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By-Election Bingo 2017-22

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Well let me be the first:
Apologies for not having them in any order.

Sir Creep – “Back By Popular Remand”

Dennis Skinner

Jeremy Corbyn

Paul Flynn -- (DIED 16 Feb 2019)

Ann Clwyd

Geraint Davies

Geoffrey Robinson

Bill Cash

Kenneth Clarke

Barry Sheerman

James Cunningham

Frank Field

Margaret Beckett

Ronnie Campbell

Roger Gale

Adrian Bailey

Glyn Davies

Peter Bottomley

Margaret Hodge

Paul Beresford

Kate Hoey

Ann Coffey

Kevin Barron

David Crausby

Nicholas Soames

George Howarth

Roger Godsiff

Clive Betts

David Tredinnick

Michael Fabricant

Nick Brown

David Arness

Harriet Harman

Edward Leigh

Mickey Brady

John Redwood

Nadine Dorries

Mark Garnier

Ed Miliband

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown

John Bercow

Diane Abbott

Oliver Heald

Gary Streeter

David Lidington

Keith Vaz

David Mundell

Christopher Chope

Alistair Carmichael

Mhairi Black

John Woodcock
I don't recall us having a Joker in this pool, and having not designated one I guess if we do then the old 'first name' rule applies (Skinner).
FTR, my final 'cut' was Virendra Sharma.  Meaning he will certainly be the first to drop.


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My lot, apparently. You can probably tell the moment I ran out of likely byelections and just started penning through the MPs at random.


