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2019 Deadpooling Report Card

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I've been asked to bring this back by someone. I'll keep them anonymous and refer to them solely as Young W...



Ok, so with 2019  nearly history, how do you rate your success (or lack of) in the various deadpools you took part in?




Hartlepool Deadlypool - Did alright, picks died in wrong order, so it goes. B-


Hare's Pool - Tried to help out Deathray by picking a bunch of immortals, who promptly started to snuff it all over the place. C


Deathrace - Finished before I'd even noticed it'd started. C-


Death by Numbers - Mediocre effort spent too much time trying to impress the host with off radar picks that got better rather than people who actually die... C-


Alt Obits - Third time in, likely top ten finish. Could have gone worse. Still don't get the Qualifying criteria tbh. B


Scavenger Hunt I - Didn't win.

Scavenger Hunt II - It's still ongoing. Need to be in it to win it, eh?


Biblio's Movie Game - See above.


DL Cup - Lost in first round to Reptile yet again. Need to ask Joey to rig easier draws... D


Windy Pool - Flattered to deceive as usual, C-


5-4-3-2-1 -  Utterly sucked at it, got gubbed and lost interest. F


Inverse (Wormfarmer version) - Did ok, until I didn't.

Inverse (DI version) - Fecking awful.




1. Pan Breed - Lead for 2 months, done in by some picks getting better and by a great performance by a brilliant deadpooler, neither of which I can begrudge obviously... A-


2. Whatever's Written on your Death - Led the Theme Team league for a bit, got some interesting uniques onto the front page. A


3. You'll Never Find us in the Guardian Obits at Parties - Led Pan Breed at one point. The joker got a Guardian obit. Tempting fate, eh? C



Right over to you lot. Grade yerselfs, or no...

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Huzzah for the hand wringing!


Here I go:


DDP (1) 12 Lords A-Leaving, 8 Ladies Dying: Only 4 deaths in a year when I picked the sickest folk I could think of. Poor compared with last year's 9 hits. I get worse. D+. (Last Year: B).


DDP (2) Comedy Cremations: Three hits, again steady but down on 2018. Doing it for giggles it seems. C. (Last Year: B-).


DDP (3) Hits of 36 Years Ago and Hits Today: For the fourth year in a row, one hit. Again, there have been several fallers, most of which I couldn't have seen coming. 1984 will be the year of death for some family faves next year. E- (Last Year: E-)


Hartlepool: Improved with my top two dying, but nobody else.  Hey, I'm not last. D- (Last Year: F+.)


Hare's Pool: Three hits on my Dr Who Themed Team. Pat Gorman's surprise 2018 death unannounced cost me my Joker though. I'll be sticking with the format going forward, because with the Doctor, there's always Time to improve. C-. (Last Year: D).


Death By Numbers: Fifth of the 50 dead including Joker, not bad.  B+  (Last Year B).


Inverse DP: Worst performance placing several youngish but eventually dead folks high. Given the high number of folk I didn't pick also dying, could have been worse. D. (Last Year: B+.)


Scavenger Hunt: One that finished remained on two hits so grade for that remains a C. On the ongoing one, again two hits. Remarkably consistent. Current grade C


Generation Game: Steady progress again. Entered this pool under the original rule of BBC Obit requirements, so later entrants had/have an advantage when the obit requirements were relaxed. 4 hits in 2019 so slight decrease in the hit rate. B (Last Year: B+).


Windy City: 2018/19 ended up a slight improvement on the previous year so stick with the grade given A-. Close to that already for 2019/20 but so far still down so provisionally B+ (Last Year: A-).


ABC: 2018/19 got 5 right. Strong showing in the early part of 2019 saved me from humiliation. Have to upgrade the previous year's provisional grade from a F to a D. Struggling for the current year with only one dead so it's a provisional F. Again!


Grammys: Now really close to winning a category. Is anyone but me bothering with this? Anyway, it's a rolling pool so upgrading from E- to D-.


Shadowlist: 9 hits, about average for me but slightly down on 2018, D-. (Last Year: D).


Midsummer: My pick lives to this day, then earlier this month he's sentenced to death in absentia. But still alive. Unawarded. (Last Year: Unawarded.)


Advent Avalanche: Due to my personal circumstances could not enter. Course Not Taken. (Last Year: Unawarded-).


Poker: Once again I've outperformed last year already, but not hopeful that the next few days will bring much else. D (Last Year: D-).


