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Derby Dead Pool 2020

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2019 wasn't a great year for my picks (luckily for them)

but with a new decade come new ambitions !


P@F DeathList

Tom Smith (joker)

Alex Trebek
Bernard Tapie
Lee Kerslake
Noel Conway
Genesis P-Orridge
Frankie Banali
Gerard Stokes
George Alagiah
Bill Turnbull
Barry Du Bois
Nick Hodgkinson
Julie Allen
Phil Newby
Criscilla Anderson
Deborah James
Karl Butler
Beth Durkin
Jennifer Bell
Lisa Griffiths


subs :

Mark Gastineau
Nikki Jenkins
Nobby Stiles


P@F #metoo (theme : only girls)

Deborah James (joker)

Olivia Newton-John
Genesis P-Orridge
Amy Price
Lynda Bailey
Susan Bayh
Julie Strain
Diane Hannaby
Sophie Sabbage
Julie Allen
Shan­nen Doherty
Caroline Richards
Nikki Jenkins
Criscilla Anderson
Kerri Parker
Chloe Rose Lattanzi
Beth Durkin
Pixee Fox
Jennifer Bell
Lisa Griffiths


subs :

Sonali Bendre
Bernadette Chirac
Catherine Deneuve





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I regret not picking Sheldon Adelson, Bradley Murdoch and Peter Tobin (completely forgot them). Plus I would have picked John Lewis and Dermott O'Neill had I entered three days later.

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3 hours ago, Gooseberry Crumble said:

Here are my three teams for this years Derby Dead Pool




Gooseberry Crumble



Terry Kilburn [british born actor]




Nearly went for Terry myself. Nice pick.

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David Quantick's Showbiz Pals

  1. Tom Smith (JOKER)

  2. Mark Allen

  3. John Andretti

  4. Jana Bennett

  5. Tim Bilton

  6. Chris Doleman

  7. John Downing

  8. Bob Gibson

  9. David Gulpilil

  10. David Hagen

  11. Samantha Jaelle

  12. Lee Kerslake

  13. John Lewis

  14. Litsa Menounos

  15. Laura Nuttall

  16. Genesis P-Orridge

  17. Yoo Sang-chul

  18. Roger Scruton

  19. Belinda Sykes

  20. Alex Trebek



Theme team: Color Me Abbad - an attempt to break the record for the earliest DDP hit alphabetically, currently held by Claudio Abbado


  1. Hank Aaron (JOKER)
  2. Philip Aaberg
  3. Harald Aabrekk
  4. Lee Aaker
  5. Rauno Aaltonen
  6. Willie Aames
  7. Shaker Aamer
  8. Rolf Aamot
  9. Fredric Aasbo
  10. Nikita Ababiy
  11. Ricardo Abad
  12. Yitzchak Abadi
  13. Tommy Aaron
  14. Frank Abagnale
  15. Ababiya Abajobir
  16. Susan Aaron-Taylor
  17. Amira Abase
  18. Bonfoh Abass
  19. Loris Abate
  20. Patrice Abanda
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All about the Men. An all male team.


  1. Tom Smith (Joker)
  2. George Alagiah
  3. Bill Turnbull
  4. John Lewis
  5. John Andretti
  6. Duke of Edinburgh
  7. Jimmy Carter
  8. Kirk Douglas
  9. Roger Scruton
  10. Nicholas Parsons
  11. Desmond Tutu
  12. Harry Reid
  13. Daniel arap Moi
  14. Leon Sprinks
  15. Michael Schumacher
  16. Mikhail Gorbachev
  17. Alex Trebek
  18. Bob Dole
  19. Larry King
  20. Terry Jones


They is nothing like a dame (and the Women who gives them it) - A team of 19 dames and the Queen. 

  1. Queen Elizabeth (Joker)
  2. Joan Plowright.
  3. Judi Dench
  4. Eileen Atkins
  5. Maggie Smith
  6. Vera Lynn
  7. Olivia De Haviland
  8. Esther Rantzen
  9. Patricia Routledge
  10. Cleo Laine
  11. Barbara Windsor
  12. Norma Major
  13. Angela Lansbury
  14. Julie Andrews
  15. Shirley Bassey
  16. Sian Phillips 
  17. Joan Collins
  18. Olivia Newton - John
  19. Elizabeth Butler-Sloss
  20. Carmen Callil


Not going in a Black Cab-  An Eastenders theme team

  1. Daniella Westbrook (Joker)
  2. Barbara Windsor
  3. Bill Treacher
  4. Leonard Fenton
  5. June Brown
  6. Elizabeth Kelly
  7. Shelia Hancock
  8. Mona Hammond
  9. Derek Martin
  10. Peter Dean
  11. Harry Landis
  12. Rudolph Walker
  13. Joan Holley
  14. Corrine Skinner-Carter
  15. Pam St Clement
  16. Heather Chasen
  17. Elaine Lorden
  18. Anna Karen
  19. Lynda Baron
  20. Leslie Schofield



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Well, here goes nothing!


