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  1. sadgirldreaming93

    World's Oldest

    "She and her family were later deported along with the entire Chechen nation Kazakhstan and Siberia" "During her long life, she lost several children, including a son who died aged six. Relatives say Istambulova's only surviving daughter Tamara died five years ago, aged 104. During her long life, she lost several children,"
  2. sadgirldreaming93

    The 6th Death of 2018

    Been voting for #41 this entire year, so might as well do it again
  3. sadgirldreaming93

    8. John McCain

    Same thing happened with Barbara Bush and she died for real shortly after. But it makes you realize how eager some organizations are for high profile deaths
  4. sadgirldreaming93

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Awful results The jury trying to rig the competition in favor of Sweden every single year is getting old.
  5. sadgirldreaming93

    25. George Bush Senior

    Well, apparently his doctors are happy and he might go home soon. Sigh. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-george-hw-bush-health-20180502-story.html
  6. sadgirldreaming93

    World's Oldest

    Following this logic, should we be depressed when our dogs live for 10 or 15 years? Not all humans are lucky enough to live that long. Butterflies live for less than a year, but some human babies die within days or hours of being born. So what?
  7. sadgirldreaming93

    25. George Bush Senior

    His situation is very similar to Mandela's, way too many false alarms. But this could finally be it
  8. sadgirldreaming93

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Not hers, though. Phillip can go
  9. sadgirldreaming93

    25. George Bush Senior

    Michelle will be the last one standing
  10. sadgirldreaming93

    25. George Bush Senior

    Are you implying we're supposed to kill him ourselves?
  11. sadgirldreaming93

    The 5th Death of 2018

    Bush Sr. his moment is here.
  12. sadgirldreaming93

    29. Barbara Bush

    My favorite part: "A Bush family spokesman said Bush passed away peacefully in her home, surrounded by loved ones."
  13. sadgirldreaming93

    25. George Bush Senior

    It might even happen the very same day Barbara will last as long as she can at home, maybe even longer than we expect her to, but once she goes, #41 will have a sudden heart attack or something similar.
  14. sadgirldreaming93

    Donald J Trump

    Don Jr. got himself involved in this administration, it's not like he's an innocent family member who's trying to keep a low profile. His wife and kids seem to be the real victims here.
  15. sadgirldreaming93

    World's Oldest

    So let me be the one to ask the obvious. Are you the same Jeff who posts at 110 club? I lurk there sometimes and it kind of surprised me nobody brought it up. Your usernames are almost identical, you deleted your posts here the moment someone over there mentioned this topic (and made a point to insult DeathList and say it was probably fake information), and your arguments about the 19th century are literally the same ones ryoung122 keeps making, almost word for word (including the 101 meters one).

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