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    The boring shite that causes the eyes of others to glaze over.

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  1. I had a different user name when I used to post here regularly. It was back in 2010, I think. I was much younger then and easily hurt; the same can't be said now. Usually most people who troll and tear strips off others online, are great insecure, inadequate cowards in real life and wouldn't dare say boo to a goose. Everyone is a mouth when hiding behind their online alter egos. Just look at what became of that ''Snoopyface'' woman who trolled the McCanns online.
  2. I used to visit the forums regularly some years back and posted a fair bit in the beginning. Now I just drop by from time to time without signing in, just to see what's been going on deathwise. The main reason why I stopped posting and paying a regular visit to the site was mainly down to the way people treated each other. Not all people; just a handful, but that handful more or less dominated the forums with their verbal toing and froing, which often descended into outright hostility. It's a case too of certain other members - for want of a better word - ''trolling'' the posts of some. There's a fine line between harmless banter and abuse, IMO, and, yeah, I believe there needs to be more strident moderation. It's one thing if two people get into a disagreement over a particular topic, and a debate in that case is perfectly reasonable, but when someone singles out another poster for mockery and insults for the simple reason that they believe that the posts of the aforementioned are ''boring'' then that, in my opinion, is not acceptable. Just my tuppence worth,...
  3. Memento Mori

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    I haven't watched the Eurovision since I was a teenager. (Bloc voting killed off any interest I had in it) To me, it's more of a cringe fest than anything else, as far as I know, Abba and Celine Dion were the only acts who won that went on to have decent international careers in the music business. I have noticed that a lot of people on the Continent tend to take it somewhat seriously. A German friend of mine who holds a Eurovision party each year - a bigger affair than his New Year's do, or so he says - got quite annoyed with me when I dared to take the piss out of it.
  4. Memento Mori

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    This actually made me laugh.
  5. Memento Mori

    Birthday Deaths

    Marc Bolan and King James II. I'm sure there are others but these are the only two that interest me.
  6. Memento Mori

    The 4th Death Of 2015

    Vera Lynn. I was tempted to go with Zsa Zsa, but the woman is resilient to say the very least.
  7. Memento Mori

    Fidel Castro

    I doubt that very much.
  8. Memento Mori

    New Year Greetings

    Happy New Year!
  9. Memento Mori

    Conspiracy Theories

    Saint - Germain is definitely an interesting one. Didn't some French singer in the seventies claim to be him? Yes, some nutter named Richard Chanfray who later committed suicide: http://en.wikipedia....ichard_Chanfray There is another good overview about the Count here: http://paranormal.ab...t-germain_2.htm It's an entertaining read. Apparently, there are quite a few immortal celebs out there http://celebrities.ninemsn.com.au/slideshowajax/193066/immortal-celebrities.slideshow
  10. Memento Mori

    Conspiracy Theories

    Saint - Germain is definitely an interesting one. Didn't some French singer in the seventies claim to be him?
  11. Memento Mori

    Conspiracy Theories

    My favourite is the 'Paul Mc Cartney is dead' theory.' Not because I take it seriously, but for the simple reason it 's completely ridiculous, and so many saps believe it!
  12. Memento Mori

    The 5th Death Of 2012

  13. Memento Mori

    The Deathlist Christmas Special!

    Merry Xmas everybody - have a good one!
  14. Memento Mori

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Both my sisters are getting married within months of each other, and are currently embroiled in the batttle of the brides. I'm just thankful that I'm not in their position!
  15. Memento Mori

    The Dead Of 2011

    Never heard of him! It's taken you 4 months to realise it? In fairness, I haven't been around here all that much in the past months. I actually have a life!

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