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Found 610 results

  1. Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau went skiing, found an avalanche and is in hospital and 'critical condition'. He's an unremarkable man, his only claim to fame is that his mum is Queen Beatrix. regards, Hein
  2. weatherman90

    Gerald Ford

    I know you guys have had Gerald Ford on your previous lists but he wasn't on the 2004. He should definately be on the 2005 list as he will be 92.
  3. Stayin Alive

    Shaw Taylor

    Not based on any strong leads, apart from his date of birth: 26 October 1923 (81 this year). Memory jogged from watching an old public information film where a very dapper Shaw instructs 1950s citizens to "clunk-click", and after all, he should know, he was in the feel good business of giving "sound advice" at the time when seatbelts were just an upholstery upgrade, holding no life saving properties at all. Very hard to find any information on Shaw other than the IMDB and some crazy, and painfully slow, French sycophantic's website: http://shawtaylor.ifrance.com/shawtaylor/ - it might even be the official website. Perhaps we should we be keepin' 'em peeled?
  4. Grim Reaper

    Fergie Frederiksen

    The Fergie Frederiksen thread.
  5. DevonDeathTrip

    Kim Jong-Il

    Continuing my theme of ill dictators, this article implies that all is not well for Kim Jong-Il, North Korea's leader. "According to intelligence information, the 64-year-old leader from the reclusive states is suffering from diabetes and other medical problems involving his kidney and liver. " What have the Americans been putting in his tea? I thought I might start a thread called "Il ill?". That's just my two guineas worth.
  6. Guest

    Anna Nicole Smith!

    BREAKING NEWS: Anna Nicole Smith is dead! You heard it here first. Actually I saw it on the BBC site first, before I saw it on here Anna Nicole Smith dead, for god sakes. She was the fat bitch who lost all the weight, her son died in September. I don't think this has been officially announced. I'm shocked. From various reports she is officially pronounced dead. Wikipedia is reporting it before the BBC. Someone got in there quick. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_nichole_smith cnn link : Anna Nicole Smith I was actually watching a interview with her a couple months ago and she was out there. Talking about Marilyn Monroe's ghost in her house and she talked so slow and everything, it was weird. She must have been doing heroin or something. Did she ever she the billionaires money? Hope not, some people just don't deserve fame. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6344725.stm
  7. Dia de los Muertos

    Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof

    Peaches had a drug overdose
  8. maryportfuncity

    Ray Price

    Ray Price turned up on the BBC's Joy of Country recently. 86, looking lived in but still all there mentally. http://en.wikipedia....Price_(musician)
  9. Grim Reaper

    John Profumo

    This is the place to discuss John Profumo
  10. thefunkyfaz

    Casey Kasem

    Casey Kasem, the voice of Shaggy off of Scooby Doo, is no spring chicken either at 77, and he's just retired from regular radio work.....
  11. Davey Jones' Locker

    Joe Cocker

    How Joe was kicked out of Australia: "Joe Cocker and his drugged-up group would be airlifted straight back across the Pacific. I'd make sure their passports are marked 'Never to return'. We don't want this type here. Cocker is yet another one of those uncouth, dirty-haired, sloppily-dressed show business freaks. Another assembly-line instant pop star who because of overnight fame and pure disregard for what normal people regard as decent behaviour has decided that Australia is the sort of outpost where he can indulge in his filthy habits. Get out, Cocker, and don't come back." http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/mad-dog-musician-joe-cocker-matured-well-20141223-12cr6q.html
  12. Guest

    Bernard Manning

    I saw the great Mr. Manning on a repeat of the 'Mrs Merton Show', a couple of days ago. He was in tremendous form, but he looked a little 'worse for wear'; that was back in 1998. So, six years on... this year maybe?? Mr. Reaper?...
  13. charon

    Phillip Hughes

    http://www.cricket.c...ield/2014-11-25 Phil Hughes caught a dull yin this morning at the SCG. Critical and under the knife just now.
  14. faustus

