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James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

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On 16/11/2020 at 23:28, arghton said:

I decided to check how the SPECTRE members in Thunderball are doing.
(Almost all dead, though)




Blofeld, Number One: Anthony Dawson (1916-1992)

Largo, Number Two: Adolfo Celi (1922-1986)

Spectre Number Three: Victor Beaumont (1912-1977)

Spectre Number Four: Neville Becker (1930-1999)

Spectre Number Five: Philip Stone (1924-2003)

Spectre Number Six: Bob Simmons (1922-1987)

Spectre Number Seven: Cecil Cheng (1925-2002)

Spectre Number Eight: Did not appear in the film

Spectre Number Nine: Clive Cazes (1929-1987)

Spectre Number Ten: Andre Maranne (1926-2021)

Spectre Number Eleven: Murray Kash (1923-2009)

Spectre Number Twelve: Peter Forbes-Robertson (1927-1995)

Spectre Number Thirteen: Gabor Baraker (1926-1983)

Spectre Number Fourteen: Jaron Yaltan (1921-2002)


There also were:


Blofeld's voice actor: Eric Pohlmann (1913-1979)

Largo's voice actor: Robert Rietty (1923-2015)

Largo's underwater "stunt" actor: John McLaughlin (1927-2016)



Now they're all dead.

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On 13/03/2021 at 21:54, Ulitzer95 said:

So thought I'd take a look at who's still around from the Connery-era Bond films given that we've recently lost quite a few actors from these movies (including Sir Sean himself!) By no means a complete list but I think I've included everyone with a title credit in a major role, plus one or two uncredited notables who should be on the radar.

Living actors from the Connery Bond films

Sorted by oldest first, number in brackets is age they're turning in 2021.

André Maranne (95) Thunderball DIED 12 APRIL 2021

David de Keyser (94) Diamonds Are Forever DIED 20 FEBRUARY 2021

Bruce Glover (89) Diamonds Are Forever

Tsai Chin (88) You Only Live Twice

George Roubicek (86) You Only Live Twice

Ursula Andress (85) Dr. No

Shirley Eaton (84) Goldfinger

Luciana Paluzzi (84) Thunderball

Marguerite LeWars (83) Dr. No

Michael Chow (82) You Only Live Twice

Akiko Wakabayashi (82) You Only Live Twice

Aliza Gur (81) From Russia with Love

Jill St. John (81) Diamonds Are Forever

Martine Beswick (80) From Russia with Love / Thunderball (different characters)

Putter Smith (80) Diamonds Are Forever

Daniela Bianchi (79) From Russia with Love

Mie Hama (78) You Only Live Twice

Lana Wood (75) Diamonds Are Forever

Trina Parks (74) Diamonds Are Forever
note: haven't included Lola Larson who played "Bambi" opposite Parks' "Thumper" cos I can't find any evidence that she's alive!

Ronald Rich (unknown) You Only Live Twice
note: can't find his age anywhere but still alive according to Toby Hadoke on Twitter in 2020, he reported that he wrote to him in 2013 and he was in failing health then!

Updated list for the deaths of David de Keyser and André Maranne.

No nonagenarian actors with credited roles appear to be alive from the Connery-era now. Oldest is Bruce Glover... Crispin Glover's dad.

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Sean Connery's brother Neil (below, courtesy of yahoo) has died aged 83. He starred in the Bond spoof "Operaion Kid Brother"


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