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    drol, my thoughts are with you and yours at this time. Sincerest condolences. Maybe somewhere, somehow, your dad, Biblio's dad and my dad are looking down on us, sayng "So that's why they were on their computer!" Quite the time for the three of us.
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    Update time! I was glad to see that we kind of hit every "old person death" that we got in the past 3-4 weeks - well, except for Prem Tinsunalonda, as far as I can tell. Paul Darrow, Thad Cochran, Judith Kerr, Bart Starr, Claus Van Bülow. Plus belated obits for Tommy Donbavand and Mary Stopes-Roe. The former puts DDT at 2nd place. And I was disappointed to find out that I hadn't picked him - but well, there you see my december research that made me pick him for the B-team, but not here, as this team was assembled on December 1st. Mary Stopes-Roe gives Pedro a welcome hit, but he also has two more people now waiting for obits: Robin Herd and Norman Dewis. They should get them, in my opinion. And in terms of number of hits, Pedro will be quite up there. I also added Bob Hawke's points for Skinny Kiltrunner. That eluded me the last time. And as I have to leave the computer soon, there might be an omission here and there. If you notice mistakes, tell me. 1 Death Impends 769 2 Devon Death Trip 739 3 GCReptile 725 4 Phantom of the Midway 694 5 Cpt Chorizo 678 6 Clorox Bleachman 651 7 msc 623 8 Banana 621 9 Joey Russ 620 10 drol 571 11 Skinny Kiltrunner 511 11 Sir Creep 511 13 Grim Up North 434 14 YoungWillz 297 15 Yorkshire Banker 230 16 Prophet 186 17 The mad hatter 177 18 markb4 172 19 Gooseberry Crumble 157 20 Fixed Business 151 21 Grave Danger 145 22 theoldlady 134 23 Book 129 24 Pedro 67 117 25 John Key 108 26 Deathray 95 27 The old crem 93 28 The Unknown Man 48 29 Bibliogryphon 41 30 The Quim Reaper 33 Again, the reminder: Replacement period is soon!
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    The leadership candidates therefore are: Foreign Secretary Jeremy C**t Former Chief Whip Mark C**t Environment Secretary Michael C**t Health Secretary Matt C**t Home Secretary Sajid C**t Former Foreign Secretary Boris C**t Former Leader of the House Andrea C**t Former Work and Pensions Secretary Esther C**t Former Brexit Secretary Dominic C**t International Development Secretary Rory C**t Shamelessly pinched from a mate on facefuck.
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    If I was, do you think Michel Delpech would have blanked?
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    Third DL-birthday in a row, today it's Tony Britton's:
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    So sorry for your loss, drol. I like YW's thought about the three Dads.
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    Rastus and Jerome, a couple of proud big black men were invited to a costume party where they had to come dressed as an emotion. When they arrived their hostess greeted them at the door and her jaw dropped seeing Rastus stark bollocks naked except for a carton of custard over his cock. Jerome was naked too with his modesty preserved by nothing more than a pear. "Oh my!" she exclaimed, "But what emotions are you?" Rastus went "Well I'm FUCKING DISGUSTED", and Jerome added "And I'm DEEP IN DESPAIR!"
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    I'll just say, as I usually do, that ALL deaths should be posted in this thread, as well as in their specialised thread(s). I can't see the point of having it otherwise. But not many seem to agree with me.
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    James P McMullan, pick for Dallas for Sir C and GUN, obit: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/jim-mcmullan-dead-actor-dallas-downhill-racer-was-82-1216178
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    And once again we have a row back from the source, now saying Grunewald is resting peacefully. Link above now takes you to an update page, rather than a "fuck, she's dead" page. It's getting ridiculous. If someone's dead, that's generally a fact that can be reported. Implying she's died from an Instagram post doesn't cut it, Women's Health.
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    Is back to teaching Sunday school classes! https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-jimmy-carter-sunday-school-hip-surgery-20190609-7d4r54acabd2plclr4dbwy6uxi-story.html
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    Jupiter is at Opposition at the moment meaning the giant planet is at its closest approach to Earth and its face is fully illuminated by the Sun. It is brighter than any other time of the year and is visible all night long. It's easily visible with the naked eye (very bright), however, a small pair of binoculars will allow you to see Jupiter's four largest moons, appearing as bright dots on either side of the planet. The further south you are, the higher in the sky it will be. In the British Isles 10-15 degrees above the horizon, Australia and New Zealand - almost overhead. Online Planetarium
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    58 today - Happy Birthday!
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    Mail Obit for Sylvia Miles: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7135063/Sylvia-Miles-dead-94-Two-time-Oscar-nominee-legendary-Andy-Warhol-party-girl-passes-away.html
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    I guess a test for everyone's bullshit detectors: https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2019/06/12/special-court-rejects-musharrafs-plea-to-dismiss-high-treason-case/ Musharraf’s counsel said that he was embarrassed by repeatedly submitting requests to adjourn the case’s hearing. He said that his client was rapidly losing weight, adding that he was unable to walk and used a wheelchair. Safdar asked for one more chance so that Musharraf could himself appear in court. He said that the former military dictator was having “heart chemotherapy” because of which his health had deteriorated.
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    Javid's on the telly making his pitch. Anyone else reminded of the Ferengi in Star Trek? As I recall, their only love was money too....
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    Fortunately for me my Dad planned most of his funeral many years ago and my eldest sister is an arch organiser so I am not having to deal with admin issues. Thanks to everyone for all your kind words and thoughts.
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    OK, something of possible interest: Joan Ellacott is allegedly still alive aged 99. Costume designer on Deadly Assassin, but also a whole bunch of Guardian friendly meritorious productions.
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    The fourth DL birthday in a row. A fourth hit in a row would probably have pleased us all better...
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    Yeah, it does sound like he is inviting everyone to a great "pull the plug" evening. The Mirror explains that it's his final public appearance: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/stricken-rangers-legend-fernando-ricksen-16493011
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