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  1. Madame Defarge

    Fidel Castro

    ' From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. ' He has the ability to kick the bucket; Deathlist needs him to do it. As a good Marxist, he should comply.
  2. Madame Defarge

    Name Shame?

    Nah. Just change it to 'Windsor the Friendly Troll' and update the avi.
  3. Madame Defarge

    Ebola and Other Viruses

    Does this mean you saw my post in the Hollywood thread? My heads on fire I feel so tired My pulse is faint and slow. I'm a doctor hero so E-bowling I will go. I look so pale I feel so strange Fresh air might do some good Hi Ho the Derry O I'm in your neighborhood! I gotta rash It's small enough To cover with a scarf Hi Ho the Derry....Oh Hell I'm gonna barf
  4. Madame Defarge

    Birth List

    I think a boy, named Cheech Windsor, or maybe Chong. Or possibly Kong.
  5. Madame Defarge

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    ^ Well, my team is carking it from the bottom up too, but at a much more relaxed pace. Still, if I were Fidel Castro, I wouldn't be investing in a jumbo size box of cigars right now... The Bigger They Are, The Longer They Stall 50-45 Ian Paisley 45-40 George H.W. Bush 40-35 Nelson Mandela 35-30 Hosni Mubarek 30-25 Robert Mugabe 25-20 Prince Philip 20-15 Dick Cheney 15-10 Fidel Castro 10- Ed Koch - DEAD 05-10 Margaret Thatcher - DEAD
  6. Madame Defarge

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    Deadfellas (Pick 1):Ian Paisley Pick 2:Omar Abdel Rahman Pick 3:Lindsay Lohan Pick 4:Bob Barker Pick 5:Ronnie Biggs Pick 6:George H.W. Bush Senior Pick 7:Fidel Castro Pick 8:Dick Cheney Pick 9:Rev Billy Graham Pick 10:Zsa Zsa Gabor Pick 11:Stephen Hawking Pick 12:Ed Koch(former NY mayor) Pick 13:Hosni Mubarek Pick 14:Robert Mugabe Pick 15:Prince Philip Pick 16:Ariel Sharon Pick 17:Nelson Mandela Pick 18:Courtney Love Pick 19:Demi Moore Pick 20:Pete Doherty
  7. Madame Defarge

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    Sent it.
  8. Madame Defarge

    Derby Dead Pool 2013

    I sent mine in, using my own mail service, not Outlook. The team is Deadfellas.
  9. Madame Defarge

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    Somewhat. And with that in mind I think this thread deserves its very own decorations. I have selected these for your review: A wallpaper: And these borders:
  10. Madame Defarge

    Room Lovely, Look You.

    Awwww! You don't like 'Glory Days', Lardy? That's such a great song. At least you won't have to worry about any urine-soaked hysteria unless the Boss plays 'Born in the USA'( the Obama campaign's theme song ) and Karl Rove is in attendance.
  11. Madame Defarge

    The Dead Of 2012

    Viral video singer Eduard Khill dead at 77. http://www.nydailyne...ticle-1.1089481
  12. Madame Defarge

    Room 101

    ^ Monsieur, do you 'ave a license for that minkey?
  13. Madame Defarge

    Animal Antics

    Strange. One would expect things to go the other way around. regards, Hein An anxious nation awaits word on the health of the brave penguin.
  14. Madame Defarge

    Animal Antics

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/apr/17/penguin-bites-newt-gingrich Newt Gingrich bitten by penguin in St.Louis.
  15. Madame Defarge

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    So this is no garden variety troll then, but a cunning linguist? Intriguing.

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