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  1. Grim Reaper

    Katie Hopkins

    Well deserved award for Hopkins
  2. Grim Reaper

    William H Gates

    The William H Gates thread.
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    Terry Jones

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    Tom Smith

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    19. David Crosby

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    Genesis P-Orridge

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    43. Leon Spinks

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    Daniel arap Moi

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    Little Richard

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    Tony Britton

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    Cleo Laine

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    12. Alan Greenspan

    This is the Alan Greenspan thread.
  14. Grim Reaper

    Bob Hawke

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  15. Grim Reaper

    Crashing Companies

    "...[DeathList] is pretty bullshit" Unilad - Jan 2017 "Unilad was pretty bullshit - for the short time it was around that is" - DeathList - Oct 2018

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