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1 hour ago, msc said:

strokes @20% higher on your birthday


I've certainly found over my years of married life that I'm more likely to get a stroke on my birthday.

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There has been a distinct death drought in the last month or so. My work game which has around 500 names in it has not had a hit since the 6th June. This is now 29 days. This is the longest that we have been without a hit since a massive 59 day gap between George Cole and Denis Healy (Aug-Oct 2015). I had 14 hits in the first quarter but only 9 in the second quarter of the year.


Surely there has to be a big one soon.

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12 hours ago, Bibliogryphon said:

There has been a distinct death drought in the last month or so. My work game which has around 500 names in it has not had a hit since the 6th June. This is now 29 days. This is the longest that we have been without a hit since a massive 59 day gap between George Cole and Denis Healy (Aug-Oct 2015). I had 14 hits in the first quarter but only 9 in the second quarter of the year.


Surely there has to be a big one soon.

Wow....my little DP with I think 14 teams has had 4 hits since Krauthammer (then Vader, Joe Jackson, Colin Butts).   Dunno what to say about your 500 names mate.
(and please note NONE of those four were on my team :( 


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Since 2003, I wonder how many deathlist picks from the same year were also on the winning DDP team? Obviously 20 will never be topped with the deathlist winning it in 2004 and it's very unlikely that it would get equaled as well, but this is what I found while doing research for that (I might have missed one or two, so let me know if I left out someone):

2003: 3 picks (Biggs, Sheene, Zevon)

2004: 20 picks (Alice, Biggs, Brady, Cartier-Bresson, Cooke, Dangerfeild, Foot, Gallo, Hoffman, John Paul, Laine, Lauder, Levi-Strauss, Mills, Reagan, Schmeling, Shaw, Ustinov, Wiesenthal, Wray)

2005: 5 picks (Astor, John Paul, Maradona, Rehnquist, Schmeling)

2006: 6 picks (Biggs, Graham, Haughey, Kunitz, Pinter, Rawls)

2007: 5 picks (Bakker Messner, Kevorkian, Melly, Shamir, Sharon)

2008: 2 picks (Pollack, Robson)

2009: 12 picks (Al Megrahi, Atkins, Ballesteros, Castro, Ford, Graham, Kennedy, Llewellyn, Novak, Richard, Robson, Swayze)

2010: 5 picks (Al Megrahi, Hopper, MacCorkindale, Shamir, Wisdom)

2011: 2 picks (Franklin, Wynne Jones)

2012: 4 picks (Al Megrahi, Gibb, James, Mandela)

2013: 4 picks (Cecil, Kalashnikov, Mandela, Presley)

2014: 5 picks (Graham, Harper, Johnson, Kasem, Simon)

2015: 2 picks (Crowe, Simon)

2016: 1 pick (Crowe)

2017: 6 picks (Bracknell, Christie, Downie, Forsyth, Michael, van der Westhuizen)

2018: 3 picks (Bracknell, McCain, Nolan) 

2019: 3 picks (Bracknell, Clegg, James)

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Now here's something interesting to think about. Since none of us were able to play the DDP all 20 years, I wonder that what picks from those years would you consider a typical you pick. In other words, what people that were picked that year were fascinating enough to you that you'd probably pick if they announced their illness today and not just because they're worth a lot of points? Looking back at it, from 2005 - 2016 (since my first year was 2017 and there weren't really a lot of good picks from 2003 - 2004 let alone good "me pick"), the names who died that year that I would consider picks that I'd almost certainly pick due to how my interests line up include:

2005: William Rehnquist

2006: Charles Haughey, Coretta Scott King, Ibrahim Rugova

2007: Michael Brecker, Lee Hazlewood, Tammy Faye Messner

2008: Janez Drnovsek, Danny Federici, Jeff Healey, Phillip Jones Griffiths, Sydney Pollack, Tony Snow, Yves St Laurent

2009: Corazon Aquino, Edward Kennedy, Robert Novak

2010: Ronnie James Dio, Doug Fieger, Dennis Hopper

2011: Christopher Hitchens, Mick Karn, Tom Lubbock, Gerry Rafferty

2012: Miguel de la Madrid, Etta James, Jon Lord, Malam Bacai Sanha

2013: Hugo Chavez, Damon Harris, Nelson Mandela, John Nkomo, Reg Presley, Tony Sheridan

2014: Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, General Wojciech Jaruzelski, Casey Kasem, Paul Revere

2015: Kim Fowley, Michael Gross, Sam Simon, Percy Sledge

2016: Thomas Fekete, Howard Marks, Jock Scot, Suzanne Wright


Generally the types of names that I would consider a "me" pick would fall into 1 of 3 categories, music (and more "modern"to be more specific), politics (more foreign than local), and activism. There's of course a few others like Hitchens and Hurrican Carter that has another aspect of them that fascinates me, but I think those three categories might be what I consider the most like me and therefore seem to be a better fit for my team. I'm sure there's someone I missed that would fascinate me, but I what other people's "me picks" would be...

