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  1. JR976evil

    32. Prunella Scales

    Nah, winter flu or covid could do for her just as easy
  2. JR976evil

    4. Bob Barker

    I imagine ole Bob does somewhat better than that in his stocking
  3. JR976evil

    Roberta Flack

    ALS is Killing Her Softly
  4. JR976evil

    26. James Whale

    Perhaps the whole movement is in fact being orchestrated by MI5, to act as an agent provocateur to enrage the public and discredit the eco-movement?
  5. JR976evil

    The 14th Death of 2022

    Bob Barker, come on down!
  6. JR976evil

    The 12th Death of 2022

    Douglas Hurd
  7. JR976evil

    Alex Higgins (And Snooker)

    Sad that he feels he has to keep up with these hipsters
  8. JR976evil

    The 10th death of 2022

    Based on the fact that he’s ancient
  9. JR976evil

    The 10th death of 2022

    Chomsky the old pinko commie lover
  10. JR976evil

    Brian Murphy

    Well his son is probably a waste of space in fairness
  11. JR976evil

    17. Sir David Attenborough

    I never realised he liked going au naturel
  12. JR976evil

    The 9th death of 2022

    Went for Rosalyn
  13. JR976evil

    48. Jean-Luc Godard

    Admins not woken up yet?!
  14. JR976evil

    Hollywood Possibilities

    No need to be rude
  15. JR976evil

    The 7th death of 2022

    Whale to be beached

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