1.       Ken Clarke (Rushcliffe)

2.       Dennis Skinner (Bolsover0

3.       Sir Peter Bottomley (Worthing Weest)

4.       Geoffrey Robinson (Coventry North West)

5.       Barry Sheerman (Huddersfield)

6.       Frank Field (Birkenhead)

7.       Harriet Harman (Camberwell and Peckham)

8.       Nicholas Soames (Mid Sussex)

9.       Stephen Geffins (North East Fife)

10.   John Bercow (Buckingham)

11.   Theresa May (Maidenhead)

12.   Ann Clwyd (Cynon Valley)

13.   Jim Cunningham (Coventry South)

14.   Ronnie Cambell (Blyth Valley)

15.   Dame Margaret Beckett (Derby South)

16.   Margaret Hodge (Barking)

17.   Roger Godsiff (Birmingham Hall Green)

18.   David Crausby (Bolton North East)

19.   Christopher Chope (Christchurch)

20.   Jack Dromey (Birmingham Erdington)

21.   Diane Abbott (Hackney North and Stoke Newington)

22.   Mike Gapes (Ilford South)

23.   Lady Slyvia Hermon (North Down)

24.   Anna Soubry (Broxtowe)

25.   Nadine Dorries (Mid Bedfordshire)

26.   John Mann (Bassetlaw)

27.   Nick Boles (Grantham and Stamford)

28.   Marie Rimmer (St Helens South)

29.   John Redwood (Wokingham)

30.   Matthew Hancock (West Suffolk)

31.   Tom Watson (West Bromwich East)

32.   Grant Shapps (Welwyn Hatfield)

33.   Peter Bone (Wellingborough)

34.   Mary Creagh (Wakefield)

35.   Kate Hoey (Vauxhall)

36.   Sir Vince Cable (Twickenham)

37.   Jackie Doyle-Price (Thurrock)

38.   Andrew Mitchell (Sutton Coldfield)

39.   David Drew (Stroud)

40.   Sir Bill Cash (Stone)

41.   Royston Smith (Southampton Itchen)

42.   Craig Mackinlay (South Thanet)

43.   Philip Davies (Shipley)

44.   Jared O’Mara (Sheffield Hallam)

45.   Philip Hammond (Runnymede and Weybridge)

46.   Sarah Champion (Rotherham)

47.   Zac Goldsmith (Richmond Park)

48.   Mhairi Black (Paisley and Renfrewshire South)

49.   Chris Leslie (Nottingham East)

50.   Paul Flynn (Newport West)

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1. Diane Abbott (Hackney North and Stoke Newington)
2. David Amess (Southend West)
3. Adrian Bailey (West Bromwich West)
4. Margaret Beckett (Derby South)
5. Kevin Barron (Rother Valley)
6. Mhairi Black (Paisley and Renfrewshire South)
7. Nick Boles (Grantham and Stamford)
8. Nick Brown (Newcastle upon Tyne East)
9. Peter Bottomley (Worthing West)
10. Richard Burden (Birmingham, Northfield)
11. Ronnie Campbell (Blyth Valley)
12. Bill Cash (Stone)
13. Kenneth Clarke (Rushcliffe)
14. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (The Cotswolds)
15. Ann Clwyd (Cynon Valley)
16. Rosie Cooper (West Lancashire)
17. Jim Cunningham (Coventry South)
18. Iain Duncan Smith (Chingford and Woodford Green)
19. Angela Eagle (Wallasey)
20. Nigel Evans (Ribble Valley)
21. David Evennett (Bexleyheath and Crayford)
22. Michael Fabricant (Lichfield)
23. Tim Farron (Westmorland and Lonsdale)
24. Frank Field (Birkenhead)
25. Paul Flynn (Newport West)
26. Roger Gale (North Thanet)
27. Mike Gapes (Ilford South)
28. Cheryl Gillan (Chesham and Amersham)
29. Roger Godsiff (Birmingham Hall Green)
30. David Hanson (Delyn)
31. Harriet Harman (Camberwell and Peckham)
32. Sylvia Hermon (North Down)
33. Kate Hoey (Vauxhall)
34. Kelvin Hopkins (Luton North)
35. George Howarth (Knowsley)
36. Boris Johnson (Uxbridge and South Ruislip)
37. Edward Leigh (Gainsborough)
38. Julian Lewis (New Forest East)
39. Theresa May (Maidenhead)
40. Ed Miliband (Doncaster North)
41. Sheryll Murray (South East Cornwall)
42. John Redwood (Wokingham)
43. Marie Rimmer (St Helens South and Whiston)
44. Geoffrey Robinson (Coventry North West)
45. Virendra Sharma (Ealing Southall)
46. Barry Sheerman (Huddersfield)
47. Dennis Skinner (Bolsover)
48. John Spellar (Warley)
49. Gary Streeter (South West Devon)
50. David Tredinnick (Bosworth)

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Right, so here's my totally not randomized team. I expect to get the wooden spoon:

  1. Theresa May
  2. Diana Abbott
  3. John Bercrow
  4. Daniel Ziechner
  5. Kate Hoey
  6. Jonathan Lord
  7. Esther Mcvey
  8. Gareth Johnson
  9. Ian Murray
  10. Marsha de Corvoda
  11. Ed Davey
  12. Gary Streeter
  13. Wera Hobhouse
  14. Ged Killen
  15. David Evennett
  16. Giles Watling
  17. Mary Robinson
  18. Gill Furniss
  19. James Heapey
  20. Kate Hollern
  21. Julia Dockerill
  22. Dominic Raab
  23. Nick Herbert
  24. Bill Esterson
  25. Richard Bacon
  26. Brendan O'Hara
  27. Jeremy Corbyn
  28. John Spellar
  29. Robert Syms
  30. Tan Dhesi
  31. Debbie Abraham
  32. Ian Austin
  33. Ellie Reeves
  34. Thangnam Debbonaire
  35. Charles Walker
  36. Stephen Morgan
  37. Mims Davies
  38. Kate Osamor
  39. Jo Stevens
  40. Mark Field
  41. David Davis
  42. Nigel Huddleston
  43. Ian Blackford
  44. Lucy Powell
  45. Tonia Atoniazzi
  46. Faisal Rashid
  47. Carol Monaghan
  48. Julie Cooper
  49. David Linden
  50. Stephanie Peacock
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My lineup...