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2014: Luise Rainer, Udo Jürgens, Bobby Womack, Eli Wallach, Claudio Abbado

2013: Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Helen Thomas, Roger Ebert (my first successful prediction on this forum), Hugo Chavez, Ed Koch

2012: Ravi Shankar, King Sihanouk, Neil Armstrong, Gore Vidal, Whitney Houston

2011: Kim Jong-Il, Christopher Hitchens, Amy Winehouse, Gil Scott-Heron, Liz Taylor

2010: Dino De Laurentiis, Christoph Schlingensief, Alex Higgins

2009: Otto Graf Lambsdorff, Patrick Swayze, Ted Kennedy, Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and that whole summer of death, McNamara, Robert Novak, Eunice Shriver etc..Ricardo Montalban, Bea Arthur

2008: Paul Newman, Estelle Getty, Jesse Helms, Arthur C. Clarke, Bobby Fischer

ok, that's enough for now.


Taken from the DDP-Who's dead...

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My theme team would have had a good start if it began in 2012. Armstrong, Bernard Lovell, Patrick Moore... would have certainly missed Sally Ride though since I still go the "old enough or have some sort of public illness" route for themes.

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Was going to say that 2006 would have been an easy unique hit for me with John Tenta, but  were WWF wrestlers getting QOs back then? 

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56 minutes ago, Spade_Cooley said:

Was going to say that 2006 would have been an easy unique hit for me with John Tenta, but  were WWF wrestlers getting QOs back then? 


22 minutes ago, Death Impends said:

He didn't get anything in that media landscape as far as I can tell. The first mention of his death in a QO source seems to be 10 years after the actual occurrence, in a Sun "wrestling stars who died young" list posted after The Ultimate Warrior's death.


See, I'd agree with you both, but... I have the vaguest memory of reading about it in the Daily Record (print version, their online stuff gets wiped after a few years) at the time, as it was when I was sans internet. Was the Record a QO at the time?

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Fun to see which wrestlers did get QO obits back in the day. For instance, here's the February 20, 1968 edition of The Times:



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No Times obituaries for The Great Gama, Maurice Tillet, Georg Lurich, Sandor Szabo or Danno O'Mahoney, however.

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Top find, Spade.


You know Big Davey Meltzer thinks the Hackenschmidt/Gotch series of matches were shoot (non-fans: real)? Despite all the evidence to the contrary, like when Hack said it was "designed" to make more money, or when at a press conference, he took down Gotch in a blind attack and then threw him into an orchestra pit. :D tbh I'm half convinced the only reason people think the Ancient Greek variation was legit is because we've lost the booking sheets after 2000 years.

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Might set up a side thread for these obits from history. It is worth remembering that some absolutely massive names wouldn't have been DDP hits because they didn't get QOs. There was that New York Times project earlier this year where they covered historical figures who'd never gotten an obit in the newspaper, and some of those overlooked were insane (Charlotte Bronte, Marsha P Johnson, Diane Arbus, Sylvia Plath, Ada Lovelace). Danno O'Mahoney's death did make page 34 of the New York Times in 1950 however:



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On 17/09/2016 at 16:11, msc said:

The death of Gabriele Amorth had me wondering how many survivors there were from my Deathrace teams.


  • 2012 - Clive James, Penny Marshall, Manuel Noriega, Leslie Philips, Mary Wilson, Peregrine Worsthorne (6/20)
  • 2013 - Ryan sodding Buell, Judy Blume, Bob Dole, Mark Eden, Nicholas Edwards, Michael Jopling, Danny Kirwan, Robert Mugabe, Freddie Starr (9/20)
  • 2014 - Heinz Kessler*, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Freeman Dyson, Frank Bough, Clare Hollingworth (5/20)
  • 2015 - Zhou Youguang, Zoltan Sarosy, Shivakumara Swanjii, Barys Kit, Gillo Dorfles, Clare Hollingworth (6/20)
  • 2016 - Keith Farnham, Bishop Robinson, Joost van der Westhuizen, Mary Wilson, Nobby Stiles (5/20)


I wonder which year will be first to face a full wipeout - 2015 is favourite given all of them are centenarians, but I've a feeling sods law will see one of them still kicking long after younger picks have gone.



