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  1. I'll try that. Thanks.
  2. Baroness Hale aged 72 is the first female head of the supreme court. She maybe Hale but she doesn't look particularly hearty.
  3. Most of my posting is now done on an android phone. How can you copy links and large blocks of text to posts?
  4. Next Wednesday (2nd August) will be the Duke's final official engagement. After that form studying opportunities will be limited to 'events' . Do you think he would go to Camilla's funeral?
  5. I think we should all get invites to the Premier.
  6. I would listen to those albums.
  7. Was that just an excuse to post a picture of a car?
  8. Hell. I am too lazy to do what Rover did up there. There is a flurry of activity in getting the masterlists set up and verifying the entries and then you sit back and wait for @YoungWillz to tell you when picks have died and then just update the master scoreboard. Sometimes months go by without anything happening.
  9. I am hoping to get a winner before the Autumn when everyone will begin to get distracted by "who should be on the 2018 list" sort of discussion.
  10. Well Jim Carrey fans were already on the list
  11. Which people? I need names and addresses. Just building a suitable wicker ediface.
  12. This is a tense finish beyond what I had hoped for. I do hope the winner will leap in the air and yell HEARSE when they get that final obit.
  13. Thanks for doing that Rover your dilligence is awesome and if you were to win I am sure you would have no end of fun. The Bush/Anderson tie break only existed until something else changed. At the moment if John B Anderson died we would have joint winners and the new game runner would be decided by a coin toss or a concession.
  14. Full page article in Evening Standard tonight on former QPR player Stan Bowles and his fight against Alzheimers.
  15. No!