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  1. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy


    Ah, I remember him from the glory day(s) of Channel 4 sports, when sumo was easily equal in popularity to, um, kabbadi and that. My favourite was Matoizumi aka The Salt Shaker. He wasn’t fat enough to be a great like Akebono, but no one threw half as much salt as him, or with such panache. I see he’s still alive, yay Salty!
  2. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    O.J. Simpson: Run Out Of Juice?

    Maybe he made an Actually I Did It video to be released in the event of his death.
  3. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Dead Pop Stars

    I don't know why I feel sad, but I do. (Feel sad, that is, not know why I feel sad. You see?)
  4. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Professional Cyclists

    Horrible looking crash in the Basque Tour that’s taken out three of the pre TDF favourites, Vingegaard, Roglic and Evenepoel. Hopefully no one is too badly hurt, they all seem conscious at least.
  5. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy


    I just hope that when it arrives on BBC3, Michaela Strachan and Bill Oddie are still allowed to present, and they don’t parachute in Eni Aluko and Piers Morgan. Hmmm, that might actually be an interesting choice…
  6. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Conspiracy Theories

    I’m thinking of reading Among the Trolls by Marianna Spring, but strangely it’s had some really bad reviews by online conspiracy theorists. Anyone here read it? Honest answers now, please.
  7. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    April fools day

    Funnily enough, my reactions would been the other way around. I sang Fool (if you think it’s over) with an RIP to Elkie Brooks and elicited sadness and then anger from some sappy snowflake with mental health issues. Maybe he’d have preferred an RIP to Chris dire Rea instead.
  8. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Life In Prison

    It’s only a crypto-sentence. As soon as he’s able to convince enough gullible fools that he won’t serve any time at all, he’ll be free as a bird.
  9. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

    I think it was something to do with their US label, Sire, not wanting them to use it when they quickly reformed in the late 70s. So they changed one letter.
  10. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

    A pedant writes: technically, he was only ever in the Revillos.
  11. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    I'm going to see Jerry Sadowitz...

    BHB is rumoured to be long dead, irl as well as his DL self. But if you happen to see him tonight, say hello. Sadowitz may not be ill or old, but there’ll likely be news stories of interest relating to him in these cancel-culture times that we can all argue about. So, please don’t lock it, says I.
  12. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    20. Derek Draper

    TX date confirmed as 26th March for Kate Garraway : Derek's Story
  13. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Ice Hockey Players

    The whole thing is not going to help her daddy issues.
  14. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Steve Harley

    God: "come up and see me".
  15. harrymcnallysblueandwhitearmy

    Horse Racing

    Are you sure it’s not Stan Hayhurst, who won in 1958? He was interviewed on the BBC and looks similar, but then all old people look virtually identical don’t they.

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