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  1. Whitehouse

    Crashing Companies

    This airline few a bit under the radar (snark....) but the second oldest airline carrier in the world (behind KLM) filed for chapter 11 in New York. Avianca celebrated its 100th birthday last December.
  2. Whitehouse

    Art For Death's Sake

  3. Whitehouse


    45 minutes to go till the Spacex Dragon is about to lift off. Just a question. If both men perish before orbit, are they still considered astronauts?? Dillema, Dilemma...... Edit The launch was successful, they are astronauts now.
  4. Whitehouse

    Clint Eastwood

    A year without a post, must be going swell for him. 90 today!!!
  5. Whitehouse

    48. William H Gates

    I think this will be the first top 50 death in the history of the Deathlist forum who is also a unique pick! By me.
  6. Whitehouse

    Plane, Train And Automobile Crashes

    One of the victims is fashion model Zara Abid. Quite ironic that the plane came down in a neighborhood of Karachi named Model Colony. I could have posted it in ironic deaths.
  7. Whitehouse

    Nazi of SS

    I know animals are not permitted on this forum but I want to make an exception for Hitler's favorite Alligator. The beast died today at the ripe old age of (ca.) 84, which is a rare age for an animal like this. The alligator arrived in the Berlin zoo from the US of A in the 30's and was moved by the Soviets to Moscow. The alligator still wore his alligator skin Jackboots.
  8. Whitehouse

    Time Added

    Former Ajax plyer Wim Suurbier, 3 times EC1 winner, is fighting for his life after a stroke.
  9. Whitehouse

    32. Jerry Stiller

    Time for a special Festivus...
  10. Whitehouse

    Jerry Lee Lewis

    Kind of fitting that the Killer is the last one standing...
  11. Whitehouse

    Little Richard

    Lonely in his coffin..... ...you keep on knocking but you can't come in. He was fantastic in this commercial.
  12. Whitehouse

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Last trick: turn a coffin into ashes.....
  13. Whitehouse

    Dead Pop Stars

    Just the list of who they influenced is staggering. Gary Numan Ultravox Depeche Mode Human League OMD Soft Cell Prodigy Daft Punk Etc..... So yeah, they were very relevant. Florian wasn't part of Kraftwerk since 2008 though.
  14. Whitehouse

    Crashing Companies

    Rental company Hertz is about to keel over.
  15. Whitehouse

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    About 20% of Broadway star Nick Codero died from Covid-19. He had a leg amputated due to complications.

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