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  1. I.R.Baboon

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Not sure how famous Redmond O'Hanlon exactly is. Typical 'eccentric anglo-saxon' which I usually only would be aware of because of the deathlist, like John McCririck. But he moved to the Netherlands around 10 ago after he left his wife and moved in with his editor so he's been on TV quite a lot. He's in poor condition, has tried to commit suicide, is an alcoholic and has had a double lung enbolism. And he's suffering from a writer's block for 10 years now. I'm surprised if he would live another 5 years.
  2. I.R.Baboon

    Famous Topiarists

    I only know of 2 topiarists (in fact, i didn't know about the word topiarist, i would just call them garden designers and non-native English speakers would understand me): Mien Ruys is dead and Piet Oudolf turns 78 this year. I hope someone will bring up this topic in 20 years when Piet Oudolf has died. Apart from that, very much ontopic, I enjoyed the chapter on the Ha-ha in the Encyclopedia of Stupedity because I never heard about it before and I had a hard time imagining people actually invented and designed and constructed that kind of things.
  3. I.R.Baboon

    World War II Veterans

    André Hissink (102), the last surving member of the No. 320 Netherlands Squadron RAF, has his heartwish fulfilled and has his dutch citizenship back after 69 years: https://nos.nl/artikel/2430484-hartewens-van-102-jarige-veteraan-vervuld-hij-is-weer-nederlander . (story in English: ctvnews.ca/canada/102-year-old-veteran-wins-campaign-for-dutch-citizenship-after-a-70-year-wait-1.5921867)
  4. I.R.Baboon

    2. Henry Kissinger

    Bunch of amateurs without stamina... that account is a mere 5 months old, while this thread was started in 2005 and he was first included on the Deathlist in 1993.
  5. I.R.Baboon

    Ron Mael

    I saw the Maels last month in Amsterdam. Russell's voice was so good I was slightly sceptical whether he was lip-syncing (but it was too convincing for that). He was still running around and jumping. Ron looked well.. just as geriatic as 40 years ago, but his Ron dance was still impressive (and slighly frightning the moment I imagined he was a giant puppet with a puppeteer somewhere high in the ceiling). Someone in the audience next to me was convinced I was Rons secret son. Not sure what to think about that. edit: have to add their last album is really good as well! And whilst this wasn't the best track on the album, the subject and the video make The Existential Threat a must share on this forums:
  6. I.R.Baboon

    Is Mr T Dead?

    Encountered this tweet on my timeline, and since he's a (in fact the last) survivor of the 1996 deathlist I felt like I wouldn't encounter too much anger bringing this topic back on top. He turns 70 in a month.
  7. I.R.Baboon

    Dementia afflicted footballers

  8. I.R.Baboon

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    I remember being assistent to one of the aldermen somewhere in the netherlands when HRH Maxima (by then still princess) would come visit some project. Most of the times that would be considered a honour. But somehow all of the aldermen were more or less closeted republicans, so they each tried so shove off the royal visit to the other. (but most of the times, even in the netherlands where it's hard to find people as loyal to the monarchy as the random person in this thread, people would get impressed or stressed when some member of the royal family comes along, if only because of all the fuss surrounding it)
  9. I.R.Baboon

    Leo Beenhakker

    Leo Beenhakker made the headlines last week when it was announced he would be lijstduwer for the 50+ party (aimed at senior citizens) for the local Rotterdam elections in march, but stepped back a day later, because he didn't want any media attention.
  10. I.R.Baboon

    25. Estelle Harris

    Well, I hardly know anyone of my generation (late thirties) who hasn't watched seinfeld. And it's almost impossible to watch Seinfeld but to forget about George's parents.
  11. I.R.Baboon

    Desmond Tutu

    Dutch media send me a push message he's dead Voormalig aartsbisschop en anti-apartheidsactivist Desmond Tutu overleden - https://nos.nl/l/2410901
  12. I.R.Baboon

    13. Harry Belafonte

    For me, this is the definitive version, but I can understand some preferring Harry's...
  13. I.R.Baboon


    It's the first time in about two years that The Netherlands actually try to act faster than other countries (too bad they cannot do otherwise cause the hospitals and ICU's have been filled with good ol' Delta patients for the past weeks, and until 2 weeks ago the government didn't put any effort into providing boosters, so it's not really about having a competent leadership).
  14. I.R.Baboon

    2. Henry Kissinger

    I'm afraid mr Kissinger himself doesn't agree: source
  15. I.R.Baboon

    2. Henry Kissinger

    He released a book on AI last month together with Eric Schmidt (the former CEO of Google). I honestly don't think Kissinger has any big insights on AI, but I don't feel the urge to read it just to be sure about that. And last week this tweet came up in my timeline (as an advertisement, so some ad company had decided I want to know more about Kissinger. Or there might be a special 'interesting for deathlisters' ad profile).

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