1.   Kenneth Clarke

2.   Dennis Skinner

3.   Geoffrey Robinson

4.   Ann Clywd

5.   Paul Flynn

6.   Diane Abbott

7.   Jim Cunnigham

8.   Philip Hammond

9.   Theresa May

10.  Crispin Blunt

11.  Grant Shapps

12.  Jeremy Hunt

13.  Philip Davies

14.  Stephen Crabb

15.  Michael Gove

16.  Ed Miliband

17.  David Davis

18.  Chloe Smith

19.  Chris Leslie

20.  Claire Perry

21.  Anna Soubry

22.  Jesse Norman

23.  Sarah Wollaston

24.  Chuka Umunna

25.  Ian Paisley Jnr

26.  Rachel Reeves

27.  Owen Smith

28.  Nicky Morgan

29.  John Woodcock

30.  Liz Kendall

31.  Andrea Leadsom

32.  Brandon Lewis

33.  Lisa Nandy

34.  Nick Boles

35.  Amber Rudd

36.  Conor McGinn

37.  Johnny Mercer

38.  Mhairi Black

39.  Naz Shah

40.  Jess Phillips

41.  Craig Mackinlay

42.  Boris Johnson

43.  Oliver Letwin

44.  Wes Streeting

45.  Barry Sheerman

46.  Frank Field

47.  Roger Gale

48.  Margaret Beckett

49.  Bill Cash

50.  Keith Vaz

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My team:


1)Dennis Skinner

2)Paul Flynn

3)Ann Clwyd

4)Geoffrey Robinson

5)Bill Cash

6)Ken Clarke

7)Barry Shearman

8)Jim Cunningham

9)Kelvin Hopkins

10)Frank Field

11)Margaret Beckett

12)Vince Cable

13)Ronnie Campbell

14)Roger Gale

15)Sir Peter Bottomley

16)Margaret Hodge

17)Sir Peter Bottomley

18)Louise Ellman

19)Kate Hoey

20)Ann Coffey

21)Marie Rimmer

22)Gordon Henderson

23)Sir Nicholas Soames

24)Jack Dromey

25)David Davis

26)Jeremy Corbyn

27)Greg Knight

28)Jon Trickett

29)John McDonnell

30)Harriet Harman

31)Diane Abbott

32)Sir Michael Fallon

33)Theresa May

34)Philip Hammond

35)Anna Soubry

36)Nick Boles

37)Craig Mackinley

38)Grahame Morris

39)Tom Watson

40)Patrick McLoughlin

41)Ed Miliband

42)Mark Pritchard

43)Nigel Evans

44)Keith Vaz

45)Iain Duncan Smith

46)Hilary Benn

47)Michael Fabricant

48)Hywel Williams

49)Emily Thornberry

50)Lyn Brown

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I will hopefully post the master list later today. Thanks for playing everyone.


However it has been observed that on the Conservative web site there are a number of adverts for campaign managers. Those in the know suggest these posts are normally only appointed if there is an election in the next 12 months. 

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15 minutes ago, Bibliogryphon said:

I will hopefully post the master list later today. Thanks for playing everyone.


However it has been observed that on the Conservative web site there are a number of adverts for campaign managers. Those in the know suggest these posts are normally only appointed if there is an election in the next 12 months. 


£22,500 to 27,500 salary???


No wonder they fucking lost seats.

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30 minutes ago, Deathray said:


£22,500 to 27,500 salary???


No wonder they fucking lost seats.

I bet they weren't paying Lynton Crosby that.

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So welcome to the list of players and the abbreviations used in the masterlist. I have adopted MPFC's notation style so a big acknowledgement to him there.


The players are listed in order of receipt but this will become the basis for future scoring updates. If we get that far.


Thanks everyone for putting in the effort to get these lists up and running and I look forward to a decisive winner in 2022.


