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    Had a diagnosis of Cancer at the back of my tongue last October, and was told it was big, I left it too long, and recovery was nowhere near a given. So had all remaining teeth removed to remove risk of infection during treatment, six weeks of daily radiotherapy, 4 chemo cycles, 18 days on and off in hospital when stomach packed up, and brain frying was at its worst. I had my 3 month scan after treatment finish, and DONE IT !! BEAT THE FUCKER !! CANCER FREE. Right choice not playing Deathlist cup because of it, as I was away with the fairies end of February...hang on who am I kidding I would have got that far !!!! Anyways, need op to have my jaw sorted out after tooth op issues, and replacement teeth at some stage when covid buggers off, cant eat a lot of foods, cant drink alcohol cos it hurts mouth too much, got little taste or smell and a load of other things not right yet. but hell, I can deal with all that shit. Anyone else got some positive stories about themselves or families, Covid recoveries etc, please add them. Forum topic in an Inverse Stylee.
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    Shortly after retiring in 2014 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer but due to regular screenings it was caught early and surgery took care of it. Last year my wife had breast cancer but once again it was caught early and her surgery and follow up treatment went well. I am thankful for the testing our doctors did and for the surgeons who performed so well.
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    Reet gang - in business and fully loaded Battle is commenced (assuming all 21 of the tottering talent still holds a pulse) 1. Tommy Palmer (Joey Russ) 2. Peter Tobin (The Old Lady) 3. Ernest Angley (Torva Messor) 4. Dr. Rebecca Shadowen (GC Reptile) 5. Killer Tim Brooks (Captain Chorizo) 6. Derek Draper (Book) 7. Bhanwarlal Meghwal (Drol) 8. Willie Thorne (Toast) 9. June Spencer (Bibliogryphon) 10. Anne Buydens Douglas (Great Uncle Bulgaria) 11. Kane Tanaka (The Engineer) 12. Vera Lynn (The Old Crem) 13. Frank Ifield (YoungWillz) 14. Sumner Redstone (Death Impends) 15. Bob Dole (MSC) 16. Glenn Keast (Miracle Aligner) 17. Ruthie Thompson (Chilean Way) 18. Lee Teng Hui (Perhaps) 19. Neddy Smith (Skinny Kiltrunner) 20. Leslie Philips (TherewillbeDeaths7) 21. Tom Smith (Maryportfuncity)
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    That photo is from her 90th birthday. You have to do a fair bit of searching but you get there in the end. So it's from 2006.
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    Do you have anyone in your family who have miraculously over-exceeded the predicted lifespan? Or do you come from a family with a history of long-livers? I'll start it off... My grandad's aunt lived until she was 105. In fact, she lived for so long that she even outlived him. Even at the age of 105, she would still do paintings - so she pretty much remained physically and mentally intact even at the very end.
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    Yikes, forced yourself down a rabbit hole there. Who decides to protest and when just isn't the issue, never will be. A man is dead. The police murdered him. The Trump sends in protection for the murderer instead of calling out for due process. The Trump essentially calls for those protesters to be shot. Those protesters are mainly but not exclusively black.
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    Well it is as you can imagine Mrs Biblio used to having the upstairs of the house to herself even when I am working from home was headed for her bath as God intended. I encountered her on the landing and accosted her. However in an effort to catch up with her in the lack of clothes I was rather hasty in using my foot to remove my trousers and I heard a sharp crack from the phone in my trouser pocket. Fortunately it is only a cheap phone & the damage is not too bad. But considering that neither of us are in the flush of youth it is a pretty embarrassing way to wreck your phone. Just glad it was not my work phone.
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    She’s not a survivor but my aunt lived with stage 4 pancreatic cancer for a little more than 8 years. She was a fighter.
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    You are so much more agreeable than that other fella that used to be on here, what was his name.....oh yeah, Deathsperm. He was a right bastard.
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    A year without a post, must be going swell for him. 90 today!!!
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    Of course there is. Old people often die suddenly, even if they are fit and active. Example: Charles Aznavour.
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    Piece Of Totally Unpleasant Shit?
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    He's definitely in the same league. If Bowie and Prince were like elite soccer/football players, he'd be one of those 9 year old kids they encircle the perimeter of the field with to shag errant balls.
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    Abderrahmane Youssoufi has died aged 96. He was hospitalised several days ago. I shall let @drol confirm and congratulate though.
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    Thought I'd add to this one just for posterity. My dad (on the right 1921-2003) with his pal (no idea who he is). I'm guessing he'd have been about 12, so this photo would have been taken about 1933.
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    It’s not a farce at all. The same rule carries in just about every single deadpool. There’s a small chance players could pick up on news of a death elsewhere, including on social media or forums, even though it still hasn’t been reported on more widely. That rule has to apply across the board. If you wanted the points, should’ve entered earlier.
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    Reaching for a Mars Bar!
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    Wait what? You are on a forum that treats death as a points system (nothing wrong with that IMO) and you're mad at me for potentially hurting the feelings of people on the forum who's relatives have died below the age of 80? Mate that is almost all of us, myself included. I would honestly never shame anyone over their dead relatives, as that is just plain low and unfunny. Also if your feelings are paper thin then maybe you should ignore this thread and stick to the threads you wont find upsetting or triggering. 'KC'
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    Crossposting. Youssoufi dead at 96.
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    Not long after Twitter fact-check labelled one of his unhinged tweets about postal ballots, they’ve now censored one of his tweets as having glorified violence. The tweet threatens the Minneapolis rioters “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”
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    I didn't realise lockdown had been that long but true enough the days do merge into each other.
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    This morning, my phone had a popup notification that there was going to be a new House Hunters episode tonight. I can only assume the AI leapt to conclusions off of my Suzanne Whang searches last year because I have never watched an episode. Next thing you know it'll assume I'm a big Jeopardy! fan. Oh wait, I am...
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