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  1. Whitehouse

    Darwin Awards

    Another winner! Sovereign citizen with a false number plate thought he could get away with it. Fuck around and find out.
  2. Whitehouse

    Darwin Awards

    Since this was the Oscar weekend, here's another award we ourself are familiar with. Remember Covid-19??! Yes,still around making victims but as Donald Trump said before, eat some horse paste and you're free from the desease. No matter what doctors said, some idiots still think Ivermectin was the answer we were all waiting for. Alas... Ivermectin Influencer Dies From Ivermectin Use
  3. Whitehouse

    Dead Pop Stars

  4. Whitehouse

    Ironic Deaths

    Seven months pregnant woman does rip deal all wrong! Shot by the gang she tried to rob... Talk about a job related death.
  5. Whitehouse

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    He was on my list. And first ddp score. Qo; https://www.theguardian.com/music/2023/mar/06/gary-rossington-dead-lynyrd-skynyrd-guitarist-founding-member-dies-aged-71 Edit: Unique pick as well.
  6. Whitehouse

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Grim reaper is standing clear. Advice to his family was to end it.
  7. Whitehouse

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    Missing man found as shark food.
  8. Whitehouse

    Ironic Deaths

    TV news reporter reporting a shooting in Florida becomes a news item himself.
  9. Whitehouse

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Richard Gere is getting better. He caught pneumonia in Mexico while on a family visit. Seems the worst is behind him, according to his wife.
  10. Whitehouse

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    Student gets launched by the maximum booster! Yes, it went that way.
  11. Whitehouse


    That would be a loss I have him hanging on the wall in the Private Ryan movie poster.
  12. Whitehouse

    Hollywood Possibilities

    He was the coolest behind Ice-T.
  13. Whitehouse

    6. Jimmy Carter

    I predict 7 days or less.
  14. Whitehouse


    Roman Kostomarov, Russian Olympic champion fiigure skating (pairs) in the 2006 Turin games, gravely I'll due to a freak infection as a result from Covid. He's now about 20% dead already... Last week he contracted blood poisoning which resulted in the amputation of his left foot, closely followed by his right foot. This week his hands turned black and they also had to be amputated!!! The 46-year old is still in a critical condition in hospital. Link in Dutch. Edit; English link.
  15. Whitehouse

    Suspicious Russian tycoon deaths.

    And forgot to mention this one from last Monday.....

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