My three teams submitted at the beginning of December are:


12 Lords A-Leaving, 8 Ladies Dying (An attempt to get as many uniques as possible this year)


JOKER (Pick 1): Ian Hamilton (Advocate): Scottish lawyer who, as a student, was involved in the removal of the Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey in 1950. (M)

(Pick 2): Rachel Ames: US film and TV actress, probably best known for her long-running role in General Hospital. (F)

(Pick 3): Stanley Appel: British light entertainment director and producer, probably best known for his overhaul of Top Of The Pops in the 1990s. (M)

(Pick 4): Donald P Bellisario: US producer and screenwriter, known for such programmes as Magnum, P.I., Airwolf and Quantum Leap. (M)

(Pick 5): Brian Clark (British Writer): British author and playwright, best known for his award winning play, Whose Life Is It Anyway?. (M)

(Pick 6): Patricia Driscoll: Irish actress, appeared on British TV as Maid Marian and presented the children's programme, Picture Book. (F)

(Pick 7): Cissy Houston: US soul and gospel singer in her own right, mother of the late Whitney Houston. (F)

(Pick 8): Sol Kerzner: South African businessman who founded Sun City in 1979. (M)

(Pick 9): Sergei Khrushchev: Soviet born American engineer and academic, son of former Soviet Russia era President, Nikita Khrushchev. (M)

(Pick 10): Philip Latham: British character actor known for his appearances in Hammer films and as Lord President Borusa in Doctor Who. (M)

(Pick 11): Jackie Lee (Irish Singer): Irish singer best known for singing the theme tunes to the children's TV programmes White Horses and Rupert The Bear. (F)

(Pick 12): Mary Marquis: Scottish former presenter who appeared on Nationwide while presenting the news on BBC Scotland. (F)

(Pick 13): Peter Murphy (Musician): English singer-songwriter, former vocalist for the band Bauhaus, known as the Godfather of Goth. (M)

(Pick 14): Sally Oppenheim-Barnes: Former Conservative Member of Parliament for Gloucester from 1970 to 1987. (F)

(Pick 15): Toni Palmer: English character actress, known mainly for comedic roles in The Rag Trade, Russ Abbott's Saturday Madhouse, Only Fools And Horses, and Mog. (F)

(Pick 16): James T Russell (Inventor): US inventor who made developments in optical digital technology and is sometimes credited as the inventor of the compact disc. (M)

(Pick 17): Valerie Simpson: American singer-songwriter who, as one half of Ashford and Simpson, had a huge UK hit with Solid. Everybody sing, solid, solid as a rock.... (F)

(Pick 18): Davie Sneddon (Footballer): Scottish footballer who played for, and then managed, Kilmarnock FC. (M)

(Pick 19): Jim Steinman: American lyricist and composer, long term associate of Meat Loaf (the singer and actor, not the foodstuff). (M)

(Pick 20): Bobby Wilson (Tennis Player): English former top ranked tennis player and former member of the British Davis Cup team. (M)


Comedy Cremations


JOKER (Pick 1): Paul Mayhew-Archer: Comedy Writer e.g. The Vicar Of Dibley

(Pick 2): Stanley Baxter: Scottish Comedy Actor

(Pick 3): Eric Chappell: English Comedy Writer e.g. Rising Damp

(Pick 4): Billy Connolly: Scottish Comedian

(Pick 5): Bill Cosby: American comedy performer e.g. The Cosby Show

(Pick 6): Barry Cryer: English Comedy Writer

(Pick 7): David Daker: English character actor known for comedic roles, e.g. Porridge

(Pick 8): Melvyn Hayes: Comedy Actor e.g. It Ain't Half Hot Mum

(Pick 9): Tim Healy: Comic Actor, e.g. Benidorm; Still Open All Hours

(Pick 10): Terry Jones: Member of Monty Python's Flying Circus

(Pick 11): Jackie Mason: American Stand Up Comic

(Pick 12): Brian Murphy: Comedy Actor e.g. Man About The House; George And Mildred

(Pick 13): Bob Newhart: American Comedy Performer

(Pick 14): Duncan Norvelle: English Comedy Performer

(Pick 15): Nicholas Parsons: English Comedy Straight Man/Presenter of Just A Minute

(Pick 16): Leslie Phillips: English Comedy Actor e.g. Carry On series and Harry Potter

(Pick 17): John Quayle (Actor): English character actor known for comedic roles, e.g. Terry And June.

