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ABC Deadpool VI: 2022-2023 season

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Hello, and welcome to the thread for the 6th running of the ABC Deadpool!  26 entries received, all in the table a couple of posts below this.  Scoring will be more abbreviated this year.  Instead of a mass of text, I will just list the hits, followed by each player who gains points from that hit, followed by a master standings table.  



Olivia Newton-John - GUB (7) N, WS, solo

Bill Pitman - Death Impends (5) P,  solo

Robyn Griggs (Wiley) - Banana (5) G, WS, duo/HDS (5) W duo

Lenny Johnrose - perhaps (6) L, WS, solo  

Tom Weiskopf - Baby Blue (5) W, solo

Carl Kabat - gcreptile (5) K, solo

Tim Page - gcreptile/Baby Blue (3) P, duo

Josephine Tewson - Grimgrass (5) T, solo 

Bill Turnbull - gcreptile (7) T, solo + WS

Mikhail Gorbachev - Grimgrass/Book/Joey Russ/GUB/theoldlady/wannamaker/Funeralopolis (2) G

Marsha Hunt - Wormfarmer (5) H solo 

Queen Elizabeth II - Yvonne (5) Q solo

Irene Papas - Perhaps and Wannamaker, duos at I, (3)

Loretta Lynn - Stuart Beck solo! (6)

Judy Tenuta - HDS solo + WS, T (7)

Peter Tobin - Wannamaker solo, T (5)

Angela Lansbury - Capn Cho/theoldlady/Yvonne/Book, L (2)

Antonio Inoki - msc/baby blue, duos at I, (4)

Charley Trippi - wormfarmer solo, T (5)

Leslie Philips - Hell/Grimgrass at L (1), GUB/msc at P (2)

Harry K Yee - wormfarmer solo at Y (6 if obit?)

Doddie Weir - wannamaker/wormfarmer duo at W (5),  WS bonus!

David Butler - bibliogryphon solo, B (5)

Ned Rorem - bibliogryphon solo, N (5)

Mickey Kuhn - MariNisia solo, K (5)

Vicky Phelan - msc/gcrep/Hell at V (3), Perhaps/banana/capn cho/Book at P (4)  WS bonus!

Hans Magnus Enzenberger - gcreptile solo, E (6)

Jiang Zemin - Funeralopolis J (1), banana/Hell/wannamaker/tolady Z (4)

Assem Allam - Perhaps allit solo, (8)

Julia Reichart - HDS/Banana/Joey Russ/gcrep R, (2)

Georgia Holt - MariNisia solo, H (5)

Louise Tobin - Yvonne solo, T (5) . . . Now she gets full credit! 

Pierre Soulages - Death Impends solo, S (5)

Philip Pearlstein - WEP solo allit, (6)

Xi Xi - DI/msc/GUB/Hell/Joey Russ/Yvonne/Grimgrass/book/Baby Blue/Toast/Joe Money/HDS,  allits X, (8)

Don West - DI/gcrep/msc/Book/Perhaps/banana/capn cho/Joey Russ at W (4), HDS/Joe Money at D (3)  WS bonus!

Barbara Walters - GUB/Yvonne duo at W, (2)

Helen Grayco - solo at G for Death Impends (5)

Pele (Edson Nascimento) - treating as a first name P for HDS/Joey Russ/Funeralopolis (1), and as a first name E for wannamaker (2)

Lise Norgaard - wormfarmer solo at N, (5) 

Mark Souder - banana solo at S + WS, (7)

Gianluca Vialli - gcreptile at G (3), book/perhaps/marinisia/wannamaker/joey russ/banana/wormfarmer/capn cho/theoldlady at V (4), WS bonus

Clare Marx - cap'n cho solo at M +WS, (7)

Mike Davis - cap'n cho/joey russ/banana/msc at D, (2)

Carole Cook - book/WEP/wormfarmer/Perhaps allit, (3)

Gina Lollabrigida - Baby Blue solo at L, (5)

Lucille Randon - msc at L (1), Baby Blue/wormfarmer at R (2)

Betty Boothroyd - solo allit for theoldlady (6)

Stella Stevens - duo allit for Toast/Perhaps (4)

Traute Lafrenz - duo at L for wormfarmer/death impends (3)

Virginia Zeani - solo at Z for MariNisia (7)

Ryuichi Sakamoto - duo at S and WS bonus for wannamaker/HDS (5)

Hugh Hudson - solo allit for WEP (6)

Bill Butler - duo allit for Death Impends/wormfarmer (4)

Bobby Caldwell - solo at C plus WS bonus for Joey Russ (7)

Al Jaffee - solo at J for wormfarmer (5)

Ben Ferencz - solo at F for wormfarmer (5)

Mary Quant - at Q for biblio/funeralopolis/yorkbank/msc/toast/theoldlady/joey russ/banana (4)

Richard Riordan - solo allit for Perhaps (6)

Harry Belafonte - missed low hanging fruit!

