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  1. ajlposh

    David Crosby

    Yeah I’m torn here. And if you do a Twitter search, that article is the only thing mentioned in the past 10 minutes
  2. ajlposh

    First Celebrity Death You Remember

    George Harrison
  3. ajlposh

    Evel Knievel

    His son Robbie has died
  4. ajlposh

    Elvis Presley

    Lisa Marie Presley has been hospitalized after suffering cardiac arrest
  5. ajlposh

    Hollywood Possibilities

    They always do it so much better than the Oscars
  6. ajlposh

    Play School - Play Away - Childrens TV

    Bob McGrath, aka Bob from Sesame Street, has died. This one hurts
  7. ajlposh


    I think regardless of the severity of his current situation, his death is coming sooner rather than later
  8. ajlposh

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    Catskills Comedian and former Dean of the New York Friars Club Freddie Roman has died
  9. ajlposh

    Dear Readers Digest

    Now here’s a thread that needs to exist
  10. ajlposh

    Voice Actors

    What source does she have? Is she her secretary or something?
  11. ajlposh

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Maybe that’s where that this Anthony Parsons dude is getting it from
  12. ajlposh

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    Jay Leno has been hospitalized after a car in his garage caught on fire
  13. ajlposh

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    Budd Friedman, founder of the legendary Improv comedy club, has died
  14. ajlposh

    Joe Biden

    Well technically, they could. Impeachment is a political process, and not a legal one. In order for the thought of impeachment to even come about, the majority of Congress has to agree about it. It could be for any reason. If someone wants to impeach him for drinking Pepsi instead of Coke, they could, it’s just a question of getting Congress to agree. In other words, could that impeach him for diminished mental capacity? Yes. Will they? Highly unlikely, but there’s still a slim chance. Now, I’m no expert, so don’t take what I say as 100% gospel. I could be getting some facts wrong, so somebody please feel free to correct me.
  15. ajlposh

    Chevy Chase

    Was the guest on today’s episode of the Fly On the Wall podcast. His wife said he was in heart failure last year

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