(Pick 18): Dick Van Dyke: Had his own eponymous comedy show in the 1960s.

(Pick 19): Betty White: Last surviving member of the main cast of The Golden Girls.

(Pick 20): Barbara Windsor: English actress still best known for appearing in the Carry On franchise.



Hits of 36 Years Ago And Hits Today


JOKER (Pick 1): Willie Nelson: US Country musician, actor and activist. [#17 To All The Girls I've Loved Before (with Julio Iglesias)]

(Pick 2): Afrika Bambaataa: US DJ, rapper and songwriter. [#30 Renegades Of Funk (Afrika Bambaata And The Soulsonic Force)]

(Pick 3): Steve Bronski: Scottish musician who gave his name to openly gay band Bronski Beat. [#3 Smalltown Boy (Bronski Beat)]

(Pick 4): Mel Brooks: US director,actor and comedian. [#12 To Be Or Not To Be]

(Pick 5): Phil Collins: Drummer with Genesis and solo artist. [#2 Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)/#1 Do They Know It's Xmas (Band Aid)]

(Pick 6): Joe Fagin (Singer): British singer-songwriter who sang the theme tune to British TV serial Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. [#3 That's Living Alright]

(Pick 7): Gary Glitter: English glam rock hitmaker now in prison. [#7 Another Rock And Roll Christmas]

(Pick 8): Lou Gramm: US singer-songwriter, original front man for Foreigner. [#11 I Want To Know What Love Is (Foreigner)]

(Pick 9): Julio Iglesias: Spanish singer-songwriter. [#17 To All The Girls I've Loved Before (with Willie Nelson)]

(Pick 10): Jim Lea: Musician, vocalist and songwriter with 70s glam rock band, Slade. [#2 My Oh My (Slade)]

(Pick 11): Meat Loaf: US singer and actor best known for Bat Out Of Hell. [#17 Modern Girl]

(Pick 12): Frank Maudsley: Bassist with synthpop band A Flock Of Seagulls. [#26 The More You Live, The More You Love (Flock of Seagulls)]

(Pick 13): Ozzy Osbourne: Former lead vocalist with Black Sabbath. [#20 So Tired]

(Pick 14): Walter Parazaider: US musician, founding member of the band, Chicago. [#8 Hard Habit To Break (Chicago)]

(Pick 15): Alvin "Seeco" Patterson: Former percussionist with Bob Marley And The Wailers. [#5 One Love/People Get Ready (Bob Marley And The Wailers)]

(Pick 16): Mike Peters: Welsh musician, lead singer of The Alarm. [#22 Where Were You When The Storm Broke (The Alarm)]

(Pick 17): Kenny Rogers: Well known US Country singer. [#7 Islands In The Stream]

(Pick 18): Rick Springfield: Australian born American singer-songwriter. [#23 Human Touch]

(Pick 19): Brian Travers: English saxophonist with Birmingham originating reggae specialists UB40. [#9 If It Happens Again (UB40)]

(Pick 20): Eddie Van Halen: Dutch-American musician and songwriter with Van Halen. [#7 Jump (Van Halen)]

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5 hours ago, Bibliogryphon said:

Well that has probably slashed my theme  team uniques in half.


:unsure:  Sorry!  Great minds, etc.

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1 hour ago, Spade_Cooley said:


Theme team: Color Me Abbad - an attempt to break the record for the earliest DDP hit alphabetically, currently held by Claudio Abbado



Sir Creep loves this.  And will be watching.

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10 hours ago, Kinnock said:
Deathray's Kervorkian Clinic
- these people have all had news reports in press which seems to be pitifully low standard for the DDP. Yes, this team is partly an attempt to make a point and partly because i'm pushed for time and googling terminally ill was a quick research method - submitting this in the hope none of them die any who do don't obit.....


Ron Hogg (terminally ill Police Commissioner and right to life campaigner)

Ron Hogg was more than terminally ill when you turned that team in.  

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1 minute ago, Sir Creep said:

Ron Hogg was more than terminally ill when you turned that team in.  


And Aaron Connors or whatever the fuck he's called was dead when you submitted your Hares Death Pool team. 


