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  1. For years I thought her name was Louise Frometernal
  2. time

    British Character Actors

    Tony Armatrading, younger brother of Joan, has died aged 59, cancer. He was in The Saint, Notting Hill plus a plethora of other TV, film & video game roles.
  3. Q. What would you be if you weren't a pro footballer? Peter Crouch: A virgin
  4. useful to know if you ever find yourself at an Uzbeki anthem event.
  5. time

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Dave Mason, songwriter and musician who first found fame with Traffic. is 75 today. As is Graham Gouldman, of 10cc and so is Scottish hippy/folkie Donovan
  6. time

    Barack Obama

    What sort of person uses their own initials to name their dog?
  7. time

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Scrub Indian Olympic hockey player Ravindra Pal Singh off your Scavenger Hunt entries, he's died, aged 62.
  8. time

    Ask A Deathlister

    I watched the first 15 seasons a little while ago (see What do watch thread...) and I think I said at the time, there's so much to dislike about it, yet it remains watchable (to me at least). I'm currently watching s16 on Prime, and like everything else that has run multiple seasons, some of the storylines are a bit 'meh', some of the characters are a bit unlikeable, its keeping me entertained. According to wikipedia, its run for 377 episodes., so still a way to go to catch up with casualty, currently at 1199 episodes. (How, Why??)
  9. time

    Rag Traders

    Co-founder of Vans, the shoe company, Paul van Doren, has died aged 90.
  10. time

    Richard O'Sullivan

    earliest date I can find is in this blogpost from 2014
  11. time

    Richard O'Sullivan

    The Happy Birthday thread was created precisely for the reason of celebrating birthdays in, rather than nudging an individual's thread, creating a moment of excitement followed by crashing disappointment when it was realised it was said individuals birthday, rather than deathday. Havng said that, I have been known to celebrate my own birthday in multiple locations...
  12. time

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    A little research shows it was originally posted by George Layton on 24-7-19.
  13. time

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Forum favourite Richard O'Sullivan is 77 today. This is him (centre) with Robin Askwith & George Leyton, date unknown, photograph 'borrowed' from Robin Askwith's twitter.
  14. time

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool IV

    Presumably Summer Olympic Gold Medalists includes members of teams in team events (e.g. Hockey, basketball etc, ) and not just individuals in solo events?

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