Bibliogryphon                    bg

Shaun of the Dead           sd

msc                                       ms

GraveDanger                     gd

Joey Russ                             jr

YoungWillz                          yw

Deathray                             dr

Torva Messor                    tm

Sir Creep                             sc

Switch                                   sw

manuel                                 ml

Rover & Out                       ro


The main list contains almost three hundered names so I will post it all in one go but please can any discussion avoid duplicating the post.


Red names are unique picks.


I have tried my best to transpose accurately but please feel free to point out my mistakes.



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1.       Diane Abbott                                     bg, sd, ms, gd, jr, yw, tm, sc, sw, ml, ro

2.       Debbie Abrahams                            jr

3.       Rosena Allin-Khan                            yw

4.       David Amess                                      bg, yw, sc, sw

5.       Stuart Andrew                                  tm

6.       Edward Argar                                     bg

7.       Tonia Atoniazzi                                  jr, dr

8.       Ian Austin                                            jr

9.       Richard Bacon                                    jr

10.   Adrian Bailey                                      sc, sw, ml, ro

11.   Kevin Barron                                      bg, sc, sw, ml

12.   Margaret Beckett                             bg, sd, ms, gd, sc, sw, ml, ro

13.   Hillary Benn                                        sd

14.   John Bercow                                      ms, jr, sc, ml, ro

15.   Paul Beresford                                  bg, sc, ml

16.   Clive Betts                                           sc

17.   Mhairi Black                                       ms, gd, sc, sw

18.   Ian Blackford                                      jr

19.   Bob Blackman                                    tm

20.   Paul Blomfield                                   ro

21.   Crispin Blunt                                       gd

22.   Nick Boles                                           bg, sd, ms, gd, yw, sw, ml, ro

23.   Peter Bone                                         bg, ms

24.   Peter Bottomley                               bg, sd, ms, sc, sw, ml

25.   Ben Bradley                                        dr

26.   Mickey Brady                                     bg, sc, ro

27.   Tom Brake                                          yw

28.   Jack Brereton                                    tm

29.   Deidre Brock                                      yw, dr

30.   Lyn Brown                                           sd

31.   Nick Brown                                         dr, sc, sw

32.   Chris Bryant                                        yw

33.   Richard Burden                                 sw

34.   Vince Cable                                         bg, sd, ms, yw, ro

35.   Gregory Campbell                            ro

36.   Ronald Campbell                              bg, sd, ms, yw, sc, sw, ml, ro

37.   Dan Carden                                        dr

38.   Alistair Carmichael                           sc

39.   Bill Cash                                               bg, sd, ms, gd, sc, sw, ml, ro

40.   Maria Caulfield                                  tm

41.   Sarah Champion                               ms

42.   Douglas Chapman                            tm

43.   Joanna Cherry                                   tm

44.   Christopher Chope                          bg, ms, dr, sc, ml, ro

45.   Kenneth Clarke                                 bg, sd, ms, gd, yw, dr, sc, tm, sw, ml, ro

46.   Simon Clarke                                      yw, dr

47.   Geoffrey Clifton-Brown                 bg, sc, sw

48.   Ann Clwyd                                           bg, sd, ms, gd, yw, tm, sc, sw, ml, ro

49.   Ann Coffey                                         sd, yw, sc

50.   Vernon Coaker                                  bg

51.   Julie Cooper                                       jr

52.   Rosie Cooper                                     sw

53.   Jeremy Corbyn                                  bg, sd, jr, dr, sc, ml

54.   Stephen Crabb                                  gd, yw, tm

55.   David Crausby                                   ms, sc, ml, ro

56.   Angela Crawley                                 tm

57.   Mary Creagh                                      ms

58.   Jim Cunnigham                                 bg, sd, ms, gd, sc, sw, ml, ro

59.   Ed Davey                                             jr

60.   Geraint Davies                                   sc

61.   Glyn Davies                                         sc, ro

62.   Mims Davies                                      jr

63.   Philip Davies                                      ms, gd, ro

64.   David Davis                                         sd, gd, jr, ml, ro

65.   Thangam Debbonaire                    bg, jr

66.   Marsha de Cordova                         jr

67.   Tan Dhesi                                            jr

68.   Jonathon Djangoly                           yw

69.   Martin Docherty-Hughes              yw

70.   Julia Dockerill                                     jr

71.   Nigel Dodds                                        ro

72.   Jeffrey Donaldson                           bg, yw

73.   Nadine Dorres                                   bg, ms, sc

74.   Peter Dowd                                        yw

75.   Jackie Doyle-Price                            ms

76.   Iain Duncan Smith                            sd, sw

