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  1. Comics & Comedy Writers

    Larry Storch just posted on his Facebook page that Marty Allen has died
  2. Hollywood Possibilities

    Sally Kirkland hospitalized after a fall
  3. 13. Stan Lee

    Hospitalized for irregular heartbeat. Apparently it’s nothing to worry about...for now
  4. Best Historic Dl Forum Threads

    George Burns and Frank Sinatra probably would’ve generated a lot of talk in their last few years. Groucho Marx as well, especially with all the drama surrounding him and Erin Fleming
  5. Hospitalised!

    When you posted that, the news was a couple days old...and he has his own thread
  6. Charles Manson

    Some sources, like this one here, are reporting his death
  7. Charles Manson

    TMZ is reporting that he's in the hospital and "It's a matter of time."
  8. Comics & Comedy Writers

    Sounds like Tim Conway has undergone brain surgery recently
  9. Quiz Show Hosts

    Monty Hall of Let's Make a Deal dead at 96
  10. Steven Tyler

    Has reportedly had a seizure
  11. Jake Lamotta

    There's murmurings on Facebook about his death...not seeing it anywhere else though Dead?
  12. Will 2017 Be a Bigger Year In Deaths Than 2016?

    Yeah I'd say probably not. It's not as huge a year as 2003, 2009, or 2016. Definitely a big one tho, maybe the second biggest of this decade so far
  13. Barbara Walters

    Not looking good for her.
  14. (C)Rappers

    Lil' Wayne hospitalized for seizures
  15. Death Links

    I just created a subreddit where you can submit news about a celebrity being hospitalized, in failing health, etc. Subscribe if you are a redditor! https://www.reddit.com/r/CelebrityDeathWatch/