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Sorting through a pile of books I had in storage, I came across one I really enjoyed: A Serial Biography (1977) by Tom Raworth.  ‘Is he alive?’ a proper DLer immediately wondered.

In fact he isn’t.  Sadly overlooked by everyone, in particular our entire U.K. membership, Raworth died of cancer 8 Feb 2017.  
So this is better late than never.

As per Wiki, Raworth was an English-Irish poet, publisher, editor, and teacher who published over 40 books of poetry and prose during his life. Raworth was a key figure in the British Poetry Revival.

I can’t speak to his oeuvre, but I recommend the aforementioned short novel (see photo)



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Ruth Weiss has died at 92.For anyone into poetry you will know what a massive loss this is. https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/art-exhibits/ruth-weiss-poet-known-as-the-mother-of-the-beats-dies-at-92


PS you will only be able to access that website if you live in the USA or have a VPN set to connect to  an american server. 

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British poet and author Anne Stevenson who was the 2007 recipient of the Lannan Lifetime Achievement Award, died at age 87:


Her numerous poetry collections include Minute by Glass Minute, Travelling Behind Glass, and A Report from the Border.

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