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The Generation Game

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Can you not just disqualify him for being stupid?

just let it be man. No big deal I'm only off by a couple of years.
Then you'll never win the game :lol:
generations aren't unverisally agreed on anyway. Some people would classify downie,brackneil and Christie as baby boomers anyway.



That's why the OP specifically sets out which definition of generations is being used and where it's sourced on. Argue Bracknell a baby boomer all you want, the rules of the competition aren't going to change because you think they're wrong.

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By all means keep your ineligible picks but you will never win and any hits you have put in the wrong generation won`t count .

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Here I go...


G.I. Generation


Olivia de Havilland

Kirk Douglas

Danielle Darrieux

Peter Carrington

Javier Perez de Cuellar

Prince Jean of Luxembourg

Philip Mountbatten

King Michael of Romania

Doris Day

Pierre Cardin

Yvette Horner

Liliane Bettencourt

Stan Lee

Chuck Yeager

Henry Kissinger

Robert Mugabe

Charles Aznavour

George Bush Sr.

Jimmy Carter

David Rockefeller


Silent Generation


Giorgio Napolitano

Jacques Delors

Angela Lansbury

Valery Giscard d'Estaing

Paul Bocuse

Hugh Hefner

Sidney Poitier

Gina Lollobrigida

Fats Domino

Stirling Moss

Helmut Kohl

Warren Buffett

Jean-Luc Godard

Desmond Tutu


Charles Manson

Salmane Al Saoud

Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Alberto Fujimori

Ali Khamenei


Baby-Boom Generation


David Soul

Keith Richards

Francoise Hardy

Dirk Benedict

Donald Trump

Fred Dryer

Marianne Faithfull


Robbie Rensenbrinck

Ozzy Osbourne

Mister T

Hulk Hogan

Billy Idol

John Galliano

Val Kilmer

Linda Ronstadt

Diego Maradona

Radovan Karadzic

Lex Luger

Jimmy Snuka

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Someone help a newbie please? OP states Obit rules are the same as the DDP. Can someone point me to where these are as the current DDP thread does appear to state the rules? Ta muchly. xx

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Thank you for taking the time, msc. Much obliged.



No worries, we were all there at one point. Welll, bar Big Iain the DDP founder of course...

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Okay, here goes. Hopefully I have got these right but please let me know if not.


G.I. Generation (1901-1924)


1. Gloria Vanderbilt

2. Prince Phillip

3. Wayne Thiebaud

4. Michael Anderson (film director)

5. Peter Sallis

6. Carl Reiner

7. Pierre Cardin

8. Bob Barker

9. Henry Kissenger

10. Chuck Yeager

11. George Bush Snr.

12. Jimmy Carter

13 Doris Day

14. Robert Mugabe

15. Kirk Douglas

16. Franco Zeffirelli

17. Bob Dole

18. Charles Aznavour

19. Eva Marie Saint

20. Carol Channing.


Silent Generation (1925-1942)


1. Christine Keeler

2. Peter Firmin

3. Katie Boyle

4. Peter Wyngarde *

5. Jim Dale

6. Pope Emeritus Benedict

7. Sidney Poitier

8. Harry Belefonte

9. Gina Lollobrigida

10. Ken Dodd

11. Robert Guillaume

12. Bruce Forsyth

13. Adam West

14. James Lovell

15. Brian Walden

16. David Prowse

17. Roger Bannister

18. Michael Aspel

19. June Brown

20. Frank Bough


Baby Boomers (1942-1960)


1. Morgan Tsvangirai

2. Steve Hewlett (journalist)

3. Martin McGuinness

4. Iggy Pop

5. Stephen Fry

6. Grace Jones

7. Rita Wilson (actress)

8. Alice Cooper

9. Gary Glitter

10. Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca)

11. Erno Rubik

12. Michael Douglas

13. Tim Curry

14. Rodrigo Duterte

15. Freddie Starr

16. Colin Baker

17. James Belushi

18. Kelsey Grammer

19. Andrew Marr

20. John Wetton


* Peter Wyngarde is a bit coy about his year of birth but biographies place him born not earlier than 1926. I hope this is acceptable?