*He's still alive? FFS.

Only Sri Sri Sri left...

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25 minutes ago, gcreptile said:

Only Sri Sri Sri left...


msc's first five Deathraces survivor list, 2050:


  • 2012 - (0/20)
  • 2013 - Ryan sodding Buell (1/20)
  • 2014 - (0/20) 
  • 2015 - Shivakumara Swanjii (1/20)
  • 2016 - (0/20) 
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Wikipedia lists 64 people of note as having died of suicide by firearm in the UK. Of those, only one is a woman (Dora Carrington). Has there really been no other examples of lady celebs ending it all with a bullet in Albion?

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I just noticed that Sir Creep (Cancel My Appointments) has set a record that will basically never be beat or even close to equaled.  This doesn't make it a good thing lol, but one for the DDP Book of Statistics!

May 9 2018 - Richard Haag
May 10 2018 - Larissa Podermanski

BOTH List of the Lost.

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After a chat with Joey and Rad the other night, here's a msc Stat Attack. :D


This time, the List of the Lost.  Namely, not who made it, but what their fame was.


Since 2007, then:


2007 – snooker ref*, NASCAR driver, French WW1 vet*, Germanys oldest man, Italian WW1 vet, Canadian social activist, New Zealand film director*, Australias oldest man, Australia radio broadcaster


2008 – Russian actor, CBC sports commentator*, Hairdressing Champion, Cancer Mum, Forester, Swedens oldest person, Oldest living French person, Video Game Designer, Super centenarian German, US Talk show host*


2009 – Last surviving Finnish Civil War participant, Cancer mum, Oldest Living Spaniard, Oldest Japanese Man, Another Really Old Japanese Person, 5th Oldest Man in the World, Another Oldest Japanese Person, Romanian Prime Minister*, Hungarian academic, Formula One Driver*, German SS soldier, 1970s Comedian*, Musician (The Lit), Milton Freidman’s widow, An American Super centenarian, Filipino Actor, Another Japanese Super Centenarian, British Female Rugby Star*


2010 – Miss World 1956, Reality TV star*, Tongan historian, WW2 sniper, Silent Film Actress*,  Nazi*, Cardinal, Maltese murderer, 1924 Olympian (no medals), Bluegrass musician, American compassionate release prisoner, Canadian comic, British super centenarian, Chicago Bulls player*


2011 – NZ cancer mum, Cancer mum, Indian poet, 1920s child actor, Former President of Fiji,Brazilian centenarian who saved Jewish children during WW2, Mother of Islam, Record Producer*, Miami Dolphins Player*, Super centenarian German, Austrian physicist, American football player, WW2 war criminal, Triplet (briefly famous in 1980s), Random OAP with cancer, mobster, Band of Brothers member, Former Yugoslavian President, cancer mum, Familiar face Character Actress*, Well Regarded SF Author*, Hurling Champion, German actor, Opera singer, NZ V8 Supercar Driver, German businessman, Famous Kids Author (Died on 31st Dec)


2012 – German visual artist, French actress, Olympic Gold medallist (rowing, 1948),German economics professor, cancer mum, Businesswoman, Alpine Skier, Nun, NZ cricket international*, Britains oldest living person, Estonian poet, Belgian super centenarian, American SF actor, HOF pro-wrestler*, Band of Brothers member, Radio host, British super centenarian, Cardinal, Shah’s family member, Band of Brothers member, German F1 driver, NBA player, American TV actor*, Anti-Nazi, Spiro Agnew’s widow*, cancer mum, tennis player*, US Air Force commander*, American super centenarian, Former German Vice-President, Cardinal, French TV star, Australian author*, Monaco minister, Italian poet, Gerhard Schroder’s mum, Cartoon Voice Artist*, Corrie Actress*, colonial officer


2013 -  Cancer mum (model), Oldest Living Poltician, cancer mum, NZ TV star, Band of Brothers member, Vatican official, Japanese super centenarian, Chinese soprano, Cardinal, Cardinal, Centenarian artist, Country Singer*, Son of Nazi, NFL coach*, Oldest Living European, Peruvian dissident, Mayor of Swansea, German poet, Plymouth Argyle vice-chairman*, pro-wrestler, Icelandic artist, cardinal, 1906 earthquake survivor, Archbishop, Cardinal, centenarian crime victim, blues singer*, Ukrainian war vet, Nobel Prize winning chemist*, Uncle Phil* (Only announced in 2014)


