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The D-A-CH-DeathList 2024 (page 18)

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On 30/11/2022 at 15:41, Book said:

Austrian A-list actress Christiane Hörbiger has died at age 84.

Her acting career in theatre, film and television began in 1955 and has spanned over 130 film and television productions.

This is a big one in the German speaking countries!



Her sisters Elisabeth Orth (1936) and Maresa Hörbiger (1945) are still alive.


A couple of days ago, I wanted to suggest her name for next year's list, but dismissed the idea because she looked like a spring chicken compared to all those nonagenarians & centenarians on these lists... 

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Found this list of  Austrian movie stars:




Some of the famous ones who are still alive:


Senta Berger (1941)

Waltraud Haas (1927)

Lotte Ledl (1930)

Gerlinde Locker (1938)

Erni Mangold (1927)

Johanna Matz (1932)

Christine Schuberth (1944)

Nadja Tiller (1929)

Bibiana Zeller (1928)

Sybil Danning (1947)

Dagmar Koller (1939)

Klaus-Maria Brandauer (1943)

Freddy Quinn (1931)

Otto Schenk (1931)

Peter Weck (1930)

Helmut Berger (1940)

Franz Buchrieser (1937)

Karl Merkatz (1930)

Lukas Resetarits (1947)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947)

Peter Simonischek (1946)

Marianne Mendt (1945)

Marianne Nentwich (1942)

Elisabeth Orth (1936)

Christine Ostermayer (1936)

Elisabeth Trissenaar (1944)

Heidelinde Weis (1940)


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10 minutes ago, Ulitzer95 said:

Not so Süper news for his family.

Really Süper sad :(

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Actor Hans-Peter Hallwachs has died at 84:https://www.tagesschau.de/kultur/peter-hallwachs-tod-101.html


He was a well-known actor in television and on stage as well as a popular voice actor.
Hallwachs appeared in the first episode of the still-on-air crime series "Tatort", "Taxi nach Leipzig", in 1970.
His last tv appearence was a tv-series as well, "Letzte Spur Berlin".

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Of course, Benedict XVI is a hit here. A long overdue hit, but tbh I wish he had only died tomorrow ;)


On our next year's list he would have been on 7th place.

The new list will be posted soon.

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Servus, Grüezi und Hallo! :)


As you can certainly imagine, the 2022 D-A-CH list fell short of its expectations. Benedict XVI as a hit seems almost like mockery - he would have been the better first hit of 2023. The Pope - disappointing as always ;)

Well, let's look ahead, let's hope for a more productive 2023 for our little list.

This list was created by frleon, gcreptile, Prophet, TomTomTelekom, WEP and Book. Have fun! :party:



Unsere D-A-CH-Liste 2023    (12/50)  :flame:


rank/previous year/pick

01. (11) Tony Marshall, German Schlager and opera singer, *03.02.1938 - 16.02.2023  (85)

02. (06) Traute Lafenz-Page, German physician, member of resistance group “The White Rose”, *03.05.1919 - 06.03.2023  (103)

03. (09) Liselotte Pulver, Swiss actress, *11.10.1929

04. (---) Tim Lobinger, German pole vaulter, *03.09.1972 - 16.02.2023 (50)

05. (24) Marianne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, Austrian photographer and jet set expert, *09.12.1919

06. (03) Rolf Schimpf, German actor, *14.11.1924

07. (28) Martin Walser, German writer, *24.03.1927 - 26.07.2023  (96)

08. (29) Ingrid van Bergen, German actress, *15.06.1931

09. (35) Nadja Tiller, Austrian actress, *16.03.1929 - 21.02.2023  (93)

10. (---) Claudia Porsche, German politician (CDU) and academic, *06.08.1948

11. (36) Freddy Quinn, Austrian Schlager singer, *27.09.1931

12. (08) Henry Kissinger, German-American politician and diplomat, *27.05.1923 - 29.11.2023  (100)

13. (re) Hans Modrow, German politician (PDS), last premier of the GDR, *27.01.1928 - 10.02.2023  (95)

