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    You have actually pretty much WON Deathlist.
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    Bonjour! I'm originally from Bradford, Yorkshire but now live in Maidstone, Kent. Used to live in Walmer (about eight miles from Dover) and could see the French coast from my bathroom window. I've seen VĂ©ronique Sanson live around six or seven times (and have met her - she wasn't impressed with my French!) so it's not like I've never seen her or not had the chance to, unlike France Gall, but hope all goes well for her. France has lost too many big names in recent times.
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    I just saw your personal DeathList, and I'd like to inform you that Barbara Sinatra passed away in July. Just wanted to let you know.
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    Hilary Clinton is pretty hot for someone nearly 70 yrs
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    Did a third-grader design the new DeathList front page or was it a fourth-grader?
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    evrybody in earth kill themselfes, amirite? and then we annihilate Con Dolence, cuz fuck 'hm. looooooool hahahahahahahahah
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    Thank you for speaking the truth about Omicron.
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    Preparing for 2017: http://freetexthost.com/qnf4y0lsym
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