77.   David Drew                                         ms

78.   Jack Dromey                                      sd, ms, dr

79.   Angela Eagle                                       sw

80.   Louise Ellman                                     sd, ml

81.   Bill Esterson                                       jr

82.   George Eustice                                  tm

83.   Nigel Evans                                         sd, dr, sw

84.   David Evenett                                    jr, sw, ml

85.   Michael Fabricant                            bg, sd, sc, sw

86.   Michael Fallon                                   sd

87.   Paul Farrelly                                       tm

88.   Tim Farron                                          yw, dr, sw, ro

89.   Mark Field                                           jr, dr

90.   Frank Field                                          bg, sd, ms  gd, yw, sc, sw, ml, ro

91.   Paul Flynn                                           bg, sd, ms, gd, tm, sc, sw, ml, ro

92.   James Frith                                         yw, dr

93.   Gill Furniss                                          jr, dr

94.   Roger Gale                                          bg, sd, gd, yw, sc, sw, ml, ro

95.   Mike Gapes                                        bg, ms, sw, ml, ro

96.   Mark Garnier                                     sc

97.   Stephen Gethins                              ms, tm, ro

98.   Michelle Gildernew                        dr

99.   Cheryl Gillan                                       bg, sw

100.                       Roger Godsiff                                    bg, ms, tm, sc, sw, ml

101.                       Zac Goldsmith                                   ms, dr, tm, ro

102.                       Robert Goodwill                               yw

103.                       Michael Gove                                    gd

104.                       Chris Green                                        tm

105.                       Neil Grey                                             tm

106.                       Phillip Hammond                             sd, ms, gd, ml

107.                       Matthew Hancock                           ms

108.                       David Hanson                                    sw

109.                       Harriet Harman                                 sd, ms, sc, sw

110.                       Richard Harringtron                         tm

111.                       Trudi Harrison                                    tm

112.                       Susan Hayman                                   yw

113.                       Oliver Heald                                       sc, ro

114.                       James Heappey                                jr

115.                       Gordon Henderson                         sd

116.                       Stephen Hepburn                            dr, tm

117.                       Nick Herbert                                      jr

118.                       Sylvia Hermon                                   bg, ms, tm, sw, ml

119.                       Wera Hobhouse                               jr

120.                       Kate Hoey                                           bg, sd, ms, jr, sc, sw, ml, ro

121.                       Margaret Hodge                               bg, sd, ms, sc, ml

122.                       Kate Hollern                                       jr, dr

123.                       Philip Hollobone                               bg

124.                       Kelvin Hopkins                                   sd, tm, sw, ml

125.                       Stewart Hosie                                    ml

126.                       George Howarth                              bg, sc, sw

127.                       Nigel Huddleston                             jr

128.                       Jeremy Hunt                                      gd

129.                       Boris Johnson                                    gd, dr, tm, sw, ro

130.                       Gareth Johnson                                jr

131.                       Liz Kendall                                           gd

132.                       Ged Killen                                            jr

133.                       Greg Knight                                        bg, sd, ml

134.                       Ben Lake                                              dr, tm

135.                       John Lamont                                      dr

136.                       Mark Lancaster                                 tm

137.                       Andrea Leadsom                              gd

138.                       Karen Lee                                            yw

139.                       Edward Leigh                                     sc, sw

140.                       Chris Leslie                                          ms, gd

141.                       Oliver Letwin                                     gd

142.                       Andrew Lewer                                  tm

143.                       Brandon Lewis                                   gd

144.                       Ivan Lewis                                           dr

145.                       Julian Lewis                                        sw

146.                       David Liddington                              sc

147.                       David Linden                                      jr, tm, ro

148.                       Stephen Lloyd                                   dr

149.                       Jack Lopresti                                      yw

