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Found 688 results

  1. Anubis the Jackal

    Ibrahim Rugova

    Ibrahim Rugova President of Kosovo.
  2. Phantom

    Baron Forte

    How about Charles Forte as a possibility for next year if he makes it to the end of this year? According to Wikipedia, he'll be 98 this year
  3. Tempus Fugit

    Tony Banks

    The BBC are reporting that Tony Banks is gravely ill, having suffered a stroke.
  4. Brinsworth House Baiter

    James MacArthur

    James MacArthur, Dan Williams from Hawaii Five O, is sixty nine. As far as I can find out, he doesn't appear to be in any imminent danger or bad health, but maybe one to keep an eye on?
  5. Teddy

    Lou Rawls

    Lou Rawls justifies the Committee's decision to make him favourite for the top spot, with his death today. Please post any comments here.
  6. Our Sole

    Lord Merlyn-Rees

    LATEST: Lord Merlyn-Rees, senior Labour politician, dies aged 85. More soon. From BBC website....
  7. Guest

    Rosa Parks Dead At 92

    Just been reported that veteran civil rights campaigner Rosa Parks has died aged 92 making 11 deaths from this years list
  8. themaninblack

    Johnny Haynes

    Johnny Haynes, the former England Captain and Fulham legend is seriously ill in an Edinburgh hospital...
  9. maryportfuncity

    Richard Todd

    Ageing 'British' actor - despite being born in Dublin 11 June 1919. Two of his sons have committed suicide by shooting themselves in the head in the last few years. The most recent a couple of weeks back. RT looked manly enough in The Dam Busters but surely, an ageing luvvie can only take so much.
  10. Lady Die

    Mo Mowlam

  11. Zeppelin


    Bob Denver, better known as 'Gilligan' died at age 70 due to complications from treatment he was receiving for cancer. This is another important death in 1 week that both deal with cancer in somehow. He wasn't on the death list of 2005 but who would've see him going so soon? -s
  12. Death in Pixie Boots

    Rodney Dangerfield

    Hello my death list darlings I am ever so keen on that gorgeous charmer Rodney Dangerfield, what a man, what a hunk, what a dead cert for 2004. Any views yourselves? Death comes to us all wearing pixie boots
  13. "Labour Party peer Lord Whaddon died in hospital from a stroke on Tuesday night, it has been reported" The 78-year-old former MP who had been suffering from ill health died in Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, his daughter Eve-Ann Prentice said.
  14. LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Matthew McGrory, the deep-voiced 7-foot-plus actor who moved from appearances on Howard Stern's radio show to a high-profile role as a gentle giant in the movie "Big Fish," has died. He was 32. very sad news
  15. little sister

    Barbara Bel Geddes

    I have no idea why (and I don't think I want to know) but last night in the middle of my dream in popped Barbara Bel Geddes. A quick trawl for info shows she's 82, and reminded me that she took a year out from Miss Eliie in the '80's to have quadruple heart bypass surgery, and hasn't seemed to have done anything noteworthy since 1990. Just wondered of she was enjoying retirement, or resting on doc's orders?????? love and kisses little sister ( in need of sleep)
  16. millwall32

    Ibrahim Ferrer

    Ibrahim Ferrer , he of the little white cap who sang latterly in the Buena Vista Social Club, died at the weeekend. Got no news coverage because of Robin Cook dying.
  17. maryportfuncity

    Long John Baldry

    Dead today, been living and working in Canada for the last 25 years but will still be missed all over the place. Let the heartaches begin.
  18. Guest

    Emlyn Hughes

    In case this chap has slipped through your net, Emlyn Hughes, former Liverpool and England soccer captain from the 70s has brain cancer, which is almost always fatal. A good bet for next year I reckon. WDYT?
  19. Guest

    Ralph Edwards

    b. 1913, host of "This Is Your Life"
  20. BrunoBrimley

    Frank Perdue

    Sad news Frankie Perdue has died. Purported and oft misreported cause of death was unsubstantiated at best, leaving us knowing only that he indeed did go to the poultry house in the sky. There seem to be at least these few things which are known. his last meal was chicken. he was not chicken himself and was heard to utter in his last moments: "cluck cluck cluck" as one of his 'lightly seasoned and coated tenders' lodged in his throat. Loosely translated this meant that he was aware that he was going to the hen house, and from his actions he made no attempt to stop it from happening not even cracking open a bottle of Wishbone dressing. His next statement was less understood but it is known he shall never make another peep. I wonder if he'll still be head rooster.
  21. BrunoBrimley

    Barney Is Dead

    Barney Martin the actor who portrayed the father Morty on the lackluster Jerry Seinfeld television show has died. According to reports the 82 year old man succumbed to cancer. Rumor has it though he was forced to watch all the episodes of the program and that the strain was too much for him. http://abcnews.go.co...Story?id=610893
  22. Guest

    Betsy Cronkite Dead

    Betsy Cronkite, wife of Death Lister Walter Cronkite, died last night after a battle with cancer at the age of 89. The Cronkites married in 1940 and were said to have had a very happy marriage. Typically, after the death of a much-beloved spouse, the widow or widower dies soon after.
  23. Poetry Man

    David Kossoff

    How sad to hear of David Kosoff's demise, especially as I thought he shifted off this mortal doobrey years ago. If only I had known, he would have been under consideration for 2005. Oh well, there is still Dame Vera. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/beds/bu...rts/4378131.stm

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