14. (---) Anita Kupsch, German film and theatre actress, *18.05.1940

15. (20) Peter Weck, Austrian film director and actor, *12.08.1930

16. (re) Jürgen Habermas, German philosopher and sociologist, *18.06.1929

17. (---) Hans Albert, German philosopher, *08.02.1921 - 24.10.2023   (102)

18. (45) Werner Michael Blumenthal, German-American economist and political advisor, *03.01.1926

19. (---) Josef Fritzl, Austrian offender, *09.04.1935

20. (re) Maria Riva, German actress and daughter of Marlene Dietrich, *13.12.1924

21. (10) Rainer Langhans, German writer, filmmaker and activist, *19.06.1940

22. (47) Eckart Dux, German film and voice actor, *19.12.1926

23. (05) Arthur Cohn, Swiss film producer, multiple Oscar winner, *04.02.1927

24. (---) Kathrin Schneider, German politician (SPD), *30.09.1962

25. (13) Mario Adorf, German-Austrian actor, *08.09.1930

26. (---) Jürgen Thormann, German film and voice actor and director, *12.02.1928

27. (---) Ralph Siegel, German record producer and songwriter, “Mr. Grand Prix”, *30.09.1945

28. (33) Janosch, German children's book author and illustrator, *11.03.1931

29. (14) Armin Mueller-Stahl, German actor, *17.12.1930

30. (31) Lothar Blumhagen, German actor and voice actor, *16.07.1927 - 10.01.2023 (95)

31. (---) Annette Rexrodt von Fircks, German besteller author, founder of health projects, *21.08.1961

32. (32) René Weller, German boxer, *21.11.1953 - 22.08.2023  (69)

33. (02) Fritz Wepper, German actor, *17.08.1941

34. (---) Nadja Seipel, German author and blogger, *18.07.1976

35. (48) Hugo Broch, German WW II Luftwaffe flight ace, *06.01.1922

36. (re) Arnulf Rainer, Austrian painter, *08.12.1929

37. (---) Franz Beckenbauer, German football player, *11.09.1945

38. (---) Dorothee Wilms, German politician (CDU), *11.10.1929

39. (---) Menahem Pressler, German pianist, founding member of Beaux Arts Trio, *16.12.1923 - 06.05.2023 (99)

40. (---) Peter Max, German-American pop art artist, *19.10.1937

41. (---) Friedrich Grade, German engineer and naval officer (U 96), *29.03.1916 - 13.10.2023  (107)

42. (---) Adolf Weiland, German politician (CDU), *14.08.1953

43. (---) Gardy Granaß, German actress, *07.01.1930

44. (---) Ursula Andress, Swiss actress, *19.03.1936

45. (---) Frank Auerbach, German-British painter, *29.04.1931

46. (---) Georg Uecker, German actor and LGBTIQ* rights activist, *06.11.1962

47. (---) Hans-Peter Korff, German actor, *24.08.1942

48. (re) Franz-Josef Wagner, German journalist and writer, *07.08.1943

49. (---) Boris Bukowski, Austrian singer and musician, *05.02.1946

50. (25) Alfred Brendel, Austrian pianist and poet, *05.01.1931

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First off all I want to thank Book for his amazing work and I'm very happy with the final result

Some thoughts on the German Deathlist:

Tony Marshall: had a major stroke which caused his kidneys to fail in 2019 then barely survived Covid and is now fully wheelchair bound, he also has some heart problems and retired last year, I still don't have the feeling that he will die this year, from my experiences in a nursing home I think this is more like the begining of a long decline and he could very well last another 2-5 years but it's also very possible that I'm wrong and because of his popularity he devinitely deserves the Number One spot

Lieselotte Pulver: lives in a nursing home and is seemingly tired of life like most people in her age group, otherwise she seems to be in a good condition and looks amazing for her age

Tim Lobinger: Has incurable blood cancer which is resistent to a chemo therapy, doctors already told him to plan his own funeral, he will devinitely die within the next three years but I'll have the strange feeling that he might barely survive 2023 out of the experience of other leukemia cases I used in different Deathpools in the past like Sinisa Mihaljovic, objectively however he will very likely die this year and is probably the best addition this year

