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  1. Stayin Alive

    Forum Downtime [completed]

    Yes - making the Deathlist great again!
  2. Stayin Alive

    Forum Downtime [completed]

    Working perfectly!
  3. Stayin Alive

    Mel Smith

    Alas, no idea what's wrong with him and it seems nobody else either at this point, perhaps he has had too much sun, but after trousering at least 31 million from the sale of TalkBack he'll be in safe hands and won't be wilting just yet a while. Just off to rent Morons from Outer Space to remind myself how terrible it was...
  4. Stayin Alive

    Mel Smith

    Check out Celebrity Mastermind on your iplayer... http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/_chat/674919-Is-Mel-Smith-ill
  5. Stayin Alive

    Where Is Stayin Alive?

    Yep, that works.
  6. Stayin Alive

    Where Is Stayin Alive?

    Haha, Comic Sans! How true. It never ceases to amaze me how many 'professional' organisations use, sorry abuse, that typeface. I found myself in the position of seeking legal redress a few years back from Tesco, after being man-handled by one of their over zealous 'security' people. After many months of standard legal manoeuvres, the settlement letter, from their legal department, arrived in none other than Comic Sans - classic. Whilst it is probably acceptable for childrens parties and the general childrens entertainment/fun day industry it is very rarely acceptable outside this area and DL is no exception!
  7. Stayin Alive

    Where Is Stayin Alive?

    Very good
  8. Stayin Alive

    Where Is Stayin Alive?

    Greetings all DL faithful As you can probably imagine I'm incredibly busy screwing up other websites for living, but if the Grim Reaper himself is attending I may join the melee. As you can probably guess I'm quite a shy and inhibited type of person with very few friends so I have to plan public outings with quite some care and ensure I have the safety mechanisms (and safeword no doubt) in place. The new DL look has just been released. Praise welcomed, it will help with my confidence. BTW I tried that bromide and it wasn't any good with psy-trance. Is that normal? Loving the son of picture association - top sh*t.
  9. Stayin Alive

    Adverts - you either love 'em or hate 'em

    I wonder what the package is for that job, like I wonder if the job was posted on the internal jobs intranet at Halifax. I'm pretty sure I remember reading that the first star banker - Howard - did all the ads for his original salary - Halifax displaying a very astute business acumen, removing the need to pay for 'talent' in the process. He ran for long enough for British overdraft fees to pay for the campaign in anycase. Let's hope Howard and the new guy manage to get a bit Xtra than their salaries for all their efforts. Staying with the banking theme for a second longer, surely nothing can ever top the Natwest advert, where we were all reliably informed by a intern that an automated teller machine is just like a photocopier but the paper is more expensive. Taxi, tell Charles I'm on my way...
  10. Stayin Alive

    Where Is Stayin Alive?

    I'm back and there is only one thing on my mind...
  11. Stayin Alive

    Wal-Mart heir dies in plane crash

    Surely that should of read: Wal-Mart heir makes his way to the checkout?

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