2014 – Canadian actor, singer, table tennis player, cancer dad, actress*, radium girl, Swedish actress, French 1934 World Cup player, Estonian artist, Dutch TV star, obscure rocker, Danish Anti-Nazi, Israeli actress, Cardinal, German actress, Thabo Mbeki’s mum, Super centenarian, cartoonist, film composer, mum of a dissident, South African politician, actor, Dr Who writer, German actor, Oldest NHL player, Big Finish star, Mexican super centenarian, cardinal, Cardinal, Country Singer, actor


2015 – Bishop of Amiens, Indian actor, Bishop of Motula, Puerto Rican activist, American WW2 pilot, well known character actor*, actress, former boxing world champ*, 1932 Olympic gold medallist (USA), oldest living twin, Spanish Civil War vet, 1948 Olympic Gold medallist (Dutch), 1963 Eurovision Song Contest Winner*, Patriarch of the Assyrian Church, Flintstones voice actor, philanthropist, German actress, cancer mum, folk musician, baseball player, President of Argentina*, Canadian feminist, American Republican, Austrian entrepreneur, Nazi, cancer mum, centenarian Swedish footballer, musician, cancer mum, folk singer, cancer mum, pro-wrestling HOF*, Welsh rugby player*, defence lawyer, well regarded actor* (news broke in 2016)


2016 – French singer*, cancer dad, Famous Singer*, German actress, cancer mum, cancer mum, cancer dad, BBC Presenter*, magician, cancer mum, cancer dad, French TV star, New York Senator*, German actor, German WW2 flying ace, Austrian actor, CEO, Nobel Prize winning physicist*, ska performer, cancer mum, Japanese composer, mathematician, 1957 Eurovision Song Contest Winner, Larry Hagman’s widow, Dachau surviving priest, Cleveland Browns Vice President, TV journalist, cancer dad, Hewlett Packard chairman, snyth musician, oldest French person, cancer dad, Norwegian businessman, Dutch PM*, French actress, Chinese economist, oldest living cricketer, Finnish politician, Scottish singer, Baltimore Ravens coach*, American football centenarian, South African actor, cancer mum, French screenwriter, 1970s TV actress*, NASCAR driver, NZ trade unionist, President in exile of South Moluccas, comedian, Pakistan director, Belgian cartoonist, Italian architect, box producer, cancer mum, President of Costa Rica, cancer mum, cancer dad, cancer dad, cancer dad, scholar


2017 – Corrie actress* (death announced in 2018), Film actress* (death announced in 2018), US Lt Governor of Connecticut, American broadcaster, film composer*, American SF author, Hungarian 1954 world Cup player, French actress, Christian apologist, 3D Buzz founder, photographer, Sultan of Kedah, Luton Town chairman, French theologian, Nobel Prize winning physicist, German Eurovision singer, mu of mass murderer, German artist, blogger, cancer mum, European Commissioner, prelate, comic book artist, guitarist, Illinois House of Reps member, chess grandmaster, film/tv director*, Filipino politician, Childrens Author*, Sister of Boxer, Swiss actor, actress, NHL player, cancer dad, Irish politician, Italian super centenarian, baseball player, French playwright, Familiar Face Character Actor*, Canadian politician, Nobel Prize winning physicist, tribute band singer, cancer gran, voice artist, tap dancer, Italian resistance fighter, cancer criminal, journalist, Dutch retailer, model, cancer mum, spitfire pilot


2018 (so far) – Irish TV host, German actress, Norwegian Fantasy author, NZ speedway champ, prisoner, Dutch athlete, Olympic gold medallist 1952 (USA), TV producer, Oldest Living European, cult author, French poet, baseball player, Japanese CEO, football coach, MLB coach, cancer blogger, architect, soap actor, Eritrean singer, NZ politician and war vet, Germanys oldest person, Patriarch of Antioch, photographer, France centenarian, games theorist, Witney Carsons father in law, FFBI, art critic (Italian), novelist, neuroscientist, feminist*, Canadian pilot, ascetic, crime author, American actress*, American SF author, opera singer, actress, rocket  scientist, cancer mum, Nicaraguan author, NHL player, Everest climber, sound mixer, vicar/ghost expert, Filipino actor, screenwriter, cancer mum, Aston Villa goalkeeper*, Nazi, Aston Villa captain*, cancer mum



So, bad news for baseball players. And New Zealanders.



