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  1. End Times - The Rapture

    That 'expert' seems quiet, though, maybe it was just his own personal rapture.
  2. Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    "I'm not really talking Olympians here and the ideas and possibilities thread for 2018 is closed but..." Just a hunch, but maybe because the ideas and possibilities thread for 2018 is closed.
  3. Time Added

    Barrie Williams, former manager of Sutton United, including their FA Cup giant-killing of Coventry City in 1989, has died in Spain.
  4. End Times - The Rapture

    "The people of this country have had enough of experts." Michael Gove, 2016
  5. Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Well fuck. London Marathon: MasterChef semi-finalist Matt Campbell dies. Not exactly a middle-aged chubster in a costume, but from your neck of the woods!
  6. Birth List

    Its good enough for George Foreman..
  7. Birth List

    FFS its a boy. A BOY!!
  8. Chirac's couple

    I'm either too pissed or not pissed enough to figure out what's going on here. Anyway, as you were, carry on.
  9. Death Anniversary Thread

    Five years ago, boxer, doorman, minder, actor & stuntman Nosher Powell picked up his final credit.
  10. The Dead of 2018

    News for those of you who were surprised to find David Edgerton still alive, he isn't any more. A whopper of a death.
  11. Death Anniversary Thread

    400 years since the death of Reverend Thomas Bastard, clergyman and epigrammist. He was expelled from his fellowship of New College, Oxford for libelling the clergy & academics of Oxford. Married three time, he died in a debtor's prison (though it's not clear if that's cause & effect or not), aged 52ish.
  12. Long Shot: Robert Kilroy Silk

    Perhaps he's been shafted.
  13. World's Oldest

    The queen mum died in 2002.
  14. Names We Like

    Not necessarily, I worked with a René for a time - she definitely spelt her name that way (and was very purty pretty (but married)).