150.                       Jonathan Lord                                    jr

151.                       Khalid Mahmood                             yw

152.                       Alan Mak                                             dr

153.                       John Mann                                          ms

154.                       Racheal Maskell                                                dr

155.                       Paul Masterton                                 tm

156.                       Theresa May                                      bg, sd, ms, gd, jr, yw, dr, sw, ml, ro

157.                       Elisha McCallion                                tm

158.                       John McDonnell                                sd, ml

159.                       Conor McGinn                                   gd

160.                       Craig Mckinlay                                   bg, sd, ms, gd, yw, dr, tm, ml, ro

161.                       Patrick McLoughlin                          bg, sd, yw

162.                       Anna McMorrin                                dr

163.                       Esther McVey                                    jr

164.                       Mark Menzies                                   yw

165.                       Johnny Mercer                                  gd

166.                       Ed Milliband                                       sd, gd, sc, sw

167.                       Andrew Mitchell                               ms

168.                       Francie Molloy                                  ro

169.                       Carol Monaghan                               jr

170.                       Madeleine Moon                             bg, ml

171.                       Damien Moore                                 tm

172.                       Nicky Morgan                                    gd

173.                       Stephen Morgan                              jr

174.                       Grahame Morris                               sd

175.                       James Morris                                     dr

176.                       Wendy Morton                                 yw

177.                       David Mundell                                   bg, sc

178.                       Ian Murray                                          jr

179.                       Sherryll Murray                                 sw

180.                       Lisa Nandy                                          gd

181.                       Jesse Norman                                    gd

182.                       Brendan O’Hara                                jr

183.                       Jared O’Mara                                     ms, dr, ml

184.                       Guy Opperman                                 yw, ro

185.                       Kate Osamor                                      jr

186.                       Ian Paisley jnr                                    gd

187.                       Stephanie Peacock                          jr

188.                       Toby Perkins                                      ml

189.                       Claire Perry                                         gd

190.                       Jess Phillips                                         gd, dr

191.                       Bridget Phillipson                             dr

192.                       Christopher Pincher                        yw

193.                       Stephen Pound                                 ml, ro

194.                       Lucy Powell                                        jr, dr

195.                       Victoria Prentis                                 yw

196.                       Mark Pritchard                                  sd

197.                       Will Quince                                         yw, tm

198.                       Dominic Raab                                    jr

199.                       Faisal Rashid                                      jr, yw

200.                       John Redwood                                  sd, ms, sc, sw, yw

201.                       Ellie Reeves                                        jr

202.                       Rachel Reeves                                   gd

203.                       Jonathan Reynolds                          yw

204.                       Marie Rimmer                                   sd, ms, sw

205.                       Geoffrey Robinson                          bg, sd, ms, gd, tm, sc, sw, ml, ro

206.                       Mary Robinson                                 jr

207.                       Chris Ruane                                        tm

208.                       Amber Rudd                                       gd, yw, dr, tm

209.                       Naz Shah                                             gd

210.                       Jim Shannon                                      ml, ro

211.                       Grant Shapps                                     ms, gd, yw, ro

212.                       Virenda Sharma                                yw, sw, ro

213.                       Barry Sheerman                                               bg, sd, ms, gd, sc, sw, ml, ro

214.                       Tommy Sheppard                            bg

215.                       Gavin Shuker                                     dr

216.                       Keith Simpson                                   yw, ml

217.                       Dennis Skinner                  bg, sd, ms, gd, yw, dr, tm, sc, sw, ml, ro

218.                       Chloe Smith                        gd, tm