Deathlist Cup: After a valiant run in 2018, 2019 returned to form by being kicked out first round. F (Last Year: B).


DL Prediction: Actually ended up doing quite well in the prediction stakes, but had my arse well and truly kicked by the Committee overall. However a good result on the game. B-  (Last Year: D).


Silver Screen: Nothing and looks like the game will end before I hit. F- (Last Year: Unawarded.)


Correctlist:  On top for months. Looks like I'll win. Maybe. Maybe not. Don't care. Ok I do care. Anyway, whatever happens it's my best performance in a death pool so whatever happens it's an A++. (No DP for Last Year).


Joker DP: Re-entered after a hiatus, 9 hits, pretty poor but who knows where we stand as the leaderboard hasn't been updated for an eternity. I'm giving myself a D-. (Last Year: Course Not Taken)


Soap DP: One solitary hit out of 10. Think it's about par for the course for most entrants, so a C. (No DP for Last Year).

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Hartlepool Deadlypool: I checked and actually 7 out of 10, which is not bad. And those that are still alive...why?? Also Dilip Kumar on the Subs bench. Only Sacheen Littlefeather was a real dud - B

Deathrace: A personal best in score, kind of happy with the way I have improved in the "short term" deadpooling. And in the end, luck is more of a factor here - B

Hare's Deadpool: Well, it's not over yet.... but those who are still alive of my team, including joker Lee Kerslake, they are shared by many other teams, too. I can't be happy here in spite of quite a few hits. - C

Death By Numbers: Did as good as I could with the limitations I set upon me, I "won" the first half-time. That said, now I would probably be a hit behind Clorox and DI with substitutions, so now A, but merely an - A

Alt Obits: big improvement over last year, think I'll get at least one more unique hit (getting me 1st place in that category), but I need one more to win... so let's see - A

Scavenger Hunt I - I think I actually finished 3rd or 4th, which was okay. None of the categories are really my forte (presidential candidates is too narrow a category to really matter) - B

Scavenger Hunt II - doing worse this time, I am not in the running to win - D

Death of the Silverscreen - I do like that I picked the most prominent movie with big stars. And I got lucky that the iffiest pick is already dead. Now it's up to Ian Holm and Sean Connery. It might come down to Sir Sean - B+

DL Cup: Well, I really made an effort in that game vs. Banana, again overthinking it and getting very unlucky, while I should have picked the comatose/critical people. - D

Windy City Pool: There is some potential, but the team has been dead since Tom Long's recovery. I can only hope for something like 3rd or 4th place in the end. - C

5-4-3-2-1: While I might be 10 days away from victory, I can't help but be a bit disappointed with the final two months. Also, I could have won with Valerie Harper some months ago already. - B+

Inverse Deadpool: Eh, I am okay. Top 10 in a difficult year - B

MMMDP / Advent Avalanche: Best evidence of my improvement in the short-term pools. I correctly guessed the winners in both competitions (and was the first "discoverer" of MMMDP winner Ani Yudhoyono), but was screwed by seconds on the first one. So no A+, but just - A




Main Team: Right now, it's a little sad. Yet, one more hit on christmas could get me to 3rd place. It's just so close now, so if it's 3rd place or 21st... not much qualitative difference. My chances of victory however always depended on either Greg Gilbert or David Smith dying and that wasn't meant to be. I also don't want to be too negative, because there is still potential for hits this year. I might get screwed from a podium position by a couple days - B

B-Team: Ah, very disappointed. Two non-obits, some locks just not dying. Like, Johnny Harris, hello???? Denis Goldberg? Is Nick Phillipoussis still in a coma?? A lot went wrong here - F

Classical Theme team: A noble idea, hampered by a few too early deaths, including Kato Havas which annoyed me greatly. Still I would have wished for 1-2 more hits. And Mariss Jansons was a miss for me. - C


Edit: Oh, I forgot the Poker Deadpool, in which I am currently on the podium, one Chris Doleman away from victory because of lucky bonuses. I am quite okay with it, even when not winning, got Mad Marty Wilson as a great poker-related hit. - B+

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Main: Glad I seem poised to win, at long last, with under two weeks to go. Especially since it's hard to see how I could've improved my team. The only "last batch out" names to die were McCririck, Bernice McCabe, and Con de Lange, and if I picked one of them it would've been at the expense of Clive James. So the most I could've gotten from a different choice was four extra points. Really, I could be floundering in all the other pools and would still consider the year golden so long as I win in the DDP. A bit like how there were always those school projects that make up a big chunk of your grade. A+

