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  1. Bibliogryphon

    20 /20

    You actually scored a point for Geoffrey Palmer. I will edit the above
  2. Bibliogryphon

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Pope Benedict XVI please
  3. Bibliogryphon

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2020 List

    I thing VDE is an excellent hit for the committee. Not on Drop 40 or on the Crowdsourced so they threw the dice and it came up high.
  4. Bibliogryphon

    how long till' the next hit ?

    December 18th
  5. Bibliogryphon

    The 19th Death of 2020

    Leslie Phillips before the close of play.
  6. Bibliogryphon

    Who Should Make The Deathlist In 2021?

    At least if she was a singer she has a claim to her own fame otherwise she would be an FFBI* pick. * Famous For Being Impregnated
  7. Bibliogryphon

    Advent Avalanche 2020

    Congratulations Spade. I briefly got my hopes up.
  8. Bibliogryphon

    Who Should Make The Deathlist In 2021?

    But will he be a cadaver?
  9. Bibliogryphon

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    SF author Ben Bova dead at 88 from COVID
  10. Bibliogryphon

    20 /20

    Currently the scoreboard looks like: Book: 25 Bibliogryphon: 20 Death Impends: 15 Sean: 9 FixedBusiness: 6 Young Willz: 4 Torva Messor: 3 Squonk: 2 chilean way: 1 Joey Russ: 1 Lafaucheuse: 1 Yvonne: 1 It was previously suggested that the game would end at the end of 2020. Would anyone be interested in a continuation game which would have similar mechanics but cover the years 1921-1930. This would run for 12 months. Alternatively do we want a different approach. I would like to thank @Sean who came up with this marvelous game and barring a massacre potentially congratulate @Book on their victory. You can keep the game going in its current format in an attempt to catch Book or reset the scores to zero. Let me know what you think.
  11. Bibliogryphon

    Advent Avalanche 2020

    Rush Limbaugh
  12. Bibliogryphon

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool III

    Belated update Congratulations to @gcreptile and @banana who both scored a hit with Croatian Eurovision Singer Kico Slabinac a fourth and fifth hit respectively but most importantly it moves them both into the winning zone. The both just need an Astronaut. Full winning list is now 1. Frank Borman (ba) 2. Anatomy Filipchenko (ba)* 3. Ken Mattingly (ba) 4. James McDivitt (ba) 5. Marcos Pontes (gr) 6. Leonid Popov (gr) 7. Vladimir Shatalov (gr) 8. Tom Stafford (ba) 9. Aleksei Yeliseyev (gr) * gr loses out on number of hits however that could change. I also got a unique for Diego Maradona which at least got me off the mark. Leader board and Masterlist updated
  13. Bibliogryphon

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    I think Prince Phillip is the problem. By comparison The Queen is apparently healthier and more active but whilst he is still around he looks like the better bet for a hit.
  14. Bibliogryphon

    Hooroo, Mate.

    So what is the story with Aboriginal artist Loongkoonan. Definitely alive in 2016. Will now be 103. No death notices and Wiki has her alive...... Any leads?
  15. Bibliogryphon

    Who Should Make The Deathlist In 2021?

    I think the clearout we have had this year means the committee will look at the survivors with a more critical eye not just keeping them because they have been there for so long but there have been a lot of names kicking around all of which could be good options. However we don't even know if the committee will read this thread so I think the Crowdsourced list is the best method of holding them to account. So get your lists in.

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