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  1. January 16, 2018
  2. Hospitalized
  3. Dead

    She's gone
  4. TMZ is reporting that Carrie Fisher has suffered a massive heart attack
  5. Hard to post a link from my phone, but John Glenn has died
  6. I picked the Rhinestone Cowboy
  7. Scott Michaels of the findadeath website posted an article on his Facebook page. The headline states that Kirk's son says Kirk is entering his final days. But then the article proceeds to not mention anything about it. So....I don't know. Here's the article in question. http://godtoday.com/son-of-kirk-douglas-says-father-is-entering-final-days-please-send-your-prayers/
  8. Dead

    June 11, 2016. That's also my birthday.
  9. Has reached Stage 6 of Alzheimers
  10. Dead

    I'm gonna go with January 29
  11. dead

    November 19
  12. I think I got it right the last time! I'm gonna go with Jake LaMotta
  13. Molinaro
  14. Molinaro
  15. It says he's returning home. That's usually not a good sign