Two can play this game.....

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1 minute ago, Kinnock said:


And Aaron Connors or whatever the fuck he's called was dead when you submitted your Hares Death Pool team. 


Two can play this game.....

'cept i had a sub.  And mine wasn't dead FOR TWO WEEKS.

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Here are mine.


I have a rule that I only keep a theme team for two years, though I can bring on back.  I don't exect many hits but still want to join in.


Team One - Dial D for Deadpool 
Theme - Actors and Actresses from Hitchcock Films or Alfred Hitchcock resents.
Rhonda Fleming
Brigitte Aubert
Nehemiah Persoff
Christopher Olsen
Julie Andrews
Sean Connery
Bernard Cribbins
Bruce Dern
Tippi Hedren
Patricia Hitchcock
Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Norman Lloyd
Jean Marsh
Vera Miles
Kim Novak
Eva Marie Saint
Shirley McClaine
William Shatner
William Devane
Cloris Leachman - originally a sub but I only had nineteen in the main team
Marge Redmond
Rosemary Harris
Team Two - Dey Do Die Don't Dey Doh.
Theme - Assorted Merseysiders, either by birth or inclination. 
April Ashley
Andree Melly
Bill Tidy
Tom O'Connor
Tom Baker
Kenneth Cope
Akinwale Arobieke
Jeremy Young
David Burke
Clive Barker
Vince Earl
Jimmy Tarbuck
Jean Boht
Patricia Routledge
Joe Benton
Victor Maguire
Ringo Starr
Brian Regan {Brookside actor}
Stan Boardman
Gerry Marsden
Dean Sullivan
Glenda Jackson
Paul McCartney
Team Three- Well Done if you got these at home.
Theme -  Folk who have been on Celebrity pointless 
Amanda Barrie
Lionel Blair
Liz Carr
Bernard Cribbins
Barry Cryer
CJ de Mooi
Bridget Forsyth
Simon Groom
Roy Hudd
David Kid Jensen
Anna Karen
Henry Kelly
Derek Martin
Linda Nolan
Duncan Norvelle
Nicholas Parsons
Tricia Penrose
Gwen Taylor
Dee Dee Wilde
Roy Wood
Melvyn Hayes
Dean Sullivan
Heather Couper 
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3 minutes ago, Sir Creep said:

'cept i had a sub.  And mine wasn't dead FOR TWO WEEKS.


I also had several substitutes, 3 in fact............


Also it wasn't two weeks. My teams went in on the 23rd December. Ron Hogg died on the 17th December - that's less than a week. 


It's an improvement last year when I submitted Ayn Rand.........


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10 hours ago, CaptainChorizo said:


Figure the Kardashian lookalike and Samantha Last are dead cert,though obit's for either are not 100% certain



Aye, Occleshaw's my biggest gamble obit wise (nailed on according to the news reports). The BBC showed a keen interest in him over Christmas, so we'll see


2019 started badly for my DDP with a death and Syed Ashraful Islam's lengthy residence on the DDP list of the lost

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1 hour ago, Spade_Cooley said:


Theme team: Color Me Abbad - an attempt to break the record for the earliest DDP hit alphabetically, currently held by Claudio Abbado


Too bad Maude Apatow's name is not Maude Aapatow.


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Tired of all the Disney remakes and reboots of the past couple of years? Well, here is a nice nostalgia trip to the classic era when Walt himself oversaw the studio's production with an ironfist.


Theme team: This Knee Ain't What It Used To Be (Disney employees of its animated features while Walt was still alive)


Actually, the list sort of wrote itself, since I literally could not come up with more than 23 names. Unless you count might be/might not be alive IMDb picks. Entries below are American, unless stated otherwise.


EDIT: How on earth did I miss that Peter Behn is still alive??




1. Cate Bauer (born 1922/1929): British actress who did the voice of Perdita in 101 Dalmatians (1961). Who's Perdita? Well, she's the white dog with black spots all over her. Hope that narrows it down for ya.


2. Kathryn Beaumont (born 1938): British actress who is one of the more well-known Disney veterans still among us. Voiced the title role of Alice in Alice in Wonderland (1951) & Wendy in Peter Pan (1953).

3. Don Bluth (born 1937): Yes, he does meet the criterion. Before making it big in the 1980s, he was animation assistant in Sleeping Beauty (1959) among other things.


