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  1. The 5th Death of 2018

    Bless he’s getting lonely already
  2. Big Brother

    Was trying to think of a decent pun but I came up short
  3. 15. Tessa Jowell

    So she may actually turn out to have been of some use after all
  4. Ideas and Possibilities for 2019

    Whilst watching the Stephen Lawrence doc on BBC looked up former judge William MacPherson, author of the MacPherson report into the bungled original investigation. Now aged 92 and would surely generate major news coverage as said report is considered a major landmark in British legal history
  5. The 5th Death of 2018

    Good you should stay away from designer drugs
  6. The 5th Death of 2018

    I’m Spartacus
  7. Bill Cosby

    There’s never a chloroform soaked rag around when you need one
  8. 15. Tessa Jowell

    Maybe that’ll be our Leah’s next move
  9. Kenny Rogers

    Maybe someone’s having a touch of the Glen Campbell’s...
  10. 2. Leah Bracknell

    Drying out somewhere without internet access?
  11. Peter Kay

    Except the Yanks presumably can’t tell Peter Kay from King Ralph
  12. Peter Kay

    The prospect of no further Max and Paddy episodes is a definite positive
  13. Dead Drummers

    Well I guess he’ll have been pretty thoroughly “wormed” by now
  14. 49. Paul Gascoigne

    Gazza’s sperm probably couldn’t find its way to the egg, too busy throwing up in the lungs
  15. Wrestlers/actors

    Or it could be due to the fact that the barely mobile, fifty something Big Daddy was still being billed as the star attraction, and by that point was reduced to tag matches where his partner had to do all the work. British wrestling was a joke when it was axed off ITV in 1988, had become a piss-poor no-budget WWF knock off with lame angles like Kendo Nagasaki ‘hypnotising’ his opponents