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The Cardinals Of The Roman Catholic Church

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17 hours ago, Mercarte said:

 Lesothian Roman Catholic cardinal, Sebastian Koto Khoarai, passed away yesterday at the age of 91. 


I momentarily misread that as "Lesbian" and was like "whaaaaat?"

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South Korean Roman Catholic cardinal, Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk, passed away today at the age of 89. 

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Cornelius Sim, the first cardinal from Brunei, who was created last October, dead at 69.

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Some statistics:


27.5% of the current cardinals were created by John Paul II, despite he's been dead for 16 years. The number for Benedict XVI is 30.6% and for Francis it's 41.9%.


Longest serving cardinals include (before 1990):

Since 2nd of February 1983: Michael Michai Kitbunchu (b. 1929), Alexandre do Nascimento (b. 1925) and Thomas Williams (b. 1930)

Since 25th of May 1985: Paul Poupard (b. 1930), Jozef Tomko (b. 1924), Friedrich Wetter (b. 1928) and Francis Arinze (b. 1932)

Since 28th of June 1988: José Freire Falcão (b. 1925), Eduardo Martínez Somalo (b. 1927) and Alexandre José Maria dos Santos (b. 1924)


The youngest cardinal created by John Paul II is Péter Erdő (b. 1952)

The oldest cardinal out of all the 222 is Albert Vanhoye (b. 1923, 98 in July)



There are three former cardinals:

Popes Francis and Benedict XVI

Theodore McCarrick (b. 1930), resigned due to allegations of sexual misconduct in 2018.



2005 Papal Conclave statistics

Dean of the College of Cardinals and elected Pope: Benedict XVI (b. 1927)

Sub-dean: Angelo Sodano (b. 1927)

Camerlango: Eduardo Martínez Somalo (b. 1928)

Protopriest: Stephen Kim Sou-hwan (1922-2009)

Protodeacon: Jorge Medina (b. 1926)

Secretary: Fransesco Monterisi (b. 1934)


Absent cardinals:

Jaime Sin (1928-2005)

Adolfo Suárez Rivera (1927-2008)


2013 Papal Conclave statistics

Elected Pope: Francis (b. 1937)

Dean of the College of Cardinals: Angelo Sodano (b. 1927)

Sub-dean: Roger Etchegaray (1922-2019)

Camerlango: Tarcisio Bertone (b. 1934)

Protopriest: Paulo Evaristo Arns (1921-2016)

Protodeacon: Jean-Louis Tauran (1943-2018)

Secretary: Lorenzo Baldisseri (b. 1940)


Absent cardinals:

Julius Darmaatmadja (b. 1934)

Keith O'Brien (1938-2018)

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