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  1. grobler

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Im not saying he wasn't an awesome star....but did he not fall on hard times? Does anyone think he has millions stashed away in bank accounts?
  2. grobler

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Im guessing his standard of care re Covid 19 is better than in most care homes?
  3. grobler

    Richard O'Sullivan

    I think I can cope with that
  4. grobler

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    You mean you haven't heard Grim...? My mate Yuri is def looking a bit peaky.....
  5. grobler

    Sobriety thread

    sweet wine?....wrong thread mate
  6. grobler

    Sobriety thread

    well...Im still drinking a lot. Slightly more important to me than posting here in fact.I take delivery of alcohol at least three times a week. Yesterday a mixed beer case from a local Brewery that delivers. However , somewhat surprisingly I have noticed that buying from Scotland is the way forward. Three days ago gin and beer from the Isle of Skye...and I have a 57% bottle coming from the Orkneys later this week . I have 10 bottles of wine and ten food items as part of a deal from Northern Italy also later this week . I need to watch out for that one for obvious reasons. ALL these are free delivery. I spend HOURS trying to find places that offer free delivery....its great fun !
  7. grobler

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Yeah...I thought the same . Still many hours left in the day for more....
  8. grobler

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    blimey....I am struggling to keep up with all the action......
  9. grobler

    Dead Pop Stars

    Yep....this is the biggest so far for me......
  10. grobler

    World's Oldest

    I might have this guy as a pick in numerous events....but he is one I REALLY hope makes it through to the other side. Legend......
  11. grobler

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    This is Princess Maria Pia yes?
  12. grobler


  13. grobler

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    Not sure all healthy fairly fit non smoking people who are catching this need ventilators though ? For them its just a bad case of man-flu..... We need to protect the ones who REALLY need help to breath .
  14. grobler

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    I agree. Easy for you to say though "Grim up North" . I find it not so grim here up North currently....few infections , and fingers crossed there will be minimal deaths in Yorkshire(where I am) . Its pretty grim though for Londoners....
  15. grobler

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    of course we still get it...but UK society has "flattened the curve" . So instead of 20000 deaths in UK...we might only get say 18000....cos there are a few more ICU beds and ventilators available for those of us that catch it in say late April. When EVERYONE gets it at the same time....its bad news.

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