Theme: A couple of hits. D




HPDP: Well, I intentionally play a theme team as the hostly sacrifice. For a while seemed like I'd be tied for last with no hits and the only death being James McCord way back in 2017. But I got a couple unique hits in the past month. C

AODP: A really weird start. I had two nil points discoveries (Morton Sobell and again McCord) before any actual hits. Also missing out on Bracknell points due to her DoD being a guarded secret, though that's a predicament shared by most DL/AODP crossover players. Besides all that, kind of typical for my non-competitive team, 10 hits, a few duos/trios. C

Cup: Proud early results ekeing it out against DDT, then squonking Key. But I leaned too heavily into last-minute criticals against Spade, none of whom paid off. Still, Spade's Dabwido skepticism and my Milton Born With a Tooth unique made it a respectable loss rather than a squonking. B

Deathrace: The joker lasting into February cost me, but still 2nd place. B+

Hare's: My strategy for Hare's is very elderly-heavy, so quite the wildcard. Case in point - a dramatic last minute win in 2018, but only four hits this year. D

Windy City: Should finish respectably, but I really need Chris Doleman to win. B

DBN: Extraordinarily close. I thought it would be somewhat lopsided in my favor, after the transfer period meant it would be very tough for Reptile to catch up. But Clorox has proven sturdier than expected. Every little thing matters (like on my end NYTimes counting for Jimmy Spicer, and Helen Legh dying before other teams could transfer her in - while for Clorox, Beth Chapman also dying days before the transfer period). Clorox could win with any one differential; both of us can be proud of wherever we finish. A+

Inverse: 13th really not too bad for such an unforgiving pool. B-

MMMDP / AA: Both my picks are still alive. F

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Hartlepool Deadlypool: Well, uh, clearly not winning this one. But maybe that’ll change next year. :D F 

Deathrace: Was a fairly strong performance, no thanks in part to choosing Larry Langford as joker. Just wasn’t quick enough this time around. A

Hare’s Dead Pool: Similar to Death Impends, my is basically full of known forum names, with a lot of them being old. It’s doing decent last time I checked, although probably not enough for the win. B+
Death By Numbers: Another solid performance. I think I leaned too much into eclectic picks like I did last year, but still am doing quite well there. I believe I’m in 3rd? Not bad. A-

Alt Obits: Another solid performance, although I think I got screwed over with some rejected picks I should’ve gotten through being, well, rejected. Also the Brackers thing is annoying, although basically everyone on deathlist had her. A- 

Deaths on The Silver Screen: Surprisingly have a hit there... C

Deathlist Cup: Well, I got out very early. But I was also quite unlucky with my draw, as I went up against the highest scoring person in that round, and I scored a lot then too. Ah well, luck of the draw. Also since I won’t be as competitive next year due to hosting duties... not really the best cup record overall on my end. C-

Windy City: I think I was too cocky, especially with the Dabwido part of it. Will probably be a solid performance, but don’t think I’m winning this one. B-

54321: An improvement on 2018. Just not quite enough for the win. That’s life though. B

MMMDP/AA: My pick lasted too long in MMMDP, and imagine winning your own pool re AA. D 

Inverse Pool: Doing garbage, like I always do. F 

Poker Pool: So close, yet so far away. At least I don’t have the sub fiasco this time around. A-


And as for DDP teams...


Day In The Death: Certainly was a learning experience this year. I was definitely right in the fact of the low point maxim and my joker finally died this year, but there were aspects that lead to my defeat this time. Mainly not looking too deeply into obit chances (Spicer), not looking too deeply into health (Anoa’i, BDB), and me dropping some survivors that turned out to be crucial in the end (Brackers, Vervoort, Clive James). Still, if P-orridge dies in 2019 I’ll be in 4th place. And that’s not a bad placement at all. B

The Whipping Posts: Well, considering last year I only had one hit I was bound to do better this time. And despite multiple non obits, the fact that I actually landed two fascinating unique names is certainly cool. C-

Peace, Drugs, and Death: Actually had a hit this year. Better than my theme team results the last two years. D

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DDP: A big disappointment given my top 10 performance in my first year but considering I had been away for a year I wasn't really caught up with the latest news. C

