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    I may actually start blocking them or just removing them from my newsfeed. It's not so much a case of not reading it, it's more that I wish people's ability to recognise that which should remain private and which information is acceptable to announce to all and sundry. The posts that annoy me more than anything are the ones along the lines of 'I can't believe that just happened', 'Just had the worst news ever' 'I am so upset right now', there are no further details so nosy buggers like me are left thinking WTF? Of course almost immediately some friends of the poster will respond with 'are you all right?', 'do you need to talk?' etc The original poster then replies to said suckers with 'I will send you a private message'. Why not just PM the friends who can give you a shoulder to cry on in the first place. What is the point on posting to all and sundry about something that has upset you if you are going to be all coy and only discuss the details privately. To me it is attention seeking at it's worst. I much prefer those that post 'I had a fucking awful day because my budgie flew out the window when I was cleaning it's cage and next door's cat had a tasty meal' than half posts that crave attention.
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    no you're wrong .It was Julia Mckenzie who played the part It doesn't take a Miss Marple to deduce that you, sir, are a twat.
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    Sorry to hear........... that you're not a celebrity that will get us any points.
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    Not really. You only need a list of 23 to be even money for 2 to share the same day, and with 23 , a triple birthday is around one in six chance. Can't be added working it out for fifty, but it isn't really a coincidence.
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    The news. It's all so fucking dull and boring. I don't give a shit about snow in Rochdale, or that someone in Manchester might have Ebola, or that if I eat too much cheese I might catch cancer of the fanny. I don't give a fuck about kids with flies in their ears in Africa, Barack Obama's wife, or how big Kim Kardashian's fucking arse is. And I blame the media for me not giving a fuck, because they bombard you with this utter shite all day every day, to the extent where I am now immune. Bollocks to news, because it ain't new.
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    no you're wrong .It was Julia Mckenzie who played the part It doesn't take a Miss Marple to deduce that you, sir, are a twat. that's Julia Mckenzie isn't it? as I was saying... Anyone else notice a passing resemblance to Peter Falk?
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    Even his name sounds like a crime. Lol, no it doesn't. Stig is the Swedish word for trail/path. Berg means mountain. Dunno the meaning of the -ling ending, but this is just an ordinary name here. Nothing weird about it, Toast. Yes but it sounds like burgling, a crime HERE!!!!! As for the lost opportunity of calling him Terd, perhaps we wont go there, eh? Mwahahaha!
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    Even his name sounds like a crime. Now there was an opportunity missed. His parents should have named him Terd .
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    You could add John Noakes (Blue Peter) to that list. I didn't realize until just now that he turned 80 last May. You mean we could "Go With Noakes". Well, he did look...tired on Pointless last year. You can't judge a person's health or will to live based on their appearance/demeanour after they've spent an hour in a make-up room with Richard Osman.
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