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  1. One shot Paddy

    Game of Thrones

    The location is now on fire, people camping there are being evacuated.
  2. One shot Paddy

    Conspiracy Theories

  3. One shot Paddy

    Conspiracy Theories

    Anyone have Quasimodo on their list?
  4. One shot Paddy

    Death Anniversary Thread

    40 years ago today I swore my Dad said that they had blew up Hairy Knees, turned out it was Airey Neave. Well I was just 3.
  5. One shot Paddy

    Game of Thrones

    I thought they were probably getting a few extra shots for editing as there was only a cameraman sound guy and the two girls, if they are filming big stuff you can't get near it.
  6. One shot Paddy

    Game of Thrones

    Just back from walking the dog and bumping into them doing a bit of filming in the woods. I've no idea who the two girls fighting were (don't watch it) but I don't think they will be popping their clogs anytime soon. I do know that the blonde one with the sword has a quare arse on her!!!
  7. One shot Paddy

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    Took OSPjr to see Tim Peake's Soyuz spacecraft today, very interesting with all the scorching ect. Well worth a look if the tour is anywhere near you.
  8. One shot Paddy

    Life In Prison

    It was bound to happen, he was on a road to nowhere...........
  9. One shot Paddy

    WTF is happening in London?

    Yanksville? Canuckistan, London Ontario given the fleg on the meatwagon.
  10. One shot Paddy


    And a body found inside.
  11. One shot Paddy

    Ronnie Wood

    Found this in the bottom of a drawer. Sun prints lies shock!!!!!
  12. One shot Paddy

    Talk Like A Scotsman/St Andrews Day/Burns nicht

    I have a wheen of them too lol, I then moved on to the 8yo Lagavulin!
  13. One shot Paddy

    Talk Like A Scotsman/St Andrews Day/Burns nicht

    Shot a brace last week. This is the result!!
  14. One shot Paddy

    4. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    It was his wife's..................... The Queen's Highway!
  15. One shot Paddy

    Death In The Family

    Thanks Paul.

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