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  1. Harvester Of Souls

    Conspiracy Theories

  2. Harvester Of Souls

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    Thanks for your post. You're now the third unconnected person that's recommended this film, which means it's passed my arbitrary scoring system. (Once is a fluke, twice a coincidence, thrice is a pattern.) I now have to figure out how to access it because the same arbitrary system forbids me to watch anything else until this one is checked off the list. Providing it passes the next test. The 10 minute rule. Warmest Regards!
  3. Harvester Of Souls

    Political Discussions And Ranting Thread

    I disagree. They just looked that way because you were younger.
  4. Harvester Of Souls

    The Next Tory Leader

    I can't argue with that. I'm just wondering at what point we favoured rulers instead of leaders. The last half of a decade has shown us that these rulers don't really have much of a clue and are making it up as they go along. Their ideas on moving forward seem to be more for the sake of it than any actual progress. Trust in government is at an all time low yet it's size and scope is at an all time high. I don't believe it can be fixed by simply voting in our preferred candidate/party any more.
  5. Harvester Of Souls

    The Next Tory Leader

    Genuine question for the panel... Does anyone want to see this all burn to the ground? Political leader is an oxymoron at this point.
  6. Harvester Of Souls

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    Using this strategy and eventually eating the kids could be a real saver in the long term.
  7. Harvester Of Souls

    Conspiracy Theories

    Slight change in direction from the last few pages of vaccine bollocks... Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years for sex trafficking... to no one.
  8. Harvester Of Souls

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Professional sh*t-stirrer Julian Assange Turned 51 today.
  9. Harvester Of Souls

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Same day, two years earlier, Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones also joined 27 Club. Morrison published the poem 'Ode to L.A. While Thinking of Brian Jones, Deceased' in remembrance, shortly afterwards. Both died in similar circumstances although Jones' liver and bath tub were much larger than Morrison's.
  10. Harvester Of Souls

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I enjoyed Black Mirror and also The Haunting Of Hill House.
  11. Harvester Of Souls

    A challenge

  12. Harvester Of Souls

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    A Quiet Place
  13. Harvester Of Souls

    Death List Convention

    Likewise if you're in the vicinity of Las Vegas!
  14. Harvester Of Souls

    Death List Convention

    I've been having a DL convention of one, most weekends. The bar tab is staggering...

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