Compiling all that was more work than I had bargained for. lol

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Zhou Youguang is my 20th hit here.

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MTM was my 10th hit, and four of them are Baby Boomers. Not bad, though Craig Spector will probably block my team for a long time.

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Did anyone have Bill Paxton?

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Sixth Hit for me with David Rockefeller.

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Handrejka scores with Dexter and Wednesday Addams scores with McGuinness.

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On 8/15/2016 at 20:07, JiroemonKimura said:

List is final as of August 31, 2016 at 7:25 P.M. UTC.
1. David Rockefeller
2. Jimmy Carter
3. Robert Mugabe
4. Claire Hollingsworth
5. Michael I of Romania
6. Kirk Douglas
7. Zsa Zsa Gabor
8. Olivia De Haviland
9. Lupita Tovar
10. Sumner Redstone
11. Reinhard Hardegen
12. Barys Kit
13. Fauja Singh
14. Rev Billy Graham
15. Ken Hechler
16. Peter Carrington
17. Bobby Doerr
18. Lawrence Ferlinghetti
19. Herman Wouk
20. Peter Sallis

1. Colin Meads
2. Nobby Stiles
3. Pasqual Margal i Miira
4. Peter Sarstedt
5. Tony Booth
6. William Hudnut III
7. Ian St John
8. Bishop Geoffrey Robinson
9. Dr Nakamats
10. Henri Richard
11. Stan Mikita
12. Valerie Harper
13. Gordon Banks
14. John Noakes
15. Joe Kapp
16. Bart Starr
17. Glen Campbell
18. Bhumibol Adulyadej
19. Clive Derby Lewis
20. Bruce Langhorne

1. Piers Sellers
2. Craig Sager
3. Ray Blacklock
4. Gerd Muller
5. The Amazing Jonathan
6. Malcolm Young
7. Luke Halpin
8. Superstar Billy Graham
9. Michael Douglas
10. Sharon Percy Rockefeller
11. Derrik Jenson (American football player)
12. Augie Nieto
13. Paul Shrubb
14. Stan Bowles
15. Dennis Moore

16. Jimmy Superfly Snuka

17. Joellyn Duesberry (died before start) Randy Romero

18. Judy Martz

19. Sharon Jones

20. Christy Dignam


Derrik Jenson died on 7th April.Can`t find a QO though.

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Very sad, Erin Moran was only 56.... of course by now she was a real has-been

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Only The Mad Hatter had Brady but he had him as a Baby Boomer so it doesn`t count :P

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Here's my team...


1. Robert Mugabe
2. Peter Carrington
3. Bessie Camm
4. King Michael of Romania
5. Prince Philip
6. Billy Graham
7. Kirk Douglas
8. Olivia De Havilland
9. James Lovelock
10. John Paul Stevens
11. Henry Kissinger
12. Nicholas Parsons
13. Clarissa Eden
14. Mary Wilson
15. Peter Sallis
16. Stan Lee
17. Prince Jean of Luxembourg
18. Vera Lynn
19. Doris Day
20. Monty Hall


1. Queen Elizabeth II
2. Bruce Forsyth
3. Tony Booth
4. Barbara Bush
5. Nobby Stiles
6. Hosni Mubarak
7. Jimmy Greaves
8. John Noakes
9. Valery Giscard D'Estraing
10. Colin Meads
11. Stephen Hawking
12. Pope Benedict XVI
13. Gordon Banks
14. Angela Lansbury
15. Dick Van Dyke
16. Ian St. John
17. David Attenborough
18. Jacques Chirac
19. Glen Campbell
20. Emperor Akihito


1. Linda Nolan
2. Freddie Starr
3. Eric Pickles
4. Bill Clinton
5. Donald Trump
6. Superstar Billy Graham
7. Rowan Atkinson
8. Ozzy Osbourne
9. Ken Livingstone
10. Christopher Walken