Slava Zaitsev - solo at Z for JoeMoneypenny (7)

Rolf Harris - solo at H for theoldlady (5)

Robert Zimmer - very nice solo at Z plus WS bonus for gcreptile (9)

Ed Ames - solo at E for GUB (5)

Ted Kaczynski - 2 pts each at the K spot for Joey Russ/HDS/banana/theoldlady/msc/Stuart Beck/wannamaker, 1 pt at the T spot for Hell

Tony Brown (NBA Ref) - solo at B plus WS for Joey Russ (7)

Sheldon Harnick - solo at H for Biblio (5) 

Lawrence Turman - solo at T for MariNisia (5)

. . . . and a bunch of scoring updates reported by MariNisia, who is doing the work of most of y'all (including me):

Winnie Ewing - solo E for Cap'n Cho (6)

Tim Keller - solo K and WS bonus for Cap'n Cho (7)

Otis Taylor - solo T for Cap'n Cho (5)

Yoon Jeong-Lee - solo Y for Cap'n Cho (5)

Sinisa Mihajlovic - solo at S and WS bonus for Book (6)

Mutulu Shakur - at the S plus WS for Funeropolis/gcreptile/joey russ (4)

David Oreck - at O solo for Death Impends (6)

John Aniston -  at A solo for Yorkshire Banker (6)

Nora Forster - at F solo for Yorkshire Banker (5)

Dick Groat - at G solo for Yorkshire Banker (5)

Francoise Gilot - at G solo for wormfarmer (5)

Pervez Musharraf - at M for Perhaps (2)/at P for Grimgrass/wannamaker/Hell (1)  

Lando Buzzanca - solo at B for Cap'n Cho (5)

George Alagiah - a whippersnapper listed at A by Banana/Hell/msc/wormfarmer/HDS/gcreptile/Funeropolis/Book/Death Impends (5)

Justin Yerbury - a WS at Y for Joey Russ/msc/gcreptile (5)


81 scoring names this year.  WEP's list of all alliteratives was only good enough for 24th out of 26.  I did like the strategy though.  gcreptile got another hit Aug 10 with Hery Dickerson that would have given him the win, but alas, 10 days late.  Ahh, but we have to cut off the scoring at some point, don't we?  And reverse congrats to Guy From Future for scoring zero over the course of a year!  Next year I am adding a bonus for futility.  So after ample time for players to check their lists for missed hits, none have been reported, so the game is closed, and yours truly notches his first ever win on the Deathlist site.  I don't expect to do as well next year as so many of my best names are gone, but I will give it a go.  Check for a new thread up very soon on the 2023-24 pool, which will commence on Sep 1.  Thanks for playing!   




1. Wormfarmer - 56 (+5?)

2. gcreptile - 56

3. Joey Russ - 52

4. Captain Chorizo - 51

5. Death Impends - 50

6. Perhaps - 44

7. Banana - 43

8. msc - 40

9. HDS - 38

10. Book - 38

11. wannamaker - 33

12. theoldlady - 29

13. Baby Blue - 27

14. Great Uncle Bulgaria - 26

15. MariNisia - 26

16. Hell - 23

17. Yvonne - 22

18. Yorkshire Banker - 20

19. bibliogryphon - 19

20. Joe Moneypenny - 18

21. Grimgrass - 17

22. Funeralopolis - 17

23. Toast - 16

24. WEP - 15

25. Stuart Beck - 8

26. GuyFromFuture - 0


A late 10 points puts gcreptile in a high score tie with wormfarmer, but tie breaking procedures specify the team reaching the highest score first secures the win.  


If a number occurs in parenthesis after your score, that reflects a hit without a QO yet.  So far that only applies to wormfarmer . . . .




Edited by Wormfarmer
Final score posting
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The competition will start AUGUST 2022 (all lists must be in by 11:59pm (GMT) July 31) and scoring will end July 31, 2023.

Submit a list of 26 people.  The first name OR last name of the first person must begin with an A.  Second person with a B.  You get the idea. This game doesn't require you to choose a joker.   Please use this format  A - Alvin Chipmunk  or  S - Homer Simpson


Qualifying names will be those getting an obit in sources used by the great Windy City Deadpool, which uses the obit sources of the Derby Dead Pool, plus The NY Times, LA Times, CBS News, Fox News, TMZ, and MSN.  Also acceptable: CNN, ABC, NBC, the Associate Press (AP) and Time.

