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  1. Boudicca

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I think the phrase, "unleash hell" was invented for this sort of situation. I'm listening to these boys.
  2. "Right cunto, it goes like this: Just because you didn't have a starter doesn't mean you don't have to pay your equal share. You had much more to drink anyway"
  3. Boudicca

    Hilary Lister & other sailing nutjobs

    Scottish sailors. Not crazy at all.
  4. I thought S.C had managed to annoy even the local peace-lovin' hippie community when I first read it.
  5. Boudicca

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Isn't that the one where they're all trying to look cool while completely struggling down the subway stairs on roller skates? If it is, it's one of my favourites too!
  6. Boudicca

    Chirac's couple

    I don't think so. I've not heard anything so hopefully not. I was looking forward to his version of Autumn-Watch.
  7. Boudicca

    Chirac's couple

    Good point. My tag makes folk think I'm French too judging by the PMs I get sometimes. Nice day wading through 122 pages of tidy scottish newsreaders? I shouldn't really have done it, but I was in the mood for blatant thievery. Your own chat thread is a classic, stood the test of time and even being hidden by me around a decade ago I think
  8. Boudicca

    Chirac's couple

    Putting this on the Hallowed Ground that is the on-topic board is pretty much a bannable offence I'd say, and Hein would be so horrified it'd probably be him that did it...
  9. Boudicca

    Budget Household

    It's gone a bit off topic admittedly and since the Chirac thread is the new Dickie O' Common Room I might move some posts if I can be bothered or if I remember to. Don't hold your breath though. Send your compaints via Facebook S.C.
  10. Boudicca

    Chirac's couple

    Would you like this thread back O.P? I'm feeling very guilty about stealing it now given your bad health. At least it wasn't closed and it could even be pinned temporarily or <> moved to the main board (until the admins ban me)
  11. Boudicca

    Budget Household

    I thought jewelry.
  12. They were a gift from the brother I met in 2016 having belonged to my dead mother. Absolutely terrifying looking items. One had a tartan dress iirc. Prophetic. Where the actual fuck are they?! I really hope they're not Roey and Bladan for all our sakes. I'd probably let the Roey doll into the house and give it the use of the WiFi. Bladan is more of an 'outside' character and would have to take his chances with mobile data. [/ overthinking this]
  13. Moving house and just had the new people checking the attic. Empty. Except I know it wasn't quite. There were two extremely scary dolls locked away which traumatised my daughter's fantastic gay boyfriend when he was getting the Christmas tree down in December. (Mainly because we were messing with him about their wheabouts but he was genuinely trembling, it was great) Where have they moved to?
  14. Boudicca

    The Deathlist Kitchen

    This is absolutely dreadful news. What a terrible time to be alive. Seriously. And it'll be Salad Cream when we get the Cat O' Falk Cookbook crowdfunded.
  15. Boudicca

    Budget Household

    At the risk of incoming Kenneth Williams gifs, what does the other 11lbs consist of?

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