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    I've long been a drum-banger for Glynis around these parts and see absolutely no reason why she shouldn't be a DL callup: one of the last remaining leading ladies of 50s Hollywood, truly iconic role in a movie everyone has seen (Mary Poppins) and also one of the last remaining Batman 66 villains.
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    Grim all round and they're not exactly hiding the severity having posed for this picture in The Sun. At first glance I was thinking they were Right Said Fred
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    You really do talk a load of old shit, don't you.
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    Maybe take down all your celebratory bunting for now. The competition isn’t ‘how old can we make our picks’, it’s ‘how many deaths of famous people can we correctly predict’. Even your pretty anonymous article gets it, and I’m pretty sure you do too but you’re just being deliberately obtuse, as usual, to angle for some kind of childish insult trade-off, and then try to claim the other party was doing just that. You’ve some growing up to do, flower.
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    BREAKING- Pope Benedict condition has significantly deteriorated and he is now seriously ill according to German news sources.Vatican sources are not denying the reports. Need to keep an eye on this in coming hours/days ! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-vatican-benedict-health/former-pope-benedict-is-seriously-ill-german-newspaper-idUSKBN24Z0RK
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    Stop making me feel old, you. Tippi Hedren with The Birds, Eva Marie Saint with North by Northwest, Glynis Johns with Mary Poppins are all sort of on the same level, but obv Glynis has the edge with her role in a kids film presumably all of us have seen at some point. Fame wise, Saint also has On The Waterfront so edges ahead somewhat career wise but we're talking shades of difference between 3 worthy contenders.
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    If he should survive the year, he should re-enter the DL straight into the top 5!
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    His impact seems to have been forgotten a bit in recent years (rather ironically as he had dementia) but back in the day (i.e late 90s) he was regarded as one of the greatest Irishmen that ever lived and even won such a poll a decade ago. The thing is that he was a major figure in Northern Ireland for over thirty years, from the beginning to the end of the Troubles (perhaps only Paisley was the other person as significant for the entirety of the Troubles), starting him from crusading for civil rights for Catholics against the unionist Stormont government in the late sixties. More than that, he was perhaps at some stages the only shining light among darkness, who believed that everyone's differences could be solved by peace and not more killing. It was also him that got the US politicians involved - the likes of Ted Kennedy and Tip O'Neill turned to him for advice, and and as such it ended up being something Clinton wanted to get involved in. It was also him that brought Sinn Fein and ergo the IRA in from the cold and to the negotiating table. Without him, there is simply no Good Friday Agreement, which is widely seen as one of the most successful peace settlements in modern history, and Northern Ireland would be a much more different, and much worse place than it is today
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    The man was worthy of his Nobel Prize. As the BBC obit says, you cannot possibly overestimate his role in the peaceful political development of N. Ireland. R.I.P.
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    My video card is on its last legs since yesterday, so I've taken the opportunity and bought a new computer. It's going to take a few days until I have transferred all the old files (hard drive still working, so no worries on that front). Normal service is going to resume at the weekend I think.
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    Dead aged 83. BBC, Daily Mirror, The Independent, Daily Express, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times obits.
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    Right, it only took me 9 and a half years till I could be arsed to figure out how. Now bugger off
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    I have no objection as long as she submits her team in time.
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    Mwai Kibaki not hospitalized. Yaaawnn. https://www.kahawatungu.com/kibakis-secretary-dismisses-hospitalization-claims/amp/
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    Good point. I'd say the Queens elderly and favourite cousin 83 year old Princess Alexandra also deserves her own thread.
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    For someone who is 96, in a nursing home (The location of which seems to be uncertain) and a regular on the Crowd - Sourced list, I was shocked to find she does not have her own thread. But now she does.
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    Thanks for creating her own thread. For my taste she is famous enough and would definitely be a nice new entry for the list. On the other hand, there are many other (maybe better?) actress-alternatives like Eva-Marie Saint (who won Academy Award) or Cicely Tyson, who was nominated for an Academy Award at least.
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    Lovelocks the other possible. Although, a word in defence of Captain Tom: he is now very famous, very old and very frail. He might not have been the first of those 6 months ago, but then its an extreme case of the likes of Dick King-Smith making his breakthrough aged 60. Fame is fame and he's a household name zeitgeist now so if they pick him, it's still a good degree above the likes of fame of a Genesis Porridge or a Bill Gates's dad already getting on the list.
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    I drank 14 of your Scott-ish beers the past 14 days. No way I was passing up this one.
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    It’s pure attention seeking (mine aren’t) - it happens a lot on Fucking Mumsnet, people post a picture saying ‘how old do you think I am’ and then complain when you say 72, or people that are 7 stone going ‘oh I look so fat’ so that people say ‘oh no you’re gawjus’ - I say ‘yeh you could probably do with laying off the pies a bit tbf, no offence hun’. I fucking HATE ‘hun’.
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    Looks like July 31 was uneventful, meaning CaptainChorizo is our ABC Deadpool III CHAMPION!! Many congratulations to CC, and thanks to all who participated! FINAL SCOREBOARD 01 August 2020 CaptainChorizo - 52 JiroemonKimura - 50 gcreptile - 49 Joey Russ - 45 msc - 45 RadGuy - 44 Torva Messor - 42 Death Impends - 42 Sir Creep - 39 Book - 39 Banana - 39 Clorox Bleachman - 38 Sean - 37 theoldlady - 34 Skinny kiltrunner - 28 YorkshireBanker - 27 Toast - 25 The Old Crem - 22 Wormfarmer - 22 Bibliogryphon - 21 Great Uncle Bulgaria - 18 Philip - 16 Etushispushingupdasies - 14 YoungWillz - 10 DeathByArsenic - 10 Yvonne - 9
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