    PD James

    mmm...84 today and an excellent writer to boot...Probably in the best of health, but you never know...Could be a good one for 2005.....What does everyone else think...?
  15. Rude Kid


    http://news.bbc.co.u...sic/4010505.stm "Over the years he was involved in several shootings and was arrested on a variety of charges, including shoplifting, drug offences and threatening a former girlfriend."
  16. DevonDeathTrip

    Gerry Rafferty

    Not looking good for Gerry Rafferty That was on August 2nd, I don't think he's been located yet. This is such exciting news, that I was going to start a thread in his honour, but I managed to contain myself. Post from TAFKAG - Maybe he'll be spotted winding his way haphazardly down on Baker Street? Post from Maryportfuncity - That was on August 2nd, I don't think he's been located yet. This is such exciting news, that I was going to start a thread in his honour, but I managed to contain myself. Chancey mind, I mean, we could pick him for the CPDP only for him to turn up dead and decayed to the point he'd obviously died before Sept 1st. Let's hope they locate him this month. :excl:
  17. Saint Peter

    Jane Goodie

    Looks like Jade Goody has had one knob to many. Looking at the picture, it looks like somebody must have been desperate.
  18. M.Lawrenson

    Andrea De Cesaris

    Anyone know why he made the Deathlist in 1987? Sure, he crashed quite a lot in his early career.. ...but he had calmed down considerably by 1987. By the end of his career, he was reliable enough for racing teams to call on him to fill in for drivers otherwise banned or injured. De Cesaris quit racing in 1994, and took a job in the equally thrilling world of currency trading.
  19. Lady Die

    Richard Attenborough

    Lord Attenborough and David Attenborough are possibles for 2006. They might even score a unique family double.
  20. Vaagheid

    Lauren Bacall

    A couple of days after Liz Taylor's dead i started wondering how other classic Hollywood actresses were doing health-wise. One of these actresses being Lauren Bacall (The Big Sleep). So i did a quick (and shallow) search on the internet just to discover that there is little to no news on her. So my next step would have been to post a question like "Does anyone know how Lauren Bacall is doing these days?" on her thread in the hope that the more trained celebrity health-trackers (like DevonDeathTrip or Rotten Ali) could tell me... well, how she is doing these days. But then i found out to my disapointment that Lauren Bacall didn't have her own thread. So after some consideration, I decided to do something what may bring forth some angry posts, I posted a new thread. I did consider two things before making such a drastic decision. 1) Is she famous enough: Yes 2) Is she old/frail/sick enough: She's surdenly old enough to atleast get some attention in the upcoming years (turning 87 this year). I don't know if she's frail/sick because i really couldn't find that much news about her (which must be a sign on it's own). So.......Does anyone know how Lauren Bacall is doing these days?
  21. Guest

    Chapman Pincher

    i find this web site mean towards the people who you are predicting to die and their families. how would any of you like to log on to a web site and see that people were predicting you of a relation of yours to die by the end of the year. he is alive and well and has a years left in him.
  22. Banshees Scream

    James Garner

    James Garner, a veteran actor, has been hospitalized after what is described to be a 'minor' stroke. Didn't Aaron Spelling also have a minor stroke? This post kicks off the very home of all further hospitalizations to be reported on www.deathlist.net.
  23. maryportfuncity

    Dora Bryan

    Well into her eighties and she just keeps going. Hell, she's old enough in A Taste of Honey and that was shot in 1960. Has she ever faced a major health scare?
  24. Grim Reaper

    Alfredo Di Stefano

    This is the place to discuss Alfredo di Stefano
  25. Cowboy Ronnie

    Words And Deedes

    sorry to have to report, but W. F. Deedes was pictured on the front page of Saturday's Torygraph somewhere in Africa where he'd been sent on assignment. And, although there was a cheetah in the photo with him, alas its jaws were not wrapped around the old boy's throat like wot happened to Roy out of Sigfriend and Roy.

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