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  1. 44. Liz Dawn

  2. Dingbat

    I like those answers. thanks
  3. A Joke

    Apparently they had to throw half of it away !!!!
  4. Dingbat

    Can anyone help me by identifying what phrase is suggested by this dingbat please? Thanks
  5. emoji movie quiz

    The OFFICIAL answer (and it makes sense when you see it ) to no 4 is FATAL ATTRACTION DOH !!!!!!!
  6. emoji movie quiz

    Here are the answers
  7. emoji movie quiz

  8. emoji movie quiz

    no 9 is NOT the man with the Golden gun. there is no man and the gun isn't golden Clue - you do not get a medal for coming BOTTOM.
  9. emoji movie quiz

    clues 1 - follow the directions 2 - follow the gold coloured paving 3 - tip of a kitkat?? 4 - There have been a few suggestions above about this one. More opionios welcome 5 - think of a TYPE of primate 6 - WHERE would you pitch a tent? 7 - the third pic looks a bit like Elliot Gould 8 - knife jogger?? 9 - First revolver? 10 Shhhh Baaaa
  10. emoji movie quiz

    Hmmmm. I think I like it ! ! !
  11. emoji movie quiz

  12. emoji movie quiz

    I think no7 is "casino" For number 1 think of ACTUAL directions and think of Alfred Hitchcock
  13. emoji movie quiz

    I'll bet you are right
  14. emoji movie quiz

    is NOT No Direction Home is NOT Goldfinger I do not know the answer and was hoping that someone here would know is NOT The Lucky One or The Green Mile is NOT Blackjack is NOT The Good Shepherd
  15. emoji movie quiz

    They are all obvious - once you know the answer. :-) I have to admit that I have all of the answers EXCEPT number 4