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  1. JR976evil

    21. Joss Ackland

    Not to mention he was a highly ubiquitous voiceover artist during the 70s and 80s, his dulcet tones can be heard in countless classic ads and PIFs from said era, like the Yellow Pages ads including JR Hartley etc
  2. JR976evil

    The 3rd Death of 2023

    Al Fayed
  3. JR976evil

    The 2nd Death of 2023

    Wagner, purely on the basis that if he goes next we can say we’ve got our Number Two
  4. JR976evil

    34. General Pervez Musharraf

    Corruption and controversy?? In Pakistan?? Surely some mistake
  5. JR976evil

    Esther Rantzen

    Ah well, that’s life!
  6. JR976evil

    The Baldwin Brothers

    Well it’s not a great advert for your flying services, unless one specifically requests the beheading of Vietnamese kids
  7. JR976evil

    The Baldwin Brothers

    You may well be right, no one ever did any jail time over the Twilight Zone movie crash after all
  8. JR976evil

    The Baldwin Brothers

    They’ve already settled with the family. Maybe a jumped up DA looking to make a name for herself?
  9. JR976evil

    13. Robert Wagner

    Do you reckon that if Wagner had been black they would have thrown him in jail??
  10. JR976evil

    13. Robert Wagner

    Not necessarily, one might argue that is all simply a calculated effort on his part to avoid arousing suspicion. Not to say i necessarily believe that he is guilty of anything, just saying
  11. JR976evil


    He’s flaky sure but he sure has paid the price over the years for making roids cool
  12. JR976evil

    The 1st Death of 2023

  13. JR976evil

    45. Mohamed Al-Fayed

    Surprised he hasn’t weighed in on the Royal controversies of late, he used to never miss a trick
  14. JR976evil

    13. Robert Wagner

    It’s simple; one enjoys sailing, the other likes shooting…
  15. JR976evil


    She’d come a long way from Ramsay Street

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