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    Had a diagnosis of Cancer at the back of my tongue last October, and was told it was big, I left it too long, and recovery was nowhere near a given. So had all remaining teeth removed to remove risk of infection during treatment, six weeks of daily radiotherapy, 4 chemo cycles, 18 days on and off in hospital when stomach packed up, and brain frying was at its worst. I had my 3 month scan after treatment finish, and DONE IT !! BEAT THE FUCKER !! CANCER FREE. Right choice not playing Deathlist cup because of it, as I was away with the fairies end of February...hang on who am I kidding I would have got that far !!!! Anyways, need op to have my jaw sorted out after tooth op issues, and replacement teeth at some stage when covid buggers off, cant eat a lot of foods, cant drink alcohol cos it hurts mouth too much, got little taste or smell and a load of other things not right yet. but hell, I can deal with all that shit. Anyone else got some positive stories about themselves or families, Covid recoveries etc, please add them. Forum topic in an Inverse Stylee.
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    Shortly after retiring in 2014 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer but due to regular screenings it was caught early and surgery took care of it. Last year my wife had breast cancer but once again it was caught early and her surgery and follow up treatment went well. I am thankful for the testing our doctors did and for the surgeons who performed so well.
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    Reet gang - in business and fully loaded Battle is commenced (assuming all 21 of the tottering talent still holds a pulse) 1. Tommy Palmer (Joey Russ) 2. Peter Tobin (The Old Lady) 3. Ernest Angley (Torva Messor) 4. Dr. Rebecca Shadowen (GC Reptile) 5. Killer Tim Brooks (Captain Chorizo) 6. Derek Draper (Book) 7. Bhanwarlal Meghwal (Drol) 8. Willie Thorne (Toast) 9. June Spencer (Bibliogryphon) 10. Anne Buydens Douglas (Great Uncle Bulgaria) 11. Kane Tanaka (The Engineer) 12. Vera Lynn (The Old Crem) 13. Frank Ifield (YoungWillz) 14. Sumner Redstone (Death Impends) 15. Bob Dole (MSC) 16. Glenn Keast (Miracle Aligner) 17. Ruthie Thompson (Chilean Way) 18. Lee Teng Hui (Perhaps) 19. Neddy Smith (Skinny Kiltrunner) 20. Leslie Philips (TherewillbeDeaths7) 21. Tom Smith (Maryportfuncity)
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    That photo is from her 90th birthday. You have to do a fair bit of searching but you get there in the end. So it's from 2006.
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    The horse is a 14-year-old fell pony called Fern. Not the first time a Royal has ridden a 14-year-old.
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    We're straying towards my favourite topic of Children in Need and all that wank when multi multi millionaires give their time for free so that the poor folk of Britain can contribute their last £20 each to tot up to £20m that the celebrities and sportsmen could just have coughed up so we could watch something decent on the TV instead of a pile of shite. And whilst I'm totally off topic on this topic all these other fuck big organisations like M&S and McDonalds and British Airways turn up with their massive cheques that are actually our fucking money that we dropped in all the tins and bags etc etc in their stores, planes, restaurants etc during the year. Whole thing is a rape of the poor to give to the poorer and even more unfortunate. And if these charities are important, same with Help the Heroes - these guys and gals got injured on our behalf, then the government should be funding them properly out of the taxes that the poor of Britain have already paid. And if they are not important then they shouldn't exist (most of them are important and should exist but should be funded properly). That would also mean that you wouldn't have to spend about an hour a week forking out money to wankers doing sponsored exercise which they want to do anyway. Perhaps if we eliminated all the above then when the real evil cunts who try and get their kids sponsored to go and Walk the Great Wall of China or go on the trip of a lifetime to South America or summat then those fuckers would stand out like a sore thumb and everyone would tell them to go fuck themselves and pay for their own kids fucking holidays like the rest of us. Rant over - the conversation may return back to Willie Thorne and his health and gambling.
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    Am afraid I can confirm it is true via his son. I thought Terence Frisby's son might know as Danvers was his godfather and sure enough... Nice tribute to a fighter here imo. EDIT - note for the search engine - Actor Ivor Danvers dead.
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    Pfft, can't even get a hit by the second day? Bunch of amateurs.
