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  1. Holiday Thread

    I'm back from Magaluf, complete with broken collarbone, sustained about six hours after arrival. Not quite the relaxing break I'd anticipated.
  2. Holiday Thread

    I’m off on my holidays in a couple of hours. a week in Magaluf, so wish me luck!
  3. The Dead Of 2017

    The Queen's death is coming, that'll be pretty big.
  4. Death Anniversary Thread

    main() { printf("Dennis Ritchie died 6 years ago today"); }
  5. Death Anniversary Thread

    Werner von Trapp, not alive to the sound of music, as of ten years ago.
  6. Football

    Aston Villa had, in the sixties, Hector and Oscar Arce on their books. I recall an episode of Baddiel & Skinner's Fantasy Football mentioning a midfield line-up of 'Brown, Arce, Hole', though if that did happen, it would have been in the reserves.
  7. Football

    Bernt Haas.
  8. Dead Architects

    David Marks, one half of the eponymous Marks Barfield, designers of the London Eye & i360, dead aged 64.
  9. Anne Wiazemsky, Actor, novelist and ex-wife of Jean-Luc Godard, dead aged 70.
  10. Film Producers

    Robert A. Goldston, producer of Georgy Girl died Saturday, aged 88. Also involved in theatre & TV productions.
  11. Death Anniversary Thread

    I believe Eddie Kendricks died 25 years ago today, or was that Just My Imagination.
  12. Tom Petty

    End of the Line?
  13. The 15th death of 2017

    Domino again. Confident he'll deliver this time.
  14. The 14th death of 2017

    They're falling like dominoes, so I went for Fats.
  15. Time Added

    Newcastle United's former favourite chairman Freddy Shepherd, dead at 76