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  1. sadgirldreaming93

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Ireland and the UK had the two worst entries by far. Both performers also happen to be extremely unlikable.
  2. sadgirldreaming93

    1. Jimmy Carter

    From what I can see, all livingbygrace said was that you should respect Christians as human beings even if you're not one yourself, and not act like tragic cases of fringe cults are somehow representative of the Christian faith. I agreed with this sentiment and mentioned the fact that Jimmy (is) and Rosalynn (was) Christian as well. The feeding the poor, loving their neighbor kind. And this only came as a response to someone choosing to make fun and look down on Evangelical Christians for no discernible reason. So I think this is very much a case of being offended when nothing offensive was said or meant. This forum has a lot of harsh posts, so it seems a bit strange that anyone would be bothered by the 2-3 harmless comments you're referring to.
  3. sadgirldreaming93

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Except that no one was making that claim here. There was, however, the attempt to equate some fringe cult with Christianity as a whole, as well as posts looking down on Evangelical Christians. Respect and acceptance go both ways.
  4. sadgirldreaming93

    1. Jimmy Carter

    This is especially inappropriate when you consider the fact that Jimmy himself is a Christian, and so was Rosalynn.
  5. sadgirldreaming93

    Catherine Windsor AKA Kate Middleton

    What I didn't really understand is her saying that the treatment was preventative. Does it refer to something other than the form of cancer she already has?
  6. sadgirldreaming93

    Rosalynn Carter

    My favorite first lady and the only likeable famous person who shared my birthday...sad to see her go. At least she didn't have to spend a single day without the love of her life. Think the main reason Jimmy held on as long as he did (other than his exceptional genes, of course) was to spare her the sorrow of having to see him die. Or maybe that's just what my romantic soul wants to think. In any case, 77 years of marriage is something most of us will never be lucky enough to even come close to. So her and Jimmy is really as good as it gets. Rest in peace, Rosalynn
  7. sadgirldreaming93

    Xi Jinping

    The wiki page lists two different birth years - is it 1924 or 1926?
  8. sadgirldreaming93

    World's Oldest

    Sad news maybe her long, happy life was the most anyone could ever hope for, but it's still sad to see her go.
  9. sadgirldreaming93

    Rosalynn Carter

    It wouldn't make sense not having the two of them together. They won't survive long without each other.
  10. sadgirldreaming93

    Thoughts On The 2022 List

    Gorbachev is a good addition, Michael Gambon not so much. Overall it feels like they're playing it safe after last year's underwhelming results. Could have been worse
  11. sadgirldreaming93

    Alexey Navalny

    That's the same thing people used to say before he got poisoned. After the way Nemtsov was murdered a few years ago, it should have been clear that no one was off-limits.
  12. sadgirldreaming93

    How many hits this year (Pauls version)

  13. sadgirldreaming93

    The 20th Death of 2020

    There's still some time left, so Prince Philip
  14. sadgirldreaming93

    John Edrich

    Ah, a good old fashioned Christmas death. It would have been so anticlimactic for this year to end without one
  15. sadgirldreaming93

    Last of the Vice Presidents

    The guy who didn't live in the 20th century

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