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  1. Godot

    The Dead Of 2014

    If Deathlist did obits.
  2. Godot

    Derby Dead Pool 2014

    Thanks MIB for thanking everyone for their thanks. In fact....
  3. Godot

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Wallow in your favourite snuff movies. Then wallow some more.
  4. Godot

    Spanish Civil War Veteran(s)

    Nice post n'all, but this is like putting underpants in the knicker drawer. I'm sure I started a thread yonks ago designed to mop up survivors from various wars, campaigns etc. The SCW is probably not worth its own thread now if it hasn't yet got one but you can't just tag one war on to another like this. It's a taxonomic travesty.
  5. Godot

    Ronnie Biggs

    I did like this pic of the guy with the squashed tarantula on his head. I wonder if that ten bob note was, you know, an original? I bet that didn't hang around for long. Looking at that chain round his neck I expect he was the mayor.
  6. Godot

    Wilko Johnson

    My impression seems to be that about 70% of the userbase here are British (or other European) civil servants or civil-servant types. If they're not they do a damn good job of seeming like them. Ok I may be totally wrong there. But if I am correct, I can only agree with your last line wholeheartedly - they really need to get on with doing something useful! Apart from that, fuck off you tedious ponce. How on earth did you draw that rather ridiculous conclusion? And what's a 'civil-servant type'? Deathlist convention 2013.
  7. Godot

    Room 101

    You wouldn't say that about a Dalek - no legs, limited mobility, yet some time masters of the universe.
  8. Godot

    Ronnie Biggs

    Would you happen to know the name of the Ulsterman or anything about the health of the three surviving gang members? Did the survivor of the ones who got away manage to live well on his cut? Maybe that's beyond your ken but it'd be interesting to know how they're fairing.
  9. Godot

    Who Should Be On The Deathlist 2014

    A few people of stature who might be considered: Christopher Lee James Watson Jimmy Carter Jack Brabham Henry Kissinger Gunter Grass Lauren Bacall
  10. Godot

    Kentucky Derby Dead Pool

  11. Godot

    Ronnie Biggs

    Are you Biggs son, close relative or a fraud ? Critical Divide is the real deal representing Ron. No one (except Ron and any other surviving members of the gang) knows who actually beat up Jack Mills and David Whitby. I'm sure CriticalDivide can confirm that. Whatever happened to the other gang members anyway they dead or some still alive ? Very sad what happened to jack mills his life was ruined. Out of the 17 people who got a share from the Great Train Robbery, 4 are dead, 3 were never caught, and the rest are believed to be alive (They might've faded into obscurity and died without anyone noticing.) In Order of Importance: Bruce Reynolds - Leader - Alive Douglas "Gordon" Goody - Deputy - Alive Charles F. Wilson - Treasurer - Died 1990 Ronald C. Edwards - Organizer - Died 1994 Brian A. Field - Informant and purchaser of gang's hideout - Died 1979 "Ulsterman" - Informant and organizer - Unknown Roy James - Getaway Driver - Died 1997 John Daly - Train stopper - Alive Bill Jennings - Carriage uncoupler - Alive James E. White - Quartermaster and carriage uncoupler - Alive "Alf Thomas" - Muscle - Unknown Roger J. Cordrey - Train stopper and electronics expert - Alive Bob Welch - Organizer and muscle - Alive Thomas Whisbey - Muscle - Alive James Hussey - Muscle - Alive "Frank Munroe" - Muscle - Unknown Ronnie Biggs - Found someone who could drive the train after the robbery - Alive (Barely) It might be worth revisiting this list for DDP purposes. Douglas Goody will get a newspaper mention when he dies. He's been saying he will name the Ulsterman. That could be interesting. That article says John Daly died in May.
  12. Godot

    Nelson Mandela

    I notice the first pic on the Mandela twitter feed is of Morgan Freeman.
  13. Godot

    Bruce Forsyth

    Spoilsport. I suppose it would be entertaining . But i think brucie is one of the good guys ( saying that and he gets arrested by yewtree detectives next week) and I can think of a few above bruce that deserve it more. Then again with bruce refusing to retire maybe its probably how he would like to die. Bruce Forsyth is one of those people who splits the opinions of the nation but I must admit that he is the King of Light Entertainment, you may not like the product but he is one of the best proponents of the form. Ask yourself the question who would you rather watch Bruce, Jim Davidson, Michael Barrymore, Jonathon Ross or Lionel Blair. I rest my case. I'd watch Sooty in preference to any of that lot and read a book in preference to watching Sooty. We have a choice! Here, here! None of that lot, including Bruce Forsyth, is fit to lace Sooty's boots. If I had a hand in it, I'd give Sooty the show. He'd make a good fist of it.
  14. Godot

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Murder Pink Floyd - another prick in a fall.
  15. Godot

    Scientists, Inventors And Techno Wizards

    Will he do?

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