4. Darleen Carr (born 1950): Voiced Mowgli's gal Shanti in The Jungle Book (1967).


5. Marge Champion (born 1919): While the person who voiced the most beautiful girl in the world (according to the mirror at least, cuz I really don't see it) is gone, Snow White's dance model Marge from Snow Whte and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) is still with us at the grand age of 100.


6. Paul Collins (born 1937): British actor who was John in Peter Pan (1953). Arguably the best P. Collins to have done Disney work in their career.


7. Mary Costa (born 1930): Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty (1959). Let's hope life doesn't imitate art by her slipping into a long coma at some point.


8. Alice Davis (born 1929): While Mary got to do all the fun in front of the mic, costume designer Alice had been busy making Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty (1959) look stylish.

9. Lisa Davis (born 1936): British actress who was Anita (one of the humans) in 101 Dalmatians (1961). Disney sure cast lots of Brits in their films...

10. Donnie Dunagan (born 1934): Did the voice of Bambi in Bambi (1942) when his iceskating skills were decidedly sub-par. For understandable reasons, Donnie kept quiet of his role while in the U.S. Army... JOKER

11. David Frankham (born 1926): British actor who was the heroic cat Sgt. Tibbs in 101 Dalmatians (1961).


12. Clint Howard (born 1959): The youngest on the list. Was the adorable little elephant Hathi, Jr. in The Jungle Book (1967). Also did Rooh in a Winnie the Pooh film in 1966, but it wasn't a feature-length film.


13. Margaret Kerry (born 1929): Similar to Marge Champion, Margaret was a dance model for Tinker Bell in Peter Pan (1953). She was also the voice of one of the smoking hot mermaids in the same film.

14. Leo De Lyon (born 1926): Dunno, appearantly was a monkey named Flunkey that no one in the entire world remembers in The Jungle Book (1967). Obscure role, but the actor is old enough that Flunkey will ensure that my team doesn't flunk.

15. Burny Mattison (born 1935): A behind-the-scene guy who worked on many films such as Lady and the Tramp (1955) & Sleeping Beauty (1959).


16. Floyd Norman (born 1935): A behind-the-scene guy who worked on man films such as 101 Dalmatians (1961) & The Sword and the Stone (1963). Incredibly, he still works for Disney.


17. Bruce Reitherman (born 1950): I hate using the N-word, but c'mon, the director's son getting the part of the main character? This is clearly a case of nepotism. He voiced Mowgli in The Jungle Book (1967).

18. Ethmer Roten (born 1922): Doesn't have a Wikipedia page, but there are recent Youtube clips that prove that he's likely still alive. This woodwind instrumentalist has had a productive career, spanning back to the 1940s. He did flute music for Disney's Song of the South (1946) & Fun and Fancy Free (1947), but they aren't fully animated. But that's ok, cuz he also did Alice in Wonderland (1951), Peter Pan (1953) and probably others. Uncredited for the most part, which is Roten luck.

19. Richard Sherman (born 1928): Composer with a level fame that probably makes Roten a bit jealous. Did the film scores for The Sword and the Stone (1963) & The Jungle Book (1967) respectively.


20. Ruthie Tompson (born 1910): Another behind-the-scenes person, worked on stuff like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). Only one on the list who was deprived of Disney-related stuff in her childhood simply by being born so early.

Subs: Lord Tim Hudson (born 1940), Chad Stuart (born 1941) & Mimi Gibson (born 1948). The first two were those vulture Beatles in The Jungle Book (1967). Mimi was a dog named Lucky in 101 Dalmatians (1961).





1. Cate Bauer

2. Kathryn Beaumont

3. Don Bluth

4. Darleen Carr

5. Marge Champion

6. Paul Collins

7. Mary Costa

8. Alice Davis

9. Lisa Davis

10. Donnie Dunagan (Joker)

11. David Frankham

12. Clint Howard

13. Margaret Kerry

14. Leo De Lyon

15. Burny Mattison

16. Floyd Norman

17. Bruce Reitherman

18. Ethmer Roten

19. Richard Sherman

20. Ruthie Tompson

Subs: Lord Tim Hudson, Chad Stuart & Mimi Gibson



My main team: Predictor's Predictions


No Swedes on it, for the first time.




1. John Mark Ainsley (born 1963): British tenor. Submitted this name by mistake (mix-up, was supposed to be a Hare's team reserve, lol), so I can only blame myself here. He was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2016, but it was said to be treatable. Lack of recent updates, plus that he's active on Twitter means that he's probably not near death.


