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  1. rockhopper penguin

    Death Anniversary Thread

    20 years since Tony Zale couldn't beat the count, aged 83.
  2. rockhopper penguin

    Death Anniversary Thread

    10 years since Luther Ingram lost his soul, aged 69.
  3. rockhopper penguin

    Inverse Dead Pool 2017

    Duck walking up the table.
  4. rockhopper penguin

    Chuck Berry

    Big one, oh my ding a ling.
  5. rockhopper penguin

    Death Anniversary Thread

    10 years since stumps for Bob Woolmer, aged 58.
  6. rockhopper penguin

    Scottish Independence

    Sturgeon backed May into a corner and now has years of political capital to foment.
  7. rockhopper penguin

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    Much to my surprise I actually got round to watching a film i'd taped (ok, digitally recorded or whatever) over xmas. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is a joy. It's quick fire humour delivers joke after prat fall after toe curling embarrassment after laugh out loud one liner. The plot is nonsense. But it enables a narrative thread to run throughout into which Coogan places a character whose behaviour makes you want to to embrace him one second and punch him the next. Joyously funny and guaranteed to lighten any post-truth dark day.
  8. rockhopper penguin

    Last Word

    Surtees is a definite but rest not announced. Rumours of a major celebrity having a choking fit.
  9. rockhopper penguin

    Death Anniversary Thread

    30 years since Santo Trafficante went swimming with the fishes, aged 72.
  10. rockhopper penguin

    Death Anniversary Thread

    A year since Frank Sinatra Jr stopped swinging, aged 72.
  11. rockhopper penguin

    Last Word

    Surtees, Sledge, someone else? Who knows, unless you are the producer of the show.
  12. rockhopper penguin


  13. rockhopper penguin

    Queen Elizabeth II

    She had a cold.
  14. rockhopper penguin

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Two falls and a submission for Antonino Rocca 40 years ago, aged 49.
  15. rockhopper penguin

    Death Anniversary Thread

    85 years since George Eastman took a snap decision, aged 77.

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