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Philippines most powerful crook businessman, Chinese-born Lucio Tan, hospitalised with COVID-19. 

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"Sporklin", co-creator of crypto-currency dogecoin has died of cancer:



Took me a while to determine it's not a dog. She had recently left the company because of different views about what the currency should be.

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On 15/06/2014 at 22:54, gcreptile said:

There's no recent death or news item to create this thread, but there are a couple of really old, really rich people worth watching:

Warren Buffett, 83, 4th richest person alive, has been in the news for choosing his successor at Berkshire Hathaway.
Charles and David Koch, 78 and 74, 6th richest people alive, CEOs of Koch Industries, have massively funded conservative politicians in favor of fossil fuels.
Bernie Ecclestone, 83, under corruption charges and threatened as boss of Formula 1 racing.
George Soros, 83, 26th richest person alive, massive supporter of The Democratic Party, doesn't look too healthy but there are no bad news so far.
Ingvar Kamprad, 88, Founder of IKEA, very secretive. DEAD
Sheldon Adelson, 80, Las Vegas casino magnate, another guy who spends millions of dollars on politicians to ensure that society will go on in a way he thinks is best even after his death
Karl Albrecht, 94, 23rd richest person alive, Germany's richest guy and co-founder of ALDI, his brother died last year. When will it be his turn? DEAD
Liliane Bettencourt, 91, 11th richest person alive and richest french person, owner of L'Oreal, was involved in a corruption scandal and legal trouble with her daughter. DEAD

Also worth watching: The Walton Family, owners of Wal-Mart and maybe even Bill Gates who is still only 58, but looks much older, in my opinion.


Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are no longer married, there's a very small chance this could be about something health related.


Also, from that list five out of the ten mentioned names are dead.


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Now the whole thing is clear. Bill Gates' Dad was an incredibly important person, fully deserving his place on the DL, because it was him that was acting as peacemaker and keeping the marriage together. Now he has gone, the whole thing is falling apart.

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James Edmund Tyler, a former executive with BFGoodrich, Eldorado Tires and Hercules Tire & Rubber Co., has died. He was 85.


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