2. George Alagiah (born 1955): One of those names that appear on a large number of lists. A mainstream pick. JOKER

3. Radojko Avramovic (born 1949): Yugoslavian goalkeeper and later manager. Was the coach of lesser national teams like Singapore and Kuwait (plus Kuwait's Olympics team in 2000). Recently had to resign from Singaporian club Home Utd due to lung cancer. Played for Notts County for 4 seasons in the early 1980s (including 2 in the top division), so I think he has a decent QO chance.

4. Brigitte Bardot (born 1934): I like having classic movie stars in my teams. She's at an age where anything could happen.

5. Christie Blatchford (born 1951): Canadian journalist with cancer since last month. Been mentioned/cited in large British newspapers sporadically over the years, so probably will get a QO?


6. Wilford Brimley (born 1934): Has looked 70+ for the past 30 years or so. I might have picked him in previous DDP years, but I'm not entirely sure...


7. H. Rap Brown (born 1943): Black activist/prisoner who I had in the Deathrace in 2019. An article from August 2019 says that he recently had a stroke, in addition to his cancer.


8. Bob Dole (born 1923): Not a high-scorer, but I think his time will come in 2020.


9. Mohamed Ennaceur (born 1934): Was Tunisia's interim president after Essebsi's death. Was said to be in poor health at the time, which in fairness could mean anything from "ouch, I got a paper cut" to "hi, I'd like to order the best coffin that you have".


10. Jeffrey Foskett (born 1956): Might have dashed others' hopes of a unique here, lol. Has stage 4 thyroid cancer, and will likely get an obit due to association with Beach Boys.


11. Carol Gould (born 1953): American writer who works in United Kingdom. This is more of a gamble because her "Stage 4 metastasized triple-negative breast cancer" (yikes, that sound serious) is said to be "stabilized" since June. However, the drug that helped with that got a negative review by EMA, so maybe there could be further complications? Fame level? Well, I think she has done work for BBC, so yeah...


12. Gloria Henry (born 1923): Was Dennis' mum in the American tv show Dennis the Menace. Doesn't seem to be in the public eye for years, which makes me believe that her health has declined.


13. Lee Kerslake (born 1947): Pretty much the same as Alagiah. Not a creative pick exactly.


14. Vera Lynn (born 1917): Never selected her for the DDP. Think it's just a matter of time now.


15. Sinisa Mihajlovic (born 1969): Still coaching Bologna so maybe too soon, but things could turn quickly.


16. Kim Novak (born 1933): See Brigitte Bardot, although I think Novak is slightly more likely to go.


17. Tyne O'Connell (born 1960): Don't quite know whether or not this British author is well-known at all in the UK. Can't be any more obscure than Kate Figes, can she? The thing about writers and related areas is that they might have connections that work in larger newspapers. Tyne has brain cancer; it's hard to figure out the timeline but this video implies that she's still suffering from it.

18. Huang Qi (born 1963): Sort of a Chinese Edward Snowden. Imprisoned since many years back. Reportedly has heart- and kidney disease, but would we know about his death?


19. Nobby Stiles (born 1942): One of three (!) footballers in my DDP team, but if UEFA can assign more than 2 hosts for the upcoming Euro Cup, then I can switch things around too.


20. Alex Trebek (born 1940): I picked the Swedish Jeopardy host Magnus Härenstam in 2015. He died, but didn't get a QO. I shall not rest until I get my Jeopardy host points!





1. John Mark Ainsley

2. George Alagiah (Joker)

3. Radojko Avramovic

4. Brigitte Bardot

5. Christie Blatchford

6. Wilford Brimley

7. H. Rap Brown

8. Bob Dole

9. Mohamed Ennaceur

10. Jeffrey Foskett

11. Carol Gould

12. Gloria Henry

13. Lee Kerslake

14. Vera Lynn

15. Sinisa Mihajlovic

16. Kim Novak

17. Tyne O'Connell

18. Huang Qi

19. Nobby Stiles

20. Alex Trebek


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OK, prepare to be underwhelmed, it's Pan Breed 2020 (my 9th year of DDP play!).



