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    Trying to get a 2g signal. Sewing. Reading. Cleaning. Oh, and laughing at things on forums. When able. See interest #1.

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  1. The Weather

    It was doing that here earlier. "Oh, I'm not sure I can be bothered, I can't cope" sort of wispy pathetic flakes. It was probably having a mental breakdown / anxiety attack at having to do some work for once.
  2. Words We Dislike

    It's a very strange google image search result for a back pedal. I was afraid I might have offended people. The person in the background reminds me of the Life of Brian stoning scene. "Are there any women here?"
  3. Words We Dislike

    I once ended an engagement over the use of, "that's irrespective" Meaning irrelevant. I would be in jail within a year, here's your ring back, cunto.
  4. Words We Like

    I like onomatopoeia It sounds so exactly what it is
  5. St. Patrick's Day

    You are absolutely correct sir. There are still a few rogue chat threads floating around the main board. One last year the lovely YW pointed out. Thank you
  6. St. Patrick's Day

    Fuck me it worked. I'm still a bit in awe at BS' wisdom at such a tender age about Irish girls But "limiting drinks", likely ends in the gardai with guns and that. Try it at your peril.
  7. Words We Dislike

    That's what I mean, it's a minefield. Dinner, supper and now you've brought tea into it but I had friends who had tea too. Everyone called it something different! Dinner Ladies at school, looking back with a sense of class they now sound incredibly grandiose as is they should be swishing around in 20 grand Versace dresses. Lunchtime assistants they don't have the same ring although I know they absolutely incredible work,
  8. St. Patrick's Day

    Aw thank you! < shamrock> from Cork where my family were and Cavan where I should have (gotta love the adoption system).... But Clare is gorgeous.. And Kerry. I've been close to Blarney stone. I really couldn't concentrate on the magic because its really far back so you have to bend right over backwards and if you're thirteen and the old guy who is supposed to be helping is is helping you a bit too creepily... well you don't want to kiss anything you just want to get away. Do you have to work or did you celebrate early with those pints of blue / green amusing terribly racist god what would you call them? It wasn't Irish car bombs was it?
  9. The Weather

    Oh gosh how terrible, How on earth will you dig that out? Snow in the S.E and London is so much more awful (take it my snow is on the way then, but lucky me my recent XH stole my car last week!) I like waking anyway. Especially in snow / wind / rain. I'm not really cut out for the place.... It'll be like this by ten. And I would recommend a lower heeled if not actually flat boot if you really have to if you can't get outside to the car. HTH
  10. Words We Dislike

    "Scrumptious" Why? Go away. You are infantile and you remind me of Chitty Bang Bang. Horribly terrifying, although pretty normal for those of us of a certain age. And we survived <with PTSD> And anyone who goes on any sort of "journey", emotional , non drinking or spiritual. Go away. Go on the M25 and come back to me. If you want sheer fucking terror , danger, then redemption and peace just drive up one junction.
  11. Football

    Aw and I was enjoying this diversion. I never get to post in this thread. I thought this looked a bit like you, politely telling the barber you don't require his services.
  12. St. Patrick's Day

    In the spirit of the day can we give pause to think of The Mad Hatter and his sadly missing avatar? Is he not to trusted with one? (quite likely abused it) I think he needs one whether he likes it or not. Democracy in action, what should it be? And no leprechauns please. I vote for his old Billy Bob, it suited him imo.
  13. Words We Dislike

    Yes! I think it's because too many people don't know the difference between lunch and dinner. Can of worms North / South divide etc I was amazed XH2 family would call the midday thing dinner and they really would have gravy on it and some woman was available to do that. Not just to him but to the elderly inlaws despite having small pre school children. A roast every day at lunchtime! fuck knows what they had after work. but my XH grandmother would send a plate to husband and his parents every day. And thinking about it it's fucking strange, who want want meat and potatoes and three veg at noon. I know people who work hard outdoors and even they would be 'oh fuck off with it I'll get my own when I'm finished or I'll have real food" no time for lunch fffs. Interesting. But to me it's the same as 'lovely property' no it's a house or flat. Infuriating!
  14. Football

    WTAF? HAIR STYLING? Sorry, but, him, in a hairdresser? Or even a barbers? 'Fuck that shite, do I have a sharp knife? Why, 'yes'. Several in fact. Or scissors sharpened so much you'd slice your hand picking them up. Job done.
  15. Words We Dislike

    I had to google that. Seriously, what is wrong with people? I fly 10-12 times a year and have never heard it. Easyjet, defenders of plain English! B.A probably do it though, I've seen the sort of people who come along when their own cushy flights have been cancelled. Apart from all the DL gentlemen travelers, who I am sure aren't loud, braying, LOOK AT ME, I'm SOOOO important, types of course