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  1. grobler

    Deathlist Cup 2022

    Fingers crossed for my toss , and team submitted accordingly
  2. grobler

    3. Pete Murray

    Top guy...deserves a thread .
  3. grobler

    Time Added

    Blimey...as a West Ham fan I remember this guy . Very sad .
  4. grobler

    Captain Tom Moore

    Well...I have four daughters...and I would do anything for them .
  5. grobler

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    The book is brilliant (gets a bit cry baby political at the end...."oh...how bad are the Tories...its all Thatchers fault etc etc " ) , but I think the TV series could have been better . I thought the gay TV storyline (which isn't in the book) simply got in the way of an otherwise potential comic masterpiece .
  6. grobler

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Just come back from our local pub that is planning LOADS of activities over this two day bank holiday celebration. All sorts of stuff . Obviously big business (pubs) cant predict the future...but can you REALLY envisage a scenario where Liz doesnt make it ? And make many months to come after ?
  7. grobler

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    Is it winning awards ? But at least FINALLY someone on this thread has mentioned something worth going to see.
  8. grobler

    Boris Johnson

    I suppose the good thing about all this (for me personally) is that it prompts research into the likely successor . Sunak appears nailed on . I knew he was a multi billionaire with many houses and no concern towards anyone in need ( so that IS a small worry ) ....but I didn't know he was tee-total . Not sure that makes him ideal to move into Number Ten ? Even Margaret (The Special One) had the odd wee dram ?
  9. grobler

    Paul Gascoigne

    Not sure I 100% agree . At least he is capable of getting out of the house .
  10. grobler

    Piper Laurie

    Simply awesome in "Carrie"...which was VERY scary back in the day.....
  11. grobler

    Keir Starmer

    This is indeed a slightly strange thread which is possibly off topic ( dead stuff ) . However....his red face is becoming more red with every passing day of BJ antics . A week or so ago I would have laughed at the prospect of any Labour politician taking the ultimate office , let alone this muppet . But it would appear that this chap may have a slim chance . If so....he is a heart attack waiting to happen....I hope he gets his blood pressure checked every week ?
  12. grobler

    Boris Johnson

    Well...lets be honest....there is nobody who could ever follow "The Special One" . Its simply impossible . I still miss her dreadfully....she did so much for this country through simple hard work and compassion for everyone. BJ is simply a child of Thatcher's time who has failed to understand . As is pretty much 99% of all politicians today to be honest . Is there ANYONE around at the moment who anybody could trust ?
  13. grobler

    Deathlist Cup 2022

    Willing to give it another go.....
  14. grobler

    Richard O'Sullivan

    sorry....am I missing this...? Tomorrow is "Richard O Sullivan day " ? ? Well....I'm staying up until one minute past mid-night...to : a) watch us get thrashed by the Aussies... b) raise a glass to "The Man"
  15. grobler

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Obviously I would not wish to be accused of "nudging" an individual thread . It's just that I feel that there are two threads that are simply sacred. The Special One (whose name needs to be whispered in awe...oh how I miss her) .....and of course Richard.....

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