Biggest Shock lack of QO since 2007 (imo)

1.       Kitty Kallen

2.       Luis Bacalov

3.       Nicolas Bloembergen

4.       Frances Bay

5.       Lindy Remigino

6.       Peter Arundell

7.       Ronald Hines

8.       Alan Deakin

9.       Jeffrey segal

10.   Nigel Sims

11.   Linda Uttley

12.   Nick Bockwinkel

13.   Zara Nutley

14.   Walter kohn

15.   Cyril Frankel

16.   David Fisher

17.   Jean Fritz

18.   Cynthia Heimel

19.   Sara Douglass

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What does asterisk mean?


Also bad news recently if you are a former Aston Villa player and a bit disgraceful if you are a BBC presenter and they can't even give you a QO!

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6 minutes ago, Grim Up North said:

What does asterisk mean?


Exclamation mark, as in "this person really didn't get a QO"...


Also in earlier years (2007-2011) for some folk who'd be slam dunk obits today.

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Former Pres of Fiji - No respect.  
Hairdressing champion - Let's hope not.  
Pres of Costa Rica - No respect.
Cleveland Browns exec/Baltimore Ravens coach - NFL gets no respect.....duly noted.

My personal collection:
2016 – Cleveland Browns Vice President, NASCAR driver.

2017 – Christian apologist, NHL player.

2018 (so far) – cancer blogger, architect.

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Top 50 - DDP hits who featured on most teams in year of death

(DI's 2004-10 Drop 40 lists helped out considerably)



1.       Nelson Mandela 267

2.       Margaret Thatcher 265

3.       Abdelbaset Al Megrahi 230

4.       Patrick Swayze 203

5.       Sir Bobby Robson 202

6.       Hugo Chavez 183

7.       Ronnie Biggs 182

8.       Zsa Zsa Gabor 177

9.       Robin Gibb 176

10.   Etta James 174

11.   Sam Simon 170

12.   Sir Norman Wisdom 166

13.   Bruce Forsyth 149

14.   Wendy Richard 141

15.   Martin Crowe 125

16.   John McCain 119

17.   Rev Billy Graham 118

18.   Muhamad Ali 116

19.   Joost van der Westhuizen 109

20.   Ted Kennedy 108

21.   Michael Foot 99

22.   Kim Jong-il 98

23.   Charlton Heston 96

24.   Michael Winner 95

25.   Fidel Castro 94

26.   Henry Allingham 94

27.   Gerald Ford 94

28.   Glen Campbell 92

29.   Gord Downie 92

30.   Joey Feek 89

31.   Stefan Karl Stefansson 89

32.   Jade Goody 89

33.   Pope John Paul II 86

34.   General Jaruzelski 84

35.   Ariel Sharon 78

36.   Brooke Astor 78

37.   Nancy Reagan 77

38.   Lady Bird Johnson 77

39.   Eli Wallach 76

40.   Patrick Moore 76

41.   Zelda Rubinstein 76

42.   Elizabeth Taylor 75

43.   Christopher Hitchens 74

44.   Seve Ballesteros 74

45.   Errol Christie 73

46.   Bernie Nolan 73

47.   Betty Ford 72

48.   Tammy Faye Messner 71

49.   Peter Sallis 70

50.   Kate Granger 70

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And a final bit of stat-ery for now - the people who didn't get a QO (2007-18) who were on the most teams. Well, I was interested after the other day...


1.       Fergie Frederiksen 22

2.       Colin Butts 13

3.       Ruby Muhammad 13

4.       Satoru Anzaki 10

5.       Sara Douglass 9

6.       Linda Uttley 9

7.       Jim Bamber 8

8.       Ian Toothill 8

9.       Sasha Lakovic 7

10.   Keith Farnham 7

11.   Piet de Jong 7

12.   Thomas Libous 7

13.   Vanessa Lafaye 6

14.   Lindy Remigino 6

15.   Violet Wood 6

16.   Terri Roberts 6

17.   Joanne Evans 6

18.   Don Wittman 6

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Ok, so someone we'll call J Russ (nah, too obvious, Joey R) has been asking what the longest "runs on top of the DDP" were, because apparently his side did OK in the Derby pool this year. :D This did make me think about the actual DDP leadership lineage however, as whenever it comes up, someone asks "Oh isn't this, say, Odstock's first time on top in 4 years?" or what not. Now, this is a nearly impossible task, for a number of reasons. Who picked who in 1996 is entirely lost, so we lose any changes at the top at the very start, and indeed, who fucking picked a 7 year old...  Other times, the obit came in some time after the person died, which nobbles at least one Odstock lead at one point, but while some are spottable via forum/website, most of those pre...2005 or so are lost in the mists of time. I also searched for some "remembered" runs at the top, only to find they don't appear to have actually existed. I'm also pretty sure there are "1 week wonder" runs missed out here or there, but they can be edited in later...