Alt Obits Deadpool: I'm within striking range from top if one of my under 50 picks goes between Christmas and New Year's Eve, but that seems very unlikely.  Still I think I had several lucky hits (Dabwido especially), and looking back a good number were simply wasted picks. B

Windy City: Looking back I realize my number 1 pick is not really the dead cert I was sure he was. D

ABC: Well, I'm in the lead so what should I say?  Aside from Tom Long (who pretty much everyone else went for) and Chiwenga (I'm now convinced he was lying to us the whole time) I think there is potential for each of my remaining picks.  My three solos is something to be proud of (Of which one was pure luck but the other two were clearly on the way out). A

Poker: I felt I had a decently strong team but is not doing well at the moment.  Nevertheless I think many of my picks are low-hanging fruit that should be going in the next few months. C-

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Bloody hell guys - there's ten days left - bit early to be totting up points.

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20 minutes ago, Kinnock said:

Bloody hell guys - there's ten days left - bit early to be totting up points.

Can always dive in and edit if there's major changes. Threads in previous years were opened much earlier.


I am fairly confident my grades won't change much between now and 2020.

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Shadow List: Not bad. 15 is two better than last year, the year before, and the official DL this year. I genuinely thought I'd have about 20. But I'll accept this performance. It's a PB, so not too shabby. B+


Deathrace: Never reached 2019, leave alone being vaguely in the running. Turd. F


Advent Avalanche: Cunt's still alive. Bollocks. E-


Deathlist Cup: Debut year, and I was a quarter finalist; I'll fucking take that! B+


Inverse (off of Wormfarmer): Cunted it with Carol Channing early doors. I was like third last or something. E


Inverse (off of Death Impends): Showed some promise. I mean, I'm not going to win the thing, but I'm the healthy end of the leaderboard. Currently 4th, I think? I might as well get something out of my picks not snuffing, I suppose. A-


Death by Numbers: I picked names like a numpty, and I've spent most of the year the numpty-end of the leaderboard. Picked up a bit, but still absolutely nowhere. Worst thing is I haven't even drafted a list for next year yet. Best get a shifty on. D-


Five4Three2One Mk.II: I think I was a bit better at the old format, but it's still not the biggest disaster known to man. But 30 points equates to an average of one top-scoring death every two months over the year, and, when put like that, it doesn't exactly sound that impressive. C


Oldest State Leaders: Fucking Hau Pei-tsun. F


Deaths of the Silver Screen: I GOT A HIT! Anna Quayle, may she rest in peace. Unfortunately, I also have Dick Van Dyke in my team, which means I'm probably not in the running unless round 1 goes on until 2034. B


Windy City: An improvement on the last time I did it, but it's still a work-in-progress job. I'm not embarrassed like last year, at least. B-


DeathList Correctlist: So I'm now at the correct number of hits! Unfortunately, 7 of those hits weren't on my guess list. Poor form, I suppose, but I'm not last. C-


So overall, I'm still bollocks at this game. But it's about the taking part, etc. etc.

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Well, I sucked at all of them, except the Inverse (DI one) in which I find myself unexpectedly top quartile/in the lower reaches of the top ten last time I looked. (And even that team was only saved from mid-table mediocrity by Carol Channing helpfully dying just before the start line as opposed to just after). Got squonked by Banana in the first round of the Cup, although I wasn't the only one to suffer that fate in that compettion. Overall a big fat E-.

Next year I aspire to be E+, i.e. marginally better than this year but still worse than just about everybody else on here.

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29 minutes ago, Great Uncle Bulgaria said:

Well, I sucked at all of them, except the Inverse (DI one) in which I find myself unexpectedly top quartile/in the lower reaches of the top ten last time I looked. (And even that team was only saved from mid-table mediocrity by Carol Channing helpfully dying just before the start line as opposed to just after). Got squonked by Banana in the first round of the Cup, although I wasn't the only one to suffer that fate in that compettion. Overall a big fat E-.

Next year I aspire to be E+, i.e. marginally better than this year but still worse than just about everybody else on here.

My first couple of years were awful Uncy Bulgaria.


