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    Erich Loest has self-defenestrated to give you a unique success, unless he ends up on the List of the Loest.
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    Maybe I'm being a bit shallow, but I wouldn't touch her with yours.
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    Brian Sollitt, the inventor of the After Eight mint, Matchmakers, Yorkies and Lion Bars, has died. According to this article he had "molten chocolate in his veins", which is probably what killed him.
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    Shame.. I quite liked his 1990s chart-topping, cover-version duets with Jerome. I fuckin' hated Ask the Family: good riddance!
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    Will Fidel Sharon be next?
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    Its what John Noakes and Peter Purvis had to cover for.
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    Joke: Who does George Cole call when he needs help getting to the loo? Answer: HIS MINDER!
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