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    BELOVED FORUM POSTER DIES 11/50 6th September 2019 Robert Mugabe, best known for his many years of insightful posts on Deathlist forums, has sadly died at 95 to give another crowdsource score. He was a familiar and loved figure on the forums, with his wit, anti-racism posts, and long friendship with Deathray who recently married Neil Kinnock’s Welsh Constituency. He also had a bit of a tenuous relationship with your crowdsource host, but you can't please everyone. In these sad Post Hein days, this is the first time we’ve had 100% confirmation of the death of a Deathlist poster, since the death of forum admin Paul Bearer in 2013. Mugabe will be fondly remembered by all fans of his Swingtime Band. PS It has just reached us that Robert Mugabe was in fact a mass murdering embezzling dictator who ran roughshod over his own people for nearly 40 years. The things that people can get away with, while pretending to be a friendly member of the online community, never cease to shock. Side note: apart from a few minor tweaks this obit was the work of msc, not me. Since he clearly wanted this obit published for the longest time and I did one of his obits for Stan Lee back in 2018, I decided to give him one obit. Now I'm waiting for the why are you so racist comments...
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    I guess they are not coming to dinner?
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    I still cannot believe he is gone. RIP
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    Oooh! He could have gone in the Farmers thread.
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    Either that or the GHB wore off quicker than it should have.
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    Tories now Ruth-less and Rudd-erless.
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    What are you talking about skinny man, You are just racist and weak poster, you would not survive 2 mins in the Arab spring
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    I don’t think it’s a good idea to tear apart the great Hosni Mubarak. I mean, I tried to do that when he was known as Robert Mugabe and he definitely got the best of me. You have been warned
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    Gulpilil will obit on the strength of Walkabout alone I'll wager. I'll admit I've never heard of Palau.
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    Perma-ban arriving at platform two.
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    Missed this at the time so likely best here now: Geoffrey Hayes from Rainbow has died. "I don't even remember the cunt being in the band, " said Ritchie Blackmore.
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    Most famous farmer in the UK might be Michael Eavis
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    They aren't when they live in Sheffield - like I suspect Hosni does.
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    Taiwan democracy activist Roger Hsieh has died at 85. Obviously this is ony an excuse to post a list of Taiwanese Democracy activists and elderly political figures. Taiwan is a rich China, so they are longeve as fuck. 1)Su Beng (1918). Su Beng tried to assassinate Chiang Kai-shek himself in the 1950s. He is known as a violent communist, "the Taiwanese Che Guevara". Very old, blind and wheelchair bound for years, he suffered a nasty fall last December and was hospitalized in critical conditions. Has since made a full recovery, it seems. 2)Hau Pei-tsun (1919). Former PM of Taiwan. He was a close aide of Chiang Kai-shek and then became one of the favourites henchmen of Lee Teng-hui. In 1996 he betrayed his puppetmaster running for veep with another party. Failing obviously. Suffered a severe stroke in April 2019 and has since been hospitalized in ICU, reportedly half-paralyzed. Yep, how the hell is he still going? 3)Lee Teng-hui (1923) De facto dictator of Taiwan from 1988 to 2000, is considered a major inspiration for current president Tsai Ing-wen, who frequently used him as a counsellor. A corrupted fraudster who embezzled millions, he has a complicated medical history. In 2000 he had bypass surgery, in 2011 he suffered from colon cancer, from which he fully recovered. In 2015 he suffered a minor stroke, in November 2018 a major fall and intracranial hemorrhage, which had him hospitalized for three months. Now better and scheduled to publicly appear at the end of September. 4)Peng Ming-min (1923). Democracy activist who wrote the pamphlet for which Roger Hsieh was arrested and tortured. He instead flew to Sweden. In 1996 he run against crook Lee Teng-hui and lost miserably. Still in good health and angry towards the government. 5)Chiu Chuang-huan (1925). Vicepremier in the 80s, a political dinosaur whose last public appearances date back to 2011. Shouldn't be in the best health nowadays. 6)Tseng Wen-hui (1926) Lee Teng-hui's wife, who is still sprightly and looks 20 years younger, so destined to be a widow, it seems. Embezzled millions and sent to jail those who protested.
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    I do not drink wine, I am Islamic, why are you being islamaphobic??
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    A thread in desperate need of direction - this seems appropriate:
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    Two years tops before they relocate to the States.
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    Not much gets past you, does it.
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    Magdalen Berns, "self-professed transphobe", and internet activist, has terminal brain cancer. This was already known when she made news because J. K. Rowling was following her on Twitter: https://www.indy100.com/article/jk-rowling-twitter-transphobe-magdalen-berns-terf-lgbt-8974041 Berns has now entered palliative care: https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/magdalen-berns-a-shero-among-women/
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    Ah Simon. Farming related innuendo:
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    I live next door to an African person. He's white, though.
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