Pan Breed

1.      Chris Doleman (joker)

2.      Michael Falzon

3.      Yoo Sang-Chul

4.      Tom Smith

5.      Gavin Robertson

6.      Steve Blackmore

7.      David Gulpilil

8.      Genesis Porridge

9.      Hamish Barbour

10.   Sir Roger Scruton

11.   Terry Jones

12.   Alex Trebek

13.   Jean Louis Trintignant

14.   Vic Seixas

15.   Daniel Arap Moi

16.   Gianluca Vialli

17.   Frankie Banali

18.   Peter Schjeldahl

19.   Lars Hogh

20.   Bernadette Chirac

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Here’s my squad, Day In The Death. Did a little more relaxed approach because I felt like I could’ve with this batch:

  1. Chris Doleman (joker)

  2. John Andretti 

  3. Frankie Banali

  4. Susan Bayh

  5. Jana Bennett

  6. Tim Bilton

  7. Steve Blackmore 

  8. David Gulpilil

  9. Terry Jones

  10. Samantha Last

  11. John Lewis

  12. Genesis P-orridge

  13. Gavin Robertson 

  14. Yoo Sang Chul

  15. Roger Scruton

  16. Tom Smith 

  17. Pat Smullen 

  18. Sylvain Sylvain 

  19. Alex Trebek

  20. Gianluca Vialli

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Main team:


Derby Dead Pool 2020 The Love Boat

1Genesis P-Orridge - joker

2David Hagen

3Sultan Qaboos

4Chris Doleman

5Terry Jones

6Yoo Sang-Chul

7Steve Blackmore

8Tom Smith

9Pete Felton

10Jhon "PopEye" Velasquez 

11Ady Barkan

12Alex Trebek

13David Gulpilil

14Frankie Banali

15Tim Bilton

16Lee Kerslake

17Sonia Kinsella

18Roger Scruton

19Gianluca Vialli

20Pat Smullen

Subs:Vicente Fernandez, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Sinisa Mihajlovic




The B-Team 2020

Mikhail Gorbachev - joker

Bob Gibson

Lars Hogh

Prince Philip

Bradley Murdoch

Robert E Murray

Rodion GA

Karen Lewis

Ernie Moss

Jimmy Carter

Doug Supernaw

Michael McKevitt

Peter Tobin

David Stern

Nick Hitchon

Johnny Harris

Carel Du Plessis

Andrew McDonald

Ed Genson

Jacci Woodcock


The C-Team


"The House of Extravaganza"

1Bibian Mentel - joker

2Belinda Sykes

3Reice Reilly

4Litsa Menounos

5Martino Sclavi

6Samantha Last

7Rory Gilsenan

8Lee Noble

9Levi Holley

10Don Asmussen

11Jana Bennett

12Chris Baggoley

13Lisa Griffiths

14Mark Naley

15Scott Dureau

16Michael Robinson

17Miroslava Duma

18Ruth Morrissey

19Rachel Zoll

20Yasuhiko Funago

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Tim Bilton  (J)
Brett Sinclair (Actor brother of Sherrie Hewson)
James Church 
Belinda Sykes 
John Lewis 
Tom Smith 
Peter Gotti 
Lee Kerslake
Greg Gilbert
Terry Jones 
Jill Gascoine
George Alagiah  
Gemma Sisson 
Nikki Jenkins 
Slick Woods
Alex Trebek
Amy Price 
Michael Robinson 
Frankie Banali
Dr Peter Scott Morgan

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2nd year for Smart Beta in the Derby. 


Smart Beta
Lee Kerslake (joker)
Gianluca Vialli
Tim Bilton (chef)
Peter Schjeldahl
George Alagiah
Pat Smullen
Yoo Sang-chul
John Lewis
Arash Sadeghi
David Gulpilil
Susan Bayh
Bernard Tapie
Frankie Banali
Bob Gibson
Chris Doleman
Alex Trebek
David Stern
Jana Bennett
Budi Tek
Peter Tobin

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On 31/12/2019 at 13:32, Eesti said:

Thank you guys for the input! I decided to put him on the bench, because even though there is no QO fear anymore I think that he might hang on a little. Usually MND doesn't kill with 1-2 years. 


I sent my team and theme team in and hope top 10 finish for my 10th appearance at the DDP. So far my best is 12th in 2016.


Here is my list for 2020


DDP Tofoa


1. Tom Smith 48 (years on my list 2020) (Joker)
2. David Gulpilil 66 (2020)
3. Qaboos bin Said al Said 79 (2020)
4. Leon Spinks 66 (2020)
5. Roger Scruton 75 (2020)
6. Alex Trebek 79 (2020)
7. Lee Kerslake 72 (2019-2020)
8. Bill Turnbull 63 (2019-2020)
9. George Alagiah 64 (2019-2020)
10. Jean-Louis Trintignant 89 (2019-2020)
11. John Lewis 79 (2020)
12. Terry Jones 77 (2020)
13. Nobby Stiles 77 (2017-2020)
14. Noel Conway 69 (2019-2020)
15. Frankie Banali 68 (2020)
16. John Andretti 56 (2020)
17. Chris Doleman 58 (2020)
18. Eddie van Halen 64 (2020)
19. Yoo Sang-chul 48  (2020)
20. Genesis P-Orridge 69 (2020)


How many hits would you guys guess? Any bad picks?


