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  1. time

    Guess The Song

    The first film grossed $100million and the second over $250million. Thats how they know the song. Plus it got plenty of radio & TV exposure this side of the pond.. An additional clue... It is, apparently, a popular tune with strippers.
  2. time

    Guess The Song

    No. To clarify, the recording by the writer was not released as a single.
  3. time

    Guess The Song

    Nearly 2 weeks and no sign of Handy setting a new challenge, so try this one... A 70s album track written & performed by a multi-award winning songwriter. Featured in a film the following decade, sung by a different award-winning, artist. Released as a single, not a hit.* Featured in a film the following decade, sung by a different award-winning, artist. Released as a single, not a hit.* It is an incredibly well-known song. *In US or UK, .
  4. time

    Ozzy Osbourne

    Bernie Torme died yesterday, a day before his 67th birthday (but appropriately enough on St Patrick's Day).
  5. time

    St. Patrick's Day

    Looking at some of the above... I reckon Diageo have done well this year.
  6. time

    Spy corner

    Vincent's great-nephew, and Theo's dad, Johan van Gogh, member of the Dutch intelligence service, has died aged 96.
  7. There have been several cases of death occurring during consensual sex, so yes. (The last listed raises so many questions)
  8. time


    This might cheer MPFC up (or not, they still lost)
  9. time

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Yehudi Menuhin bowed out 20 years ago today, aged 88.
  10. time

    The Ones That Got Away...

    Jack Lyon, last survivor of great escape plot, died Friday 8-3-19, aged 101.
  11. time

    Life In Prison

    Angus Sinclair, DDDP etc pick deid, as they say in Scotland.
  12. time

    Best ever month for celebrity deaths

    June 2015 Charles Kennedy Tariq Aziz Christopher Lee James Last Ornette Colman Ron Moody Dusty Rhodes Dick van Patten Patrick Macnee Chris Squire
  13. time

    Guess The Song

    I thought of a singer/songwriter, been around for donkeys years, under-appreciated in the UK; had a prominent film-score song a few years back, maybe, I though, he could fit the bill. Had a look and he's barely troubled the lower reaches of the charts (as a singer), let alone a number one. Thus I'm still stumped on this... I have found my next challenge though.

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