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  1. I.R.Baboon

    Pope Francis

    I think it's good to have some people on the list that make a lot of public appearances, so we'll have something to talk about. A list full of celebrities living off radar and then suddenly dying is not much fun issit?
  2. I.R.Baboon

    Bernie Ecclestone

    Didn't see any video yet, but he was walking around on his own (without cane) at the Brazil GP yesterday and talking to reporters.
  3. I.R.Baboon

    Death By Jazz

    Just had to share this pic.. Han is 81 now, still doing great, but tonight he got a honorary award together with André Rieu
  4. I.R.Baboon

    The Dutch

    Henk Hofstede, singer of Nits (artpop with quite some european fame in the 80's thanks to MTV, as well as 'the band I've seen most often in my life') and friend of Vrienten and Rot, is suffering from a rare autoimmune disease. Wants to continue performing, but not sure if he can.
  5. I.R.Baboon

    Time Added

    He gave an interview last night in which he revealed he recently had another operation with a lot of complications. Right now he needs to keep rest for two more weeks.
  6. I.R.Baboon

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Jan Jongbloed has died: https://nos.nl/artikel/2488668-voormalig-oranje-doelman-jan-jongbloed-82-overleden . He played professionally until he had a heart attack during a match at the age of 44. A year before his son (21) died while he was stuck by lightning during a football match.
  7. I.R.Baboon

    Professional Cyclists

    Jan Janssen looked really youthful for many years, but after his liver cancer in 2015 he looks more his age. But he still does interviews and did the kick off of his own Jan Janssen classic earlier this year.
  8. I.R.Baboon

    Buzz Aldrin

    I'm intruiged by his toupée.
  9. I.R.Baboon

    Death By Jazz

    I read about a new live recording of a John Coltrane concert and wondered how many jazz musicians that played with Coltrane are still alive. Wikipedia gave me the names of Albert Heath (88, who played on his first album als a band leader) Julius Priester (88) and Reggie Workman (86). He played (once) with Sonny Rollins as well. But how many more are there? Edit: Found some more: Kenny Burrell (91), Louis Hayes (86), Roy Haynes (98), Archie Shepp (86), Carlos Ward (83).
  10. I.R.Baboon

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Dead (in fact, for almost 6 months now)
  11. I.R.Baboon

    Tennis players

    Torben Ulrich hasn't been mentioned in this thread. Apart from being Lars Ulrich's dad, he was the oldest player in the atp top 100 ever (aged 45, in 1977). He is 94 now. This is a recent pic from facebook, the discription says his body is weak (could be posted in The Fringes Of Fame as well)
  12. I.R.Baboon

    Professional Cyclists

    André Darrigade was present at the start of today's stage in his hometown Dax. Still able to do interviews.
  13. I.R.Baboon

    Death By Jazz

    The Guardian has it as well now: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2023/jun/23/peter-brotzmann-legend-of-free-jazz-dies-at-82, just 4 months after they reviewed his show in London: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2023/feb/12/peter-brotzmann-review-free-jazz-saxophonist-on-fiercely-good-form .
  14. I.R.Baboon

    2. Henry Kissinger

    Another new interview:
  15. I.R.Baboon

    Dianne Feinstein

    Yeah my dad had the shingles last year, resulting in not being able to raise one arm for months. Good thing he's not in the Hitler Youth.

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