    Congrats @arghton 1922 Rachel Robinson/John B Goodenough 1923 Gloria Whelan/ Ned Rorem 1924 Priscilla Pointer/Sheldon Harnick 1925 Ysanne Churchman/Pete Murray 1926 Georgia Holt/Timothy Dudley-Smith 1927 Leontyne Price/Kenneth Anger 1928 Queen Ratna of Nepal/Jean Marie Le Pen  1929 Imelda Marcos/John Woodvine 1930 Edna O'Brien/Bill Treacher 1931 Leslie Caron/Ken Bates
  4. Bibliogryphon

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Following his second unique hit @RoverAndOut must become the favourite to take the title now. As he has two ways of going out 1. John Aniston (ro) 2. Vasily Borisov (to) 3. Irene Camber (to) 4. Kenneth Clarke (ro) 5. Norman Fowler (ro) 6. Tom Gayford (ro) 7. Gordy Giovenelli (to) 8. Roy Hattersley (ro) 9. Douglas Hurd (ro) 10. Nigel Lawson (mc) 11. James Mackay (bp) 12. John Morris (bp) 13. Koji Murofushi (to) 14. Bob Richards (to) 15. Bill Rodgers (bp) 16. Norman Tebbit (ro) 17. Anthony Zerbe (ro) Of the seventeen possible hits to go out Rover now has 8 of them adding two Star Trek actors and another Olympian. Interestingly adding the first and last alphabetically of the Star Trek picks However any of the pennies could go over the cascade so anyone who is mentioned above needs to be thinking about their Game V categories
  5. Bibliogryphon

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Yes the Hurd/Tebbit trade-off only applied whilst you were tied
  6. Bibliogryphon

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Can @RoverAndOut become the first player to win twice one? Has his Eighth hit and second unique. Will update the winning picks on Monday
  7. Bibliogryphon

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Went to the RSC last Monday to see Henry VI Part III which deals with his death. It was an excellent production and made me very keen to see their Richard III which follows on later in the season
  8. Bibliogryphon

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    All I can offer as an alternative is that I have A.S. Byatt
  9. Bibliogryphon

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Yeah I am looking at the scoring potential The current leader has Sidney Cooke, Peter Tobin, Alberto Fujimori and Ted Kacynski amongst his line up so top spot might be a challenge but over half my picks would at least draw me level with them.
  10. Bibliogryphon

    Derby Dead Pool 2022

    Just calculated that even if everyone in my main team went (currently on 9 points) I still would have a lower score than the DDP leader at the moment I think my best chance of glory this year is in the Theme Team League where there are most points to be won for me but the competition looks fierce
  11. Bibliogryphon

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    That date could be 23rd June
  12. Bibliogryphon

    Dead Screenwriters Society

    Don't get why people are so harsh on Miranda it is very very fun and really gives Patricia Hodge an opportunity to let her down after playing stuck up cows for her whole career Yes it is silly and ridiculous but that is its charm
  13. Bibliogryphon

    Knockout Derby

    Carlos Ortiz Freddie Little Fighting Harada Eder Jofre Subs Wilfred Benitez Larry Holmes
  14. Bibliogryphon

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    The scoreboard has been updated @gcreptile gets a fourth hit overall a second in this category @An Fear Beag gets a fifth hit overall a third in this category @Banana gets a sixth hit overall and a third in this category So none of the players move into a winning position but two are now two hits from victory in the single category method
  15. Bibliogryphon

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Today is my Pearl (30th) Wedding Anniversary

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