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    The Rules. Victor Blom won't take any nonsense, and neither will I! You pick 25 names. That's it. Then the game runner allocates a playing card from Random.org to each of your picks in the order you list them. If your pick dies within the period of the game you gain 100 points. Bonuses are awarded for poker hands as follows: High Card (i.e. an Ace) - 5 Points Pair (Two cards of same value) - 10 Points Two Pair (Two Cards of same value plus two cards of a separate value) - 15 Points Three of a Kind (Three of same value) - 20 Points Straight (5 Cards of any suit forming a sequence e.g. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) - 30 Points Flush (5 Cards of any value of the same suit) - 40 Points Full House (Three cards of the same value, and two of another value) - 80 Points Four of a Kind (Four cards of the same value) - 100 Points Straight Flush including a Royal Flush (Five cards forming a sequence of the same suit) - 150 points. Bonuses are cumulative. So say early on you gain say, a pair. If you subsequently gain another pair you would get the bonus for the second pair (10 points) plus the bonus for two pair (15 Points). If you made a straight, say 5-6-7-8-9, then hit a sixth death with a 10 allocated, you would gain an additional straight bonus for 6-7-8-9-10. Winner has the most points at the end of the game. DDP Obit rules in force from time to time would apply. No Jokers or Uniques rules. I am including one Black Joker and one Red Joker in the possible cards you can draw. If you draw such a card in your main team, you will receive 50 Additional Bonus Points for the hit if your pick dies. You are able to nominate at any time during the game a card THAT YOU HAVE NOT DRAWN FOR ANY OTHER PICK as a substitute for a Joker, whose pick has died. You will still receive 50 points for a Joker in any event, but you can then use your substitute nominated card to make straights or flushes for example (you still need to have your Joker Pick die for it to count). Once you have nominated the substitute card, you cannot change the nomination again - only one substitute card per Joker. NEW RULE: You must play your Joker, if you have a hit with one, by the end of St Andrews Day (30 November 2020). If you hit with a Joker after 30 November, you have 2 days or up until 31 December 2020 (whichever is earlier), to nominate your substitute card. Only persons notable in their own right, famous for a contribution of some kind are allowed. They must be aged 18 and over on or before 30 June 2020 and human. Members of the Illuminati considered reptilian will be deemed to be human for the purposes of this game. Entries must be received and validated by me by 11:59 pm (BST) on 30 June 2020. The bonuses are so valuable and cumulative that FFBI picks and persons with reflected fame only (PRF) will be excluded. FFBI and PRF are in the opinion of the game runner. The FFBI rule basically excludes anyone famous or infamous for their illness or anything consequential to their illness. This therefore in general excludes campaigners, fundraisers, bloggers, authors of books on their illness and the like. So for example Deborah James is excluded, despite being a BBC presenter as she only seems to have got the job as a result of her cancer. PRF excludes family members, hangers on and the like who in the opinion of the game runner has fame as a result of someone else's fame, but does not exclude such persons if they have a claim to fame themselves separate and distinct from any additional reflected fame (for example, the murderer of a famous person would not fall foul of the PRF rule). Consideration will be given on a case by case basis, but competitors are actively discouraged from giving the game runner a hard time! Do not actively seek loopholes! If one is found, the game runner will be sole arbiter. Death row inmates or anyone under sentence of death whether at the start of the game or for its duration are excluded completely. With regard to terrorists of any hue, confirmation in a qualifying obit of their death by the terrorist organisation to which they belong will suffice. The Strickland/Lucan Rule excludes anyone missing as at the start of the game, or anyone who might be dead and who is officially declared to be dead during the game by judicial or other authority under presumption of death laws. For the avoidance of doubt, someone who famous simply for their longevity (e.g. supercentenarian, oldest person in a country) is included, but they must still obviously garner a qualifying obit. NEW EXCITING RULE: At the end of each month, all players will be invited over to the Card Roulette Table. As host I will draw an equivalent number of cards from Random.org IN ONE GO from one pack to the number of teams participating. That draw will be posted on the thread and players will receive a number of points based on their position in the field. For example, I will always get the first card, as my team shall be first to be posted, second team in gets card 2 and so on. The value attributed to each card will be the same as those for a substitute outlined below (Ace high = 14 points, King = 13 points, etc etc down to a deuce = 2 Points). So if there are 30 teams, 30 cards are drawn and allocated, so your timing of putting your team in may be crucial. The game will open on 1 July 2020 and deaths on 1 July according to official sources up to and including 31 December 2020 will count. Therefore a pick who is subsequently found to have died before commencement but after the game has started is excluded and a substitute will be inserted in place of that person (if a sub has been provided by the player). The game will be terminated at midnight on the turn between 7/8 January 2021, to allow time for news of death to be published (the Dietz-Werner Steck rule). It is recommended that you consider up to 5 substitutes along with your team. If a substitute dies without making it into your main team for any reason, the game runner will draw a card from Random.org on being notified of their death and gaining a qualifying obit and you will gain additional points equivalent to the value of that card (Ace high = 14 points, King = 13 points, etc etc down to a deuce = 2 Points). Your sub card will not count towards bonuses however, and it does not gain the 100 point death award. The game runner will be allowed to enter a team. That team will be published in the thread at commencement of opening entries, but to avoid influence (the Toast Rule) an x will represent a letter of the person's name, but the cards allocated will be revealed, for example: XXX XXXXXXXXXXX - 5 Spades would be revealed at the start of the game as Roy Barraclough - 5 Spades.   Good Luck!