DDT has taken the lead at the top of the Derby Dead Pool 13 different times. From what I can see, only 3 women have ever led the DDP.   23 Deathlist forum members have led the DDP (DDT, Death Impends, Joey Russ, Drol, Capn Chorizo, Bert, Spade Cooley, RadGuy, Maryport, Gcreptile as Shameless, Esturian Float, Octopus of Odstock, Harrymac, Garn, Godot, Toast, Canadian Paul, Rude Kid, Miser, Going Underground, The Man in Black, Football Fan, and Rotten Ali) but only 5 of those have won.




1.       Nick J in 1996 – all records lost



2.       12th January 1997 – Nick J – Jill Summers

3.       10th February 1997 – Steve  L – Brian Connolly

4.       21st March 1997 – Nick J – Rev Awdrey - WINNER



5.       21st January 1998 – Drunkasaskunk – Jack Lord

6.       6th February 1998 – Drunkasaskunk/Hoppo – Carl Wilson

7.       15th April 1998 – Drunkasaskunk – Pol Pot - WINNER



8.       7th February 1999  – Dave J/Sumo/Jesus Jones  - King Hussein of Jordan

9.       9th February 1999 – Dave J/Drunkasaskunk – Bryan Mosley and Anne West

10.   24th February 1999 – Dave J – Derek Nimmo

11.   2nd March 1999 – Dave J/Drunkasaskunk – Dusty Springfield

12.   5th March 1999 – Drunkasaskunk – Lord Denning WINNER



13.   19th January 2000 – MT Graves – Bettino Craxi

14.   21st May 2000 – Finnbarr – John Gielgud

15.   1st July 2000 – MT Graves – Walter Matthau WINNER



16.   11th January 2001 – Miss Chief and Juicy Janny – Michael Williams

17.   16th January 2001 – Ed K – Auberon Waugh

18.   23rd April 2001 – Whittakers Choice – Charles Madden

19.   21st June 2001 – Joe Ram – Carrol O’Connor

20.   3rd August 2001 – Whittakers Choice – Lord Longford WINNER




21.   3rd January 2002 – One Foot in the Grave – Antonio Todde

22.   31st January 2002 – Drunkasaskunk – Jonathan Wilson

23.   9th February 2002 – Tim R – Princess Margaret

24.   5th May 2002 – Tim R/Ghoulish Guesses – Hugo Banzer

25.   10th June 2002 – Joe Ram – John Gotti WINNER



26.   3rd January 2003 – Ed K – Nap Botterell

27.   18th February 2003 – Otis you want a treat? – Lee Kriendler  WINNER



28.   14th January 2004 – Otis You Want a Treat? – Tom Hurndall

29.   5th March 2004 – One Foot in the Grave – Joan Moll

30.   28th March 2004 – One Foot in the Grave/Whittakers Choice – Peter Ustinov

31.   30th March 2004 – OfitG/Whittakers/Big Iain/Deathlist.net – Alistair Cooke

32.   April 25th 2004 – Deathlist.net – Estee Lauder

33.   May 6th 2004 – Otis – Barney Kessel

34.   May 14th 2004 – One Foot in the Grave – Charlotte Benkner

35.   May 29th 2004 – Otis – Jack Rosenthal

36.   August 9th 2004 – Deathlist.net – Fay Wray

37.   September 24th 2004 – Otis – Francoise Sagan

38.   December 30th 2004 – Deathlist.net – Artie Shaw – WINNER



39.   January 2nd 2005 – Rude Kid – Cyril Fletcher

40.   Juanuary 17th 2005 – Fallen Sparrow – Charlie Bell

41.   July 20th 2005 – I Smell Dead People – James Doohan

42.   November 15th 2005 – Fallen Sparrow – Robert Tisch WINNER



43.   3rd January 2006 – Go Fish – William Skate

44.   6th January 2006 – 20 teams – Lou Rawls

45.   14th January 2006 – Faster Pussycat – Shelley Winters

46.   17th January 2006 – Doffin Codgers – Clarence Ray Allen

47.   21st January 2006 – faster Pussycat – Ibrahim Rugova

48.   30th January 2006 – Go Fish – Wendy Wasserstein

49.   17th October 2006 – Meet your Maker – Ross Davidson WINNER



50.   2nd January 2007 - Death from Above/Go Fish - Charles Betty

51.   16th January 2007 – Godot/Mortal Wombat/Only Fools and Corpses/Caulkhead Coffin Kickers – tahe 2 dead Iraqis

