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  1. JR976evil


    Unfortunately for Nikolai, it’s not the land of free healthcare
  2. JR976evil


    Only just saw the tribute on Raw. He won’t be bodyslamming any more policewomen at least
  3. JR976evil


    Can’t have been that good if he made it to 90
  4. JR976evil

    5. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Not the National Enquirer by any chance??
  5. JR976evil

    13. Stan Lee

    Sounds as lucid as one could reasonably expect a mentally alert 95 year old to be
  6. JR976evil

    2. Leah Bracknell

    Does cloud cuckoo land actually have a set geographical point?
  7. JR976evil

    The 7th Death of 2018

    Unfortunate for her...
  8. JR976evil

    The 7th Death of 2018

    Sure he’ll enjoy the hospitality of the Russian constabulary
  9. JR976evil

    The 7th Death of 2018

    Denis Norden to be Un-Alright on the Night
  10. JR976evil

    The 7th Death of 2018

    I think you must be on the same Kool Aid as Leah frankly, we’ve got 4 centenarians and several candidates with advanced terminal conditions
  11. JR976evil

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    He’s been mentioned in other threads, but Leslie Schofield, who played Jeff Healy in EE from 1997-2000, and appeared earlier in it as one of Pat’s numerous husbands, as well as Star Wars and seemed to appear in almost every other show from the late 60s onwards, might be worth keeping an eye on. Turns 80 in December but doesn’t appear to have done anything acting-wise since 2006, assuming he’s retired unless anyone knows otherwise?
  12. JR976evil

    Life In Prison

    If the afterlife really is like that then it means the fundamentalists are right and we are all for it
  13. JR976evil

    5. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    Then Phil gets a little overexuberant in his celebrations and it’s a great time for all hardcore republicans/England supporters
  14. JR976evil

    Baddiel & Skinner Unplanned

    How to make a shit song even worse. The only song I want to hear from Michael McIntyre is his screaming as he is lowered into an industrial sized meat grinder

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