Rolf Schimpf: I really wonder how he is even alive at this point, he's in his late 90s now, lives in a nursing home for over 12 years and can barely see or hear, I think this is finally gonna be his year

Ingrid Van Bergen: She suffered a femoral neck fracture in 2020 which has a death rate of around 50% in her age group within the first year but she recovered and can even walk again

Nadja Tiller: She catched Covid two years ago and had to spend Christmas alone, I haven't heard anything about her since then

Claudia Porsche: As the result of multiple strokes she has a progressive disease which paralyzed her, she could die from it but could also live another few years like Malcolm Young did who had a similar condition, she's still a good pick

Freddy Quinn: One of my favorite singers who has a very interesting life story, he retired after the death of his first wife in 2008 but doesn't appear to have any health issues beside his old age, he's devinitely too big to be miss but it's highly likely that he will stay on the list for another 5-10 years

Henry Kissinger: I'm relatively sure that he will die this year, he had so many health issues in the past that I can't imagine that he will turn 100 this year

Hans Modrow: Still visits party conventions of the Left Party and is a member of their elder council despite the fact that he will turn 95 soon, I give him 2-4 years but wouldn't be too surprised if he dies this year

Anita Kupsch: She has blood cancer but it appears to be treatable even though the radiation therapy stuggles her and causes a lot of pain

Peter Weck: He had a stroke last year and has to learn how to walk again, I think that in his age his recovery chances are slim and I don't think he will survive this year, he also had some other health problems in the last few years 

Josef Fritzl: Has dementia for over 13 years now and seems to be in very frail health right now, maybe he's pretending to be sicker than he actually is so that he gets released from prison but it's good to have an eye on him

Rainer Langhans: He has incurable prostate cancer for nearly 3 years now and doesn't want to get treated, however he appears to be in fine health according to his circumstances and Wolfgang Bodbach manages to survive with the same diagnosis for over 12 years now, at his age the cancer usually progresses very slow anyway, I don't think he will necessarily die this year but it's good that he stays on the list

Eckart Dux: He's one of my favorite German voice actors which is why I picked him as one of my Wildcards, he's still very active and voices actors who are about 20 years younger than him which is impressive but at his age you can never know and I have a bad feeling about him this year even though I hope I'm wrong

Kathrin Schneider: She got cancer last year, I couldn't find anything about the form of cancer she has but I assume it's not that dangerous because she plans to return to her work soon and most forms of cancer are harmless if they get detected early enough

Mario Adorf: I can't imagine that you could be healthier at his age than he is currently, he's just a little bit overweighted but otherwise he's fine and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he becomes a centenarian one day, the reason why he's even on the list is that in Germany most celebrities seem to hide their diseases from the public so we don't have that much choices to pick based on health issues alone unlike the US or the UK where celebrities basically have no private life

Jürgen Thormann: Another voice actor I picked, probably most well known for voicing Ian McKellen in the X-Men franchise, even though he visibally aged quite a bit in the last few years he's still doing fine but I have the strong feeling that one of three voice actors on the List this year (Dux, Thormann, Blumhagen) is going to die

Ralph Siegel: Has metastic prostate cancer which spread to his shoulder but the doctors told him he's not in immediate danger so Idk, I personally think he won't die this year but I wouldn't completely rule it out

Janosch: Is active and still writes books, I just read his last one which I got for my birthday last year and was a little bit disappointed, he used to be better

Armin Müller-Stahl: He's just old, he was in the hospital two years ago because of heart problems but was quickly discharged

Lothar Blumhagen: He's the most frail one out of the three voice actors I picked this year and devinitely slowed down quite a bit as he only takes like 1-3 roles a year, I think he will retire this year or next

Annette Rexrodt von Fircks: She's highly likely to die this year but technically wouldn't be qualified for the original Deathlist as she's only famous for being ill like Nadja Seipel

Rene Weller: Has dementia since 2014 which was probably caused by his boxing career, he was still quite active until 2019 but his condition has worsed a lot since then and he can't go to the toilet anymore and has troubles swallowing, if he was like 10-15 years older I'm sure he wouldn't last another year but as he's still fairly young I give him another 3-5 years

