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    She seems to be losing her hair and was decidedly looking peaky on the BBC lunchtime news.
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    Rescued this wee chap out the front of the house yesterday, gave him some kitten food and moved him to the bottom of the garden so he's well away from the road.
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    Someone has described Jo Swinson as a Meatloaf Remainer. She'll do anything but she won't do that.
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    I've been there. Me: I went to the Royal Opera House last night. Posh Lady In The Village: Oh, how lovely! What did you hear? Me: The Pet Shop Boys.
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    UKIP have a new leader. His name is Richard Braine. Yep. Dick Braine. He fought off close competition in the membership ballot from another prolific member, Ray Cist.
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    Looking at Page 3 of my copy of the Vote Leave 2016 booklet: Sorry, couldn't resist...
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    Stabbity stab stab stab...stab stab stab stab. This time it's outside the Home Office. Is Patel on holiday? Are we Priti vacant?
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    A quick list of Indian centenarians, or possible centenarians. 1)Sudhakar Chaturvedi (1897 or 1901): Claims to be a disciple of Gandhi, a famous Vedic scholar and the oldest man ever. According to more sensible sources this man was born in the mid 20s, so should be around 95 now. He probably used someone's else identity. Currently not in the best health, his family declined to let him be interviewed or seen in April, so there is a good chance he's already dead. 2)Dharam Pal Singh (1897): Claims to be the World's oldest marathon runner ever. His claims have been exposed as hoaxes multiple times, and the man was actually born in 1938, he is just using the documents of an older deceased person. But it will be funny to see him living into his 140s 3)Fauja Singh (1911): I suspect he is a fraudster, probably 10/15 years younger. Still impressive. 4)Pappukutty Bhagavathar (1913): Malayalam singer and actor who has not made a public appearance in years. He is said to be in fair health, but 106 is 106. 5)G. Venkatasubbiah (1913): Kannada lexicographer. Still goes strong as he was seen voting at last polls in April/May. 6)Saalumarada Thimmaka (1910, 1913 or 1919): Tree planter who was in uber-dire health some years ago. God knows how, she recovered and is now fairly active. 7)Aiyappan Pillai (1914): Lawyer and current VP of ruling party BJP. Still going strong, but you can say this about all of them. 8)Lambert Mascharenhas (1914): Of Portuguese descent (Goa). Journalist and Padma Shri awardee, Catholic. 9)Man Kaur (1916): Old athlete.Or claimant to be and old athlete. 10)S. I. Padmavati (1917): Cardiologist. 11)Shyam Saran Negi (1917): Indian first voter. Ever. Looks miserable. 12)Sharadchandra Shankar Shrikhande (1917): An important mathematician. 13)H. S. Doreswamy (1918): Journalist and activist 14)Philipose Mar Chrysostom (1918): Metropolitan of the Syrian Church. 15)K. R. Gowri Amma (1919): Head of a small party in Kerala, former Minister. 16)Amala Shankar (1919): famous danseuse, widow of Uday Shankar. Groan..
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    Second place now! A daily double would be great... never had one.
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    Speaking as a woman, I hate that sort of attitude. We've already had a woman trying to sort it all out, and that didn't go very well.
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    Off on a Holiday in the Sun, perhaps, the Silly Thing.
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    Coup? What the fuck are you on? Not really, it's governed by the Fixed Term Parliaments Act - implemented by a democratically elected government. We elect members of parliament. If the parliamentary mathematics changes to such a degree that a sitting government is no longer able to form a government then the same process that has existed for generations and is now solidified in law would be used to form or not form a new government. Most of the rest of Europe have similar mechanisms in place to prevent repeated elections during periods of unstable and fragmented government. First past the post is not a democratic system anyway. Get used to it because when common sense prevails and proportional representation is implemented it will be a accepted part of life.
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    If no one else is able, I should be able to do a scoreboard for 2018. I'd have most likely said no if circumstances were different but currently I'm in the "looking for a job" state which while dreary to be in, does mean I have the extra time. Plus there seems to be a bit of a lull for deadpool-relevant deaths (cue Blanco and Ricksen going tomorrow then), and having my HPDP framework in my Excel file will make rosters/scores for further years smoother to implement.
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    Heart shattered apparently, yet somehow alive: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7354279/Shannen-Doherty-says-heart-shattered-sudden-death-beloved-horse-Picasso.html
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    This place is much less entertaining in his absence.
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    Even if you don’t get a daily double, you have the youngest hit now...
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    Two vultures board an airplane, each carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at them and says, "I'm sorry, gentlemen, only one carrion allowed per passenger."
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    To be fair if Robert Maxwell did fake his own death he could have been around during the time of some of Ghislaine's supposed offences with Epstein. There must be an island somewhere full of all these disgraced former politicians and socialites who suddenly disappear/die as soon as the debtors turn up. Maybe Lord Lucan runs and underworld black market in this sort of stuff to fund his African retirement? Advert reads: Inthshit UnLtd "Lucan to get away for a while?" Pigeons accepted as correspondence.
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    Yes it is a little known fact that during the Irish Potato Famine the whole Irish Hurling League had to be suspended as the players refused to play as they were not receiving their wages. Also if they ever committed an indiscretion they used to get fined through their wages and is where the expression 'a chip off the old block' originated.
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    https://deadline.com/2019/07/alfred-molina-feature-directorial-debut-lilian-1202657196/ Jill's husband actor Alfred Molina is to make /direct a film of a novel that Jill wrote called Lilian.
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    We can be whatever we want to be nowadays, so they tell me. I might have decided to be one of these transgender individuals.
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    "They still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart. Please respect their process and privacy."
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    Will her pallbearers be ‘Title holders’ ? I’ll get me coat....
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    Thanks for posting; that was a good watch. She's a wonderful lady, and it's going to suck big-time when she goes. Maybe she can pull a Valerie Harper and live for much longer than people expect.
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