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  1. Slave to the Grave

    The Osmonds

    Fine thank you LFN, very kind of you to ask!! Apparently JImmy's portrayal of Captain Hook was both dastardly and heartwarming!!!!
  2. Slave to the Grave

    The Osmonds

    Nice to see that some things haven't changed LFN!!
  3. Slave to the Grave

    The Osmonds

    According to 12 Disgusting Celebrity Habits You Probably Don't Know About, Donny likes to lick the salt off pretzels.
  4. Slave to the Grave

    Gerard Depardieu

    I think he deserves his own thread.
  5. Slave to the Grave

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Do some stuffing.
  6. Slave to the Grave

    DeathList "Dead" Chat!

    Good old GR. I enjoyed chatting last night - couldn't carry on on MSN but for some reason by computer doesn't like it - maybe it's a bit too old!!!
  7. Slave to the Grave

    Room Lovely, Look You.

    Mon Cheries. They have been known to give DttG an erection.
  8. Slave to the Grave

    The Deathlist Kitchen

    I know someone who ate a chameleon.
  9. Slave to the Grave

    Ask A Deathlister

    Are you sure it's passive febreeze fumes you're breathing in? Maybe your neighbour has a bowlfull of pears and went on a holiday forgetting all about them. Hehe, it does smell that way, but it ain't pears. I'm not allergic to pears, but I am sensitive to certain accessories of modern post-industrial revolution life, like Febreeze, Tide, certain perfumes, hairspray, bug spray, scented candles, etc. The usual stuff (pollen, dust, mold, cat and dog fur, etc.) doesn't seem to bother me at all. I have discovered some Febreze which is called "cascades de Nouvelle Zealande", it doesn't smell like rotten pears and it covers up the smell of sick. I don't know whether it smells like "cascades de Nouvelle Zealande" because I've never been to Nouvelle Zealande.
  10. Slave to the Grave

    Picture Association Vii

  11. Slave to the Grave

    Room 101

    I just popped back to have a grumble about the supermarket butchers department. There was a rogue leg of mutton in with the lamb and I bought it. It had the texture and shape of a boxing glove.
  12. Slave to the Grave

    Derby Dead Pool 2010

    Bravo MIB for such efficient posting up of the teams. The fact that I have such a large number of unique picks doesn't surprise me in the least as most of them will probably still be alive in 30 years' time.
  13. Slave to the Grave

    Birthdays, Births, Anniversaries, Etc... For 2010

    Thank you, HCW. I've had a stellar birthday so far. At my age you have something from within that only lasts for a little while. Happy belated Banshees What to expect now you are 6. Of particular interest: Motor Development •may still be somewhat uncoordinated and gawky •able to learn to ride a bicycle •can move in time with music or a beat Language & Thinking Development •moving toward abstract thinking •develops reasoning skills •shifts from learning through observation and experience to learning via language and logic •wants it all; has difficulty making choices Social & Emotional Development •grows more independent, yet feels less secure •craves affection from parents and teachers •friendships are unstable; can be unkind to peers •needs to win and may change rules to suit herself •may be hurt by criticism, blame, or punishment •can be rigid, demanding, and unable to adapt •increasingly aware that others have or may have different feelings
  14. Slave to the Grave

    The First Death Of 2010

    Sex sandals? Wouldn't mind a pair of them... mmmm sex sandals
  15. Slave to the Grave

    The First Death Of 2010

    Frank Bough, because my Grandad hated him. He used to throw a knotted handkerchief at the TV and shout 'Off Bough' whenever he was on. I think that should be the headline when he finally shuffles - 'Off Bough''. Sadly my Grandad didn't live to witness the sex scandal or to see him die. Also when DttG was a youngster a 'bough' was the passage of windies through the bottie parts. So Frank Bough and his sex sandals for me.

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