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  1. Harvester Of Souls

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I enjoyed Black Mirror and also The Haunting Of Hill House.
  2. Harvester Of Souls

    A challenge

  3. Harvester Of Souls

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    A Quiet Place
  4. Harvester Of Souls

    Death List Convention

    Likewise if you're in the vicinity of Las Vegas!
  5. Harvester Of Souls

    Death List Convention

    I've been having a DL convention of one, most weekends. The bar tab is staggering...
  6. Harvester Of Souls

    Donald J Trump

    That budget plan should finally reveal that emperor isn't wearing any clothes. Luckily for America it won't make it through congress. Only because they won't have anything to write on other than napkins.
  7. Harvester Of Souls

    General Non School Massacre Thread

    I think you should leave it. Makes a refreshing change and if your argument is solid it doesn't matter anyway.
  8. Harvester Of Souls

    I Need A Tv Series To Start Watching

    Graham Linehan's IT Crowd... and Father Ted
  9. Harvester Of Souls

    Not Seen Any Good Films/movies

    The History Of Future Folk
  10. Harvester Of Souls


    Old Tom is an excellent breakfast beer!
  11. Harvester Of Souls

    The Deathlist Howto

    Same here I came on to see how the old gang was... I ended up spending 6grand on power tools... I feel cheated.
  12. Harvester Of Souls

    Conspiracy Theories

  13. Harvester Of Souls

    Stuart Hall

    He'll walk out to a flash of media photographers, and then disappear into obscurity... Like Gadd
  14. Harvester Of Souls

    Lemmy From Motörhead

    There is no throne after Lemmy's gone. Unless these charlatans can still do what they're doing well into the sixth decade. When Lemmy goes he retires the shirt.

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