Think it takes time to settle into the rhythm of things. I'll have been here 5 years in January and still no paddle in the Orinoco. ;) I guess it's knowing when to listen and when to go off and do your own thing. I disregard 90 percent of the noise, because most of the folk mentioned mean nothing to me. And death is nothing without meaning. :ghost5:

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Deathrace : love the idea and want to do well but I always get nowhere . F


Deathlist cup : see above.  E


Hares Deadpool: could I be on course to win my first Deadpool on this site( only took 11 years) I won't get my hopes up until Jan 1st 2020 and the points have been counted . B potential A


HPDP: sneaked into the top 5 be nice to finish there and try and finish higher next year. B


DDP: currently 27th highest I ever finished was 44th . Wanna get into top 20 next year. C 

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Deadpooling: B- (I think I finished 5th place in more DPs than I can count.  Fucked off with my DDP Joker but I'm learning.  Shoulda made Fatima Ali my joker and flirted with a Top 10)

Being a man of my word: A+ (alt obits is a joke.  You can have it.  I said I'd never play it again, and I won't.  1 year, most hits.  That's good enough for me.  Ego stroked.)


(EDIT: Being a man of my word: E.  I sent in alt obits list with 20 hours to go)

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DDP main team: This is my highest-scoring year ever at 59 points, even if you were to remove the Drop 40 bonus. For the longest time, I have wanted to get a unique bonus. This year, I got two of them. In terms of number of hits, I'm nowhere close to my record at 8.  (B-)


DDP theme team: Zero hits for my Olivia's co-stars team. I guess her longevity is contagious. But whatever, it's just a theme team, those aren't meant to be super ambitious, so I'll show some leniency here. (E-)


Deathrace: Only one of my entries died throughout the year, and that was after the game had already ended! Grade? This is the kind of performance that sends you off to summer school. (F)


Bunny pool: It ain't over till it's over. But in the unlikely event of me not getting 22 hits in the coming 3 days, then I guess I'm still fairly satisfied with how I did. Especially considering that I spent about the same amount of time researching as the above deadpool lasted. (C-) (A+ potentially)


Can't recall entering anything else in 2019...

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Hartlepool - Two hits, but on the plus side, they were numbers 2 & 1 and both unique (no morris dancing though), so points-wise, could have been a lot worse. Think I made the top 20. D-


Deathlist Cup - No surprise to anyone that my involvmemnt in thus was minimal, thanks to a 13-0 thumping by Alt Obits Guy. Some of my team have subsequently died, so some comfort to be had. E


Scavenger Hunt - My best performance of the year (OK 2 years); like many, waiting for 1 more hit, in my case I'm still waiting for one of my boxers to be counted out. B


DDP Main Team (Time's-up) - Three hits, ages 99, 100 & 102. It's OK, I'm very patient. That tally did include my unique joker (no escape this time for Dick Churchill, sadly). D


DDP Theme Team (Rons) - Nice early hit with Ron Smith, who sadly when unlamented by the mainstream press; at the other end of the year my first (only) qualifying hit with Ron Saunders, but sandwiched in the middle, a bizarre episode which saw Ron Ely's wife and son killed, but not Ron himself, who survives for this coming year (and probably beyond). E+


I think that was all I entered and have maintained my usual form, i.e. wrong end of the table just avoiding relegation.

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Heading Nowhere-Finished  Tied for 5th in DDP and 5th ever top 10 finish in the competition

Theme Teams-C
The One's That Won't Go Away
Waiver Wire Rookie Roundup
3 unique hits+ a LOTL name for TO is a fair result
WW Only 2 hit's but Joker Landed


6th of 35ish teams
Hits on 7 of 10 names


3rd place 2463 points
15 of 25 hits


0 hits or 1 hit? idk
My form in this pool continues to be like a Clay Court Specialist at Wimbledon


Alt Obits
Runner Up with 16 hits,also 2nd in total hit's to SirCreep's Senior Heavy Squad


Death By Numbers
8th of 30
Respectable but not impressive,some poor transfer deadline decision(ie subbing out Fred Rister who died weeks later)


Deathlist Cup
Losing Quarterfinalist
Not a bad performance or a strong one


Windy City
8th of 26


Respectable if unimpressive final placement

4th place and a single point from tying Joey for Bronze.

Stumbled down the finish,was the only player with at least 1 hit every single month btwn Jan-Oct before 0 for 10 with 0 Nov-Dec hits


MMMDP/AA-The 1st hit win nature of these pools means Pass/Fail and I failed here


Poker Pool-



Lady luck was on my side,especially since a few of the name's waiting to topple over  in early 2020 would have given those behind me enough bonus point's to maybe overtake me

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