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  1. ajlposh

    The Jacksons

  2. ajlposh

    The Jacksons

    Joe is dead
  3. ajlposh

    Britney Spears, Kerry Catona, Heather Locklear et al.

    So Heather Locklear has had a rough past few days. As a result, I feel that her demise is going to be coming sooner rather than later
  4. ajlposh

    Suicidal Celebs

    And now she’s been Hospitalized after an overdose call, just hours after being bailed out. I’m tempted to make a separate thread, but I fear backlash
  5. ajlposh

    Suicidal Celebs

    Heather Locklear hospitalized for psych evaluation after threatening to shoot herself
  6. ajlposh

    Barry Manilow

    Hospitalized with bronchial infection
  7. ajlposh

    35. Neil Simon

    I always knew he had Alzheimer’s, but I never once saw any reports about him being near death. I’ll keep these things in mind from now on
  8. ajlposh

    35. Neil Simon

    Reportedly near death
  9. ajlposh

    Willie Nelson

    Walks off stage due to illness
  10. ajlposh

    Dead Pop Stars

    Heh. Whoops
  11. ajlposh

    Dead Pop Stars

    Frankie Avalon had to cancel an appearance in my hometown due to “unexpected emergency surgery”
  12. ajlposh

    The Dead of 2018

    Margot Kidder of Superman fame dead at 69
  13. ajlposh

    25. George Bush Senior

    Oh, absolutely. At this point, he can only be hospitalized so many more times. I’ll be surprised if he survives his next hospitalization
  14. ajlposh

    25. George Bush Senior

    Discharged and doing fine
  15. ajlposh

    25. George Bush Senior

    Wants to reach 100, according to his nephew. But when you see who is nephew is...not sure if I believe him

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