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    Carolyn Lawrence the voice of Sandy Cheeks is 55 today Jonathan Hyde who played Joseph Bruce Ismay in Titanic is 74 today
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    King Henry VI died on this day 551 years ago, aged 49. Henry ascended to the English throne at nine months old following the death of his father, Henry V- he remains the youngest British monarch of all time. He was coronated when he was seven years old. It should also be noted that he was born during the Hundred Years' War, and was also disputedly crowned as the king of France (his maternal grandfather was King Charles VI). In 1453, he lost all English lands in continental Europe except Calais, leading to a mental breakdown (Charles was also reported to have a similar ailment). During this time, supporters of a cadet branch of the royal family (the Yorks) began fighting supporters of Henry's family (the Lancasters). In 1460, civil war broke out when Henry's forces attacked the forces of noble York supporters. Henry was captured and imprisoned, while his wife and son escaped to Scotland and began to rally supporters. Queen Margaret returned with an army in 1461, and defeated the Earl of Warwick, freeing Henry. They were soon defeated, and the two again fled to Scotland. Henry was effectively deposed, and the son of the Duke of York, who had defeated him, was crowned as Edward IV. Henry returned in 1463. Loyalists to Henry were defeated in Hexham the following year, and Henry was once again captured and imprisoned. In 1470, two of Edward's main allies (one of whom was his own brother George) caused him to be exiled to Scotland. Henry was freed by the new Earl of Warwick, and reclaimed the throne on October 3. Warwick soon declared war on Burgundy, and its king, Charles I "The Bold", supplied aid to Edward, allowing him and his troops to fight back. Henry's only child and heir Edward was killed in the Battle of Tewkesbury. Henry was once again imprisoned, and died a few weeks later. Following his death, miracles were attributed to him, but this was mostly due to people trying to de-legitimize the York and Tudor families. Contemporary sources claim that Henry reportedly died of broken heart syndrome upon hearing news of Edward's death, but when his skeleton was exhumed in 1910, it was discovered that his skull was damaged, and remaining hair was found to be bloodied- signs that a theory that Edward IV ordered his murder may have been true.
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    Donna was so much more than a disco queen.
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    Bernard Wright was also the only child of Roberta Flack.
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    British diver , Olympic gold winning medallist Tom Daley, celebrates his 28th birthday today.
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    Seems like Cup pick Balwinder Safri is basically brain dead and only kept alive by dialysis machines which are about to be turned off. The family pleads for more time and it's making the BBC because the singer is from Birmingham: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-birmingham-61513386
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    American former actor and author James McEachin is 92 today American actor Anthony Zerbe is 86 today The Sopranos star David Proval is 80 today Little House on the Prairie star Dean Butler is 66 today The Fact of Life star Mindy Cohn is 56 today
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    Not in theme but as we talking about Tarzan , Tony Goldwyn, the voice of Tarzan in 1999 Disney animated film is 62 today
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    CHER, the legend is 76 today
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    American socialite, writer, photographer, and book editor who served as First Lady of the United States from 1961 to 1963 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died on this day 28 years ago, aged 64.
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    British actor James Fox is 83 today
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    And Happy 52th birthday to our lovely Golden Globe Awards and comic TV series star, TINA FEY
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    Craig Ferguson is 60 today
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    Don't get why people are so harsh on Miranda it is very very fun and really gives Patricia Hodge an opportunity to let her down after playing stuck up cows for her whole career Yes it is silly and ridiculous but that is its charm
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    Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer of Facebook is 38 today iCarly star and the voice of Margo in Despicable Me Miranda Cosgrove is 29 today Amber Tamblyn who played Katie in 2002 horror film The Ring is 39 today
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    Two time Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett is 53 today
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    Harry Potter film series star Zoƫ Wanamaker is 73 today Academy Award nominee Harvey Keitel is 83 today (Taxi Driver, The Piano, Sister Act ) Western Hollywood classic actor Buck Taylor is 84 today Comedian Stephen Colbert is 58 today
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    American actress Zohra Lampert is 85 today
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    Robert Pattinson is 36 today, GOSH
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    British comedian Catherine Tate is 52 today REVENGE star Emily VanCamp is 36 today
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    British-born American actress and Titanic (1997) star Frances Fisher is 70 today
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    French actress Yvonne Furneaux is 94 today
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    Paige O'Hara is 66 today
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    Rosario Dawson is 43 today American actress Candice Bergen is 76 today
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