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  1. time

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    Yes, yes, yes, but where is the evidence to support your statement of "They're all lies"? I'd take the findings of the CDC over your findings any day. Also, you have failed to address the second question I asked.
  2. time

    The B B C

    I've tried the real world, didn't like it.
  3. time

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    *Where's your evidence for this? **Are you familiar with tetanus shots?
  4. time

    The B B C

    Well, the BBC as we know it will be no more soon, as Conservative ideology does away with it's current funding model. What's next, the Armed Forces sponsored by Stark Industries?
  5. Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, former President of Mali, dead aged 76.
  6. time

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Richard Frankiln, multi-party parliamentary candidate and former Captain Yates, is 86 today.
  7. time

    French speaking deathlist

    Jean-Jacques Beineix, Oscar nominated director of Diva (1980) & Betty Blue (1986) has died age 75, after a long illness.
  8. time

    Room 101

    Co-commentators on TV football coverage. It's half-time during today's televised match (Manchester City vs Chelsea) and my enjoyment of said coverage is spoilt by the non-stop whinging of Steve Mc-fucking-Manaman. I thought Andy Townsend was bad but 'Macca' takes it to a different level (which he shares with Robbie Fucking Savage). Also, as if itwsn't bad enough having one co-commentator, for this match there's also Glenn Hoddle, who is also pretty annoying. Kenneth Wolstenholme, Brian Moore, David Coleman, Hugh Johns, et al must be spinning in their graves.
  9. time

    Boris Johnson

    He's been playing (?) a horse's arse for years.
  10. time

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    There's also the dedicated Dead Drummers thread
  11. time

    Boris Johnson

    I agree - I could never defend Thatcher per se, but I do believe that whatever she did, she did it in the belief that it was in the best interests of the country (though other viewpoints are available), whereas whatever Johnson does is, I believe, done purely in the best interests of Johnson.
  12. time

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I wasn't aware they'd done a TV adaptation of Pillars..., but I doubt I'd have watched it as I also read the book back in the day, and I'm generally disappointed by any TV adaptation of books I've read as the characterisation is never as I imagine it, (Ken Stott, while I loved in him in The Vice & Messiah (which I recommend), was in my opinion a poor choice to play Rebus). I do often buy books based on having seen a TV programme or film though.
  13. time

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I was disappointed with this (Your Honor -shouldn't it be Yor Honor?), given the recommendation I had; my opinion - good in parts but not good enough overall. Maybe Succession spoiled me. Might be Britannia next; watched the first series, never got around to the second (and now there's a third).
  14. time

    Dead Pop Stars

    The Times carries a full proper obituary of Robin Le Mesurier (behind the paywall).

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