Due to the large number of names possible, and because the more tenacious of you can find the folk on the very fringes of celebrity, please police your own obits and notify me by PM or a post on this thread.  Of course if it's the likes of the Queen or the Pope scoring, just give me time to post it, no need to bring it to my attention.  



A hit using the first name (all letters except as below)  - 1 point

A hit using the last name (all letters except as below)  - 2 points

A hit with the first name . . .  (A, E, I, O, U, Y)  - 2 points

A hit with the last name . . . (A, E, I, O, U, Y)  - 3 points

A hit with the first OR last name . . .  (Q, X, Z)  -  4 points

A hit with an alliterative name scores the points for both first and last names as specified above  (so an alliterative at the A spot would be worth 5 points, the B spot would be worth 3 points, the Q spot would be worth 8 points)


NOTE:  General titles such as Queen/Pope/Prince, etc.  may still be allowed, but will score only 1 point rather than the 4 points you would score with a legitimate name at the Q spot, for example.



Whippersnapper Bonus (WS): dies at age 75 or younger = 2 points  (if there is substantial ambiguity or birth year is unknown, no bonus will be awarded)

Solos = 3 points
Duos = 1 point 

Vowel Movement Bonus (VMB): hit all five vowels (A, E, I, O, U) = 5 points 

                                          hit any four vowels + the letter Y = 3 points


Scoring Example: if someone gets a solo hit with 71 year old Zadora Zephyr, the score would be 8 + 2 (WS) + 3 (solo) = 13  (the best you could do with one hit).


TIES:  Will be broken by the date the final score is reached.  That is, if three folks end up with 48 points, the person that got to 48 on the earliest date will be the winner. 


NAMES:  I prefer to see real names used (e.g. Richard Penniman instead of Little Richard).  But any name that has been previously accepted in any of the prior ABC Deadpools is valid.  I will be lenient on submissions, but beware the missing QO for scoring.  I have been bitten many times by names I thought would certainly get a QO, but nooooooo . . . .  No animals, due to the ease of earning the WS bonus that way.


SUBS:  Please check in at the start of the game if anyone on your list dies before the game starts.  I will allow a sub for that letter, but it can't be someone who is new to the DP radar since the game started.  That means no one who is diagnosed with cancer/has an accident on the 30th, say.