219.                       Nick Smith                           dr, tm

220.                       Owen Smith                       gd

221.                       Royston Smith                   ms, dr, tm

222.                       Nicholas Soames              bg, sd, ms, yw, sc, ml, ro

223.                       Anna Soubry                      sd, ms, gd, yw, tm

224.                       John Spellar                        jr, sw, ml, ro

225.                       Chris Stephens                  dr, tm, ro

226.                       Jo Stevans                           jr

227.                       Bob Stewart                       bg

228.                       Ian Stewart                         tm

229.                       Gary Streeter                     jr, sc, sw

230.                       Wes Streeting                    gd

231.                       Graham Stringer               bg

232.                       Robert Syms                       jr

233.                       Ross Thompson                dr, tm

234.                       Emily Thornberry             sd, dr

235.                       Stephen Timms                 dr

236.                       Craig Tracey                       yw

237.                       David Treddinick               sc, sw

238.                       Anne-Marie Trevelyan   yw, dr

239.                       Jon Trickett                         sd

240.                       Chuka Umunna                 gd, ro

241.                       Keith Vaz                             bg, sd, gd, sc, ml, ro

242.                       Valerie Vaz                          ml

243.                       Theresa Villiers                  tm

244.                       Charles Walker                  jr

245.                       Robin Walker                     tm

246.                       David Warburton             yw

247.                       Matt Warman                    dr

248.                       Giles Watling                      jr

249.                       Tom Watson                      sd, ms

250.                       Alan Whitehead                               dr

251.                       Craig Whittaker                dr

252.                       John Whittingdale            bg

253.                       Hywel Williams                  sd, tm, ml

254.                       Chris Williamson               dr

255.                       Gavin Williamson              yw

256.                       Phil Wilson                          dr

257.                       Sammy Wilson                   ml, ro

258.                       Pete Wishart                      tm, ro

259.                        Sarah Wollaston              gd

260.                       Mike Wood                         ml, ro

261.                       John Woodcock                gd, dr, sc

262.                       Nadhim Zahawi                 tm

263.                       Daniel Ziechner                 jr

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Look at me. I'm the only idiot who didn't pick Dennis Skinner or Kenneth Clarke. :smileyd:

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9 minutes ago, Bibliogryphon said:

Thanks everyone for putting in the effort to get these lists up and running and I look forward to a decisive winner in 2022.

If it lasts that long...

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Thanks BiblioG, just one thing, I had John Redwood but my name isn't marked against him. Others seem fine.

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After all this effort Biblio will be so pissed if the government collapses in a months time!

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20 minutes ago, Shaun of the Dead said:

After all this effort Biblio will be so pissed if the government collapses in a months time!


I believe you mean 'pissed off', but do correct me if I'm wrong.

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13 minutes ago, Toast said:


I believe you mean 'pissed off', but do correct me if I'm wrong.

mMissed out a word again.I swear sometimes I have dyslexia.

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1 hour ago, Toast said:


I believe you mean 'pissed off', but do correct me if I'm wrong.


Maybe Biblio's planning to celebrate the demise of the government...

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On 2017-7-3 at 15:11, Shaun of the Dead said:

After all this effort Biblio will be so pissed if the government collapses in a months time!

To be honest it is a price I am willing to pay.

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On 2017-7-3 at 15:04, YoungWillz said:

Thanks BiblioG, just one thing, I had John Redwood but my name isn't marked against him. Others seem fine.

Well spotted. I will update the missylist.

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2 minutes ago, Bibliogryphon said:

Well spotted. I will update the missylist.





Missy list?

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Bravo on the missylist, Biblio!
You mentioned I speared a few of your uniques, but the only name I see belonging exclusively to the two of us is David Mundell. I see a few others where it's you and I and a third player, and likely they turned their lists in after you said that to make it a manage-a-trois.

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10 minutes ago, Spade_Cooley said:

Anne-Marie Morris looks like she might be the first faller from this parliament.


Unfortunately no-one picked her.

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I doubt she will step down.She will probably just lose the whip and not be re-selected.

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