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  1. Cowboy Ronnie

    Sid Caesar

    In the 1950's Superman TV show, newspaper boss Perry White would frequently exclaim, "Great Caesar's ghost!" Not sure that is well-enough known for deadline purposes. So, maybe we should go with, "I come to bury Caesar", (and praise the committee for picking him).
  2. Cowboy Ronnie

    The Dead Of 2013

    I've probably missed this on the DL due to my crap searching skillz, but Britney Spears forerunner (on account of they were both at one point Mouseketeers), Beach Blanket Bingo Babe (ish), and Skippy peanut butter hawker Annette Funicello died yesterday. http://www.guardian....s-mousketeer-ms
  3. Cowboy Ronnie

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-21459240 He needs to hire Johnny Cochrane's ghost.
  4. Cowboy Ronnie

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    If that goes to court he wont have a leg to stand on... His lawyer has filed a defense of diminished capacity through extreme intoxication. After a long session down the pub he came home legless.
  5. Cowboy Ronnie

    Pope Benedict XVI

    As if those geriatric kiddie-fiddlers would even consider a black guy. After carefully consulting my popeometer I predict it will be: Cardinal Angelo Scola, Italy. Right age, right nationality, right level of whiteness. If I read one more article about how "brave" the current one is for stepping down I might have to scream. He's evil, we can all see it in his eyes. Born in Germany in 1927, which couldn't be much more prime for Hitler Youth if he tried. Wait, I just checked Wikipedia, and sure enough, signed up when he was 14. But he was an "unenthusiastic member", according to his brother. Great, glad they cleared that up then. Him and Kurt Waldheim.
  6. Cowboy Ronnie

    Bunkum Or Bunker?

    Alright, enough already, I can't take it any longer. I saw the documentary about the "discovery" of "the body Richard III" on Channel 4 last night, and I am calling bull-$hit. At least until there is some corroborating testimony in respect of the DNA evidence, which wasn't presented at all during the programme. What are the odds that this particular skeleton actually was Richard III? Several thousand to one, at best.
  7. Cowboy Ronnie

    Michael Winner

    A Death Wish come true.
  8. Cowboy Ronnie

    Wilko Johnson

    He also played the executioner who [where's the spoiler alert feature?] chopped off someone important's head at the end of season 1 on Game of Thrones. http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Ilyn_Payne Must be a definite DL candidate for 2014, partly because the deadline - "Roger, Wilko, over and out" - writes itself.
  9. Cowboy Ronnie

    Sylvia Kristel

    I'm not sure it's necessary to get into this level of detail about one's masturbatory antics.....
  10. Cowboy Ronnie

    Michael Winner

    As long as he doesn't make another movie ....or more dreadful insurance adverts! Calm down dear! It's only a mouse-o-leum.
  11. Cowboy Ronnie

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Didn't she get her tits out in that one? Not that anyone could tell.......
  12. Cowboy Ronnie

    Kim Jong-Il

    Wow, Khameini's still Ayatollah. He needs to grow a longer beard and darken his eyes if he wants to properly put the shakes into the Great Satan. He's more like Emperor Palpatine when everyone knew he had turned bad, but wasn't yet hiding his face in a cloak.
  13. Cowboy Ronnie

    Kim Jong-Il

    Is there an Ayatollah at the moment? I mean, a main one, running the show in Iran, like Khomeini? It all got a little confusing after he was succeeded by Khamenei. A bit like how in Lord of the Rings there was Sauron and Saruman. Except the Ayatollahs were probably eviller.
  14. Cowboy Ronnie

    The Dead Of 2011

    Woah, fancy new look for the DL. Impressive. Cory Smoot, guitarist of death thrash band GWAR (not sure if I'd heard of them), pulled the old rock 'n' roll classic "die on the tour bus of unknown causes, but we can be pretty sure it was drug and/or alcohol related". http://music.uk.msn....of-cory-smoot-8 Apologies if this was posted elsewhere, still trying to find my way around the site. Edit to add....and there it is, in the pop stars thread, posted yesterday by Space Cooley. Oh well.
  15. Cowboy Ronnie

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2012

    I've tried the Search function without much success, so apologies if he's already been suggested. Former Labour spin doctor Philip Gould's prospects sound a bit bleak: Philip Ghould?

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