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gcreptile bibliogryphon Book Baby Blue Funeralopolis Yorkshire Banker WEP Joe Moneypenny Guy From Future Toast Perhaps Death Impends msc
A - George Alagiah A.      Iris Apfel A – George Alagiah A – Martti Ahtisaari A = George Alagiah A  John Aniston A Alfonso Arau A. Brigitte Auber A = Norma Aleandro A - Anouk Aimée A - Assem Allam George ALAGIAH A – George Alagiah
B - Charlie Bird B.      David Butler B – Bob Barker B –  Carlos Bilardo B = Bob Barker B  Margaret Stuart Barry B Bonnie Bartlett B. Bob Barker B = Scotty Bowman B - Bob Barker B - Bob Barker BILL BUTLER (cinematographer) B – Bob Barker
C - John Cannan C.       Barbara Clegg C – Carole Cook C – Claudia Cardinale C = Jimmy Carter C  Nadia Cattouse C Carole Cook C.Sidney Cooke C = Pat Carroll (DOA) C - John Cannan C - Carole Cook CLEM CATTINI C – Jimmy Carter
D - Derek Draper D.      Timothy Dudley-Smith D – Derek Draper D – Jacques Delors D = Jacques Dutronc D Audrey Dalton D Derek Draper D. Don West D =Dick Duff D - Derek Draper D - Derek Draper DONNIE DUNAGAN D – Mike Davis
E - Hans Magnus Enzensberger E.       Carl Erskine E – Eugenia Cooney E –  Erika Blanc E = Joe Exotic E Susan Engel E Elliott Erwitt E. Anthony Epstein E =  Eleanor Collins E - Edith Eger E - Eric Lamaze Francois ENGLERT E – Eric Lamaze
F - Frank Field F.       Athol Fugard F – Frank Field F – Fred Lorenzen F = Frank Field F Nora Forster F Franklyn Field F.Alberto Fujimori F = Ninette Finch F - Frank Field F - Frank Field FRANK FIELD F – Frank Field
G - Gianluca Vialli G.      Gaston Glock G – Mikhail Gorbachev G – Giorgio Moroder G = Michail Gorbacev G Dick Groat G Gustavo Gutiérrez G. Grace Chang G = Gaston Glock G - Gaston Glock G - Gaston Glock Helen GRAYCO G – Gaston Glock
H - Henry Dickerson H.      Sheldon Harnick H – Françoise Hardy H –Margaret Hamilton H = Francoise Hardy H Mie Hama H Hugh Hudson H. Mie Hama H = Harriet Andersson H - Herbie Hancock H - Malcolm Hebden Bill HAYES (actor) H- Harry Greenway
I - Haris Ibrahim I.         James Ivory I – Ion Iliescu I – Antonio Inoki I = Ion Iliescu I James Ivory I Ion Iliescu I. Robert Ito I =Dafydd Iwan I - Ion Iliescu I - Irene Papas ION ILIESCU I – Antonio Inoki
J - Glynis Johns J.        Norman Jewison J – John Cannan J – John Nord J = Jiang Zemin J Gwyneth Jones J Jennifer Johnston J  Jack Thompson (aus actor) J = Joe Biden J - Jasper Johns J - John Cannan JASPER JOHNS J – John Cannan
K - Carl Kabat K.       Agnes Keleti K – Joe Kinnear K – Kris Kristofferson K = Milan Kundera K Rusty Kuntz K Kyōko Kagawa K. Kamini Kaushal K = Sid Krofft K - Katharine Kent K - Don King Ethel KENNEDY K – Ted Kaczynski
L - Eric Lamaze L.       Ray Lawler L – Angela Lansbury L – Gina Lollabrigada L = Tom Lehrer L  Phyllida Law L Lisa Lu  L.Lance Henriksen L = Claude LeLoach L – Lisa Lu L - Lenny Johnrose Traute LAFRENZ L – Lucille Randon
