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    I've known since very young that vigorously rubbing your weapon will make it go off in your hand.
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    I'm still hopeful that Hunt will snatch it in the last ballot. Historically, the front-runner stumbles in the final ballot and Boris is very stumble-able. Crikey. For Jeremy Hunt to be the hopeful option for our next PM is a desperately sorry indictment for this country, isn't it?
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    fyi, frontpage updates are gonna be a few days behind for the next few days as I've got some pretty big stuff going on elsewhere.
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    Being a dad myself and another daughter on the way it's very saddening to see a father go through that . Makes you appreciate life even the smallest things. The joy of making the kids birthday special is an incredible thing. Something they'll remember for the rest of their lives long after you're gone. I know because it was like that with my dad.
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    My theory: Johnson becomes PM. A Motion of No Confidence is tabled by Corbyn. 66% of MPs need to agree. Opposition benches ≈ 50% of MPs. >16% of Tories needed to rebel and force a General Election. Looking at how many Tories willing to do that (Clarke, Hammond, Grieve etc etc), that's doable. GE happens. Very hung parliament. Brexit Party gets votes, but only a single digit figure of seats, thus no feasible CON-BRX coalition. LD, SNP, GRN, PC (& IND if any) agree to support LAB in a minority govt on the proviso that a 2nd ref is called. Corbyn agrees. 2nd ref happens. Remain wins by 4-6 points. We end up with a propped-up LAB govt by accident, the last 3 years going down the pan. Deep-cut division remains. Everyone hates each other. Corbyn stokes the fire. New govt last about as long as a Chuka Umunna party membership. Corbyn is forced out mercilessly, as Johnson was. Another GE happens, between Gove (who'll somehow fuck Johnson over again when the first GE is lost) and new LAB leader Jess Phillips. Phillips looks popular and a dead cert to become our 4th different PM in the space of 18 months, having won over the public by rolling a fag during a televised debate hosted by a greying Fiona Bruce, but Gove wins in a Major-esque surprise landslide. PM Gove says he always believed in Remain and the 4% of the electorate who are bothering to vote anymore just resolve not to question him out of sheer world-weariness. He lasts nearly 2 years, before his wife tells him to come home because she's having to have an affair with a fellow spiteful Mail columnist, and his daughter is pregnant with a drug baby. Rory Stewart is elected the new leader unopposed, as there are no longer enough MPs willing to give a shit enough to even fight for a Cabinet position. The UK has been weakened so much by the previous few years that the EU is holding a vote over whether to force A50 to trigger again and Donald Trump has bought Westminster and plans on turning it into a golf resort with a helipad made of platinum and fragments from the atom bomb that hit China 2 months prior. Nobody here noticed that happened as we've no longer the money to import Chinese goods anyway.
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    After a long indecision, I announce I chose my new favourite Asian dictator, who will be on my personal 50 for the rest of his life. Or my life, it's more likely. Seeing that gen. Prem didn't do his work properly, lasting less than 24 hours, I've chosen another die-hard Asian Communist leader as beloved general Le Duc Anh. Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only mr. Khamtai Siphandon! That's me! I can't believe it! And now I should be all right till tomorrow at least. No, seriously, 2025 at least.
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    Well that would have been a miss in 2016, a miss in 2017, a miss in 2018 and 2019? I presume this is not your application to join the Committee.
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    Having Daniella Westbrook as a therapist is like having June Brown as a stop smoking advisor.
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    Fay McKenzie finally gets a QO: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2019/06/18/fay-mckenzie-actress-hollywoods-golden-age-starred-opposite/
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    In this recent article celebrating 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', it mentions how Eric Carle was too frail to talk for the story https://www.npr.org/2019/06/12/731818697/a-very-happy-50th-birthday-to-the-very-hungry-caterpillar
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    Well it's a cunt or a Johnson who's also a cunt.
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    Alex Trebek looking and sounding pretty good as the final presenter at the NHL Awards, aired live on Wednesday night. Was also seated in the front row when James Holzhauer helped present an award earlier in the evening, so a reunion of sorts.
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    Jeopardy legend James Holzhauer donates his money to pancreatic cancer walk in honor of Trebek
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    Great pick, perfectly scouted. Nice throwback to the days of uniques being proper gamechangers at the top of the pile.
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    Looking forward to a huge points haul for this one https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/europes-oldest-person-dies-age-16535840
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    Oldest European Maria Giuseppa Robucci proves a robust hit for Pedro. He lands 45 points for the hit plus an extra 18 for the unique status.
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    Matt ‘cock is now backing Johnson in the leadership contest. In the interests of the people, you understand, not his career. Yeah. My arris. Unprincipled toilet.
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    On another point, when did "bitch" get escalated into a massively offensive swear word, to the point where swear filters often censor it? Even if you're talking about dogs, or using it as a verb, eg bitching about something. In my day "bitch" was quite a mild insult, often used ironically or affectionately (as in "Oooh, you lucky bitch!")
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    Car accidents linked to the royal seem to be an alarming trend.
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    I know someone who likes to cross-dress, yes. Unfortunately they're not famous.
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