52.   13th February 2007 – Death from Above – Ada Mason

53.   26th February 2007 - Dead Men Walkng/Eejit – Josie Grove

54.   24th April 2007 – No Noose is Good Noose – James Flliaggi

55.   7th July 2007 – Meet your maker – George fn Melly

56.   10th September 2007 – Stab in the Dark – Jane Wyman

57.   25th October 2007 – Meet your Maker – Mehmed Uzun WINNER



58.   2nd January 2008 – One Foot in the Grave – Yo-Sam Choi

59.   27th January 2008 – They Died and Left me in Charge – Suharto

60.   28th January 2008 – they’re Dead, Y’Know – Archbishop Christodoulos

61.   2nd March 2008 – Godots Waiting List/They’re Dead Y’Know/The Living End – Jeff Healey/Norm O’neill

62.   7th March 2008 – Godots Waiting List/They’re Dead Y’Know – Francis Pym

63.   15th March 2008 – The Living End – Mikey Dread

64.   24th March 2008 – Godot’s Waiting List – Richard Widmark

65.   17th April 2008 – The Living End – Danny Federici WINNER



66.   1st January 2009 – Going Underground – Claiborne Pell

67.   3rd January 2009 – Octopus of Odstock – Pat Hingle

68.   4th January 2009 – Heaven Knows Thy’re Miserable Now – Lei Clijsters

69.   18th August 2009 – Tonight matthew… - Robert Novak WINNER



70.   4th January 2010 – Rude Kid – Tsutomu Yamaguchi

71.   18th January 2010 – The Living End – Kate McGarrigle

72.   21st January 2010 – Misers – Paul Quarrington

73.   27th January 2010 – rude Kid – Zelda Rubinstein

74.   7th February 2010 – Canadian Paul – Willam Tenn

75.   14th February 2010 – Groblers Stiff Ones – Dick Francis

76.   2nd March 2010 – If I’m Spared… - Winston Churchill

77.   6th April 2010 – Groblrs Stiff Ones – Corin Redgrave

78.   19th August 2010 – Octopus of Odstock – Edwin Morgan

79.   31st August 2010 – Octopus of Odstock/Rot in Hell John – Laurent Fignon

80.   4th October 2010 – Octopus of Odstock – Norman Wisdom WINNER




81.   2nd January 2011 – Old Ma G’s Gravy Mix – Pete Postlethwaite

82.   4th January 2011 – Inigo I hope we win – Gerry Rafferty

83.   9th January 2011 – Daniel Faradays Notebook – Tom Lubbock

84.   15th January 2011 – The Final Showdown – Nat Lofthousee

85.   3rd February 2011 – The Living End – John Higgins Sr WINNER



86.   1st January 2012 – Better You Than Me/The Don/Finbarr/Gawn/George Lass/Girlfriend in a Coma/Romancing the Headstone/Importance of Being Umish/Unspiritualist/This Mortal Coil – Gary Ablett

87.   14th  January 2012 – David QUantick’s Showbiz Pals/The Living End – Lesley Strathie

88.   20th January 2012 – Gawn dead Planted/David Quanticks Showbiz Pals/The Living End– Etta James

89.   22nd January 2012 – ‘arry kiri – Joe Paterno

90.   31st January 2012 – ‘arry kiri/Octopus of Odstock – Bevalicqua

91.   9th February 2012 – Gawn dead Planted – Gifford

92.   16th February 2012 – Stardust – Gary Carter

93.   21st February 2012 – David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals – Rosoman

94.   20th March 2012 – ‘arry Kiri/The Living End – Jim Stynes

95.   25th March 2012 – The Living End – Bert Sugar  WINNER



96.   1st January 2013 – Octopus of Odstock – Christopher Martin-Jenkins 

97.   9th January 2013 – Romancing the Headstone – Owen Brennan

98.   21st January 2013 – Octopus of Odstock – Michael Winner

99.   11th March 2013 – The Living End – Lisa Lynch

100.                        8th April 2013 – Octopus of Odstock – Annette Funicello

101.                        4th July 2013 – Thomas Jefferson Survives – Bernie Nolan