M - Steve Mongo McMichael M.    Josip Manolic M – Steve McMichael M – Johnny Mathis M = Steve McMichael M  Dick McTaggart M Mildred Miller M.Miiko Taka M = Alice Munro M - Jean Marsh M - Pervez Musharraf MAHATHIR MOHAMAD M – Steve McMichael
N -Nigel Starmer-Smith N.      Larry Niven N – Nigel Starmer-Smith N – Joe Negri N = Giorgio Napolitano N Linda Nolan N Nancy Norman N. Yoshiro Nakamatsu N = Tatsuya Nakadai N - Nick Nolte N - Nigel Starmer-Smith Joe NEGRI N – Nichelle Nichols  (DOA)
O - Brendan Ormsby O.      Edna O’ Brien O – Ozzy Osbourne O – Bulle Ogier O = Yoko Ono O Meg Wynn Owen O Olav Orheim O. Jiro Ono O = Tin Oo O - Yoko Ono O - O.J. Brigance David ORECK O – Oliver Sherwood
P - Tim Page P.       Leontyne Price P – Vicky Phelan P – Tim Page P = Pelè (1st) P  Dick Pound P Philip Pearlstein P. Patrick Tse P = Piper Laurie P - Priscilla Pointer P - Vicky Phelan Bill PITMAN P – Leslie Philips
Q - Al Quie Q.      Mary Quant Q – Al Quie Q – Quincy Jones Q = Mary Quant Q Mary Quant Q Qian Qihu Q. Eve Queler Q = Robin Quivers Q - Mary Quant Q - Quentin Blake QUENTIN Blake Q – Mary Quant
R - Julia Reichert R.      Ned Rorem R – Rob Burrow R – Lucille Randon R = Linda Ronstadt R Vanessa Redgrave R Rachel Robinson R. Rebecca Pan R =Ernest Ranglin R - Rachel Robinson R - Richard Riordan RACHEL ROBINSON R – Rob Burrow
S - Mutulu Shakur S.       Max Stafford-Clark S – Sinisa Mihajlovic S – Herman Santiago S = Mutulu Shakur S Long Dong Silver S Stephen Smale S.Lucille Soong S = Steve McMichael S - Stella Stevens S - Stella Stevens Pierre SOULAGES S – Nigel Starmer-Smith
T - Bill Turnbull T.       Nikolai Tolstoy T – Michael Tilson Thomas T – Michael Tilson Thomas  T = Norman Tebbit T Bella Thorne T Tommy Thompson T.Shintaro Tsuji T = Jon Taffer T - Ted Turner T - Graham Thorpe Shintaro TSUJI T – Michael Tilson Thomas
U - Gudrun Ure U.      Gudrun Ure U – Gudrun Ure U – Gudrun Ure U = Gudrun Ure U Ian Ure U Ulrich Urban U. Torbin Ulrich U = Gudrun Ure U - Gudrun Ure U - Bob Uecker Gudrun URE U – Gudrun Ure
V - Vicky Phelan V.      Erich Von Daniken V – Gianni Vialli V – Bobby Vinton V = Virgil (Runnels, Jr.) (WWE) V Mamie Van Doren V Viktor Vekselberg V. Fay Vincent V = Paul Vachon V - Viviane Ventura V - Gianluca Vialli Leroy VAN DYKE V – Vicky Phelan
W - Don West W.    Joy Whitby W – Don West W – Tom Weiskopf W = James Whale W Willie Wallace W William H. Webster W. Richard Williams(tennis) W = Richard Wilson W - Joanne Woodward W - Don West Don WEST W – Don West
X - Bao Xishun X.       Xi Jinping X – Xi Xi X – Xi Xi X = Xi Murong X Xavier Nady X Xi Xiaoming X.  Xi Xi X = Lil Xan X - Xi Xi X - Xaviera Hollander XI XI X – Xi Xi
Y - Justin Yerbury Y.       Arnold Yarrow Y – Arnold Yarrow Y – Yoko Ono Y = Arnold Yarrow Y Naina Yelstina Y Yoji Yamada Y. Chen-Ning Yang Y = Arnold Yarrow Y - Arnold Yarrow Y - Ron Yeats Arnold YARROW Y – Justin Yerbury
Z - Robert Zimmer Z.       Zandra Rhodes Z – Zvi Zamir Z – Krzysztof Zanussi Z = Milos Zeman Z Zhang Zhan Z Zvi Zamir Z. Slava Zaitsev Z = Zhang Zhan Z - Mario Zagallo Z - Mário Zagallo Milos ZEMAN

