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  1. Scraggy Taters

    Ozzy Osbourne

    Thanks for the link Shaun, I had originally intended to watch just the 2 minutes of it.. but ended up engrossed in the whole programme. !
  2. Scraggy Taters

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    Summer, likely to be a warm sunny day with daylight until after 10pm, voting on a subject I suspect the vast majority of people don't give two shits about either way, despite the vocal loud minorities on both sides? It'll be around the AV referendum turnout, I'm guessing. I think you seriously underestimate how much the average person cares about having their say on the EU. Postal votes will massively help boost turn-out as well. I predict that people will realise that I do not understand politics and have no idea what's going on.EFAI don't see how predicting that votes will vote for staying in the European Union warrants an insult. Especially an abbreviated one. FFS.
  3. Scraggy Taters

    Sir David Attenborough

    Nah.. she wouldn't.
  4. Scraggy Taters

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Division 2! See, I said it was confusing. You're not wrong there.
  5. Scraggy Taters

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Division 2! Yes, you are correct. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHH !!! ‚Äč
  6. Scraggy Taters

    Animal Antics

    Phuc lmao ? No relation to Chairman lmao ?
  7. Scraggy Taters

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Might be pushing ones luck for Burton Albion to win the Championship (sorry Toastie.. 'Division 1') next year ?
  8. Scraggy Taters

    Ian Brady

    Brady has been very close to death. In the words of Phyllis Nelson, move closer... I didn't realise that Phyllis Nelson is Ian Bradys doctor.
  9. Scraggy Taters

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    Poor kendoddsdadsdogsdead. By jove !! I await a 7 hour eulogy by Mr Dodd on that one.
  10. Scraggy Taters

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    There have been several new members but they chose not to post here. I know new membership was suspended earlier this week due to the Korean invasion but I don't know if that's been lifted. I think the embargo is still in place, though I did tell all newbies to befriend Dr Zorders first & send him a friend request and also send him lots of messages regarding the sexual politics of the Qaran and also the background story of his great grandmothers bareknuckle fights with Queen Victoria which sadly led to her death in 1901.
  11. Scraggy Taters

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    You've been posting more regularly the last six weeks haven't you? Erm... good point. I think I'm the only newbie posting regularly here for the past 9 weeks. When does a newbie become an oldie ?
  12. Scraggy Taters

    Jimmy Savile

    I had no idea the old hoofer was still "working." It gives him a break from noncing, obviously. Lionel questioned by the cops? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3579649/Lionel-Blair-blasts-claims-linking-VIP-paedophile-ring-questioned-detectives.html Meh.. it's merely a Blair witch-hunt project.
  13. Scraggy Taters

    New Here And Just Saying Hello

    No newbies in 6 weeks ? What the chuff is going on ?
  14. Scraggy Taters

    Sir David Attenborough

    If I did a deathlist deadpool for 2017 I wouldn't include him tbh. But as many of you know I do get it horribly wrong sometimes..
  15. Scraggy Taters

    The dead of 2016

    Ah, the old 'nice n Chrispy' cremation comment is somewhat long overdue. ...and there it is ! (Never heard of the chap in question mind...)

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