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  1. manuel

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Born 1926 as per the birth index.
  2. manuel

    Inverse Dead Pool 2019

    1) Linda Nolan 2) Donald Trump 3) Olivia de Havilland 4) Queen Elizabeth II 5) Betty White 6) Prunella Scales 7) Henry Kissinger 8) Pope Benedict 9) Jimmy Carter 10) Paul Gascoigne 11) June Brown 12) Terry Jones 13) Prince Philip 14) Marieke Vervoort 15) Kirk Douglas 16) Beth Chapman 17) Doris Day 18) Billy Connolly 19) Bob Barker 20) Robert Mugabe 21) George Alagiah 22) Greg Gilbert 23) John McCririck 24) Dick van Dyke 25) Pete Frates Sub: Angela Landsbury
  3. manuel

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    From the current list... Keep 1) Kirk Douglas: Extremely elderly and will make a record breaking 17th appearance next year 2) Leah Bracknell: Clearly still very ill, although she could go on for a while 3) Herman Wouk: Ancient and falling apart 4) Olivia de Havilland: Extremely old 5) Prince Philip: Too big to miss and now 97 and retired 6) Betty White: Looks frail and too big to miss 7) Javier Perez de Cuellar: Very elderly and wheelchair bound 8) Pierre Cardin: Very elderly 9) Stirling Moss: Retired due to poor health 10) Doris Day: Too big miss and very elderly 11) Bob Dole: Looks awful 12) Bob Barker: Several hospitalisations recently 13) Jimmy Carter: Too big to miss 14) Leslie Phillips: Looks extremely frail 15) Jill Gascoine: Seems to be at a very advanced stage of Alzheimer's 16) Vera Lynn: Very ancient 17) Robert Mugabe: Too evil to miss 18) George Bush Sr: Been in ill health for several years and in the danger zone with his wife dying 20) Pope Benedict XVI: Looks frail and reportedly in ill health 21) June Brown: Looks frail 22) Valerie Harper: Still slowly dying 23) Clive James: Looks awful, surely the end must finally be approaching 24) Jimmy Greaves: Looks very frail 25) Olivia Newton-John: Recent reports on her health sound grim Drop 1) Linda Nolan: Although dying, I don't think she is in danger of dying anytime soon. 2) Prunella Scales: Don't think her Alzheimer's has worsened enough to kill her yet 3) Henry Kissinger: Still active and seems to be in good health 4) Honor Blackman: Seems to be in good health 5) Dick van Dyke: Still very active and in good health 6) Stanley Baxter: No health news on him, but I think there are other candidates who are older and/or in seemingly worse health than him 7) Valery Giscard d'Estaing: Looks in good form 8) Mel Brooks: Seems to be in excellent health 9) Sean Connery: Still looking in good form 10) Louis Farrakhan: Looked in good shape at Aretha Franklin's funeral 11) Ian St John: Doing very well despite prostate cancer 12) Ronnie Wood: Has recovered from cancer 13) Joni Mitchell: Tough drop, but I think there are better candidates, would be my first choice to carry over if any of the top 25 die before the new year 14) Paul Gascoigne: Too unreliable
  4. manuel