Also my theme team


Theme team name: DDP Tofoa Former Picks in the Elderly Nursing Home
(This team consists only picks who have been previously on DDP Tofoa and are now dropped to age or clean(er) health bill.
1. Linda Nolan 60 (2018-2019) (Joker)
2. John Hume 82 (2018-2019)
3. Prince Philip 98 (2011, 2014)
4. Olivia Newton-John 71 (2018)
5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 86 (2019)
6. Jimmy Carter 95 (2016)
7. Stirling Moss 90 (2019)
8. Yoshiro Nakamatsu 91 (2017)
9. Alberto Fujimori 81 (2018)
10. Kirk Douglas 103 (2011-2012, 2014)
11. Pope Benedict XVI 92 (2014)
12. Bob Dole 96 (2013)
13. Hosni Mubarak 91 (2013)
14. Jack Nicholson 82 (2011)
15. Ian St John 81 (2017)
16. Michael Douglas 75 (2011)
17. Shannen Doherty 48 (2017)
18. Desmond Tutu 88 (2015)
19. Dick Van Dyke 94 (2011)
20. Wilko Johnson 72 (2014)

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Time for a sophomore slump?


Bleaching the Bottom of the Barrel

The big guns

  1. Frankie Banali
  2. Susan Bayh
  3. Jana Bennett
  4. Chris Doleman
  5. David Gulpilil
  6. David Hagen
  7. Deborah James
  8. Terry Jones
  9. Lee Kerslake
  10. Samantha Last
  11. John Lewis
  12. Fi Munro
  13. Genesis P-Orridge
  14. Roger Scruton
  15. Tom Smith [JOKER]
  16. Thuy Thanh Truong
  17. Peter Tobin
  18. Alex Trebek
  19. Gianluca Vialli
  20. Yoo Sang-chul


Terror of the Vervoorts

The name lives on without its namesake

  1. George Alagiah
  2. Violeta Chamorro
  3. Noel Conway
  4. Bill Freehan
  5. Greg Gilbert
  6. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  7. Denis Goldberg
  8. Dewayne "Lee" Johnson
  9. Daniel arap Moi
  10. Stirling Moss
  11. Willie Nelson [JOKER]
  12. Dermot "Bugsy" O'Neill
  13. Leslie Phillips
  14. Sultan Qaboos
  15. Bruce Reid
  16. Harry Reid
  17. Irene Sinclair
  18. Julie Strain
  19. Bernard Tapie
  20. Tabaré Vázquez


Glasgow Effect

"The Glasgow effect refers to the low life expectancy and poor health of residents of Glasgow, Scotland, compared to the rest of the United Kingdom and Europe."

  1. Bertie Auld
  2. Alan Brazil
  3. John Clark
  4. Robbie Coltrane
  5. Sir Billy Connolly
  6. Jim Craig
  7. Natasha England
  8. Winnie Ewing
  9. Sir Alex Ferguson
  10. Eddie Large
  11. Bobby Lennox
  12. Lena Martell
  13. James Martin
  14. David McCallum
  15. Gray O'Brien
  16. Tom Smith
  17. Peter Tobin [JOKER]
  18. Janette Tough
  19. Willie Wallace
  20. Richard Wilson


Good luck to all!

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My Team for 2020 (Grave Danger):


1/JOKER: John Andretti
2: Alberto Fujimori 
3: Chris Rea
4: Emperor Akhito
5: Greg Gilbert (Delays frontman)
6: Jill Gascoine
7: Linda Nolan
8: Nobby Stiles
9: Olivia Newton-John
10: Jean-Louis Trintignant
11: George Alagiah
12: Bill Turnbull
13: Lee Kerslake
14: Susan Bayh (Former First Lady of Indiana)
15: Barry Du Bois (Australian Designer)
16: Dewayne "Lee" Johnson (Former Groundskeeper, won lawsuit against Monsanto)
17: Deborah James (cancer blogger, born c.1982)
18: Chris Doleman (Former NFL star)
19: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
20: Noel Conway (Assisted Dying Campaigner)

1: Genesis P-Orridge

2: Jimmy Carter

3: Sonny Rollins


Should have put Genesis on my main list to be honest, didn't realise how much of a goner they apparently are this year.


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