102.                        21st September 2013 – Octopus of Odstock – Jack Pardee qualifying obit found down back of sofa

103.                        16th December 2013 – David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals – Ray Price WINNER



104.                        1st January 2014 – The Good, the Bad and Cliff Richard – Dorothy Baldwin

105.                        2nd January 2014 – Researched to Death/I’m a Celeb/This Mortal Coil/Toast of the Turf – Terry Biddlecombe

106.                        3rd January 2014 –Shake, Rattle, Rll over – Phil Evrely

107.                        11th January 2014 – Star Dust/Chemo Sabee/They’re Loving Angels Instead – Felix Glenny

108.                        16th January 2014 – David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals- Steve Evans

109.                        7th May 2014 – Drunkasaskunk – Katherine Crowe

110.                        21st October 2014 – David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals – Chen Ziming WINNER




111.                        1st January 2015 – Paint the Town Dead/Tentoesup – Mario Cuomo.

112.                        2nd January 2015 – The Living End – Anas al-Liby

113.                        4th January 2015 – Thomas Jefferson Survives/David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals – Stuart Scott

114.                        13th January 2015 – Taking the Michael – Mike Marqusee

115.                        9th February 2015 – Crazycarl – Ed Sabol

116.                        27th February 2015 – Crazycarl and Thomas Jefferson Survives – Bob Benmosche

117.                        8th April 2015 – Thomas Jefferson Survives – Ion Trewin

118.                        2nd September 2015 – The Living End – Denise Marshall obit

119.                        25th December 2015 – David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals – Sadhana Shivdasani WINNER




120.                        1st January 2016 – Shameless – S@r@h J0ne5

121.                        15th January 2016 – David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals – Dan Haggry

122.                        25th February 2016 – Shameless – Ch@rl0tte3 E@de5

123.                        3rd March 2016 – Heading Nowhere – Martin Crowe

124.                        14th March 2016 – The Living End  - Peter Maxwell Davies

125.                        24th March 2016 -  Thomas Jefferson Survives – Johan Cruyff

126.                        4th April 2016 – The Living End – Ronald Mulkearns

127.                        8th July 2016 – David QUantick’s Showbiz Pal/The Living End – Abdul Sattar Edhi

128.                        16th July 2016 - -The Living End – Bonnie Brown

129.                        23rd July 2016 – David QUantick’s Showbiz Pals – Kate Granger

130.                        30th August 2016 – Heading Nowhere – Vera Caslavska

131.                        2nd September 2016 – David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals – Rowena Kincaid




132.                        1st January 2017 – Destination Eschaton – Derek Parfitt

133.                        8th January 2017 – Carkers Convention – Peter Sarstedt

134.                        15th January 2017 – Captain Hemlock’20/Dead Last?/Eternity Tours/Francis of Arse-Easy/Grim McGraw – Jimmy Snuka

135.                        19th January 2017 – To Kill a Gabor Sister – Mark Sims

136.                        6th February 2017 – Golden Slumbers – Joost van der Westhuizen

137.                        17th October 2017 – Golden Slumbers and David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals – Gord Downie

138.                        5th December 2017 – Golden Slumbers – King Michael of Romania WINNER




139.                        2nd January 2018 – Robbinsdale High School Memorial Deathsquad – Emily Dole

140.                        4th January 2018 – Heading Nowhere and Drollercoaster – Rayya elias

141.                        17th January 2018 – Drollercoaster – Jessica Falkholt

142.                        22nd April 2018 – Day in the Death -  Jacqui Forster

143.                        5th August 2018 – Thomas Jefferson Survives – Charlotte Rae

144. 21st November 2018 - Pity da Foolz - Devin Lima  WINNER



145. 1st January 2019 - GUN Away - Tyler Trent

146. 25th January 2019 - Going Underground/Ethnic Cleansing - Fatima Ali

147. 1st February 2019 -  Ethnic Cleansing - Andrew McGahan

148. 21st February 2019 - The Living End - Peter Tork

149. 3rd April 2019 - Going Underground - Bill Heine

150. 11th June 2019 - Grim Up North - Gabriele Grunewald

151. 16th July 2019 - Thomas Jefferson Survives/Pan Breed - Johnny Clegg

152. 20th August 2019 - TJS/Pan Breed/Heading Nowhere - Fred Rister

153. 18th September 2019 - Thomas Jefferson Survives - Fernando Ricksen WINNER



154. (PROvisional) 1st January 2020 - Smart Beta - David Stern




Right, now that's done, bits and bobs can be edited later.

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