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  1. Boudicca

    The World of the Snowflake

    Little OJ typifies them. Absolutely glorious when he got his Mummy onto Twitter
  2. Boudicca

    The EU Referendum Hokey Cokey

    Whit? You said they could have have half a vote as long as it was approved by the registered owner / father/ husband. It's in your manifesto. I'm considering not voting for you now. Oh wait...
  3. Boudicca

    The World of the Snowflake

    You have no idea of the sheer terror I experienced as that photo slowly loaded Sorry for triggering you LFN. Would you like a safe space, a paper bag to breathe into or any other special consideration?
  4. Boudicca

    The World of the Snowflake

    Ridiculous. What if the gentleman was gallantly trying to keep her safe from rapists outside? The NotW version is "Baby There's Coal Outside" <romantic>
  5. Boudicca


    Fuck you. (Our first exchange iirc) Least I was working.
  6. Boudicca


    Gap year working a bar SotW and "supervising" the lock-in
  7. Boudicca

    Deathlist Dreaming

    I'm pretty sure that your late night chat show would be very popular!
  8. Boudicca

    Advent Avalanche 2018

  9. YOU bought the axe which I was immediately drawn to I was blamelessly buying wellies in the hardware shop. "Forcing"
  10. Boudicca

    Whom Are You Tarring With The Epithet "twunt"?

    Those banana emojis! ** Actual axe / block
  11. Boudicca

    Whom Are You Tarring With The Epithet "twunt"?

    And that's charon at 8K, typically making the most of it by asking Deathray a question about a post from July '17.
  12. Boudicca

    Films with entirely dead casts

    Aye. Heard it
  13. Well there's no logs needing chopping at the moment, but said axe is about to be tested
  14. Charon and I now own an axe. Absolutely nothing could go wrong

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