Fritz Wepper: He had cancer which was chirurgically removed but after the operation he was in a coma and it didn't looked good for him at first, he however has fully recovered since then and is currently cancer-free, he also had some other health problems in the past and struggled with Covid, while he probably won't see his 100th birthday I think he is going nowhere this year

Hugo Broch: A lot of Knight Cross recipients died in the past two years and there are only a handful of them left, I think he will die this year but I'm not too sure about that, he still gives autographs by the way

Peter Max: Has advanced Alzheimer's disease and is in his Mid-80s, a very good pick

Friedrich Grade: He's one of the most healthy centenarians I've ever saw and still drives his car, at his age you can never know and I feel like he will might die this year

Franz-Josef Wagner: Couldn't find anything about his health and he's not even 80 yet, will very likely survive 2023

Boris Bukowski: Recently beat cancer even though the chemo therapy was very hard for him and he had sleep issues from it, he's only 76 and I don't think his cancer will return anytime soon so I think he should be dropped next year

My predictions for the hits this year:

1. Henry Kissinger, 23 January

2. Marianne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, 4 April

3. Rolf Schimpf, 14 June

4. Annette Rexrodt von Fircks, 29 June

5. Maria Riva, 7 July

6. Hans Albert, 14 August 

7. Hugo Broch, 30 September 

8. Lothar Blumhagen, 8 November

9. Tim Lobinger, 25 December

10. Friedrich Grade, 28 December

Peter Weck is like 50/50 for me at that point so I didn't included him in my final prediction


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Interesting evaluation and statements about some candidates @Prophet.

The German celebrities are probably actually different from the international ones and are not as open about reporting about their health conditions.


When our list was ready I also thought about who could be a safety hit this year and I came up with 18 candidates! Wishful thinking! :lol:

Let's be optimistic for 2023! B)


Tony Marshall   16.02.2023  :skill2:

Traute Lafrenz-Page  06.03.2023  :skill2:

Tim Lobinger  16.02.2023  :skill2:

Marianne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn

Rolf Schimpf

Claudia Porsche

Henry Kissinger  29.11.2023  :skill2:

Hans Modrow   10.02.2023  :skill2:

Anita Kupsch

Werner Michael Blumenthal

Maria Riva

Rainer Langhans

René Weller  22.08.2023  :skill2:

Hugo Broch

Dorothee Wilms

Menahem Pressler  06.05.2023  :skill2:

Friedrich Grade  16.10.2023   :skill2:

Boris Bukowski (relapse)



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23 minutes ago, TomTomTelekom said:

Alpine skier Rosi Mittermeier, who won three medals at the 1976 Olympics: golds in downhill and slalom, and a silver in giant slalom, died at 72 years:


Oh, that's shocking. I do recall some breast cancer rumours, but didn't think much of it.

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On 01/01/2023 at 13:59, Prophet said:

My predictions for the hits this year:



8. Lothar Blumhagen, 8 November


A little earlier: first hit on January 10th, 2023

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32 minutes ago, Gisooo said:

German composer Clytus Gottwald (Wikidead at 97


Clytus Gottwald | Discography | Discogs

Now a decomposer!

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2 minutes ago, The Old Crem said:

Gero Storjohann, serving CDU member of the Bundestag has died aged 64. 

Are you just going to go to Wiki and post everyone they list without trying to find an obit?  a) that’s lazy as fekk and b) we’ve gone decades without pretending everyone named on Wiki is important enough for this website, what’s changed?



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2 minutes ago, Sir Creep said:

Are you just going to go to Wiki and post everyone they list without trying to find an obit?  a) that’s lazy as fekk and b) we’ve gone decades without pretending everyone named on Wiki is important enough for this website, what’s changed?



A serving member of a country’s parliament is notable enough for a thread about that country. 

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German actor Dieter Schaad, known mostly for his television roles in recent years, has died at 96: 



He played former Nazi commanders in at least three of his recent films.

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