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  1. JR976evil

    38. Sean Connery

    He must’ve specified Asian but they had no females available
  2. JR976evil

    19. Prunella Scales

    Ever Decreasing Circles has always been a favourite of mine, Home to Roost is a good one too
  3. JR976evil

    H-h-h-h-hancock's Half Hour

    When was Rolf Harris involved??
  4. JR976evil

    John McCririck

    If he knew about this site he would probably relish being on the list, give him a chance to defy the odds
  5. JR976evil

    Life In Prison

    She’s still going to hell
  6. JR976evil

    The 11th Death of 2018

    Gone for him too, keeping it Gallic
  7. JR976evil

    Dawn French

  8. JR976evil

    Dawn French

    It’s the Mugabe guarantee
  9. JR976evil

    The 10th Death of 2018

  10. JR976evil

    Katie Hopkins

    That’s the sort of thing they may have to resort to from now on, not that she’s frugal or resourceful enough. I’m sure she’d rather pimp out her children than ever set foot in a charity shop the stuck up cunt
  11. JR976evil

    The 10th Death of 2018

    Went for Doris Day. Whatever will be, will be...
  12. JR976evil

    Dead Pop Stars

    Saw him live in June and honestly he didn’t seem to look too bad
  13. JR976evil

    Katie Hopkins

    Must’ve been before the advent of online shopping if she actually had to get off her fat arse
  14. JR976evil

    Katie Hopkins

    She’s basically what Julie Burchill (who I also can’t stand and will probably die before long ) was to the previous generation, a provocateur with a big gob but nothing of value to say

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