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  1. Whitehouse

    Dead Pop Stars

    As in... really?!
  2. Whitehouse

    The Dead of 2021

    Oh nooos! Geronimo ded...
  3. Whitehouse

    Darwin Awards

    THERE IS NO THING LIKE COVID! THERE IS NO THING LIKE COVID!! ....dead.... Mind you, this classic idiot also said NASA has child slave colonies on MARS!
  4. Whitehouse

    Crashing Companies

    The pride of Italy, carrier Alitalia sold its last ever ticket.
  5. Whitehouse

    Ed Asner

    The younger among us will remember this role he played. In Up he was that grumpy old geezer who didn't want to move to a senior citizen facility so he uprooted his house. Great movie.
  6. Whitehouse

    Darwin Awards

    Another rich example. Georgia cop pushed people to use a de-worming medicine for horses. I guarantee he won't be free from worms underground!
  7. Whitehouse

    Darwin Awards

    As said, we are now entering Darwin Award territory when it comes to Covid-19 and those tempting fate. It comes close to Russian roulette. Next, another classic, Pressley Stutts, a high ranking member of the Republican party in South Carolina. Another asshole who mocked the disease for just being a flu. Check out his stunt before he became ill and the truly pathetic demands for thoughts and prayers when he just about knew he was on the way out. The Grim Reaper LOL-ed!! "This is my OWN decision. I trust God to keep me. I ask you to trust Him, too," Stutts wrote. God said; "Aw fuck 'im!"
  8. First stone stopped rolling.....
  9. Whitehouse

    Dead Pop Stars

    In his case bye bye loneliness.
  10. Whitehouse

    Dead Pop Stars

    Wouldn't normally mention them in the same sentence with Motörhead and the Jimi Hendrix Experience but this is now also an extinct group, though they were just a duo.
  11. Whitehouse

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Richard Fairbrass of Right said Fred on the IC with covid. Still thinks he's to sexy for a jab.... Edit: Another big one. Jesse Jackson and his wife hospitalized.
  12. Whitehouse

    Darwin Awards

    People are so stupid when it comes to COVID-19, Darwin Awards are theirs to win. Man sees father dying of COVID-19, still refuses vaccine, dies as well.
  13. Whitehouse

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    Always on fire in QI. What a loss of talent.
  14. Whitehouse

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Possible half-brother of Anne Frank's dead at 72. (Link in Dutch.) His mother always said he was a product of her and Otto Frank, but it was never proven.
  15. Whitehouse

    Disc Jockeys

    Wasn't much left anyway after losing both legs....

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