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  1. time

    Dead Drummers

    Ronnie Tutt, who played drums for Elvis, amongst others, dead at 83.
  2. time

    Play School - Play Away - Childrens TV

    This saddens me. I make no apologies for posting this again.
  3. time

    The English Language

    Skimming through Twitter, I briefly thought that Trent Alexander Arnold had died.
  4. time

    Political Frailty

    To relieve the mood following yesterday's events, Matt Hancock has apparently lost his UN Job
  5. time

    Political Frailty

    Has been declared a terrorist incident according to latest news
  6. time

    The Dead of 2021

    I think he was just the Honourable Old Person until the previous Earl died.
  7. time

    Political Frailty

    The BBC website is displaying a picture from the scene, which shows a paramedic car, but not a traditional ambulance, they also report an air ambulance sent to the scene. If he's still in there, there's only one way he's coming out, but I'd assume he's already at hospital. The golden hour is way gone.
  8. time

    The Dead of 2021

    Barney Platts-Mills, British film-maker, has died 5th October, aged 76. (Today would have been his 77th birthday)
  9. time

    Celebrity Graves

    Bearing in mind that that selection of badges is but a fraction of clubs he was associated with, I was curious to know how that subset was arrived at; turns out its the clubs & associations that supported the project to erect the gravestone (which also marks the graves of three other family members). Story in the Burnley Express.
  10. time

    Crashing Companies

    Alitalia's last flight - from Cagliari to Rome - is due to land in a couple of hours
  11. time

    British Science Fiction Series

    Obituary here for Michael Ferguson, who died on 4th October.
  12. time

    Ask A Deathlister

    Today is the 94th anniversary of Roger Moore's birth, and twitter is awash with people wishing him "Happy Birthday". Why do they do this? He's been dead for 4 years so it's unlikely to be. I believe people have been guilty of the same on this very forum.
  13. time

    The English Language

    Things like these really annoy me: Exhibit 1: from the headline, its apparent that the police were called regarding a body in the water, then a man died falling in the canal. Reading the report, its obvious that this isn't what happened at all, and is as one would suspect, i.e. the presence of a dead body in the water was what prompted the call to the police. Exhibit 2: the conjunction 'as' implies that the two events were simultaneous, while clearly event one happened first triggering event 2.
  14. time

    Death By Jazz

    René Langel, co-founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival, has died aged 96. The last of the three co-founders to go.

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