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    I took a brief moment to contemplate that name. I am now appreciating the decency of my parents to have named me anything else but that. I think you guys should as well.
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    A group of woman's football fans then. Be painful though.
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    Isn't that the bunch-of-wankers sign he's making? Happy birthday, Ronnie. regards, Hein
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    The death of Sean Sasser, American HIV-activist, was announced yesterday. He died at age 44. Maybe he is better known for being the boyfriend of Pedro Zamora, who was one of the first openly gay men with AIDS to be portrayed in popular media. Together with Sean Sasser he brought international attention to HIV/AIDS and LGBT issues and prejudices through his appearance on MTV’s reality television series The Real World: San Francisco. I remember I was crying the whole time when MTV broadcasted a Tribute to Pedro Zamora, a special memorial program, in his honor. He was 22 years old, when he lost his battle to AIDS on November 11, 1994. http://www.queerty.com/breaking-sean-sasser-aids-activist-dead-at-44-20130807/
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    World chess number 84 Igor Kurnosov dead at 28 after being hit by a car while crossing the road. Clearly should have looked for a better opening.
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    Haha that's priceless. They've even managed to find a picture of her looking like the female version of Victor Meldrew.
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    Here is the cover of the US tabloid that sparked the story: They're back! They have really outdone themselves with this new headline: :D
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    The train robbers did not murder anyone. Yes Jack Mills got hurt, but he seemed fairly alive and clear in his mind during the trial (you can see some footage of it in various old documentaries about the robbery). Mills died of leukaemia a little less than 7 years AFTER the Great Train Robbery, so please no bollocks here that any of the train robbers murdered anyone during the Great Train Robbery, because they did NOT. Maybe research the story a bit better next time before accusing people of things that they did not do. Must of touched a nerve. lol i never said they murdered someone during the great train robbery , they inflicted bodily damage that IMO lead to their deaths several years later. jack mills had constant headaches for the rest of his life and died 7 years later. Also what about david whitby 25 at the time suffered an assault and subsequent rough treatment and never recovered from his ordeal. He had a heart attack at 34. So ok they never murdered anyone just committed one of the biggest ever robberies and ruined two innocent people's lives with violence .
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    LEGEND; I gave him a big up and played some of his music on a (pre-recorded) radio show recently. Still haven't broadcast that one. Thanks MPFC, I played their version "Where have all the flowers gone" and "Heads down, No Nonsense, Mindless Boogie" on a couple of radio shows that I guested on a couple of years ago here in Minneapolis. Aye It's "Heads Down No Nonesense..." for me in a triple shot with the Bonzo's "Jazz: Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold" and the utterly under-rated "Sick Man Blues" by The Goodies.
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    Just when I thought I'd heard it all, someone claims Theodor Adorno was the brains behind the Beatles: http://www.progarchives.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=61084&title=whos-the-brain-behind-the-beatles
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