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  1. Bibliogryphon

    Donald Sutherland

    For some reason Donald Sutherland has been on my radar for a while. Did he have a health scare a while back?
  2. Bibliogryphon

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Patrica Kennealy-Morrion author of the fantasy novel The Copper Crown and almost wife of Jim Morrison dead at 74
  3. Bibliogryphon

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Just because it says Exit.....
  4. Bibliogryphon

    World's Oldest

    Shame she couldn't make it till Two O'clock
  5. Bibliogryphon

    47. Vanessa Redgrave

    Was a guest on A Good Read on Radio 4. Sounded very frail and husky. Made Eileen Atkins sound like thirty years her junior
  6. Bibliogryphon

    Nicholas Parsons

    Do you not think she is a good choice?
  7. Bibliogryphon


    Premier League player arrested for Child sex offences. Player not named but is 31 and Everton has released a club statement
  8. Bibliogryphon

    Arghton's deadpool

    William F. Nolan was my 23 hit
  9. Bibliogryphon

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Josip Manolic
  10. Bibliogryphon

    World's Oldest

    If you win you shout Hearse
  11. Bibliogryphon

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    Queen Julianna did not die until 20th March 2004 which makes a gap of nearly 200 days between hits
  12. Bibliogryphon

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    Just looking at the data on my graph the longest gap I can find is 151 days in 2011 which followed Another long gap of 105 days. In 2003 the last hit was over 100 days before the end of the year but I do not have data for 2004 on my spreadsheet so I don't know when the first hit was in that year. 2013 has a gap of 96 days We are currently at 86.
  13. Bibliogryphon

    Brian May

    Not Anita Dobson though
  14. Bibliogryphon

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    I was actually thinking the same thing. My Dad's partner developed dementia and they moved her into a home it lifted a huge weight from my Dad as he didn't have to do all the caring but it gave him a reason to get out of the house to go and visit her.
  15. Bibliogryphon

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    Today is day 195. Even if we got hit eight today we would still be behind 2013 (13) and 2015 (14). However the Eighth hit in 2017 (17) did not come until 8 August. I am thinking 12/13 hits in total.

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