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    From Sickipedia, but I'd say the poster has a point So we have had three wankers seriously hurt jumping off a cliff at Durdle door into the sea ...crowds on the beach had to be told to move so the air ambulance could land. 70 mongs stranded on a sandbank at Fleetwood Lancs when the tide came in and had to be rescued. Moorland fires at Longridge Preston and Winter hill near Bolton needing aircraft dumping water from Belmont reservoir...the cause a discarded disposable barbecue. They say one of the factors in the high death toll in the England is because of the dense population... They're not fucking wrong.
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    She’s not a survivor but my aunt lived with stage 4 pancreatic cancer for a little more than 8 years. She was a fighter.
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    Welcome one and all to the fourth annual Poker Tournament! Once again, we throw the doors open to the Casino, situated precariously on a cliff's edge, below a high water dam, just beyond the forest. Sauna facilities provided free for the weary waits between hits! I'll say again, you don't need to know how to play poker or even be interested in cards - just know that you will be well catered for and looked after during your 6 month incarceration in the palace of pleasure! And there is a new addition to the rules just to keep you interested, and which will ensure nobody walks away with zero points! (Not that it has ever happened, but I will not have a first time!) So come on in! If you are not in it, you don't win it! It's the most random, most exciting and easily played Deadpool opening on 1st July! Your humble servant.
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    If the first round ends within the next five years, could someone please @me so that I don't miss the second round as well?
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    I guess they didn't have herd immunity then.
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    A year without a post, must be going swell for him. 90 today!!!
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    Of course there is. Old people often die suddenly, even if they are fit and active. Example: Charles Aznavour.
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    Update (At last) 1st (Joint) Book 3 ( Marie Frederiksen, Genesis P-Orridge ,Michael Robinson) msc 3 (Derek Acorah ,Genesis P Orridge ,Michael Robinson) 3rd (Joint) Clorox Bleachman 2 ( Genesis P-Orridge ,Michael Robinson) gcreptile 2 (Genesis P-Orridge,Michael Robinson) Skinny Kiltrunner 2 (Genesis P-Orridge,Michael Robinson). Toast 2 (Marie Frederiksen,Genesis P-Orridge) 7th(Joint) Handrejka 1 ( Genesis P-Orridge ) Last (Everyone else) List of qualifying deaths: Marie Frederiksen 30th May 1958-9th December 2019 (61) Derek Acorah 27th January 1950_3rd January 2020 (69) Genesis P-Orridge 22nd February 1950- 14th March 2020 (70) Michael Robinson 12th July1958- 28th April 2020 (61) Non qualifying hits: Holly Clegg 23rd August1955- 1st November 2019 (64) Tom Lyle 2nd November 1953- 19th November 2019 (66) Kate Figes 6th November 1957- 7th December 2019 (62) Ron Hogg 1st October 1951-17th December 2019 (68) Any mistakes let me know.
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    Avoiding the beaches, Arthur and Hilda went for a nice walk in the dales...... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-52869060?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/localnews/2641435-northallerton/0&link_location=live-reporting-story
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    Herbert Stempel, whistleblower immortalised in Quiz Show, dead: https://www.lmtonline.com/news/article/Herbert-Stempel-whistleblower-in-quiz-show-15306775.php
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    At 103 she could go at any time sadly. But what a life she has had and unlike some of the ancients who have graced the list she has clearly enjoyed decent health in extreme old age so has hopefully been aware of and enjoyed being a centenarian. Ultimately in the lottery of life that's as good as it gets.
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    Surely it will be more significant when they post pictures of somebody else taking out his trash
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    We didn’t beat the virus. Just that the world leaders are massive idiots.
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