Z – Mario Zagallo


Grimgrass Hell Yvonne Stuart Beck Joey Russ wannamaker theoldlady Great Uncle Bulgaria Banana Captain Chorizo HDS MariNisia Wormfarmer
A – Martti Ahtisaari George Alagiah Joss Ackland A - Alan Alda John Ashton A- Buzz Aldrin A - Ronnie Atkins David Attenborough Alagiah, George a al attles A- George Alagiah A - Alan Bergman george alagiah
B – Bob Barker Rob Burrow Jack Burke B - Christopher Benjamin Tony Brown (NBA Ref) B- Ruth Buzzi B - Betty Boothroyd Bob Barker Burrow, Rob b lando buzzanca B- Bob Barker B - Harold Becker bill butler
C – Keith Clifford Jimmy Carter Iris Cummings C - Chevy Chase Bobby Caldwell C- Phil Collins C - Jimmy Carter Clem Cattini (drummer) Chris Stone (Aus Football) c dabney coleman C- John Cannan C - Dabney Coleman carole cook
D – Jacques Delors Derek Draper Carmen Marsh Doll D - Dick Cheney Mike Davis D- Derek Draper D - Derek Draper Dion DiMucci  Davis, Mike (columnist) d mike davis (columnist) D- Don West D - Eileen Derbyshire evelyn dick
E –  Taina Elg Joe Exotic Anthony Epstein E - Edward (Duke of Kent) (1st) Eric Lamaze E- Edson A. do Nascimento (Pelé) E - Ethel Kennedy Ed Ames ESG (Rapper) (1st) e winnie ewing E- Ethyl Kennedy E - Eric del Castillo carl erskine
F – Frank Field Frank Field Sylvia Fein F - Frank Field Frank Field F- Frank Field F - Frank Field Frank Field Frank Field f marianne faithful F- Frank Field F - Dianne Feinstein ben ferencz
G – Mikhail Gorbachev Gaston Glock Lee Grant G - Gary Glitter Mikhail Gorbachev  G- Mikhail Gorbachev G - Mikhail Gorbachev Mikhail Gorbachev Griggs, Robyn g luis garavito G- Gaston Glock G - Merlin Griffiths francoise gilot
H – Steve Halliwell Francoise Hardy Stuart Hall H - Harvey Weinstein Fracoise Hardy H- Françoise Hardy H - Rolf Harris Douglas Hurd Hanna, Jack h francoise hardy H- Henry Kissinger H - Georgia Holt marsha hunt
I – Ion Iliescu Ion Iliescu James Ivory  I - Eric Idle Ion Iliescu  I- Irene Papas I - Ion Iliescu Ion Iliescu Ina Jaffe i ion illescu I- Ion Iliescu I - Julio Iglesias ed iskenderian
J – Jean Marsh John Cannan Glynis Johns J - Joseph James DeAngelo John Cannan J- Jimmy Carter J - Katherine Jackson Jack Jones (singer) John Cannan (murderer) j katherine jackson J- Jeanette Lee J - Wanda Jackson al jaffee
K – Kris Kristofferson Henry Kissinger Henry Kissinger K - Ted Kaczynski Ted Kaczynski  K- Ted Kaczynski K - Ted Kaczynski Kiri te Kanawa (opera singer) Kaczynski, Ted k timothy keller K- Ted Kaczynski K - Mickey Kuhn robert kuok
L – Leslie Phillips Leslie Phillips Angela Lansbury L - Loretta Lynn Steve Lieberman  L- Liza Minnelli  L - Angela Lansbury Tom Lehrer Lee, Esther (tennis therapist) l angela lansbury L- Larry Pressler L - Steve Ludzik traute lafrenz
M – Marianne Faithfull Steve McMichael Imelda Marcos M - Ghislaine Maxwell Steve McMichael  M- Steve "Mongo" McMichael M - Imelda Marcos Pete Murray (DJ) McMichael, Steve m clare marx M- Steve McMichael M - Elaine May morton mintz
N – Giorgio Napolitano Nigel Starmer Smith Bob Newhart N - Bob Newhart Nigel Starmer Smith  N- Linda Nolan N - Willie Nelson Olivia Newton-John Nordland, Rod n nigel starmer smith N- Denis Sassou Nguesso N - Mike Nussbaum lise norgaard
O – Ozzy Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne Yoko Ono O - Yuri Oganessian Yoko Ono O- Ozzy Osbourne O - Ryan O'Neal Ove Fundin (speedway champ) Orena, Victor o ryan o'neal O- Ozzy Osbourne O - Richard O'Sullivan jim otto
P – Pervez Musharraf Pervez Musharraf Wanda Poltawska  P - Phil Collins Pele (1st) P- Pervez Musharraf P - Larry Pressler Leslie Phillips Phelan, Vicky p vicky phelan P- Pele P - Priscilla Pointer priscilla pointer
Q – Quincy Jones Quentin Blake Queen Elizabeth Q - Quentin Blake Mary Quant Q- Quincy Jones Q - Mary Quant Eve Queler (US conductor) Quant, Mary q abraham quintinilla Q- Albert Quie Q - Al Quie marita camacho quiros
R – Ray Reardon Ray Anthony Patricia Routledge R - Richard Franklin Julia Reichert R- Rob Burrow R - Gavin Robertson Ruggero Raimondi (opera singer) Reichert, Julia r rob burrow R- Julia Reichert R - William Russell lucile randon
S – Nigel Starmer-Smith Steve McMichael Dennis Skinner S - Salman (of Saudi Arabia) (1st) Mutulu Shakur S- Ryuichi Sakamoto S - Nigel Starmer-Smith Renata Scotto (opera singer) Souder, Mark s steve mcmichael S- Ryuichi Sakamoto S - Thomas P. Stafford june spencer
T – Josephine Tewson Ted Kaczynski Louise Tobin  T - Ted Turner Michael Tilson Thomas T- Peter Tobin T - Ted Turner Tony Thorpe (ex Rubettes) Tilson Thomas, Michael t otis taylor (nfl) T- Judy Tenuta T - Lawrence Turman charley trippi
U – Gudrun Ure Gudrun Ure Gudrun Ure U - Ulf Merbold Gudrun Ure U- Gudrun Ure U - Gudrun Ure Uri Geller Uecker, Bob u bob uecker U- Torben Ulrich U - Gudrun Ure ian underwood
V – Frankie Valli Vicky Phelan Dick Van Dyke V - Vladimir Putin Gianluca Vialli V- Gianluca Vialli V - Gianluca Vialli Valerie Masterson (opera singer) Vialli, Gianluca v gianluca vialli V- Virgil (wrestler) V - Gianluca Vialli gianlucca vialli
W – James Watson Joanne Woodward Barbara Walters W - John Williams Don West W- Doddie Weir W - James Whale Barbara Walters West, Don w don west W- Robin Griggs Wiley W - Woody Woodbury doddie weir
X – Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi X - Xi Jinping Xi Xi X- Xi Jinping X - Xi Jinping Xi Xi Xishun Bao x xavier mcdaniel X- Xi Xi X - Xi Jinping xaviera hollander
Y – Yoko Ono Arnold Yarrow Arnold Yarrow Y - Ysanne Churchman Justin Yerbury  Y- Yoko Ono Y - Neil Young  Yoko Ono Yarrow, Arnold y yoon jeong-hee Y- Arnold Yarrow Y - Arnold Yarrow harry k yee
Z – Khaleda Zia Jiang Zemin Eva Zeller Z - Anthony Zerbe Mario Zagallo Z- Jiang Zemin Z - Jiang Zemin Milos Zeman Zemin, Jiang z mario zagallo Z- Mario Zagallo Z - Virginia Zeani khaleda zia
Edited by Wormfarmer
updated thru Oct 15 with known hits
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A = George Alagiah

B = Bob Barker

C = Jimmy Carter
D = Jacques Dutronc
E = Joe Exotic

F = Frank Field
G = Michail Gorbacev

H = Francoise Hardy
I = Ion Iliescu
J = Jiang Zemin
K = Milan Kundera
L = Tom Lehrer
M = Steve McMichael
N = Giorgio Napolitano
O = Yoko Ono
P = Pelè
Q = Mary Quant
R = Linda Ronstadt
S = Mutulu Shakur
T = Norman Tebbit

