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  1. ajlposh

    Carl Reiner

    Posted today that he hasn’t tweeted in a couple days because he’s been under the weather. Probably nothing to get alarmed about, but might be worth keeping an eye on
  2. ajlposh

    13. Jerry Stiller

    Ok, so it looks like he’s in the hospital, but he’s doing fine. So it looks like he’s not going anywhere, for now
  3. ajlposh

    13. Jerry Stiller

    Has reportedly had a stroke
  4. ajlposh


    Rapper Cupcakke has posted a tweet saying she is about to commit suicide
  5. ajlposh

    Dead Pop Stars

    Already off to a rough start. Be very afraid
  6. ajlposh

    The 1st Death of 2019

    Went to random.org. It told me to pick Vanessa Redgrave
  7. ajlposh

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Queen Elizabeth’s death on January 5 is becoming quite the running joke on the me_irl subreddit
  8. ajlposh

    Suicidal Celebs

    SNL’s Pete Davidson made an Instagram post today saying “I really don’t want to be on this Earth anymore.” He’s been through a lot, so this is obviously not to be taken lightly
  9. ajlposh

    Best ever month for celebrity deaths

    2003, in general, does not get talked about enough in terms of blockbuster names we lost that year. So many in terms of quantity and quality. In my opinion, it might be the biggest celebrity death year of all time
  10. ajlposh

    Best ever month for celebrity deaths

    Interesting question. One that stands out is December 2006. Maybe not so much in terms of quantity, but definitely quality Augusto Pinochet Peter Boyle Joe Barbera James Brown Gerald Ford Saddam Hussein
  11. ajlposh

    15. Bob Barker

    Hospitalized again. More back problems
  12. ajlposh

    George Bush Senior

    I’d argue putting Bush 43 ahead of Trump. He had that heart surgery a few years ago.
  13. ajlposh


    Joe Perry rushed to hospital immediately after performing. Condition not known
  14. ajlposh

    John Williams

    Lol my dad and I do one together every year
  15. ajlposh

    15. Bob Barker

    Yeah...I don’t think he was hospitalized for that one I posted a couple weeks ago.

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