11. R.L. Stine
12. Roger Waters
13. Sylvester McCoy
14. Joni Mitchell
15. Malcolm McDowell
16. Frank Oz
17. Gary Busey
18. Roger Daltrey
19. Eric Clapton
20. Rod Stewart

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On 30/07/2016 at 18:30, drol said:

G. I. Generation


1)Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

2)Henry Kissinger

3)Piet de Jong

4)Fritz Hellwig

5)Lawrence Ferlinghetti

6)Jean of Luxembourg

7)Michael I of Romania

8)Hutton Gibson

9)Kirk Douglas

10)Jacque Fresco

11)Clifton James

12)Michael Anderson

13)John Glenn

14)Ronald Atkins

15)Denis Norden

16)Baby Peggy (Diana Serra Cary)

17)Reinhard Hardegen

18)Bobbie Heine Miller

19)Billy Graham

20)Boris Pahor


Silent Generation:


1)Don Rickles

2)Jerry Lewis

3)Little Richard

4)Tony Bennett

5)Jim Prior

6)Nigel Lawson

7)Norman Tebbit

8)Arnaldo Forlani

9)Vera Caslavska

10)Mary Tyler Moore

11)Glen Campbell

12)George The Animal Steele

13)Phil Spector

14)Ian St. John

15)John Noakes

16)Jimmy Greaves

17)Nobby Styles

18)Gordon Banks

19)Tony Booth

20)Hosni Mubarak


Baby boomers:


1)Superstar Billy Graham


3)Craig Spector

4)Piers Sellers

5)Peter Mayhew

6)Sharon Jones

7)Malcolm Young

8)Morgan Tsvangirai

9)Tony Todd

10)Michael Moore

11)Ozzy Osbourne

12)Radovan Karadzic

13)King Kong Bundy

14)Hulk Hogan

15)Lex Luger

16)Hillbilly Jim

17)Nikolai Volkoff

18)Jimmy Snuka

19)The Iron Sheik

20)Craig Sager


This will take many years!

The Iron Sheik was born in 1942 and is therefore inelligable.

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On 7/30/2016 at 21:59, The Mad Hatter said:

GI generation

1.king Michael of Romania

2. Jimmy Carter

3. Bob dole

4. Jackie Stallone

5. Zsa zsa Gabor

6. Carol Channing

7. Olivia de Havilland

8. Richard Adams

9. Edgar ray killen

10. Kirt Douglas

11. Joan havelange

12. Clifton James.

13. Henry Kissinger

14. Shimon Peres

15. Beverly celery

16. Dick van Dyke

17. Henry Heimlich

18. john paul stevens

19. George bush snr

20. Barbara bush


Silent genration

1. Sidney poilter

2. Desmond Tutu

3. Little richard

4. Chuck berry

5. Joe jackson

6. Clive james

7. Velerine harper

8. Tony booth

9. Elizabeth dawn

10. Charles Manson

11. Cloris Leachman

12. Gordon banks

13. Nobby stiles

14. King of Thailand

15. Bruce Forsythe

16. Angela Lansbury

17. Hosni Mubarak

18. Glen Campbell

19. Henry Belfonte

20. Don rickles


Baby Boomers

1. Michael Moore

2. Kelsey Grammer

3. John Goodman

4. Piers Sellers

5. Morgan Tsvangirai

6.Phil Spector

7. Burt Reynolds

8. Ian Brady

9. Peter Sutcliffe

10. Stephen Hawkins

11. Leah Brackneil

12. Tim Curry

13. Eroll Christie

14. Richard Sullivan

15. Gord Downey

16. Keith Richards

17. Radovan Karadzic

18. Michael Douglas

19. Luke Halquinn

20. Craig Seeger



Right I have decided I am giving you until the end of the month to sort out your team or you are disqualified.

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4 minutes ago, The Mad Hatter said:


Oh. Your saying no then. Huh. 


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Well like I said fix your team by the 1st June or you are out.


Edit:On second thoughts you are disqualified as of now.

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