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  1. Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool

    Maybe some of my atheists won a grammy and I did do that research for the Deathlist Grammies earlier in the year. Has anyone won one yet?
  2. Advent Avalanche 2017

    What time in GMT will we be allowed to pick from on Thursday?
  3. 18. Robert Mugabe

    I had a look to see if I could see the sketch from Not The Nine O' Clock News where Pamela Stephenson as her Jan Leeming news reader reports that the three leaders of Zimbabwe had sent her a letter congratulating her on her pronunciation. Would fit perfectly here but could not find it. But I did find the That's Life sketch. "Prince Philip exploded"
  4. The 3rd Crowdsourced Deathlist (2018 edition)

    I have sent what is the current status of my Shadowlist whilst sitting in the business lounge at Istanbul Airport. On my way back home.
  5. 28. George Bush Senior

    How many of us will still be here in 25 years when Donald Trump becomes the biggliest lived president ever!
  6. Who Should Be On The 2018 Deathlist?

    My nine to be removed would be: Queen Elizabeth II Honor Blackman Hosni Mubarak Gay Byrne Pierre Cardin Stan Lee Jimmy Carter Sandy Gall Emperor Akihito However once I got past the first four on the list I found it difficult to choose. Lots of potential for next year.
  7. 22. Betty White

    At the beginning of the year I would have agreed but now I think she has entered the Sallis Dunn zone
  8. The Joker's Dead Pool

    Now @Joey Russ can relax and have a peaceful Thanksgiving. Enjoy the break.
  9. The Joker's Dead Pool

    I still have points for Malcolm Young and Rodney Bewes to come but they have probably not been updated in the DDP yet. Thanks for the update @Joey Russ
  10. British Science Fiction Series

    It is interesting because at the start of Planet of Fire the Doctor seems much more upset about Tegan leaving than he ever did about Adric giving up his life to save an entire planet.
  11. British Science Fiction Series

    When interviewed on the DVD special feature (someone gave it to me) Matthew Robinson wished he had not gone over the top on the violence.
  12. 18. Robert Mugabe

  13. British Science Fiction Series

    There is something truly wrong with a story when Rula Lenska is not the worst thing about it.
  14. 18. Robert Mugabe

    They have got what they want from Mugabe so now is not the time to act against him. It would polarise the party. I am assuming that this was done now to avoid a power vacuum/grab at the time of his death, the fact that they have done this means they have reason to believe that event is probably sometime in the relatively near future. They would probably just hope that nature takes its course.
  15. British Science Fiction Series

    Shame it wasn't Mel Smith though.