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  1. ghostofchat7

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    How do two mentally disabled people report family who are being mean? My aunt is mentally challenged. I have schizoaffective disorder. That means I am on disability because I have heard awful voices in my head for since I was 24. I am 32 now. My aunt is under my mom's care, so am I. She is now both of our payee's. Please help give information. See my grandma passed away three months ago. Now after three months my mentally challenged aunt is under the care of my mom. She is the payee for both of us. I'm going to a technical college and trying to get a job. I want to work. I want to be French chef style. Please give me information. I can say it's Report Cevin Briley at 1219 W. Elm Arcade, Springfield, Missouri 65804 417-862-5456, and he and his girlfriend who is my aunt is giving us grief. He e-mail me and say I am fat homosexual, but in bad words. I was molested at 4 by a older guy and it hurts to be called such names. I am not gay. Please help us. Cevin is big and mean, his girlfriend is my youngest aunt, she stole my aunts disability check after my grandma died and spent them on drugs, like the meth, and heavy pain pill. I just want to be left alone. Please help.
  2. ghostofchat7

    J. D. Salinger

    "When J.D. Salinger buys the farm, I wonder if they will finally be able to make a movie out of 'The Catcher in the Rye'?" I asked this January 16th. It seems ironic that the feller died so quickly. I read the book and liked it. Will it be a movie?
  3. ghostofchat7

    J. D. Salinger

    When J.D. Salinger buys the farm, I wonder if they will finally be able to make a movie out of 'The Catcher in the Rye'?
  4. ghostofchat7

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2010

    Has Rush Limbaugh died?
  5. ghostofchat7

    Brittany Murphy

    I had no idea who she was. I know the voice of Luanne from King of the Hill. All those movies she was in would not be the type of things I would watch. She was on axiety medication, pain pills ect... She also looked real thin. I heard she had type two diabetes.
  6. ghostofchat7

    Billy Graham

    Yes, he seems to have quite improved, even enough to meet with Sarah Palin. Pic included, and looks well enough to survive 2010, but he strikes me as one who'll go the second he's removed from the list. His little talk about the Jews, with Nixon, was interesting.
  7. ghostofchat7

    Former Grand Duke Jean Of Luxembourg

    Hmm my uncle just died at the age of 54. My real mom died at 51. I have some stories that would make a snake puke. I ain't bragging or nothing. I think my family has the life expetancy of a red indian family that hacks paint, or knife weilding gypsies.
  8. ghostofchat7

    Claude Levi-Strauss

    Does he get a cookie for being a smart old Jew? Looks like plenty are dropping at the end of the year.
  9. ghostofchat7

    Patrick Swayze

  10. ghostofchat7

    Patrick Swayze

    bye bye pat
  11. ghostofchat7

    Keith Floyd

    He was cool
  12. ghostofchat7

    Patrick Swayze

    I kind of felt bad for him when I looked at him in that recent picture.
  13. ghostofchat7

    Michael Jackson

    Latest I've heard is there are conspiracy rumours stating that he was bumped off by the CIA Ever thought it was the needle in his arm that might have done it?
  14. ghostofchat7

    Sir Bobby Robson

    I deplore sports in general. I'm not competitive by nature. And I agree with the youtube limey's rant about American football, it is stupid also.
  15. ghostofchat7

    Sir Bobby Robson

    #1. I deplore football. #2. I deplore grown men using baby names like "Bobby".

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