U = Gudrun Ure

V = Virgil (WWE)
W = James Whale
X = Xi Murong
Y = Arnold Yarrow
Z = Milos Zeman

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A.      Iris Apfel

B.      David Butler

C.       Barbara Clegg

D.      Timothy Dudley-Smith

E.       Carl Erskine

F.       Athol Fugard

G.      Gaston Glock

H.      Sheldon Harnick

I.         James Ivory

J.        Norman Jewison

K.       Agnes Keleti

L.       Ray Lawler

M.    Josip Manolic

N.      Nichelle Nicholls

O.      Edna O’ Brien

P.       Leontyne Price

Q.      Mary Quant

R.      Ned Rorem

S.       Max Stafford-Clark

T.       Nikolai Tolstoy

U.      Gudrun Ure

V.      Erich Von Daniken

W.    Joy Whitby

X.       Xi Jinping

Y.       Arnold Yarrow

Z.       Zandra Rhodes

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AJohn Aniston
BMargaret Stuart Barry
CNadia Cattouse
D Audrey Dalton
E Susan Engel
F Nora Forster
G Dick Groat
H Mie Hama
I James Ivory
J Gwyneth Jones
K Rusty Kuntz
LPhyllida Law
MDick McTaggart
N Linda Nolan
O Meg Wynn Owen
PDick Pound
Q Mary Quant
R Vanessa Redgrave
S Long Dong Silver
T Bella Thorne
U Ian Ure
V Mamie Van Doren
W Willie Wallace
X Xavier Nady
Y Naina Yelstina
Z Zhang Zhan

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A Alfonso Arau
B Bonnie Bartlett
C Carole Cook
D Derek Draper
E Elliott Erwitt
F Franklyn Field
G Gustavo Gutiérrez
H Hugh Hudson
I Ion Iliescu
J Jennifer Johnston
K Kyōko Kagawa
L Lisa Lu 
M Mildred Miller
N Nancy Norman
O Olav Orheim
P Philip Pearlstein
Q Qian Qihu
R Rachel Robinson
S Stephen Smale
T Tommy Thompson
U Ulrich Urban
V Viktor Vekselberg
W William H. Webster
X Xi Xiaoming
Y Yoji Yamada
Z Zvi Zamir

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Make your own list A - Z 

Wormfarmer has posted the scoring at the top of this page 

Welcome and good luck

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A. Brigitte Auber

B. Bob Barker
C.Sidney Cooke

D. Don West

E. Anthony Epstein

F.Alberto Fujimori

G. Grace Chang

H. Mie Hama

I. Robert Ito

J. Jack Thompson(Australian Actor)

K. Kamini Kaushal

L.Lance Henriksen

M.Miiko Taka

N. Yoshiro Nakamatsu

O. Jiro Ono

P. Patrick Tse

Q. Eve Queler

R. Rebecca Pan

S.Lucille Soong

T.Shintaro Tsuji

U. Torbin Ulrich

V. Fay Vincent

W. Richard Williams(tennis)

X.Xi Xi

Y. Chen-Ning Yang

Z. Slava Zaitsev

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A = Norma Aleandro

B = Scotty Bowman

C = Pat Carroll
D =Dick Duff
E =  Eleanor Collins

F = Ninette Finch
G = Gaston Glock

H = Harriet Andersson
I =Dafydd Iwan
J = Joe Biden
K = Sid Krofft
L = Claude LeLoach
M = Alice Munro
N = Tatsuya Nakadai
O = Tin Oo
P = Piper Laurie
Q = Robin Quivers
R =Ernest Ranglin
S = Steve McMichael
T = Jon Taffer

U = Gudrun Ure

V = Paul Vachon
W = Richard Wilson
X =Lil Xan
Y = Arnold Yarrow
Z = Zhang Zhan

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A - Anouk Aimée

B - Bob Barker

C - John Cannan

D - Derek Draper

E - Edith Eger

F - Frank Field

G - Gaston Glock

H - Herbie Hancock

I - Ion Iliescu

J - Jasper Johns

K - Katharine Kent

L – Lisa Lu

M - Jean Marsh

N - Nichelle Nichols   Nick Nolte

O - Yoko Ono

P - Priscilla Pointer

Q - Mary Quant  :rip:

R - Rachel Robinson

S - Stella Stevens  :rip:

T - Ted Turner

U - Gudrun Ure

V - Viviane Ventura

W - Joanne Woodward

X - Xi Xi   :rip:

Y - Arnold Yarrow

Z - Mario Zagallo

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My PM’d team from earlier this week:


