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  1. One shot Paddy

    35. Esther Rantzen

    That's Life and Spitting Image were the last things I got to see before bed on Sunday, Highway was the "fuck I've homework for the morning" moment. Anyone else remember Bygones that was on about lunchtime, or am I just getting on?
  2. One shot Paddy


  3. One shot Paddy

    British Character Actors

  4. One shot Paddy


  5. One shot Paddy


  6. One shot Paddy


  7. One shot Paddy

    DL Status Updates: Statements, Obsevations & Verbal Tennis

    This popped up today in my bakebook memories, the most unfortunate front page I've seen in years
  8. One shot Paddy

    The Chequered Flag

    Yes, hence why he was sacked after only a couple of rounds into his Grand Prix career, and as drug use is a BIG no no in Japan he was basically barred from any GP ride. Pretty much the only factory ride he got after that was for Italian minows Bimota in 2000 and true to his God given talent he won on a dog of a bike but the money dried up (possibly because of his reputation causing sponsors to stay clear) and they quit after a few rounds. Like I said a great talent who should have been a multiple world champion but wasted it on partying. If he was born 20/25 years earlier imagine the legends of him, Hunt and Sheene in the 70s
  9. One shot Paddy

    Death In The Family

    Sorry for your loss drol.
  10. One shot Paddy

    The Chequered Flag

    Came here to post this, great but unfortunately wasted talent, wound up with the nickname "Tony the Toker"
  11. One shot Paddy

    Michael Schumacher

    Should this not be in the Jimmy Carter thread?
  12. One shot Paddy

    The 4th Death of 2024

  13. One shot Paddy

    Death Anniversary Thread

    35 years since the Kegworth disaster, one of the 47 killed was a friend of my Dad's, I remember how much of a shock it was.
  14. One shot Paddy

    The Deathlist Christmas Special!

    So, no more Santa in our house, had to tell OSP Jr yesterday, floods of tears that we had been lying to him all his life . Thankfully a lot better today even after he realised the same went for the elf, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. Thank fuck I don't have to do the elf anymore!
  15. One shot Paddy

    Thoughts On The 2024 List

    It's Bette Davis all over again

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