    Thoughts On The 2018 List

    Now that we are a quarter of the way through the year I decided to do analysis of the remaining picks. Kirk Douglas: Extremely old and looked very frail at the golden globes. Leah Bracknell: Terminally ill with stage 4 lung cancer and looked very gaunt in last appearance. Has been very quiet recently. Herman Wouk: Extremely old and reliant on a nasal canula in July last year. Recently sold his house, suggesting he's gone into a care home Olivia de Havilland: Extremely old but still looks in good shape, but at her age she could easily go in her sleep. Prince Philip: Old and now retired. Looks quite frail and has recently missed a number of public appearances due to ill health. Betty White: Her age appears to be starting to catch up with her. John McCain: Terminally ill with glioblastoma. Has not attended the Senate in several months and looks frail in pictures. Linda Nolan: Terminal breast cancer, but still seems to be doing ok. However, as she has said she will not undergo life-extending chemotherapy I could see her going downhill quickly. Lord Carrington: Old but still looks in good shape Javier Perez de Cuellar: Old and wheelchair bound. Also reportedly suffering from memory loss. Pierre Cardin: Old but health unknown Stan Lee: Lost his wife last year and recently suffered pneumonia. Has had a number of financial and legal issues recently. Stirling Moss: Spent several months in hospital due to a chest infection last year. Has now retired from public life and had his website closed down due to continued ill health. Tessa Jowell: Terminally ill with glioblastoma, looked awful in recent interviews. Doris Day: Old and not appearing in public much but could just be retired. Bob Dole: Looked very frail in recent picture Bob Barker: Appears to be doing ok. Prunella Scales: Has Alzheimer's and appears to be declining but seems not to be in as bad of shape as Jill Gascoine or Neil Simon. Jimmy Carter: Looks in good health for his age but it would not surprise me if his cancer returned Leslie Phillips: Suffered a stroke and seizure and has rarely appeared in public since then. When has been seen he has looked extremely frail and been wheelchair bound. Jill Gascoine: Stated in November 2016 as being in the final stages of Alzheimer's by her husband Vera Lynn: Extremely old and seems quite frail Robert Mugabe: Little information on him since he lost power. George Bush Sr: Has suffered from parkinsons for years and being hospitalised a number of times. Now wheelchair-bound and looks very frail, surely can't last much longer Charles Aznavour: Old but still active, bad pick. Henry Kissinger: Old but still seems active. Honor Blackman: Old but seems to be doing ok. Barbara Bush: Was pictured using a nasal canula last year. Also likely to be widowed soon. Dick van Dyke: Old but still very active and healthy, terrible pick. Stanley Baxter: Old but nothing known about his health. Valery Giscard d'Estaing: Seems to be doing ok. Mel Brooks: Old but still active, bad pick. Pope Benedict XVI: Said by his brother to be suffering from a degenerative disease. The Vatican deny this but I trust his brother over them. Neil Simon: Over 90 and mute as a result of Alzheimer's as well as having a kidney transplant. June Brown: Old but still seems active. Hosni Mubarak: Suspect his health issues were exaggerated but little information is available: Sean Connery: Reportedly frail but looked in good shape at the US Open last year. Louis Farrakhan: Relatively young by deathlist standards and still seems to be in good health, bad pick. Denis Norden: Old and apparently frail Ian St John: Given a tough diagnosis but seems to be doing well. Jimmy Greaves: Suffered a severe stroke a few years ago and looks very frail. Also remarried his ex-wife last year despite them having been reunited for decades so was perhaps done for inheritance purposes. Valerie Harper: Slowly dying of cancer. Reports last year of her treatment failing and no updates since then. Clive James: Slowly dying of leukaemia and emphysema, has been very quiet recently. Ronnie Wood: Had lung cancer last year but recovered. His cancer could well come back but a bad pick until then. Olivia Newton-John: Terminally ill with breast cancer but appears to be doing very well. Joni Mitchell: Suffered an aneurysm a few years ago and still looks frail. Paul Gascoigne: Slowly drinking himself to death, I don't think he'll live to a great age but I don't think this is his year either.
  5. manuel

    Who Should Be On The 2018 Deathlist?