A - Assem Allam

B - Bob Barker

C - Carole Cook

D - Derek Draper

E - Eric Lamaze

F - Frank Field

G - Gaston Glock

H - Malcolm Hebden

I - Irene Papas

J - John Cannan

K - Don King

L - Lenny Johnrose

M - Pervez Musharraf

N - Nigel Starmer-Smith

O - O.J. Brigance

P - Vicky Phelan

Q - Quentin Blake

R - Richard Riordan

S - Stella Stevens

T - Graham Thorpe

U - Bob Uecker

V - Gianluca Vialli

W - Don West

X - Xaviera Hollander

Y - Ron Yeats

Z - Mário Zagallo

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BILL BUTLER (cinematographer)



Francois ENGLERT



Bill HAYES (actor)












Shintaro TSUJI

Gudrun URE






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A – George Alagiah

B – Bob Barker

C – Jimmy Carter

D – Mike Davis

E – Eric Lamaze

F – Frank Field

G – Gaston Glock

H- Harry Greenway

I – Antonio Inoki

J – John Cannan

K – Ted Kaczynski

L – Lucille Randon

M – Steve McMichael

N – Nichelle Nichols

O – Oliver Sherwood

P – Leslie Philips

Q – Mary Quant

R – Rob Burrow

S – Nigel Starmer-Smith

T – Michael Tilson Thomas

U – Gudrun Ure

V – Vicky Phelan

W – Don West

X – Xi Xi

Y – Justin Yerbury

Z – Mario Zagallo

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A – Martti Ahtisaari

B – Bob Barker

C – Keith Clifford

D – Jacques Delors

E –  Taina Elg

F – Frank Field

G – Mikhail Gorbachev

H – Steve Halliwell

I – Ion Iliescu

J – Jean Marsh

K – Kris Kristofferson

L – Leslie Phillips

M – Marianne Faithfull

N – Giorgio Napolitano

O – Ozzy Osbourne

P – Pervez Musharraf

Q – Quincy Jones

R – Ray Reardon

S – Nigel Starmer-Smith

T – Josephine Tewson

U – Gudrun Ure

V – Frankie Valli

W – James Watson

X – Xi Xi

Y – Yoko Ono

Z – Khaleda Zia


EDIT: Nichelle Nichols dead, replaced by Giorgio Napolitano.

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George Alagiah

Rob Burrow

Jimmy Carter

Derek Draper

Joe Exotic

Frank Field

Gaston Glock

Francoise Hardy

Ion Iliescu

John Cannan

Henry Kissinger

Leslie Phillips

Steve McMichael

Nigel Starmer Smith

Ozzy Osbourne

Pervez Musharraf

Quentin Blake

Ray Anthony

Steve McMichael

Ted Kaczynski

Gudrun Ure

Vicky Phelan

Joanne Woodward

Xi Xi

Arnold Yarrow

Jiang Zemin

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A - George Alagiah

B - Charlie Bird

C - John Cannan

D - Derek Draper

E - Hans Magnus Enzensberger

F - Frank Field

G - Gianluca Vialli

H - Henry Dickerson

I - Haris Ibrahim

J - Glynis Johns?

K - Carl Kabat

L - Eric Lamaze

M - Steve Mongo McMichael

N -Nigel Starmer-Smith

O - Brendan Ormsby

P - Tim Page

Q - Al Quie

R - Julia Reichert

S - Mutulu Shakur

T - Bill Turnbull

U - Gudrun Ure

V - Vicky Phelan

W - Don West

X - Bao Xishun

Y - Justin Yerbury

Z - Robert Zimmer

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Well that’s a ton of Nichelle Nichols pickers scrambling to find a replacement then 

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Nichelle Nichols dead. Quick substitutions:


M - Mahathir Mohammad

N - Nigel Starmer-Smith

S - Steve McMichael


N was tricky to fill hence the need to move 3, sorry. Thank feck the X person didn't go!

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Bugger.  I'll switch in Nick Nolte.

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A.  Joss Ackland

B.  Jack Burke

C.  Iris Cummings

D.  Carmen Marsh Doll

E.  Anthony Epstein

F.  Sylvia Fein

G.  Lee Grant

H.  Stuart Hall

I.  James Ivory 

J.  Glynis Johns

K.  Henry Kissinger

L.  Angela Lansbury

M.  Imelda Marcos

N.  Bob Newhart

O.  Yoko Ono

P.  Wanda Poltawska 

Q.  Queen Elizabeth

R.  Patricia Routledge

S.  Dennis Skinner

T.  Louise Tobin 

U.  Gudrun Ure

V.  Dick Van Dyke

W.  Barbara Walters

X.  Xi Xi

Y.  Arnold Yarrow

Z.  Eva Zeller


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Replaced Nichelle with Nigel Starmer-Smith

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