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  1. One shot Paddy

    The Chequered Flag

    No, that was just a stop-gap to get racing this year, they are already looking into things like making people pay to watch ect. Still no word on racing in the South as they were facing the same insurance problem.
  2. One shot Paddy

    Pope Francis

    No, it's just his new coat!
  3. One shot Paddy

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    He had posted the other day that he was heartbroken over the death of his pet pig, I wonder if it realy did break his heart?
  4. One shot Paddy


  5. One shot Paddy

    The Chequered Flag

    All back on thanks to a new insurance quote and crowdfunding by fans. It was not just road racing that had been cancelled, it was ALL racing and trials.
  6. One shot Paddy

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Wow, I really didn't think it was that long ago, I would have said 5 or 6 years, fuck sake I'm getting old
  7. One shot Paddy

    Shamima Begum. 2020 list?

  8. One shot Paddy

    Shamima Begum. 2020 list?

  9. One shot Paddy

    The World of the Snowflake

    I wonder if they will also remove Martin Bormann from the original Gene Wilder film now too?
  10. One shot Paddy

    6. Jimmy Carter

    I don't think there will be long between them, and you never know Jimmy may not be first.
  11. One shot Paddy

    Not Really Famous, But What A Moniker!

    Always thought he was just outside Lisburn
  12. One shot Paddy

    Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Mudslides

    Watched a story about the 2018 zoning peace/construction peace legislation in Turkey, where an estimated 10000000 illegal buildings were made legal so that they could be sold legally AND the Turkish government could then collect the taxes from the transactions. These buildings were either built where they were not supposed to be or NOT BUILT UP TO STANDARD and were brought up to code by the stroke of a pen and not one ounce of cement or inch of re-bar! My Dad was a builder so I know that dealing with building control can be a pain but I wonder how many of those structures would have survived if built to code in the first place.
  13. One shot Paddy


  14. One shot Paddy

    Gary Glitter

  15. One shot Paddy



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