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  1. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    I know, I know, I should be doing something more useful with my time, like finding out whether everyone who's ever appeared in the pop charts is alive, dead or caught a chill in 1996.
  2. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Who cares about this Eurofag shite. I'm sure you'll find more real music Brit rock/pop/soul/everything in your average wop/dago/kraut/frog's record collection than vice versa. I'll give the eyeties the nod on 19th-century opera, but I mean...it's fucking opera. This post has been brought to you in the spirit of Sir Cuntalot.
  3. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Martin Bashir

    Here's the whole TLDR story, brought to you by the... er, BBC.
  4. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Hollywood Possibilities

    I meant no-one who posted about it. Has poor deluded Eilis seen the light and booted you into touch yet Paddy, you slapheaded drunk cuntbubble?
  5. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Summer Olympic Deaths/Dead Medallists

    Since nobody's been arsed to mention it outside of the pools forum, I'll give a nod to Lee Evans's death here. Mexico City '68 400m gold winner, and model for a fetching black beret, dahlings.
  6. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Professional Cyclists

    Couple of lesser-known (to the general public and, frankly, me) American cyclists killed in car crashes - one while riding and one while driving: Cyclo-cross legend (it says here) Laurence Malone. Masters (ie old) national champ Gwen Inglis. (Also, I very much enjoyed today's 'white gravel' stage in the Giro d'Italia) @DevonDeathTrip
  7. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    UFOs, Space Aliens and the like

    Oh god, which one of you lot set him off. I think most DLers have/had a trigger/catnip word/subject: Starcrossed: Moore Windy: Royalty Charon: Rangers Millwall: Dicky O Handy: MASH Cowboy Ronnie: Moon landings Occy: Footballer/Drivers (obv) honez/Toast: Language (Timothy) HMBWA: Too many to mention Some old members: Squid Most current members: Dr Who Etc etc Who have I missed?
  8. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Hollywood Possibilities

    re: Grodin. No-one has mentioned The Heartbreak Kid, as I remember it one of the great 'new Hollywood' films of the early 70s. I really must watch it again - in my mind's memory, it's linked with The Graduate.
  9. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Judy Finnegan

    Good to see that Richard is bringing his Alan Partridge tribute act to the GMB sofa for June, and is favourite for the full-time Piers gig. Too bad I'll never watch it, but I'll keep an eye out for the gaffe headlines. Here's a few of the great man's (Madeley) previous gems: [To John Lydon] “If we could throw a fishing rod into the corridors of time and reel you in, you’d throttle you, wouldn’t you?” [To Bill Clinton] “I know what it’s like to be wronged by the press. I was once accused of shoplifting. Unlike you though, I knew I was innocent.” [While interviewing Keira Knightly] “Can we get some make up please? Get Keira looking like a crack whore… she’d make a good crack whore!” [After a guest struggled with their stammer] “You looked as if your head was going to come off!” [To Faye from Steps and Russell Watson] “I always thought both of your music was a bit crap but this is quite good.” [To a man crying after meeting paramedics who saved his life] “Stop crying! This is supposed to make you happy! Anyway after the break, the biggest dog in the UK. And he really is big. Don’t miss it!” [In his documentary, ‘Madeley Meets the Squatters’] “I have to confess, as someone who is lucky enough to own more than one home, I know nothing about squatting.” “Remember that soup I made last week? Absolutely horrible. Had to throw it in the garden!” “I’ve never met a single woman who’s happy with the way she looks. Except Jordan. Although I’ve never met her.” “He suffers for us. He bears our pain in the most public way possible. He serves a timeless human need, one that goes back long before the time of Christ. Perhaps this has always been Paul Gascoigne’s destiny.” “You look at the beach and you think, ‘ahh, pretty pretty, lovely golden sand, that’s safe.’ Not in certain parts of the country… quicksand!” “There’s not many better things than seeing an older woman skipping.” “Can we put out that interview I did with Patrick Duffy at Glasgow Airport? It’s a tremendous two minutes.” “What do you notice most that has changed during your 18 years in jail? Cars have five gears now, for example.” “So are you telling me elephants are not born evil?!” “I hope when I’m reincarnated I come back black because you age better.” “When me and Judy were trying to conceive, I used to douse my balls in icy water before intercourse.”
  10. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Horse Racing

    I nearly posted this interview from two weeks ago, thinking how well he looked. Life, eh.
  11. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy


    It's rare that I'm anything other than cynically depressed by a footballer's interview, but Allison's post-match talk was really quite moving, and articulate for a non-English speaker (except the bit about God). Also, he nodded home the first goal by a Liverpool keeper in their/its storied history to keep the CL flame flickering. A few minutes later, I was moved to laughter at the whining of mealy-mouthed Fat Sam bemoaning officials and VAR and probably God too (yes, I know WBA got slightly gypped on the night, but still). Never mind, I'm sure a nice chunky brown envelope will put a smile back on his enormous face.
  12. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Sad Last Days

    You could have a poll - them or me.
  13. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Sad Last Days

    I think I might have reached sad last months. National Enquirer unlikely to be covering it, possibly kentonline.co.uk will.
  14. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Who's Going To Be Around For A While?

    Berry Gordy looked great for a nonagenarian in a Motown documentary from 2019. Smokey Robinson too, though a mere 81. Posting in this thread is like playing Russian roulette with six bullets.
  15. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    American Football Players

    They had to create a special position fir Jerry - extremely offensive co-ordinator. If he'd wanted success, he should have stayed with the Packers. Meanwhile...

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