    Keep: 1) Kirk Douglas: Very elderly, will equal Clive Dunn's record for most DL appearances next year 2) Vera Lynn: Very elderly 3) Billy Graham: Still alive at 99 despite years of ill health 4) Lord Carrington: 98 years old, regular pick 5) Prince Philip: Too big to miss and now retired from public duties 6) Denis Norden: Old and going blind 7) Olivia de Havilland: Very elderly 8) Herman Wouk: 102 and reliant on an oxygen tank 9) Leah Bracknell: Advanced terminal lung cancer, reliant on alternative medicine 10) Jimmy Carter: Too big to miss 11) Leslie Phillips: Looks very frail after suffering stroke 12) Robert Mugabe: Too evil to miss and has lost his main reason for staying alive 13) Javier Perez de Cuellar: 97 and wheelchair bound 14) Nobby Stiles: Advanced Alzheimer's, prostate cancer and strokes 15) Queen Elizabeth II: Too big to miss and now 91 16) George HW Bush: Numerous recent health issues, looks very frail 17) Pope Benedict XVI: Very frail 18) Stan Lee: 95 and recently lost his wife 19) Jill Gascoine: Final stages of Alzheimer's since November 2016 20) Bob Dole: Suffered recent health issues 21) Valerie Harper: Cancer treatment now starting to fail 22) Hosni Mubarak: Years of ill health 23) Pierre Cardin: 95 24) Betty White: Appears to be frail 25) Bob Barker: Keeps falling Drop 1) Doug Ellis: Looks in good shape for his age 2) Honor Blackman: Looks in good shape for her age 3) Ian St John: Appears good despite cancer 4) David Prowse: Feels too early despite dementia diagnosis 5) Sandy Gall: Looks in good shape for his age 6) Desmond Tutu: Appears to have recovered from recent health issues 7) Emperor Akihito: Still appears to be in good health 8) Gay Byrne: Seems to be doing well in battle against cancer Add 1) Clive James: Years of ill health, looks awful 2) John McCain: Average life expectancy following glioblastoma diagnosis is within 2018. 3) Olivia Newton-John: Breast cancer has metastasized to her spine 4) Linda Nolan: Breast cancer has metastasized to her hip 5) Tessa Jowell: Has aggressive brain tumour 6) Barbara Bush: Looks very frail and now using an oxygen mask 7) Bill Maynard: Paralyzed since suffering stroke 8) Jimmy Greaves: Looks very frail since suffering stroke 9) Yasuhiro Nakasone: Turns 100 next year 10) Alberto Fujimori: Released from prison due to severe health issues 11) Morgan Tsvangirai: Suffering serious health issues 12) Stirling Moss: Recently spent five months in hospital 13) Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg: Europe's oldest former leader 14) Sheila Mercier: Turns 99 next year 15) Henry Kissinger: Appears to be in frail health 16) Prunella Scales: Has suffered from Alzheimer's for several years 17) Murray Walker: Withdrew from coverage in 2016 due to ill health 18) Mikhail Gorbachev: Has suffered health issues in recent years 19) Jacques Chirac: Suffered serious health issues in recent years 20) Rhonda Fleming: 94 21) Carol Channing: 96 22) Peter Sutcliffe: Recently hospitalised and says this Christmas could be his last 23) Rose West: Recently suffered serious undisclosed illness 24) Burt Reynolds: Looks frail 25) Doris Day: 95
  6. manuel

    Derby Dead Pool 2017

    Obit for Prince Gholamreza Pahlavi: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/prince-gholamreza-pahlavi-obituary-208dmjxn0
  7. manuel

    James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    Roger Moore dead at 89: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-40018422
  8. manuel

    Derby Dead Pool 2015

    Unnatural causes bonus for Scott Weiland: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35132631
  9. manuel

    Who Should Be On The 2016 Deathlist?

    Jimmy Carter - Has cancer at 90 Tony Booth - Has Alzheimer's, heart failure and has suffered strokes. Oskar Groening - Imprisoned at 94 and apparently ill. Glen Campbell - Has late stage Alzheimer's Freddie Starr - Has had 4 heart attacks, overweight and still smoking Johan Cruyff - Has lung cancer Douglas Slocombe - 102 and looks very frail David Rockefeller -100 years old Burt Reynolds - Looks seriously ill Ian Brady - Reportedly near death Muhammad Ali - Can't go on much longer Desmond Tutu - Multiple hospitalisations Greville Janner - Has severe Alzheimer's
  10. manuel

    Yogi Berra

    Yogi Berra dead at 90: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-34333249
  11. manuel

    Derby Dead Pool 2015

    Is this a suitable obit for Prince Kardam: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-3029935/PRESS-DIGEST--Bulgaria--April-8.html
  12. manuel

    Political Frailty

    Former German President Richard von Weizsacker dead at 94: http://www.bild.de/politik/inland/richard-von-weizsaecker/alt-bundespraesident-richard-von-weizsaecker-ist-tot-39552990.bild.html
  13. manuel

    Inverse Dead Pool 2K12

    1. Muhammad Ali 2. Richard Attenborough 3. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI 4. George HW Bush 5. Fidel Castro 6. Bruce Forsyth 7. Prince Philip 8. Paul Gascoigne 9. Lindsay Lohan 10. Rev Ian Paisley 11. Hosni Mubarak 12. Jerry Lewis 13. Christopher Lee 14. Mickey Rooney 15. Nancy Reagan 16. Eli Wallach 17. Kirk Douglas 18. Olivia de Havilland 19. Ian Watkins 20. Stephen Hawking 21. Helen Fawkes 22. Ryan Buell 23. Doris Day 24. Denis Healey 25. Robert Mugabe
  14. manuel

    Deathlist 2014

    Why wasn't Jaruzelski included.

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