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    Restaraunt according to this obit https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7720671/Pink-Taco-founder-Lindsay-Lohans-ex-Harry-Morton-dead-aged-just-38.html
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    What is 'pink taco'? (Obviously, I'm not going to google it).
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    Your post of the 16 June refers to the last male Sumatran; mine refers to the last of either sex. We can at least agree on the figure of approximately 80 Sumatrans extant.
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    Cecilia, you're breaking my heart.
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    Mother of John McCain, Roberta is stile alive, aged 107. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberta_McCain
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    Here's the latest on the hollow tube of nothingness Large Hardon Collider. £14 million more down the drain I like the pic at the top - have they been fixing that helium leak with tin foil?
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    So, did they picket at his funeral? Given that Heath was only playing the role of a gay cowboy, and wasn't actually gay, the whole thing sounds like so much b-s, and little more than a desperate plea for publicity.
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    Let's not forget about greatest Scottish women. My vote goes to Sheena Easton, who at one stage was topping the US pop charts, appearing (sort of) in the opening credits of a Bond film, and taking a turn as Sonny Crockett's short-lived wife on Miami Vice. A real triple threat.
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    It's just a big, empty tube. Part of a psychological experiment. The bit about particles colliding and the Big Bang and the rest is all made up, just to see how gullible the world would be.
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    Was Scotland in the final? I must have missed something.
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    Looking shambolic at Glastonbury this evening. Which is a big surprise.
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    Excellent - the type of horrible f****r who represents all that is bad in sports administration. How could this tool end up in a position whereby he could effectively decide whether the 2006 World Cup went to Germany or S. Africa? And then the gutless wretch couldn't even cast a vote. Good riddance.
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    If he dies I guess it will be Hart failure.
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    David Harts listed on Wikipedia don't - currently - include our croaking man. So, no CPDP points, then. Well, he is listed on Wikipedia, it's just there are no details about him. A Wiki Red Entry is, I believe, the official term. It's amazing how wikipedia has gone from open derision on the DL to the authorative source of all things truthful.
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    I have never heard of even one of the place names or people mentioned in this article. This guy got an OBE - for what? I suppose Mugabe's a knight, so nothing should surprise me on that front. What sort of news feeds are you tapping into there, DDT?
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    My old gym teacher from middle school had fingers so thick he had to dial a (rotary back then) phone with a pencil. He was also the part-time school bus driver, and whilst reversing on our street one time he went down a six foot ditch with me still on board. Fortunately I escaped unarmed, but was too naive to realise I could have sued the school district back to the Middle Ages. Ron Krueger he was called, possibly one of the fathers of Freddie from Elm Street.
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    At the risk of posting on a topic that may appear elsewhere (I did a search, honest), is it too much to hope for Warren Jeffs to brew up his own brand of Jim Jones kool aid, and drink the whole batch himself? Underage sects If Al Qaeda are looking for a new target that represents something hideously wrong with a side of US culture, perhaps the CIA could send them a detailed map of Schleicher County, Texas.
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    Cheer up Triple O, Michelle Williams looks great in the photo from the article, boosted dare I say by an early pregnant glow.
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    Well Windsor, there's loads of people whose deaths get posted on the DL that I'd never heard of, so you've got company. I believe the biggest grossing film he was in was A Knight's Tale. Monster's Ball was pretty widely seen, although he didn't have a major role in it. But the fact he was nominated for an academy award for best actor last year means he should be fairly well-known around the world. Made the cover of the Metro and Torygraph this morning, plenty of others as well I'd imagine. The good news is that Batman can rest easy now that The Joker's finally dead.
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    Wow, they should just give the Nobel Prize for Journalism to that Guardian correspondent, because that is the most well-researched, convincing, logical and sensibly written article ever. "Krugel, of the University of Bloemfontein, claims that his technique is able to locate a missing person anywhere in the world using only a single strand of hair." And we'll just leave it there, no explanation of what that means, how his method works, anything.
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    http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/view/16962...d-body-in-days/ “I have offered my help for free. I never charge for private readings. I’ve already assured them I will say nothing to the press", he told The Daily Star today A psychic barber? I suppose he doesn't need an appointment book.
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    The McCanns are apparently considering turning to a psychic to help in their "search" for Madeleine the McKanna's Clearly laying the groundwork for the insanity defense upon which they will ultimately rely.
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    Doug Lubahn, who played the bass on many of The Doors recording is dead at 71
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    Form Guide #17 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg After 4 cancer fights, every cough of her keeps a whole nation on alert. How many more days can she get out of her small, frail body?
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